at-Tazkirah: التذكرة

“And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers.” (51:55)

Maulana Zakariya (r.a.) On The Ahle Hadith

In Volume V of his autobiography “Aap Beti” Qutbul Aqtab Shaikhul Hadith Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Zakariya Kandhlawi (r.a.) himself writes:

[…] In both Deoband and Saharanpur, there were many Ahlul-Hadith students, but they never disclosed their adherence to the Ahlul-Hadith.

I told them not to hide their mazhab from me. They could come to my house at any time to discuss their problems. Some students (may Allah reward them) came to me to be connected in bay’at.

Some of them even suggested that I should demand of them, they would stop ‘raf-ul-yadayn’, ‘ameen-bil-jahr’ etc., but I told them: “You people are doing those thing in your earnest desire to implement Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s commands and practices. How can I ever prohibit you from doing so?”

Subhan’Allah, our Akabirs in general were so moderate and didn’t condemn people for interpreting Islam a different way. Indeed as long as someone is trying to satisfy Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala through his actions, he shouldn’t be stopped or criticised as long as his action aren’t against Shari’ah, harm other people or fall in the category of bidas (innovations).

A few pages later Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Zakariya Sahab (r.a.) writes down his thoughts in general abut “the Ahlul Hadith and us”.

I have no enmity with any Ahul Hadith scholars, so long as they do not use any insulting or degrading words against our Imams. In my mind ‘Shari’at’ is only that which is contained in Allah’s word and the words and practices of His Messenger Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. But in acting on the Hadith and in cross examining the Hadith, the research of the Imams is much more preferable to the research of a novice like myself. Then also, the era of the Imams was nearer to the era of the scholars of Hadith. For this reason the verdict of the Imams are more acceptable in the rejection and acceptance of Hadith than even the verdict of Muhadditheen and our research.

Imam Ahmed Hanbal is Imam Bukhari’s most noted teacher and Ustad, while Imam Ahmad is Imam Shafi’ee’s most prominent student. Imam Shafi’ee agan is the most famous student of Imam Malik. Imam Shafi’ee is on record as having said that he became a Jurist after studying the kitabs of Imam Muhammad the famous student of Imam Abu Hanifa. Furthermore there are twenty two chains of transmissions of Hadith in Bukhari Shareef, each consisting of three persons only, leading up to Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. Of these twenty two, twenty of them contains transmitters, who are either students of Abu Hanifa or students of his students. As for us of this era, we are like a monkey who sits down with a piece of ginger and then calls himself a green-grocer.

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  1. MuhammadAhmad says:

    Ahlul-hadith fearing Mr. Zakariyyah? Qutb ul Aqtab?

    Here are some references of biggest lies from the writings of the supposedly great scholar Mr. Zakariyyah in Fazai’l A’mal:

    “Shaikh Abu Yazeed Qurtubi said, “I had heard that whoever recites “there is no God but ALLAH” 70,000 times, he will be freed from the hellfire. Having heard this, I completed one “nasab” (meaning 70,000 times La ilaha illalla) for my wife and also finished many other “nasabs” for myself as stock for the hereafter. Near to us there used to live a young man about whom it was said that he was from the people o Kashf and also the matters of Hellfire and Paradise are revealed to him. Once he happened to eat with us when he
    uttered a scream and began to breathe heavily and told us that his mother was burning in hell.
    Qurtubi said, “as I was watching his bewilderment, a thought came to my mind that I should transfer one of my nasab (70,000 times La ilaha illalla) to his mother so that it
    will also confirm the honesty of the young man.” So I transferred my one nasab to his mother. Nobody knew that I had recited this nasab or transferred it to his mother but
    ALLAH but the young man said, “Uncle, my mother has been relieved from the fires of hell.”
    (Kandalvi continues) Qurtubi says that from this incident I benefitted twice. One was the blessing of 70,000 times recitation and the other was the honesty of the young man.”

    “Hazrat Mamshad Denori is a famous saint. When his death approached, someone sitting beside him prayed that may ALLAH grant you such and such of the treasure of the
    paradise to which he laughed and said, “For the last 30 years, the paradise has been displayed before me with its full beauty and splendor, but I never even looked at it once.””

    “Hazrat Shibli reported: I saw a madman who was being pelted with stones by little children. I threatened to punish them to which they replied that he (i.e. the madman)
    claims to see ALLAH. I went near him and heard that he was murmuring something. I listened carefully and heard that he was saying, “You did well that you saved me from
    those children.” I said that they accuse you of the claim that you see ALLAH. He screamed and said, “Shibli! By the One in whose love I am in this condition, if He was to be absent even for a second from my sight I would be torn into pieces by the grief of separation.” Saying this he turned away and uttered two lines of poetry which meant, “Your Face remains in front of my eyes, your zikr is on my tongue and your home is my heart, where can you disappear?””

    “An incident of a Syed Sahab has been reported that he prayed all the prayers with the same wuzu for 12 days and didn’t even sleep for 15 years. He spent many days such that he didn’t had anything even to taste.”

    Need anybody say more?

  2. Aftab Shibli Fatmi says:

    My dear brother & sister
    I am looking for the purest form of Islam on the net that I could practice. But to my dismay I am finding the followers of one school of thought accusing the other and proving that they are the best.
    I am not a scholar but a novice in Islam. But I know for sure that without Hadith we can not practice what has beeen taught in Quran Sharif and therefore Hadith has to be the guiding book to enable us to practice Islam. Does anyone has any dispute on this.
    Has not all the Imam told us clearly that if you find that if any of their teaching is different from Quran and hadith then follow Quran and Hadith and not what they said. Does anyone has a dispute on this.

    If you agree to the above statements then the little diffrences that people are magnifying as big issues could be easily resolved by comparing it with the Sahih Hadith of Bokahri Sharif & Muslim Sharif

    I feel that there are no contradictions as long as we believe in the supreme power Almighty Allah the creator of universe and prophet being a humanbeing (Abad) and last messenger of Allah.

    One problem that we are facing is that today the glorification of Hazrat Muhammad has surpassed all limits that even Sahaba had not done during their period. I personally feel that glorification of prophet Muhammad is certainly the desirable thing but practising what he has asked us to do and stay away from the things that he has asked to stay away will be a real good tribute than the other forms of glorification that is being practiced.

    May Allah bless all of us to follow the correct path as taught by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and we stay away from Shirk and all kinds of Biddat.

    May Allah weaken those who are practicing and preaching biddat and shirk and provide strength to those who despite being less in number are fighting against spreading biddat and shirk.

  3. MuhammadAhmad says:

    Very right brother Aftab Shibli Fatmi. I think most Muslims agree on the points you mentioned.

  4. Tariq says:

    Dear Brothers Muhammad and Aftab, Assalaamualaikum.
    The arguments you have quoted are presented quite commonly by Salafis, so let us take a deeper look at some:

    1. The statement: “Has not all the Imam told us clearly that if you find that if any of their teaching is different from Quran and hadith then follow Quran and Hadith and not what they said.”

    Commenting on these statements, Imam an-Nawawi (RA) says:

    “This which Imam ash-Shaafi has said does not mean that everyone who sees a sahih Hadith should say “This is the mathhab of ash-Shaafi,” thus practicing on the zaahir (text/external or apparent meaning) of the Haditli.

    This most certainly applies to only such a person who has the rank of ijtihad in the madhhab. It is a condition that he overwhelmingly believes that Imam ash-Shaafi was unaware of this Hadith or he was unaware of its authenticity. And this is possible only after having made a research of all the books of ash-Shaafi and similar other books of the Ashaab of ash-Shaafi, those who take (knowledge) from him and others similar to these (books). This is indeed a difficult condition (to fulfill). Few are there who measure up to this (standard).
    What we have explained has been made conditional because Imam ash-Shaafi had abandoned acting on the zaahir (text) of many Ahadith, which he say and knew. However, by him was established proof for criticism in the Hadith or its abrogation or it’s specific circumstance or its interpretation, etc. Hence, he was constrained to leave aside the hadith.”

    (Ilaaus Sunan, Vol. 2, page 225).

    2. hadith is definitly is a great source of Islamic fiqh or rulings, but are we to follow every Hadith (statement or action of Rasulullah (SAW)) that we find? Or do we follow the SUNNAH (established action of Rasulullah (SAW) in its final form to be followed by the ummah)? Who decides which is just a hadith and which is a SUNNAH, and who decides whether Rasulullah (SAW) did not later give an order which cancelled his hadeeth which we are reading today? For this a person must know all the books of sahih ahaadith (over 80 books), statements of the Sahaaba (RAA) on it, history, statements of the earliest scholars etc etc. This can only be decided by a very great scholar, of the level of Mujtahid, and we just follow such scholars Alhamdulillah! How is that worse than following Al-Albani, for eg? There are many examples of ahaadith which got cancelled, like the one about disallowing people from visiting graveyards, the change in number of times a person has to bathe when in janaabah etc. Since we do not follow CANCELLED AHADITH and only follow the SUNNAH of Rasulullah (SAW) and the opinion of the jam’aah of Sahaba Ikraam (RAA), we are known as AHL-US-SUNNAH wa-l JAM’AAH (as all the scholars of the salaf called themselves) and not Ahl-ul-Hadith.

    May Allah forgive my errors through His mercy and guide us all to His good pleasure and the truth! Aameen!


  5. Talib says:

    Brother Tariq, very well put, I really appreciate you writing. May ALLAH guide us all and save us from following ill beliefs.

  6. nizamuddin says:

    salam alaykom,

    brother muhammadahmed, how is the liar ????

    this fatwa is from Ibn Taymiya


  7. True Life says:

    Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah,

    Brother Muhammad no one blocked you and you can post freely just like anyone else.

    I’m sorry, but the discussion on the other entry seemed out of control and endless to me, so I stopped approving comments there. I’ll have to read the whole discussion to decide if I approve comments there again.

    Ameen to your Du’a

    Was Salam

  8. MuhammadAhmad says:

    I agree with brother Muhammad. There was very positive discussion going on the topic ‘defending the tablighi jamaat’ on this same website, but brother truelife block it on the name of ‘insulting the scholars’.

    I requested him to remove one or two sentences which seem to him as insult to his scholars and let the discussion continue. But unfortunately, although I am not a salafi, I must say that for most deobandis and brelvis, even disagreeing with their scholar on some topic is an insult, as if ALLAH (SWT) directly guided them on every opinion. Their words don’t say so, but their actions do.

    I request brother truelife to open that forum to continue this constructive debate.
    Thank you.

  9. True Life says:

    Okay, I’ll re-open the comments on the “Defending the Tablighi Jamaat”.

    But I kindly request the brother and sisters not to go endless forth and back on the same point, when the outcome is nothing constructive. And not agreeing with certain Ulemas is okay, but try to at least respect ALL Ulema.

    Jazak’Allah khair.

  10. naseer says:

    assalam v alaikum

    very well keep it up

    allah hafiz.

  11. romana patel says:

    can you give me some more aout you like zakariya masjid was named after him

  12. hisham khan says:


  13. wondering says:

    As-Salam-U-Alaykum everyone. I completely agree with Brother Aftab Shibli Fatmi… I found myself nodding while reading everything he wrote…. i recently had a conversation with a friend who claimed to be both “Sunni and Sufi” As i found this statement contradictory, of course i questioned it..

    First of all… how exactly is a ‘Sunni-Muslim’ defined.?
    How/and in what specific way does it differentiate from the Ahle Hadith?

    I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on SUFISM as i am confused about many of the aspects of it.
    Personally i believe that it is an innovation in Islam (biddat)….

    can someone..anyone.. explain to me the concept of Lataif-e-sitta …and the “unity of being/unity of witness” idea.. the “chakras” and all that (which is coincidentally just like the Buddhist practice/ and the kabbala practices) WHICH BY THE WAY IS SHIRK!!?!?!?!? also…Is it true that Sufis practice going to tombs and such? (do they pray to these,,?) i am wondering because i am not a 100% sure on the reliability of the info i have acquired through research…………….

    Allaahumma ‘inee ‘a’oothu bika ‘an ‘ushrika bika wa ‘anaa ‘a’lamu, wa ‘astaghfiruka limaa laa ‘a’lamu
    O Allah, I seek refuge in You lest i associate anything with You knowingly, and I seek Your forgiveness for what I know not.

  14. abuozair says:

    each one of us has to go to our own graves and be tried in the just court of almighty. please disagree as you may but dont disrespect others. if you love allah and his prophet here is one verse from the holly quran ” in kuntum tuhibun allah ha fatabe-uni uhbibkum-ullah” if u lov allah follow his prophet he will himself lov you

  15. shahzaib says:

    i need book “Aap beti” on pdf format…. if any one have that book so pls contect . on my email..
    best regrads
    Ahker shahzaib

  16. mir ahmad ali says:

    my dear brothers and sisters in islam constructive crticism is most wel come as far as ahle hadees r concerned they prove that they r real muslims directly or indirectly there daily chore is to crticisize lmams . hadith says do not tell kafir a kafir . so my sincere request to so called salafi brothers is to be just towards other muslims too means people who believe kalima .

  17. Muhammad Anis says:

    Assalamo alaikum .. brothers in islam

    Is there a need to criticise others instead of pondering on our state of islah and iman, why are we always involved in criticism.. this is a fitnah as mentioned by Dr. Israr Ahmed while touring india.

    Why we always criticise the Ahle Ilm people, are we even closer to them.

    So my dear brothers, stop ctiticism and lets ponder on our state of islah and iman.

  18. Faran Imam says:

    Aftab Shibli Fatmi says:
    Oct 23, 2007 at 6:55 am
    My dear brother & sister
    I am looking for the purest form of Islam on the net that I could practice. But to my dismay I am finding the followers of one school of thought accusing the other and proving that they are the best.
    I am not a scholar but a novice in Islam. But I know for sure that without Hadith we can not practice what has beeen taught in Quran Sharif and therefore Hadith has to be the guiding book to enable us to practice Islam. Does anyone has any dispute on this.

    Yes Brother I have a dispute over this If I stick to Quran and Sunnah how would I separate my wife at once by saying triple talaq in one sitting, How would I give my muttalqa wife to you to have sex with her for one night to male her halal for me How can I prove you that my sister whom you married is virgin unless she pisses on the wall while standing and if she pisses straight that proves that she is virgin How can I eat salt even if it is mixed with khinjeer how i can have sex with a women who claims to be my wife but in reality she is not my mankooha how can I find and Imam for salah whose penis is smaller and head is large how can I read just 8 Rakah of tahajjud How can I not differenciate between Tahajjud and taraweeh how can I repeat my wadu if i touched my wife how can i leave my hands straight while in salah how can I have a sex with dog and lead a player without ghusl and wudu and the list is endless. I have to stick to the fiqha whom I was born in to be a good muslim and practise all the above masail wholeheartedly without any stress on the forehead without consulting to quran and hadees because I am not an aalim I know nothing about Quran and Hadees I have to follow my Imam who said all the above without prejudice. If I dont follow i will not be a muslim.

    Regards oh UMMAH of MOHAMMED (SAW)

  19. sareer ahmad says:

    I feel Ahli-Hadith is the right firqa who really follow Holy Quran and Sunnah. Remaining have confusions and doubts.

  20. Ruhul says:

    I feel that the modern educated crowd is being deceived by people like Meeraj Rabbani, and after watching his video’s on youtube, people begin to feel that they are right and scholars of Deoband who have dedicated their lives to service of Islam and Humanity are wrong. So Inshaallah, to present the truth, I advise all the Ahli Hadith people to watch all these videos of youtube and then decide for yourselves who is on Haq and who is Batil. Inspite of several allegations and usage of abusive language by Meeraj Rabbani, MAULANA ILYAS GHUMMAN in the videos below, delivers his presentation in a professional manner, mashaAllah.
    People like Meeraj Rabbani who claim to follow Quran and Sunnah, should first produce a verse or a hadith to prove that Islam allows slandering and disrespect of Scholors and then should continue his profession of slandering scholors of Islam.
    Wassalaam !!


    Part 1-

    Part 2-

    Part 3-

    Part 4-

    Part 5-

    Part 6-

    Part 7-

    Part 8-

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    Part 10-

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    Part 14-

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    Part 21-
    Another Set of Videos

  21. Dr. Ali says:


  22. Dr. Ali says:

    you must understand that these self-created salafis- are just bunch of hadith muggers, meagre arabic understanding.

    why do you claim that anything said by ibne-taimiya, iben-qayim, albani, bin baz is authentic?

    1)When was ibn-e-taymiya and ibn-e-qaym born?

    2)When were the 4 imams born and what were their ages of preaching?

    3)Who authorized the sheikhs albani and bin baz in classifying, rejecting hadith?

    4)What was the ummah doing before these 2 salafi sheikhs – was it ignorant or misguided for the past 1400 years after the sahabas time?

    5) is everything of deen in bukhari and the 6 books? No, research and find out

    6) who started this salafi movement?

    7) What really are the areas being attacked by these people?

    8)What is reality of fiqh and tasawuf? Where is the confusion??

    If you research on these couple of quick questions with a broad mind -you will be able to understand the biggest deception fraud and lies of the salafis!!!

  23. Faran Imam says:

    Clap to RUHUL and Dr. Ali

    Listening Listening and Listening. Can you be a Doctor by just listening to the Lectures, Can you be an engineer by listening. If no then how can you understand ISLAM by just listening to falan lectures and commenting who is right and who is wrong. First you guys read QURAN with understanding read each and every ayah with knowledge and understanding then come back and comment. Your above comments reflects that you are yateem on Islamic Knowledge i.e QURAN and HADEES. And I repeat this is knowledge. Once some one asked Hazrat UMAR RA what is knowledge he replied QURAN, HADEES and to say that I dont know is knowledge. In reply to RUHUL post, to abusive any body let alone ULEMA is haram so if Meraj Rabbani has done or for that matter any one else has done he alone is responsible for his deeds.

    In reply to Doctor Sb comment why do you claim that anything said by ibne-taimiya, iben-qayim, albani, bin baz is authentic? Who said that poor fellow. Any thing said By Prophet Mohammed SAW is to be believed and act upon so if any of these ulema said something against Quran and Hadees will not be accepted and followed. Clear my dear brother.

    1)When was ibn-e-taymiya and ibn-e-qaym born? After 4 Imams in 700 Hijri Period

    2)When were the 4 imams born and what were their ages of preaching? They were among Taba Tabeins. When was Hazrat UMER , Ali, Abu Bakar and 125000 Sahabas Born tell me ? so whom to be followed them or 4 IMAMS if we go by your understading of time and period.

    3)Who authorized the sheikhs albani and bin baz in classifying, rejecting hadith? Even you can reject hadees and classify them in Saheeh and Zahhef if you know the methodology of doing that like you classify bacterial infections and Viral Infection by testing the blood you can do it because you know the method but since you do not know how to classify hadees into saheeh, zaeef and mouzoo you are confused.

    4)What was the ummah doing before these 2 salafi sheikhs – was it ignorant or misguided for the past 1400 years after the sahabas time? They were on right path If you collect only IBNE ABBAS FATAWA it will be in volumes.

    5) is everything of deen in bukhari and the 6 books? No, research and find out. There are hundreds of books on ahadees but you dont know if you know any one which i missed out please let me know and i will refer to.

    6) who started this salafi movement? It was there right from beginning to preach to act upon sunnah and who does it is salafi or true muslim so to say. it is not a new movement but since you dont know you think it is something new.

    7) What really are the areas being attacked by these people? SHIRK and BIDDAT which are detrimental to ISLAM.

    8)What is reality of fiqh and tasawuf? Where is the confusion?? FIQHA UL HADEES IS ACCEPTED MARWAJA FIQQA WILL BE REJECTED. TASAWUF IS ALEIN TO ISLAM

    If you research on these couple of quick questions with a broad mind -you will be able to understand the biggest deception fraud and lies of the salafis!!! I think you need to research about these facts who invented TASAWWUF WHO SAID ANA AL HAQ WHO SAID KHINJEER IS ALSO ALLAH


  24. omar says:

    ok, if its quran and hadeeth – to understand them you need qiyas and ijma of the scholars that understood them- thats where the 4 imams have come up not because of the differences amongst themselves but due to the differences of opinions and understanding among the sahabas.

    Anyone can read Mufti Taqi Usmani’s book -The legal status of following a Madhab. Its available online. It will give you detail examples of sahabah doing taqleed as well.

    And sifting through ahadeeth cannot be done by laymen like me and you. No, its a complicated process. Scholars who study 8-10 years have a lot of criterion for that. So, we cannot judge a hadith just by looking at its sanad and call it daheef or sahih. I repeat – its not a laymans job. We who graduated from universities don’t even have the authority to classify them.

    And salafis- yes I do know – all of us are salafies- the hanfis, shafies, malikis and hambalis are the actual salafis. There never existed this distinct class 1400 years back. I have being living with salafis for half of my life and I know them more than anyone else- not by words but by what they actually practice- I don’t need an into to that.

    And lastly, fiqh al-maruwaja is the real fiqh and the explanation of fiqh-al-hadith. YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND FIQH-UL-HADITH WITHOUT FIQH-UL-MARAWAJA- I.E. – THE FIQH OF THE 4 IMAMS.



    Well, this was written as a response- the one who wishes to open up his mind may do so as nobody can be forced to think or change his view.

  25. Faran Imam says:

    Dear Omar,
    What should I reply to your post who is oblivious of facts and figures. I wanted to just skip but then by doing so I was not fulfilling my duties as a Muslim. Below is my reply to your comment and I hope you will do some research on Islamic facts before commenting next time.
    ok, if its quran and hadeeth – to understand them you need qiyas and ijma of the scholars that understood them- thats where the 4 imams have come up not because of the differences amongst themselves but due to the differences of opinions and understanding among the sahabas.
    This is the biggest lie some one has ever said about sahabas RA. As a matter of fact if they had any difference of opinion they resolved it immidiately on the basis of Quran and sayings of Prophet Mohammed SAW because they knew that Prophet Mohammed SAW has preacehed them that “I am leaving two things among you if you hold them tightly you will never go astray; One is Kitab Ullah and other is my sunnat” (Mishkat: Kitabul Eiman Bab Ul A’atsam No. 186). Hence, when immidiately after the sad death of Prophet Mohammed SAW the Ikhtalaf of Khilafah surfaced Muhajireen was saying that the Khalifa would be from Muhajireen and Ansar were saying the same thing. Before they could start fighting with each other that Hazrat Abu Baker RA said that “ I have heard Prophet Mohammed SAW saying that AL AIMMA TU MINAL QURAISH” after hearing this every one got tightlipped. (Fatahul Bari). Second Ikhtalaf was about the place of burial of Prophet Mohammed SAW. Abu Bakr RA said that I heard Prophet Mohammed SAW saying that The prophet should be buried at the place of death” (Tirmidi: Abwab Janaiz, Bab Ain Tadaffun al Inbiya, 108 and Ibn E Maja: Abwabe Janaiz Bab e Zikre Wafat wa Dafn SAW 1628) This solved the second ikhtilaf. There are thousands of examples where if there is any ikhtalaf they used to instantly refer to Quran and Hadees to solve them. For more such examples refer to Aallam Al MoWaqqa’een An Rabbul Aalameen
    Anyone can read Mufti Taqi Usmani’s book -The legal status of following a Madhab. Its available online. It will give you detail examples of sahabah doing taqleed as well.
    Not only Mufti Taqi Usmani rather many other muttaasab Muqallid has written books on the validity of Taqleed being essential for an individual muslim. When Allama Wahid Uddin translated Saheeh Bukhari he had written a long chapter on Taqleed being wajib but by the time he was translating Ibne Maja he himself became ghair muqallid and accepted madhab Ahle Hadees. So is the beauty of Hadees which appeals to every muslim provided he reads it without any prejudice. Brother Omar has not elaborated on the fact that Sahaba used to do Taqleed of each other. I have no knowledge about that. But if he is refering to the fact that Sahaba used to ask each other on complex matter and come to the conclusion on the basis of Quran, Hadees and/or Ijmaa then this is not taqleed. This is the approach we need today as well to solve our problems. Let us first understand what taqleed is:
    The straightforward meaning of taqleed as per Gheyasul Loghat is Neck Band. And as per Istalahe Sharah it has been defined by Mullah Ali Qari Hanfi as under:
    To accept somebody’s QAUL without any proof. (Refer Qasida Maali pg 34 Published by USUFI DELHI). Similar definition has been given by many Ulema of Ahnaf such asFazil Qandahari,Mulla Hasan Hanfi etc.
    When did the taqleed start.
    Till 400 AH people were not on one single MADHAB (Hujjatullah Baligha: Baab Hikaya Hal Annas Qabal Al Mala Rabea H)
    Allama Sinad Bin Annan Maliki says in his book Al Irshad Ala Sabil Al Rishad:
    Taqleed is an innovation which has come at later stage. Because we know with surity that during the period of Sahaba RA there was no fixed MADHAB of any one person which was studied, taught, promoted and followed. They used to refer to Quran and Hadees directly at the time of seeking knowledge and understanding sharia and in case they did not find the solution in either of these two they used to use their intellect. Same was the manhaj and approach of Tabe’een RA i.e. they used to refer to Quran and Hadees if they did not get in these two then would refer to Ijma of Sahaba RA if here also they did not find any answer then they used to do ijtehad. Then came the period of third generation (Taba’e Tabe’een), in this generation Abu Haneefa RA, Imam Malik RA, Imam Shafee RA and Imam Hanbal RA were born. Their approach were same as Sahaba, Tabe’een and Taba’e Tabe’een. In short during these three generation the Biddah of Taqleed was not born and this validates the saying of Prophet Mohammed SAW that the best period is my period then after me and then after them. This hadees is mentioned in Saheeh BUKHARI. Further it is surprising to note that Ahle Taqleed say that Taqleed is QADEEM. In fact there is no basis of this claim.
    So brother OMAR your saying that SAHABA used to do TAQLEED is nullified based on above. But if you still feel the other way please throw some more light on this fact.
    And sifting through ahadeeth cannot be done by laymen like me and you. No, its a complicated process. Scholars who study 8-10 years have a lot of criterion for that. So, we cannot judge a hadith just by looking at its sanad and call it daheef or sahih. I repeat – its not a laymans job. We who graduated from universities don’t even have the authority to classify them.
    For the sake of argument I agree with you that classification of hadees is a complicated process but atleast you can read Sahih Bukhari and Sahi Muslim which are regarded as SAHEE book of hadees. Secondly a lay man like you and me can find out hadees and references of our deeds and aml right brother.
    And salafis- yes I do know – all of us are salafies- the hanfis, shafies, malikis and hambalis are the actual salafis. There never existed this distinct class 1400 years back. I have being living with salafis for half of my life and I know them more than anyone else- not by words but by what they actually practice- I don’t need an into to that.
    I have also lived 3/4th of my life with pure hanafees in fact I myself was hanafi till 28 years of my age 2 years are my transition period from Hanfi to Ahle Hadees and finally at the age of 30 I became pure Ahle Hadees. I lived with Hanfees all my life and what I have observed from their practices I should not mention here. Does this make sense brother OMAR.
    And lastly, fiqh al-maruwaja is the real fiqh and the explanation of fiqh-al-hadith. YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND FIQH-UL-HADITH WITHOUT FIQH-UL-MARAWAJA- I.E. – THE FIQH OF THE 4 IMAMS.
    And to understand Maruwajja Fiqha I need something else and finally there is a chain to at last understand Quran and Hadees. KUDOS to you Br. OMAR to conspire for Muslim Umma that they never approach Quran and Hadees at the time of need as it is nearly impossible to understand. But even some insane person vows to understand Quran and Hadees he first has to understand Muruwajja Fiqha then Fiqha ul Hadees then Quran and Hadees and before he reaches this stage he probably dies. How would you make a Mushrik a Muslim if he has to pass through this complicated process of understanding Quran and Hadees.
    Now let us analyse what Maruwajja Fiqha is:
    Maruwajja Fiqha is nothing but the collection of Aqwale Rajjal which has been systemetically propagated among Muslim Ummah. Who were those people, what was their objective and mission. Whether they want to help Islam or they had some ulterior motive behind this. It is difficult to answer all these question here but I will try to mention a few sayings of Jayyed Alim to give you a brief idea about Maruwajja Fiqha.
    Allama abdul Kareem Shahrastani in his mayanaaz book Al Malal Wal Nahal Vol 1 pg 188.
    As-habul Rai are Ahle Iraq who are the students of Abu Haneefa. They are called Ahlul Rai because they used to focus on Qiyas and Istanbat to provide solution to the problems. Even the most core problems which are encountered on daily basis are also solved by Qiyas. And sometimes they prefer Qiyas to Khabre Wahid. Nevertheless, no sahabi RA used to give any weightage to Qiyas in comparison to Quran and Hadees not even gave the qiyas status of Shariah. They used to find solution directly from Quran and Hadees. Furthermore, considering qiyas as sharia will change the definition of sharia.
    As a result of these many Qiyasi Masail have entrenched among muslim ummah such as:
    1.WALA AND WATI BEHIMA BILA INZAAL (Darre Mukhtar Vol 1 Pg 31 publisher H M Saeed Co. Educational Press Karachi) Means to have sex with animal will not require ghusl and/or wudu.
    2. AU MAYYATAH (ibid pg 35) and not even with dead woman.
    3. The skin of Dog after tanning is Tahir (ibid)
    4.The skin of Dog or Elephant or any other darinda become Tahir after Zibah (ibid pg 38)
    5. Dog is not Najas Ul Ain (ibid pg 38)
    6. Skin of Dog can be used to make Musalla
    7. Skin of Dog can be used to make bucket
    8. If some body’s nose is susceptive of discharge blood then for the sake of its treatment one can write quranic ayah with blood or even with urine (SHAMI vol 1 pg 365)
    9. Masturbation does not nullify the fasting (darre Mukhtar)
    10 Ghalazat can be made tahir after licking with tongue (Alamgiri vol 1)
    There are many such examples but due to posting being lenghty I stopped here. These are some of the masail of traditional fiqha which my br. OMAR wants me to follow and revert to Madhab Hanfia is it logical.

    I think Quran and Hadees are full of teaching of Akhlaque which should be the hallmark of any Muslim why then we need a separate practice prescribed by SOOFI which is not an arabi word atleast so I repeat make it alien to Sahabas.
    How would a layman differentiate between Real Tasawwuf and False tasawwuf.
    Well, this was written as a response- the one who wishes to open up his mind may do so as nobody can be forced to think or change his view.
    This is the only correct statement you have made Br. OMAR in your entire posting so I also finish my comment with the same note. May Allah guide us to find Sarate Mustaqeem. AMIN
    If anything I said wrong is from satan…….

  26. omar says:

    I wouldn’t say I didn’t speak anything correct in my statement as I have been going to various scholars- even in Riyadh – I have a fatwa from the late Sheikh Uthaimeen (R.A), one of the contemporary shuyook with sheikh bin baz, recommending a layman to follow an imam of fiqh but I think rather than prolonging our discussion on blogs, we need to go and sit down with our scholars for explanations on that.

    An engineer cannot become an engineer without a supervision of a professor who is an engineer. A doctor cannot become a doctor without learning and practicing from a doctor or a professor in the medical line. Similarly, we cannot become scholars or at least learned in the field of Islam without learning and practicing from scholars of Islam.

    Towards the end, I would say- whether one is a salafi or a hanafi or maliki or shafi or hambali- you are free to practise what you want, but we should not critcise the scholars or the imams of fiqh or deem fiqh as a collection of sayings of some people- as frankly-

    What level of knowledge do we have?
    Really- what level of understanding do we have? Since, none of us are scholars- it wouldn’t be wise to go in to issues that need supervision of scholars.

    Our focus should be towards bringing love, and affection to the masses. There are people if you see them- you will think that they practice Islam perfectly but internally their dealings with their parents, wives is more rotten and worse than one can imagine. These differences if cannot be resolved- should be left up to the scholars to be resolved.

    There are other issues that need real attention- like people not praying in congregation, our character, dealings – 2 aspects in which, without exaggeration, 95% of ummah has failed to keep up with.

    Lastly, real tasawuf – is self-correction of one’s character and removal of internal bad qualities like pride, haughtiness, jealousy etc.
    False one – grave worshipping, thinking that people in grave to be intercessors of duas, and all that numerous customary practices – TOTALLY BIDAH. No question to that.

    May Allah guide us all.

  27. Faran Imam says:

    Dear OMAR,
    As a Muslim brother I request you to please read and research rather than going to so called scholars who speak from there nafs. If I give him one lac rupees he will give me fatawa which suits me. They are the most deplorable persons on this earth. I hate hearing this word layman Muslim. They are layman in every walk of life. Shame on us. And we claim with pride that we are the ummah of Prophet MOHAMMED SAW but still a LAYMAN. I feel like executing each of them who says that I am a LAYMAN. This LAYMAN has no right to live but to be laid under the ground.
    Where the hell did I criticize any scholar? You should read the post carefully then reply. I criticized the fatawa rather than the mufti. And these fatawa are really given by Imam Abu Haneefa RA or systematically ascribed to him at later stage we do not know. Why should not we stick to Quran and hadees enough for us why we need these Murrawaja Fiqha at all?
    Bringing love!!! Who is bringing hate? But can love alone solve the problems. Love your enemies could be the teaching of Christianity or Sri Sri Ravi Sanker (Watch the debate between Sri Sri Ravi Sanker and Dr. Zakir Naik). By the way I love you, I love you so much that I want you not to go astray is the teaching of Islam. Understood my dear friend.
    Why we need such a long discussion when it was ordained on us to follow Quran and Sunnah that is it. Why you need a third thing. There is no requirement absolutely not. And believe me if you just sit for 15 minutes every day and read Quran with meaning and tafseer you will find how easy it is to understand and follow every ayah of Quran you don’t need absolutely not any Murrawaja Fiqha to understand Quran. And so is true with hadees.

    So dear friend please stick to the straightforward teaching of Quran and Sunnah.

  28. omar says:

    Well, do you consider Sheikh Uthaymeen as a nafs-oriented scholar? Do you consider Sheikh Abubakr Al Jazairi as a self-nafs oriented scholar? I am sorry, but your words seem to be quite harsh as youhate scholars. Then what type of islam are you following- YOU, NOT THEM IS FOLLOWING YOUR NAFS BY JUST READING AND MAKING YOUR DECISIONS BASED ON WHAT YOU THINK FROM THEM.

    I am sorry, the whole ummah cannot gather on Dalalah. So, that means if there is nobody correct on this earth? And I am the only one who is reading through the books, without knowing how to derive and make rulings from Ahadith?

    Even if you read all the books – one cannot make a ruling out of contradicting ahadith simply because he is not aware of how to derive decisions from them. Well, do what ever you like to.

    Of course, I agree that we read quran and hadith, with tafseer, but IN the end I would say we REALLY & RAELLY NEED fiqh-ul-murawaja to understand them.

    I am sorry, your comment is absolutely baseless- thats what the ummah has been doing- gone away from the mainstream ulema of islam- self-made ijtihads and just confusing yourselves and nobody else.

    With myself- i will say stick to quran, hadith, afsir and fiqh togehter- yes that would be the correct approach.

  29. Faran Imam says:

    I have shown you the real pictures of Murawaja Fiqha in my last to last post. Those who have written them are also scholars. I for one can not force you not to follow these fatawas and scholors. You are free to accept those, because there is no cumpulsion in religion. LA IKRA FID DEEN. But I am afraid if I follow them on the day of qiyamah I will be among the loosers. Not only the loosers rather I will make plea to Allah ST on the day of qiyama to give these scholars double the azab. Refer to Surah Ahzaab (33) Aya 66-68.

    I say if the entire world go astray no matter but what is incumbent upon you is to stick to Quran and Sunnah. This is what I am trying to call you for. But you seem to be adamant about following Murrawaja Fiqha (MF) then sorry I can not help. For you is your Madhab for me is my own way. As regards Shk Uthaimeen I got many books written by him and I read his books but any thing which goes against Quran and Sunnah I do not accept. And taqleed Shaksi is one of them. And among his zakhira of his writings if you have just picked up only one single fatawa advocating Taqleed Shaksi Islahi then this is your look out. I also appreciate Shk Albani who has done tremendous job but I do not accept his view of Surah Fatiha being not wajib for Muqtadi (Refer to his book Sifat e Salatun Nabi)and for that matter I also do not accept his views that covering face is not wajib for the women of Islam in front of Ghair Mehram (refer to his book Alhijab – Al – mirat -al-Muslima). I say unless our Prophet Mohammed SAW put his seal on the deeds I will not do it no matter whoever tells me to do and once I know that the act has been approved by Prophet MOhammed SAW then I not only do it I do it fast and invite others muslim bretheren to do that also. You said you agree that one should read Quran and Hadees with understanding but it appears to me that this is a lip service agreement otherwise you would not have added this that one needs Maruwajja Fiqha (MF) along with Quran and Hadees (Q&H). MF is just opposite to Q&H. How on earth these two can be mixed it is like mixing Touheed with Shirk and Sunnah with Biddah. If it is impossible to mix these two anti theticals it is equally difficult to make MF and Q&H mix together and arrive at certain conclusion. This is deception. This reminds me of Qaume Yahood who used to write books and give fatawa from his own hand and ascribed that to Allah Subhan o tala. They are the worst creature on the god’s green earth. They are the maloon. And it seems you want to follow their foot step in this matter. BEWARE.

  30. omar says:

    well, I wouldn’t say any more on this because you are comparing them to yahood – a grave pity on you- you compare muslim scholars to yahood. Huh!
    May Allah guide you.

    I will stop my discussion not because I don’t know how to refute, but because its no point in continuing this argument. In the last be aware for you for its a sign of qiyamah that when the people of the ummah will attack the previous ones. Beaware because by attacking them and calling them like yahood, you are falling in that warning.

    Lastly, if you read – read “AL LA-MADHABIYYA- SHEIKH BUTI” from syria- its in arabic. He explains this salafi-lamadhabiyya problem and the disasterous results of it.

  31. Faran Imam says:

    Dear Omar
    Sheikh Buti is not the only person who has written against salafi/wahabi movement around the world and equal number of books are written and being written in India and Pakistan also against Ahle Hadees. Likewise during last centuries millions of books have been written against Islam and post 9/11 this has reached an epidemic level. But what difference did it make. Islam is the fastest growing religion faster than any other religion in the world so is salafism growing by leaps and bound every day. Because the Quran says that “waqul ja’ul haqq’e wa zakal batil innala batil kana zahuka” Hum haq ko batil se takrate hain aur haq batil ka ser kuchal deti hai. How can any other deen overpower Islam which is haq and remain to floueish till the day of Qiyama because it invites to Tauheed and how can salafism be overpowered because it invites to Quran and Hadees. And among signs of Qiyama are many and one of them The disappearance of knowledge(زوال العلم) and the appearance of ignorance, (ظهور الجهل)with much killing and THE PROPHET (s.a.w.) SAID: ‘IF MY UMMAH BEARS 15! TRAITS سمات/صفات (QUALITIES), TRIBULATION محنة WILL FOLLOW IT.’ (DAY OF JUDGEMENT) SOMEONE ASKED,’WHAT IS THEY O MESSENGER OF ALLAH?’ HE (s.a.w) SAID:

    ط When any gain is shared out only among the rich, with no benefit to the poor;

    ط When a trust (أمانة)becomes a means of making profit ;

    ط When paying ZAKKAT becomes a burden;

    ط When voices (رفع أصوات كما نشاهده الآن)are raised in the mosque;

    ط When the leader of a people is the worst of them;

    ط When people treat a man with respect because what he may do;

    ط When much wine is drunk; red wind or the earth swallow them, or to be transformed into animals.’

  32. Mohammed Farhan says:

    Assalam Alia kum

    Dear Faran Imam,

    May Allah bless you for all what you are doing to defend shirk and biddah.

    Please tell me that tableeqi jamaat people says, Allah ke raste mein niklo, 2-1/2 hours daily do, and they say going on this path is Jehad, a muslim person leaving in villages, who knows nothing about Islam, who will going to tell them it is our duty, so give your 40 days or 4 months, etc, etc.

    I want the answer from you through Quran and Hadeeth whether these acts are correct or against Islam. Please give detailed answer. I will be waiting for your reply.


  33. omar says:

    Just because salafism is spreading doesn’t mean that its on haq. Since people who follow haq are always in less number and the batil is always in large number. But it is haq that wins.

    And, so shall SALAFISM be defeated inshaAllah because of its wrong method of calling to quran and hadees by avoding scholars, ijma and fiqh.

    In arabnews dated 25-february 09- Saudi Arabia has composed a new council of senior scholars including scholars from other fiqhi schools – hanafi, shafi and maliki- namely Sheikh Abdul Raziq Afifi- a Hanafi, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Shinkiti – a Maliki and Sheikh Abdul Majeed Hassan – a Shafie. This has been done to enable the council to bring about tolerant views rather than the strict wahabi-salafi view.

    So, we see the addition of the 3 madhabs to the strict hanbali madhab in saudi arabia, the heartland of islam – so we will see the haq dominate soon inshaAllah,

    And as for brother Farhan,

    Firstly, you are totally wrong on thinking that the tabliq people are going out to spread out knowledge. If that was the case, then it was not totally but entirely wrong to go out.

    But they are not going out for spreading knowledge but just for self-correction. Thats what it is.

    Knowledge cannot be obtained from ignorant people. You have to go to scholars to obtain it. The effort is wrongly named by people as tabliq but it is not tabliq as tabliq means propogation.
    How can you propogate if you don’t have knowledge or are ignorant? The headquarter in nizamudin in NewDelhi- they never name it as tabliq effort- if they ever name it – they name it as effort of improving ones iman and yaqeen.

    The tabliq people only go for self-correction- implementing in life the 6 qualities- strong conviction in the promise of Allah and the words of the prophet(Sallalaho alihi wa sallam), practice khusoo & khuzoo in salah, developing akhlaq and sincerity in actions. And of course, encouraging others also to make an effort to bring these qualities in one’s life. The 2 1/2 hours – is just visitng people- if someone is sick, seeing him- if there is a janazah – condoling the grieved, visiting a muslim not with the intention of preaching but reminding oneself about akhirah, and henceforth seeing possible ways of helping the muslim brothers- financially, or morally or any possible way.

    Now tell, me what is against islam in this?

    The periods – 40 days etc. is not something farz or compulsory – its just a time frame recommended to spend – not because it is sunnah – but just like you spend time in universities and colleges- they have a time frame of 4-5 years – so this is recommended time frame. If you would like to go for a day or an hour -no probs.

    I wonder what is against islam if someone is trying to self-rectify himself. I suggest you go for a day with them and see yourself.

  34. amer says:

    assalamualaikum. i would like to add some more points to what brother omar has stated above. regarding following quran and sahih ahadith. i would like to ask you can you derive rulings from quran directly with out the help of any scholar? tell me how many farz and sunnah are there in wuzu and what are the criteria of loosing wuzu, how much water to be used etc? proove it from quran and sahih hadith if you claim every one can derive rulings from quran and hadith directly.

    not only you but your 7 generations cannot derive a ruling from quran regarding this masla. without the help of traditional scholars and referring books written on the said subject. proove me wrong if you can. you need not refer any book only quran and sahih hadith with out even caring for foot notes given by muhaddiths in their hadith books. you should not take their opinion. because if you take their opinion you are doing taqlid and as per your saying taqlid is haram or bidiah and alien to islam. you lets see how best you can derive ruling.

    wama alaina illah balagh.

  35. Faran Imam says:

    This is in reply to the comment posted by Br. Mohammed Farhan. Anything I say wrong is from SATAN LAEEN.

    Br. Farhan probably wanted to say that May Allah bless me for what I am doing to defend Quran and Hadees and not Shirk and Biddah.

    What best deed could be better than this that a group of people among our bretheren leave their home for certain period of time and invite others to Islam. And yes this is a form of JIHAD. ………………………………………………… BUT…………………. my only concern is the validity of the methodology adopted by tableeghi jamaat of inviting others to certain ideology and practices rather than towards Quran and Hadees. Any DAWAH done to others to invite towards any damn thing other than Quran and Hadees will certainly be not acceptable to Allah. Now if their (Tableeghi Jamaat) methodolgy and ideology match with Quran and Hadees FABIHA if not then whole efforts become doubtful and futile. YOU BE THE JUDGE AND DECIDE
    Jazakallah Khair

  36. Faran Imam says:


    Dear Brother Omar,

    Irequest your goodself to please think before what you write.

    Yuo have said that Ahle Haq are always less in number and Batil are always in majority. I do not know from where have you deduced this arithmatical formula. Ahle Haq are those who stick to the teachings of Quran and Hadees and Ahle Batil are those who reject even an iota of what mentioned in Quran and Hadees either explicitly or implicitly. This is the formula prescribed by Islam. Below is the world population of major religion this may help you to open your eyes. Next time please do not write like a stupid or blockhead person. I do not understand when it comes to DEEN-e-ISLAM people become so unintelligent where as in worldly matters they are the smartest lot. Give them any problem and they will solve in a jiffy. LOOK BELOW:

    1.Christianity: 2.1 billion

    2.Islam: 1.5 billion

    3.Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion

    4.Hinduism: 900 million

    5.Chinese traditional religion: 394 million

    6.Buddhism: 376 million

    7.primal-indigenous: 300 million

    8.African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million

    9.Sikhism: 23 million

    10.Juche: 19 million

    11.Spiritism: 15 million

    12.Judaism: 14 million

    13.Baha’i: 7 million

    14.Jainism: 4.2 million

    15.Shinto: 4 million

    16.Cao Dai: 4 million

    17.Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million

    18.Tenrikyo: 2 million

    19.Neo-Paganism: 1 million

    20.Unitarian-Universalism: 800 thousand

    21.Rastafarianism: 600 thousand

    22.Scientology: 500 thousand

    If one goes by your arithmatical formula of judging haq and batil ISLAM is a BATIL RELIGION (NOUZUBILLAH) and Scientologist are AHLE HAQ. Not only this BAHAI, QADIANI,YAZIDI all are ahle haq because they are in minority. HANAFEES are batil because they constitute the largest MADHAB among sunni muslims. BEWAQOOFI KI EK HAD HOTI HAI LEKIN AFSOS KA MOQAM HAI KE YAHAN PE SAARI HADEN PAAR KI JA RAHIN HAIN. KUCH TO AQAL KE NAKHOON LO MERE BHAI.

  37. omar says:

    well, i am not stupid and insane to write it because I wrote it with reference to salafism not to non-muslim religions.

    Unfortunately, Its your misunderstanding – what to do – if you don’t have the brain to understand it and write down some nonsense in urdu in an impolite manner there-in.

  38. Faran Imam says:

    Ek aur hamare bhai hain AMER kehte hain ke hum ahle hadees ki 7 naslen Quran aur Hadees se MAS’ALA derive nahieen ker sakti hain, phir kahan se ker sakteen hain bhai. If not from Quran and Hadees then from where my dear friend. You want me to derive MASA’LA from Qaduri, HADAYA, Kunz Al Daqaiq, Sharah Wiqaya, Darre Mukhtar,Fatawa Alamgiri , Fatawa Qazi Khan, Noorul Anwaar,HASAMI etc. If yes then I need to believe and act upon the following MAS’ALA

    1. Intention is not a condition in WUZU (Darre Mukhtar: Kitab Tahara Vol 1 Pg 48)
    2. Tarteeb (Sequence) in WUDU is not necessary (Aine Hadaya: Kitab Tahara Ikhtaf Fi tarteeb al Wudu Vol 1 Pg 32)
    3. On the part of body where ablution Wudu is required, if any feces (shit) of flies is stuck and the water do not reach that part of body then wudu will be correct (Alamgiri: Kitab Tahara Baab Awwal Vol 1 Pg 5)
    4. In Salah instead of SALAM if somebody FARTs (RIYAH KHARIJ KARNA) then his nemaz is valid.(Sharah Wiqaya: Kitab Salah Bab Sifah Salat Vol 1 Pg 110
    5. Nemazi, if carries a person or a dog whose mouth has been tied then his Nemaz will be correct.(Darre Mukhtar:Kitab Tahara Baab Sharoot e Salah Vol 1 Pg 207

    Thes are some of the examples. Now as suggested by Brother Amar if I derive MASAIL from these scholars who have written above mentioned books then I will end up following these MASAIL. Now please tell me Mr. AMAR what should I do I am totally confused. I wont refer to Quran and Hadees as you have told me to do I will refer to only these scholars books and you will have to assure me that I will not be committing any sin If I fart in Nemaz instead of Salam my nemaz wiil be valid as per the scholars of this book.
    But if I will be doing any sin out of this then I will catch hold of you on the day of qiyama. Please reply to me what should I do and also assure that you are ready to bear my sin on the day of Qiyama.

  39. Faran Imam says:

    Dear OMAR,

    I have replied to salafism against hanafi also I think you missed out. Other religion was just an elaboration which you could not understand.

  40. Faran Imam says:

    And pls OMAR dont take this personal and I apologize to you if I have hurt you my comment in Urdu was not pointed specifically to you but all of them who say that they are on Quran and Hadees but do not research and analyse that whether they are really on Quran and Hadees or they are either drifting away or being drifted away by some external agency/ies intentionally or unintentionally and I am just trying to correct them with pure IKHLAS and Lillahiat and in the process if at any point I had become or will become a little critical then I sincerely apologise to all of you.

  41. Yousuf says:

    salafis say that they are ghair muqallid,
    I will say to them that at the time of Muhammed SAW there where two kinds of sahabas one muqallid who follows him & musstahid who where scholars I mean they where Muqallid too but no one was ghair muqallid, next salafis say they beleive in what Muhammed SAW says & will not beleive in 4 imams & some of Sahabas, even Umar bin Khattab RA…Do you know what Muhammed SAW says i don’t know the exact words Allah be please with me “Saitan don’t go on the way on which Umar RA goes” you can understand
    Allah says in quran “يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا أَطِيعُوا اللَّهَ وَأَطِيعُوا الرَّسُولَ وَأُولِي الْأَمْرِ مِنْكُمْ
    O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and those charged with authority among you”4:59
    so it means you have to be muqallid i.e to follow not only Muhammed SAW but all sahabas & imams & even the heads of muslims i mean scholars.
    one thing to ask Salafis how Islam came to us it cannot come by quran as in quran only Farz is mention what Allah told us but the way of Muhammed SAW didn’t mention but mention to follow him, but salafis tell that don’t follow Imams,because of them we got Islam.

  42. Yousuf says:

    وَلَقَدْ صَرَّفْنَا فِي هَذَا الْقُرْآنِ لِيَذَّكَّرُوا وَمَا يَزِيدُهُمْ إِلَّا نُفُورًا (17:41)
    We have explained (things) in various (ways) in this Qur’an, in order that they may receive admonition, but it only increases their flight (from the Truth)!‎ (17:41)
    وَقُلْ جَاءَ الْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَاطِلُ ۚ إِنَّ الْبَاطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا (17:81)
    And say: “Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish.”‎ (17:81)

  43. Faran Imam says:

    Dear Br. Yousuf,

    Reply to your post will be just repetation of my earlier comments. All your comments have been dealt with in detail with the help of Quran and Hadees in my earlier posts. I request you to please read all of them and come back with any new comment/s if you want to make.


    Faran Imam

  44. omar says:

    I invite all to please read this fatwa stamped and signed by sheikh abdullah bin baz (rahmatulla alaihi) and Sheikh Saleh Al Fawzan (Hafidahulla) and other prominent Arabic scholars -in complete support of following the 4 schools of thought- they have explained whats the difference between ikhtilaf in aqeedah and ikhtilaf fil-fiqh.

    I know its in arabic- but its an authority. The link is here:

    فتاوى بشأن موضوع الخلاف الفقهي بين المذاهب التعصب المذهبي من بعض أتباعها

    Jazakallah kahir

  45. omar says:

    download the PDF and you will see it.

  46. Faran Imam says:

    Dear Omar,

    Your methodolgy is very simple. When you find any hadees which suits your aqeeda you accept it whole heartedly when any hadees runs counter with your aqeeda you reject it. Similarly any Fatawa from Saudi’s Ulema is acceptable to you only because it mentions something which does not deny your way of Islam. There are tens of thousands of Fatawas from Sh. Ibn e Baaz and other Saudi Ulemas which are against your aqeeda you reject them you even raise your eye brows you abhor them. If you have the courage please accept them as well.

    Now coming back to this Fatawa which you have posted here prima facie there is no emphasis on following any particular MADHAB blindly. Number one, secondly even though there is a ikhtalaf among Imam the emphasis is on resolving through Quran and Hadees rather than resolving them through ARA (opinion) of some other person. This is what I have understood from the Fatawa. Nevertheless, I have given this Fatawa for Translation in Urdu. Because honestly speaking I am not well versed with Arabi. Once I have the Fatawa translated in Urdu I will be able to understand it fully. But I doubt if the Mufti had given the Fatawa to follow one particular Madhab blindly.Because can they say some thing which is not ordained by Allah ST and/or said by Prophet Mohammed SAW. How can he say to follow any of the Imams blindly lets say follow Imam Abu Hanifa and follow Fiqha e Hanfia and say three talaq at one time and talaq is valid how can they say that now there is only one way to re unite and that is HALALA how can they now say to marry your daughter or your sister with some body for one night and next morning the groom will say triple talaq and then your sister or your daughter will be halal for her previous husband. Lanallah Ala Kazebeen. And lanallah on all Hanafees who are practicing this HALALA (this deplorable version of Islam) and believe that this is from ALLAH. And lanallah on All Deobandees who have opened Halala Centre in Pakistan for this purpose and Lanallah to all citizens of Pakistan who do not dare to shut down these HALALA CENTRE and save the ASMAT and IZZAT of their Mothers, Sisters and Daughters.

    I invite all of you to stick to Quran and Hadees Qa Lallah and Qala Rasool and do not incline towards the Fatawa which are against Quran and Hadees. And lanallah to those who say that Sahabees were Muqallid and justify their Taqleed by saying this.
    What I have said above I have the proof. If I have said anything wrong it is from SATAN.

  47. omar says:

    okay, if you want to attack imam abu hanIFAH (RAHMATULLAH ALAIH) – if you don’t like his name, then look at your own books -three volumes ‘Nuzul-ul abrar min fiqh-hin-nabiy-el-Mukhtar’ is written by salafi scholar imaam nawab waheeduz-zaman challenging hanafi book raddul-muhtar writes this stuff-bearing in mind that all the followings are the verdict of prophet (ma-azallah):

    1) on pg. 3 -volume 1-it is mentioned that Allah has got face, eyes, legs, fingers, ears, ribs, shoulders etc.

    2) on pg 7, volume 1- it is mentioned that Ahl-e-hadees are in fact ‘Shiya-ne-Ali’.

    3) on pg.19, volume 1 – the item vommitted waste is not impure.

    4) on pg. 19, volume 1- khamr(wine) is not impure (i wonder if its in Bukhari or Muslim).

    5) on pg. 18 Blood, Vomit, Pus does not cause the wudu (ablution) to be broken.

    6) on pg.19 if naked men and naked women do join their private parts or have intercourse but ejaculation doesn’t take place does not cause the ablution to be broken.

    7) on pg 22 while ghusl (bath) being obligatory and there is no such system arragement for covering private body parts, it is permissible for naked men to have bath in front of other naked men and so for women in front of other women.

    8) on pg. 23 if man has committed sodomy doesn’t apply ghusl (bathing)

    9) on pg. 30 the dogs and its spit or saliva are undefiled and clean to the muhaqqiqeen-e-hadiths (expert muhadithheens(Hadiths collectors))

    11) on pg. 89-volume 3 it is permissible to make roti (bread) of the dough kneaded with wine for they are burnt so they become halal and clean.

    12) on pg. 50 dogs pee and stool are clean.

    13) on pg. 28 that if a son-in-law kisses his mother-in-law, cut her, embrace her or even does have sexual intercourse with her, his marriage with his wife would not cease to exist.(marraige won’t be broken off with the daughter of said mother-in-law).

    14) on pg. 94 volume 3 Samrah bin Jundub (radiallahu anhu) was fasiq (sinful or wicked) (ma-azzallah (Allah forbids))

    15) page 30-if haram animals are slaughtered islamically, with the exception of pig, the rest of their flesh and skin – become pure (paak)

    I wrote just a sample of them. I know if you want to look at our books and complain and be a big boss then look at your books first. Tell me do the above mentioned match with Quran and Sunnah.

    I will send more references later on.

  48. Faran Imam says:

    Dear Brother,

    And you thought you won the battle and defeated Ahle Hadees. You have not understood Ahle Hadees without being prejudice. I declare all the above Masaala written by who so ever are incorrect. This is our guts. But you do not have the guts. You can not announce that these Masaala even though in the least bit said by or written by Imam Abu Haneefa though we know that he would have never said this nor written this some enemy of Islam at a later stage taking name of Imam Abu Haneefa had associated these filthy masaail to him are absolutely incorrect. You have no guts. We reject what we do not find any reference of Quran and Hadess you accept on the condition that this is in Fiqha Hanfia. When I say Fiqha e Hanfia you think that I am maligning Imam Abu Hanifa. No my dear brother when we say Fiqha Hanfia we say that Fiqhas are incorrect and not Imam Abu Hanifa RA.

    Our manhaj is simple if any thing matches with Quran and Hadees we accept it no matter who said this and any thing does not matches with Quran and Hadees we do not accept it no matter who said it. But you accept it on the basis of who said this without doing any tahqeeq.

    For instance in the previous post I had mentioned may masaail from Fiqha Hanfia books of Fiqha not a single hanafi came forward and dared to say that these masail we dot accept. You have mentioned above masail from the book written by Moulana Wahiuddin I say I do not accept. You will not find any Ahle hadees who are on the path of these masail whereas whole hanfees from around the world believes that HALALA is halal (just one single example). Ther are many such examples where All the hanafees majority of them accepts that these masaail are correct. This exercise I have done in the last one decade I used to go to Hanfi Alim and show him Qaduri, fatawa Qazi Khan, Alamgiri and ask them if this is correct no hanfi alim said this is incorrect rather they told me you wont understand these masail. Why boss what is so big deal about this masail that I wont understand. Kuch to hai jiski parda dari hai. Then I used to go to Ahle Hadees moulana and asked him any masala written by any ahle hadees which is incorrect he said son we accept those which are matching with Quran and Hadees and reject otherwise no matter who so ever has written them. This is our commitment this is our manhaj. This was simple teaching finally I decided to accept Ahle Hadees manhaj and become true Muslim.

    Now coming back to these masail written by Moulana Waheed u Zamman. Every one knows that Moulana wahiduzaman was pure Hanafi initially so much so that when he was translating Sahih Bukhar in the muqaddama of the book he has written whole chapter on Taqleed being valid. Later on due to his elder brother and Nawab Siddique Hasan Khan he accepted Ahle Hadees. This book was written before he had accepted Ahle Hadees and/or during the transition period. This is just a zimni statement. However, even though this is incorrect we do not accept these masail. Understood Brother.


    Faran Imama

  49. Faran Imam says:

    Brother Omar,

    What I feel when ever I write any post defending Quran and Hadees I feel that you go to some Hanfi Alim and ask him the answer of these post. The reason why I thought this because in earlier posts we were discussing Hanfi vs Ahle hadees during that time you had not used the reference of this book now you are writing. If you had known the book earlier you must have written this post long time back to defend Fiqha Hanfia.

    Brother Omar if you are doing this then sorry to tell you that it is highly detrimental for you. Why I tell you, if you read the tafseer of Surah Fatiha we say that Oh allah save me from the path of Maghdoobe and Dhaleen. Mufassir said that here Maghdoobe means Yahood and Dhaleen means Nusrani (Christian) why because Yahood knew what is Haq but did not accept it because of their Nafs and Nusrani did not know the Haq but they were pious people and always in the look out of Haq but refused to do tahqeeq and always be on the receiving end. We as a muslim should not be like them neither as Yahood nor as Nasara. Now you are in the same situation brother Omar I know this is harsh but please give a thought on this. Your Alim know that Ahle Hadees is haq but because of their nafs they do not accept. You as a muqallid do not know that this is haq but from the inner corner of your heart you as a true muslim seek for haq but refuse to do the tahqeeq. So you are equally at the receiving end. Just think about it.

    You know Moulana Anwer Shah Kashmiri, whole life he has written against Ahle hadees so much so that he kept thinking the answer of a hadees from Sahih Bukhari about the hadees quoted by Ammi Ayesha RA that Our nabi used to perform One Rikah of WITR at times. Since Hanafi do not accept WITR being one rikah at times he for 14 years could not find the defensive hadees. Now 50 years down the line by the grace of Allah his Grand Son has accepted ahle hadees in 2005.

    I mean beware of this kind of Kathmulla they are like Ulema e Yahood and you are Nusrani in manhaj. According to Surah Fatiha

  50. omar says:

    Just because nobody answered your questions doesn’t mean that hanafis don’t knw about it. There are many books written about hanafi fiqh in urdu- citing the hadith sources, explanation of hanafi fiqh. You can read them if you want although I know you won’t. The questions are answered therein.

    May be his son doesn’t know the deceptions of Ahlehadith. I am sorry, you are mistaken- our ulema know that you- ahlehadith are NOT haq. The book that I posted the masail- I had that from long time, but since I am not a person who goes in to arguments and debates unnecessarily- I didn’t post them.

    But, since you started bringing up objections to masail from hanafi books- so I brought them to let you know- just like you have objection on our books, we do have objections on your books.

    The correct manhaj is Quran->hadith->the people who understood hadith (sahaba)-> the people who understood the teachings of sahaba (tabeein- taba tabeein- muhaddithin) -> the people who understood and clarified the differences of opinions amongst sahaba (the 4 imams) using the hadith.

    but HOLD YOUR TONGUE brother- you cannot call someone yahood and nasrani – in all my posts I have been trying to be polite with you but you comparing my manhaj to yahood and nasrarah. THIS IS REALLY HARSH- – EVERYBODY IS CALLED KAFIR EXCEPT THOSE WHO LISTEN TO YOUR CALL. I am surprised at that.

    I know you will not agree with what I wrote and neither will I with what you have said.


  51. Faran Imam says:

    Dear Omar,

    I think you have given up. So lets part by saying the Last ayat of Surah Kafiroon. Lakum Dinakum Wale Yadeen. For you is your deen for me is mine.

    But before parting let me tell you that the Schematic Diagram which you have made above is correct but in practice what you guys do you delete all the initial chains and accept the last one. So for you the correct diagram would be:

    (the people who understood and clarified the differences of opinions amongst sahaba (the 4 imams) using the hadith)

    Hence you end up sticking to any one (In your case Read Imam Abu Haneefa so to say)of the Imams without doing any Tahqeeq whether Imam Abu Hanifa really said this with correct Isnad and/or whether it matches with Quran and saheeh Hadees.

    As regards your statement that all the Hanafi Masail were justified by Hadees and Quran, I would like to say this is the biggest lie, if these filthy masail can be justified on the basis of Quran and Hadees that means Islam also teaches promiscuity. Yaar main hamesha tum ko kehta hun ke likhne se pehle soncha karo kya likh rahe ho aisi bewaqoofi tum ne pehle bhi ki thi aur maine tumhein dant pilai thi. Next time agar dobara ghalti ki to ek lagaonga kaan ke neeche. Second lie you said that there were Ikhtelaf among Sahabas have you thought what you have written. If they had ikhtalaf then the whole teaching of Islam becomes doubtful.

    I think you seriously need to study boss otherwise please do not post such stupid remarks. Else you will be the biggest deterrent for non muslims to accept Islam which is growing @ 274% every year. Tum jaise logon ki wajah se Islam badnam hota hai.

    Good bye

  52. Nadeem says:

    Dearest Salafee’s,
    What I want to know, from Nasir-ud-deen Albani, Dr.Zakir Naik and all those who blindly follow the research of Imaam Bukhari yet they scream at others saying their Imaam is Rasullullah sallaho alayhi wa sallam, is the following:

    I invited a few guests for Iftaar and right before breaking of fast some ants crawled and fell into the pitcher of lemonade. So, should I throw away the lemonade and make some more for my guest or what should I do?

    I want an answer from the greatest Ahle-Hadith Champion online and in this world to answer ONLY from the Quran and Sahih Hadith. Nothing else is admissible to answer this question.

    Next I want to know from the greatest existing scholar of the Ahle hadith, be he from Madinah University, please show me in the Quran where it is said, “Follow the Quran and Sahih Hadith?”.

    Now, I want to be straight forward and frank with anyone reading this…please don’t beat about the bush and do this Ummah a big favor to answer these questions precisely.

    I also want to know from the blind followers of Albani, Madkhalee and every Salafi scholar where is the word “Tarawih” in the Quran or Sahih hadith?

    Three questions are enough; then we will talk about your questions about Aqaaid and Hazrat Maulana Zakariyya sahib Muhajir Makki (rahmatullahi alayhi)

  53. Faran Imam says:

    Salam Alaikum Nadeem Bhai,
    Bara Tum Taraq se entry mara hai apne bhai. Chalye My answer is as under:

    The answer to your Masa’la you wont find in Quran and Hadees this answer you will find in Fiqhae Hanfia. So it has been proved that Fiqhae Hanfia has answer to each and every problem which even Quran and Hadees do not have. So which is better and supreme Fiqha e Hanfiya is better and supreme than that of Quran and Hadees.
    And precisely that’s what you tried to prove from your post above.

    Under this circumstances you need to ask not only Dr. Zakir Naik, Sh. Albani, Sh Ibne Baaz, but also to Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique RA, Umer Ra, Usman Ra, Ali Ra, Talha, Zubair, Ab dullah Ibne Masood, Saad, Abu Ubeida, Ayesha RA, and more than one Lacs Sahaba RA who were present at the time of Fatah Makka that How did they manage without Fiqha -e- Hanfia. And also dare to ask our Prophet Mohammed Saw why did not he tell to follow Imam Abu Hanifa after him and why he said to follow My Sahabas after him when sahaba did not know what to do if ant falls into the glass of water at the time of iftar what they should do. What they should do if somebody has sex with dead or a child or an animal (Fatawa Alamgeeri Pg 15) The answer is there no obligation of Ghusl. Sahaba did not know that if a Hermophrodite (Transsexual) has sex with a woman there is no Ghusl. They also did not know that If married to Mahram and even had sex then there is no HAD on them Darre Mukhtar Vol 1 Pg 319, and If married to some body’s else wife and even have sex with her then there is no HAD on either of them (ibid) and if married with a woman who is in IDDAH and have sex with her there is no HAD and No Had for Homo sexuality (IBID pg 320) and there is no HAD for paid Sex (IBID). ASK HIM (SAW) IF YOU DARE………………………….

    Now lets see what Quran has to say on this subject.

    1. YA AYYOHAL LAZINA AMANU ATEE ULLAH WA ATEEUL RASOOL WE LA TUBTILU AAMALEKUM Surah Mohammed Ayat 33. It means Follow Allah and Follow Prophet Mohammed SAW and do not spoil your good deeds.

    2. WA ATEEULLAH WE ATIURRASOOL WEH ZAROO FA IN TAWALLITUM FAALAMU ANNAMA ALA RASOOLINA AL BALAGHUL MUBEEN Surah Maida Aya 93. It means Follow ALLAH and Follow Rasool and if you deny then remember my Rasool has the resposibilty to convey the message unambigously.

    3. YA AHYUHALLAZINA AAMANU ATEEULLAH WE RASOOLAHU WE LA TAWALLU ANHU WE ANTUM TASMAOON. Surah Anfal Ayat no. 2. It means Oh Momin follow Allah and Rasool and dont deny what he says.

    4. MAE YUTI IRRASOOL FAQAD ATALLAH.Surah Nisa Ayah 80. It means The one who followed rasool infact followed Allah.

    And why the status of Muhammed SAW is so supreme because:
    WAMA YANTAQU ANIL HUWA IN HUA ILLA WAHIUN YU HA, Surah Najam Ayat 3)It means Prophet does not say any thing from his nafs what ever he says is from Allah (WAHI)

    Allah takes a pledge on Prophet Mohammed SAW

    Allah says:LAUMRUKA INNAHUM LAFI SAKRATIHUM YA MAHOON, ALHAJAR 72. It means Pledge on your age they were busy in intoxication.

    Now from the above ayah one can understand the status of Prophet Miohammed SAW. No where does the quran says to follow other that Prophet Mohammed SAW. Then how can you dare to follow Imam Abu Hanifa if you have Taqwa and you are Momin. Imam Abu Hanifa who did not receive any wahi.

    Now let us see what is the status of HADEES in the words of QURAN. But before that what does hadees means. Hadees comprises Prophet Mohammed SAW deeds, his sayings and what he has recommended.



    Quran says:

    FALA WE RABBIKA LA YU MENOON HATTA YU HAKKEMUKA FEEMA SHAJARA BAINAHUM SUMMA LA YAJIDU FI ANFUSIHIM HARAJA MIMMA QAZEETA WAYASALLEMU TASLEEMA. Surah Nisa Ayah No. 65 It means they can never be momin till they make you the judge and once you give degree then they accept it without feeling load on their heart. SUBHAN ALLAH. If I had quoted only this single AYAH that would have been sufficient for a Muslim to Follow Prophet Mohammed SAW in toto.

    And Allah says;

    WAMA AATEKUM RASOOLU FAKHUZUHU WAMA NAHAKUM ANHU FANTAHU. Surah ALHASHRA Ayah No. 17 It m eans What ever Prophet SAW gives you hold it and what he SAW forbids you leave it.

    The above AYAH suggest that a momin should always hold Quran and Hadees and no other fiqha because this fiqha was not given by Prophet Mohammed SAW. However, any Fatawa, any Fiqha any rai, any opinion matches with Quran and Hadees accept it.

    I have tried to make make clear from Quran and Hadees that for a Muslim Quran and Hadees are enough and we do not require any other marwaja Fiqha to solve our problem and live a good life the way SAHABS RA did. Understood NADEEM BHAI. AB CHUNTI KO MARYE AUR PANI PI JAYYE AUR SO JAEEYE. LEKIN AGAR UNGLI PER GHALAZAT (PAKHAN YA PESHAB LAGA HO TO FIQHAE HANFIA MEIN HAI KE CHAT JAYEEYE. UNGLI PAAK HO JAYEGI. NADEEM BHAI AGAR AAP PAKKE HANFI HAI TO BETE KA AAB DAST MAT KARAYEGA CHAAT JAYEEGA SAMAJH GAYE JANAB WALA.

    Faran Imam

  54. aliabbas says:

    assalm farhan bhai,
    bravo to ur mouthshutter replies,indeed truth always wins.i myself was a shia b4 and by grace of allah swt i came on quran and sunnah alone and it was liberating experience for me.

    but i always had 2 doubts since the past 2 yrs which no one could clear:
    1)I could not find any strong evidence to hold taraweeh in mass congregation
    i mean how can hazrat umar ra say its a good innovation

    2)why salafi scholars ostentatiously support the father of yazid and hold him equal to ali r.a
    unfortunately according to my study father of yazid was more responsible for seperation of state and islam\monarchy??and he fought with the ahl bayt (ali\hasan r.a)?
    is there any comparison b\w ali ra and the father of yazid??

  55. Faran Imam says:

    Dear Ali Abbas

    I pray to almighty Allah to show us the right path (Sarate Mustaqeem) to all of us and eliminate this ikhtalaf once for all and make us one ummah as ordained by Allah SWT and trained by Prophet Mohammed SAW. I pray for you as well brother May Allah increase your knowledge of Islam. Your Name has two highly knowledgeable persons of Islam Allah SWT would have created ever. ALI RA and Ibn Abbas RA. Prophet Mohammed SAW had once prayed in favour of Ibn Abbas RA when he was a child to give him faham of Quran. So if we want to learn quran we must learn from the understanding of Ibn Abbas RA. And who does not know the Ilm and Faqahat of Hazrat Ali RA. May ALLAH be pleased with both of them.

    Now coming to two questions of yours. I would like to reply to your second question first and later on to your first question. Because the second question is highly sensitive and it has been found that in sensitive matter people either take knee jerk reaction and decision or keep completely silent which may cause some sort of upset. So we should deal with sensitive issues first and always try to trivialise the issue rather than sensetionalising the issue. Sensetionalising the issue may again lead us to going astray from the right path. This approach is not confined to only religious matter even worldly matter can also be resolved by this approach.

    Now brother Ali Abbas, If you ask me personally, What would have I done if I were present at the time of Ali RA and Muawiya RA. Genuinely and honestly speaking I would have associated with Hazrat Ali RA without an iota of doubt and hesitence. I also believe that not only Ahle Hadees even other muslims brothers e.g Hanafi, Maliki, Shuafa and Hanabla all of them Deobani Bareilvi would have associated with Hazrat Ali RA. And atleast on this we all are unanimous and even with SHIAS there is no ikhtalaf on this matter. OK

    Now let us take another example just a hypothesis. When you are fighting against Hazrat Muawiya RA and suddenly Hazrat Muawiya RA come right in front of you in the battle field. What would you have done under this situation. Just think about this and reply as soon as possible what ever comes to your mind. The answer is here and not associating with Ali RA. Guess what.

  56. aliabbas says:

    jazakallah for ur prayers.
    i would certainly try to negotiate with him but would first test his belief in islam by asking fundamental questions to test his belief such that he realizes his mistake in fighting the believers…
    and why r.a is put behind him is he the one mentioned in quraan 9.100? r.a applies to only the people mentioned in 9:100?was he of the muhajir?
    but still i conjecture him to be a muslim.
    allah alone knows best so no need to put r.a

  57. omar says:

    I would say that none of us are of the caliber of Sahabah (radiallaho anhum ajmaeen) and none of us were there when these events took place. None of us have qualities, piety and understanding of islam like them, because they have had the companionship and training of the prophet (Sallalaho alahi wa sallam).

    So, as the scholars say, leave their matter to Allah (SWT) as he will judge it in Akhirah. We shouldn’t waste our time in finding out their faults or trying to take sides – as to who is right and who is wrong. WE ARE NOT THE JUDGE AND WE CANNOT BE THE JUDGE.

    For all of us we should use our time in learning more about basics of our deen.
    And Allah knows best.

  58. mohd abdul hameed says:

    mujhe yeh padh kar buhat takleef hoye ke aap ahle sunnat se ahle hadith hoye hai,,,


    Mere bhai yeh ahle hadith firqa ahle sunnat ke khilaf banaya gaya hai,,
    aur is main angrazao ki buhat badi shazesh hai.
    is jamat ka naam ahle hadith angrazao ke daore me pada hai,,(SERATEY SONAYYA BOOK MEIN YEH BAAT HAI)MOHD HUSAN BATALWI jis ne khud angrazao k pass jakar apni jamat ka naam register karwaya..

    mere bhai aap mujh 200 saal pehle koi ahle hadith ki masjid, madarsa, kitaab yeh koi ek khabar dekh de jis ke bare mein yeh kaha jata ho ke yeh ahle hadith aadmi ki qabar hai..



  59. Dear faran imam says:

    Assalamulykum dear bother

    may app se yeh kehna chahta hoon ki app log (Ahle Hadees) sunnatoon ko kyun nahi palte. app ke pass bus aik hi sunnat kehna hai wo hai rafai dain us ke alwa kuch bhi nahi hai meri app lagoo se aik guzarish hai sunnatoon ko apnau bus aur begair alim ke Aalim mat bano

  60. hi friends i hate salafis and barelli and wahabi i love tableeghi jammat

  61. ATJ says:

    FARAN IMAM, you are an ignorant piece of shit, come and debate with a deobandi munazir face to face, then this filthy and ignorant mouth of yours will shut.

    You speak such bullshit and lies n misguidance, and then u say anything wrong is from shaytaan, haha you clumsy lunatic, first you do guna, and inthe end say, it was from shaytan ? u panzoid!

    May Allahs curse be upon you! U ignorant freak!

    And everybody should know, the yahood biggest enemies of Islam, since hundreds of years have been training in expertise of quran and hadith so that with the help of shaytan they can use this knowledge to misguide and trick others.

    This person is just like one of them.


  62. Abrar says:

    Dear ATJ, brother why r u cursing the one who has replied to almost all the questions in the light of QURAN & SUNNAH. The curse will come back to you if u r wrong, so stop cursing and start gaining knowledge from the Quran & Sunnah. Making Allegations is very easy, ALLAH(S.W) says in the Quran: Produce ur proof if ur truthful(2:111), so bro ATJ produce it and also reveal ur name. Why abbrevatn.

    About me: I was searching for answers and came across dis forum and Alhamdulillah Allah(S.W) has helped me solve most of them. May Allah guide all of us to the straight path. Aameen

  63. Aju says:

    Rather than calling ourselves as ahlehadees,ahle sunni,shi ‘a etc we must call ourself as ‘Muslim’wat has been mentioned in Quran.

  64. Salahuddin Afridi says:

    Salahuddin Afridi Peshawar.
    i was searching for something else but suddenly saw this link when i opened i really found so many nice comments about islam and really i increased my knowledge through different comments from different islamic brothers.neither i m a scholar nor i belong to a specific sect in islam but some people call me a ghair muqallid,some ahle hadith some wahabi and some ghair mazhab etc i dont know what to do but i researched alot on the faroogh masail in islam but i came to a simple point that these ikhtelafat are even not very seriously as serious we got it its just about afzal ghair afzal oola and ghair ola nothing else.but one thing we should keep in our minds that y to follow just one imam?or y we say there r 4 imams infact there r so many imams and we have 2 follow all of them f we say that taqlid is wajib or the necessity of today’s life.but f we say that those imams know better than us the definition of a hadith no doubt off course but we should just see which one is most closer to hadith than other one we should follow him and its not necessory that just one imam will b correct on every matter no many can b rite in many matters and some of them can be khata in ijtehad not according to the prophet muhammad (SAW)that a person who do ijtehad will be rewarded 2 darja but he is rites and f someone is on wrong path after the research from the fair heart will also b rewarded wiht on in last i being just a student of islam can say one thing that f we being a student find any hadith which contradicts with any imam’s fatwah first should test with other imams f in these 4 imams one or two or thre r agree then we should must adobe and implement that hadith although our father brother masjid maulve disagree with us no prob, cuase these muqalliden themselves said in their books that the aaima(imams)know better the meaning of hadith so we agree with them and followed the imam whos is more nearst to the hadith simple.
    may Allah guid us on rite path.
    Allah ho alim
    Assalam o alaikom

  65. tahirah amatullah goldsmith says:


  66. shahadat says:

    I think , the tablege zamat is a bidatee zamat. becose , they did not follow the tablegee system of rasulullah Muhammad (pbuh).

  67. shaik khalid says:

    i want to know full details about ahle hadees is it correct to follow or not

  68. Salahuddin Afridi says:

    Assalam o Alaikom.

    look brother my dawat towards islam doesnt mean to become ahle hadith but just make strong more ur belief first then more belief i mean Allah is on Aarsh do not have wahda tul wajood aqeeda in which Allah is present everywhere in human,animals etc its hindus’ aqeeda we should not follow this.then to follow an imam is not farz u can reserach whatever u find and are authentics follow whether it contradicts with an imam fatwa or not with alot of respect reject imam fatwa as they said themselves. this is what islam tells us do this people will call u wahabi,some salafi some ghair muqallid some ahle hadith dont care whatever they call u just with a big respect follow these things. qura’an and hadith simple. wallaho alam
    May Allah Bless Us.

  69. ali says:

    @shaikh khalid
    you can goto IRF (dr zakir naik)dongri , mumbai for detailed evidences and guidelines on which is the correct way to follow,
    for other places there are always some dawah centers nearby
    or an islamic center.

  70. aliabbas says:

    where is faran imam ? are u ok brother faran imam?

  71. Sayeed says:

    why couldn’t i find the “Aap Beti” pdf ebook of Maulana Zakariya saaheb anywhere….!?!? why it was not available free or in torrent or file-sharing websites…..!?!? what about people who do not have online purchase options, or have no access to the paper book, or just simply can not afford to buy…..!?! do not they need or deserve the book’s knowledge….!?! pls give some guideline both through email and here……



    “An incident of a Syed Sahab has been reported that he prayed all the prayers with the same wuzu for 12 days and didn’t even sleep for 15 years. He spent many days such that he didn’t had anything even to taste.”

    The correct sentence is He was not sleeped in night not for 24 hours…..

    That all stories belongs to “TASAWWUF” if iam not wrong it’s maximum part of 20% But my ahl-e-hadith brothers always criticize those stories which belongs to “TASAWWUF” rather than to accept and act on those AHADITH which accept by both schools…..

    Our iman’s base is ALLAH (SWT) can do any/every thing in this world… there are three types of ALLAH(SWT)’s procedures

    (1) according to law and with sources
    (2) Against law and sources
    (3) Without sources

    But due to lake of high faith we blossomy and blaim to those OLIA KIRAM and shock that how they were alive 12 days without any food.


    In earthquake of 2005 in Pakistan There were a lady which rescued by relief team after 30 days and she were breathing and fresh. she said somebody (angels) were come and they give me biscuts or some other food stuff….. this is not old story or story of any tableeghi … eveey body of this affected area know and have faith on this story…. Can u justify it…….

    In short… Spent your time in path of ALLAH with jammat …. Then ALLAH(SWT) will open your heart INSHALLAH……….



    “if iam not wrong it’s maximum part of 20%”

    You can read like this ” it’s maximum 20% of Fazail-e-Aamal”

  74. Salam.
    1. Before you criticize fazail-e-amal books written by Moulana Muhammad Zakariya al-Kandahlawi (ra) or any of his other works do notice where he is buried: Janatul-Baqi along with sahabas…this is sufficient prove that he was on right path. If his work was really wrong then I really dont think Allah would grant him such a high status first being known as shaykh-ul-hadits, then buried in Madina and then in Janatul Baqi, mashallah. If you ever clear doubts in your heart about the prominent ulamas of deoband, give them a chance, and read fazail-e-amal with clear open heart or even uswai-rasul-e-akram you will instantly receive blessed dreams of saints, prophets and firm place in your heart that he was on straight path and then you will start reading other books like hayatus-sahabas you will understand who these blessed people really are, and then your arguments about sects divisions will stop, inshallah. Right now one of the most prominent scholar is Mufti Taqi Usmani, many people dont realize the blessings/gifts these saints give but rather criticize them and Allah gets mad. In order to truly benefit from them its compulsory you stay in contact with them in their company inshallah Allah will open your heart and make Islam easy for you to understand. So please take advantage of Moulana Taqi Usmani remember the pure/true knowledge of deen passes away with the death of scholars.

  75. I abhor trinity says:

    “An incident of a Syed Sahab has been reported that he prayed all the prayers with the same wuzu for 12 days and didn’t even sleep for 15 years. He spent many days such that he didn’t had anything even to taste.”

    Who is Syed Saheb, a majhool identity has no value in the field of knowledge and research. Moreover, it is scientifically not possible to perform salah for twelve days at a stretch with one wudu. Or Syed Sahab does not know what are the nawaqise wudu which nullifies the wudu or he does not know that for salah wudu is wajib or he is an impotent.

    The correct sentence is He was not sleeped in night not for 24 hours….What about hadas, farting, passing stool, passing urine, and ehtelam what about these

    That all stories belongs to “TASAWWUF” if iam not wrong it’s maximum part of 20% But my ahl-e-hadith brothers always criticize those stories which belongs to “TASAWWUF” rather than to accept and act on those AHADITH which accept by both schools…..

    Our iman’s base is ALLAH (SWT) can do any/every thing in this world… there are three types of ALLAH(SWT)’s procedures

    (1) according to law and with sources
    (2) Against law and sources
    (3) Without sources

    But due to lake of high faith we blossomy and blaim to those OLIA KIRAM and shock that how they were alive 12 days without any food.


    In earthquake of 2005 in Pakistan There were a lady which rescued by relief team after 30 days and she were breathing and fresh. she said somebody (angels) were come and they give me biscuts or some other food stuff….. this is not old story or story of any tableeghi … eveey body of this affected area know and have faith on this story…. Can u justify it…….

    Good that angel came to her resue there are deobandies who broght our Prophet Mohammed SAW to rescue..

    In short… Spent your time in path of ALLAH with jammat …. Then ALLAH(SWT) will open your heart INSHALLAH……….


    What is Islam boss?? This looks more as Hindu concept…

  76. Salahuddin Afridi says:

    one thing which always makes me confuse and compel me to write otherwise I decided not to talk on division in Islam. just one thing i would like to finish that maulana zikriya was right or wrong fazaile amal is a fine book to read or not this is i think time wastage issue y should we not study the saheeh bukhari, muslim,abu dawod,tirmidhi,ibne maja, nisaie? problems will be solved automatically along with divisions very simple y we r fighting on the issue of fazaile amal we should respect the people who r not present now dont talk against them plz.and now someone will say that we dont understand the books of ahadith like bukhare mulims etc this is a childish and very stupid thing that we r listning from our elders and our local masjid molvies that’s y we r not improoving as they r not permitting us to do research y becuase then their mazhab will b in dagour f we start study of islam they dont think that our pure mazhab is islam not hanfi,shafi,maliki,hanbali etc. the solution is f we want to solve all the prob we must agree on these 6 books of ahadith and quran not others books written by ahle hadith ualma deobandi brailve etc.

  77. I abhor trinity says:

    @Displayoff Web

    My dear friend where it is written in Quran and/or Hadees that one should follow the one who is buried in Jannatul Baqi.

    There are many Sahabas who are buried in Jannatul Baqi but you do not follow them.

    I can cite millions of examples where you guys have rejected Sahabas and instead accepted Imam Abu Haneefa. Now where is your usool dear. In fact I observed that you guys do not give a damn to any body else except your own Imam Abu Hanifa. Beware darling neither your Imam Abu Hanifa nor your Taqi Usmani will help you plea Allah in your favor. It is you who will help yourself on the day of judgement by sticking to teachings of Prophet Mohammed SAW. Study and research and research and research whole your life with pure ikhlaas and lillahiat May Allah open your heart and your mind will accept the truth (Quran and Hadees) and you will forget Taqi Usmani and Imam Abu Haneefa and Hidaya and Qaduri and Durre Mokhtar and Fatwa Qazi Khan and Fatawa Alamgiri these are the books written by hand and ascribing to Allah.


  78. Asfora says:

    Salaam Aleykum
    Here is a link to the new re-vamped Quranists Welcome Pack

  79. sanaulla sharief says:

    Is there any book authored by Imam Abu Haneefa(80-150 hijri) available ?

    Wether his students were in complete agreement with his’fiqh’?

    When was the first book of Hanafi fiqh written?

    What made Aurangzeb Alamgeer to establish a panel of 500 ‘ulmas’ to sort out the differences and come out with a standard version of”fiqh’?

  80. sanaulla sharief says:

    What are the aims and objectives of ‘Tablighi Jamat’, to establish Islam in our lives or revival of Soofism?

    In their books, there are more sayings of the soofies than true ahadees.

  81. sanaulla sharief says:

    Did you notice?

    The Tableeghis when they come for Haj and during their stay in ‘Mina’, they read ‘Fazael-Haj’

    May Allah forgive me for reading that book, a book with stories, where ‘hajar-aswad’ is taken as right hand of Allah, a man slapped from a hand from Kaaba for looking at a girl and many other ‘harry potter’ stories.

  82. Zaheer Khan says:

    Assalam o Alaikom everyone
    please clearify,
    What everyone is trying to prove ?
    Is hanfi are kafir or salfi.
    please let me know with reference of Ulema.

  83. Dear all…! May Allah Guide us to that path, which straightly belongs to him…Aameen.
    I’m neither any scholar nor any Aalim, but
    I have read the Sahih Hadith, that prophet SAW said, there will be 71 sects in Jews, 72 in christians & 73 in my Ummah.
    All the sects in my Ummah will go into hell except one, Compainons(Sahabas) RA said that Oh! Allah’s Apostle who will be that Particular sect, then prophet SAW replied those people r, Who follow me & my sahabas I REPEAT PROPHET SAW SAID WHO FOLLOW ME & MY SAHABAS those will be the particular Sect.
    So Dear brothers…! why dont u understand plz plz plz follow the teachings of Allah & of Allah’s Apostle.
    Prophet SAW didnt mentioned that FOLLOW the good persons who will be in my Ummah, Neither he mentioned (ibn taymiyyah, nor ibn qayyim , ibn baz, al Albani NOR he said Imam abu hanifa, imam shafi, imam maliki, imam hanbali)
    & all the 4(FOUR) imams said If any body ever find’s any thing in our FATWAS which contradicts wid Qur’an & Sunnah reject that one Immediately.
    So whatever we find in these persons which doesn’t contradicts wid Qur’an & Sunnah except that one & whatever u finds contradicting Reject that Immediately…
    Hope u Guys have Understood well, What has Told By Allah’s Apostle/messenger SAW
    Hope u dont have gone angry wid mine english, becoz its not So much Good which u can find in Earlier COMMENTS…
    And Allah knows best..

  84. I request “Farhan Imam” to through Some light on the Hadith, which i have quoted above…
    Allah will give u reward INSHALLAH on the day judgement…
    For urs hardwork,..
    And Allah Is “Qadir” whatever he will’s he will do that wid u…

  85. assalamualaikum bro tariq u are absolutly wrong and u devide
    ahadith for ur own wish we all know bukhari and muslim are ssahih ahadith books and if a muslim follow only these two ahadith booksi think these two are enough because simple muslims are wanting only siratal mustaqeem

  86. Nawaz Sharif says:

    dear frnds none of the teachings of our four imams is against quran and hadith.These four imams are the ta’aba’eens so their teachings is much similar to the teachings of sahabis and the teachings of sahabis is same as the teachings of rasoolallah sallallahu alaihi wasallam.And the ayat of quran which commenly ahlehadis tells “us ayat me gumrah logon ki taqlid ko haram qarar diya hai naki iman walon ki”. Our all akabireen ,waliallahs,also imam bukhari all are muqallids not even a single is a ghair muqallid”.

  87. Mian Mutti Ur Rehman says:

    Our all imams including top four (R.A) were Ghair Muqalad why not we? our all Sahabas (R.A) were Ghair muqalad why not we? if Sahabas (R.A) were Mujtahid than why not to follow them. Actually the baseless concepts never can be validated so pl. follow Quran & Hadth and get guidance from all islamic history Scholars. Wasalam.

  88. All the Sahabas were Muqallid of Prophet Muhamad.
    All the Tabaieen were Muqallid of Sahaba Razi Allahu Anhu
    All our Imams were Muqallid of Prophet Muhammad.
    We are Muqallid of Prophet Muhammad through the Imams & Sahaba

    There is no Insaan in this world that does not follow his father/ predecessor / his Shaikh / his teacher or his master ………..

    Only Donkeys do not follow their predecessors………

    If you follow A and I follow B you have no right to ask me to shun following B because you yourself are a follower of A

    Khalid Bin Umar

  89. Mohammed Ghouse. says:

    Farhan Imaam

    Look this message is to all the (AHLE AHDEES)group, try as much as possible, put all your efforts to create negativity about, our beloved Nabi sallalahualaihuwasallam, Sahaba, tabaieen, tabebaieen, waliallah, Imam and Ulama Ikraam. you wont be sucseed, you know why our Nabi him self declared that (ULAMA MEREY NASAL HAIN) AND IN ONE AHADITH paak mafhoom their is a declaration, ALLAH subhanawataallah him self declares ( AGAR MERE CHEHRA DEKHNA CHAHTHEY HO TOH EK AALIM KA CHEHERA DEKHLO, MERA CHEHERA DEKHNEY KE BARABAR HAI)and you people are against AAlim only.

    Our akabirieen spents their entire life in madarasa in learning of quran and ahadees by taking a concern to fill the same in each and every heart of moomin, not like you creating negativity in people taking to ahadees and quran masjid,

    First of all Ahaledees group is a open gumrahi and shaitani tabqa in this ummah, dosent know to respect teh teachings of ALLAH subhanawatallah and his NAbi. so many ahleahdees people met me all of them were against the sunnah.

    None of teh ahleahdees person the basic principle of islam, sunnats in namaaz,sunnats in wazu, eating sunnat, sleeping sunnat, cloth wearing sunnat, drinking water sunnat, huqooq of parnets, huqooq of neghbours, huqooq of wife, the mission of ahleahdees is taking out all this things from the life of ummath. if asks why dont follow they will reply telling sunnat is not mandatoy eiter we can follow or we cannot only farz is mandatory, listen you enemies of your own knowledge,

    if you dont pay importence on sunnah then how Allah would accept you farz aamaal, because Allah subhanawatal himself tells their is ahadeese khudsi ( Jo koi a dawah karta hai mai Allah se Mohabbat kartahoon aour ous ke dil me merey nabi mohabbat nahi ouski mohabbat jhooti hai, aur jo koi a dawah karey k mai allah se mohabbat karta hoon aur ouskey dil me merey nabi ki mohabbat hai ouski mohabbat sachchi hai) so you people tell we respect nabi and taking out the janza of his sunnat by puting confusions so and so ahadees is fake.

    So please don’t correct yourself before death comes upon you, ask forgivness from Allah subhanawatallh, and try to get all sunnat of nabi in your life please stop watching Zakir naik videos, and sepending time on website for all such thing as in reply nothing gonna get, this time spend on tilwat, ibadat and zikar of allh subhanawataalah and all aheleahadess people please givbe your time for jamaat e tableegh, Allah subhanawataalh will gibe you taufeeq to undersatnd the actual deen and also hidayth to follow that in your life. Aameen.

  90. Mian Mutti Ur Rehman says:

    As-Salamu Alaykum Khalid bin omer bhai, I never said we should not follow predecessor, I only said we should put on top the Quran and The Hadith than everything comes under it and Taqleed does not allow this and it says “to imitate”. If Sahabas were Muqallid of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) than they are more close to the Prophet (PBUH) and we should follow them and Ahadiths are mainly narrated by them (RA) and this is AhleHadith push on.
    Secondly, I wonder that you even do not know what is the difference between itteba and taqleed, all Sahabas (RA),Tabaieen (RA), All Imams (RA) were doing Itteba not taqleed (This is what Quran required) and kindly read following quotes from the predecessors how they differentiate the Itteba and Taqleed.
    a) Ibn Hammam Al Hanafi 861 h said:
    التقليد العمل بقول من ليس قوله احدى الحجج بلا حجه منها
    فليس الرجوع الى النبى صلى الله عليه وسلم والاجماع
    “Taqleed is acting without proof upon the action of someone whose saying is not among evidence(Quran and Sunnah), following Prophet peace be upon him and Consensus is not taqleed [Tahreer Ibn Hammam fe ilm al asool vol 3 page 453]
    b) Ibn Hajib al Nahwi (646 h) said
    فالتقليد العمل بقول غيرك من غير حجة وليس الرجوع الى قوله صلى الله عليه وسلم والى الاجماع والعامى الى المفتى والقاضى الى العدول بتقليد لقيام الحجة
    Taqleed is following other then (Prophet) without evidence, so Following Prophet peace be upon him and Ijma, laymen asking from Mufti, Qadhi making judgment based on testimony of witness is not Taqleed because there is evidence on that.
    منتهى الوصول والأمل في علمي الأصول والجدل page 218
    c) Ali bin Muhammad Al Amadi (631 h) said.
    فالرجوع الى قول النبى عليه السلام والى ما اجمع عليه اهل العصر من المجتهدين ورجوع العامي الى قول المفتي، وكذلك عمل القاضي بقول العدول لا يكون تقليدا، لعدم عروه من الحجة الملزمة
    Following Prophet peace be upon him, consensus of Jurists of the time’ laymen asking from Mufti, Qadhi making judgment based on testimony of witness is not Taqleed.[Al AHKAM FE ASOOL AL AHKAM online source of the book vol 4 page 221] source: ]
    d) Ibn Qudamah Al Hanblee said
    وهو فى عرف الفقهاء قبول قول الغير من غير حجة اخذا من هذاالمعنى فلا يسمى الاخذ بقول النبى صلى الله عليه وسلم والاجماع تقليدا
    And this (taqleed) according to jurists is accepting sayings of others (then Prophet) without evidence. From this meaning accepting saying of Prophet peace be upon him and consensus is not taqleed [Rodha tul Nazir vol 2 page 450]
    How this could be Taqleed could be preferable in the presence of Quran o Hadith. Due to Taqleed there are several examples where Muqaladi Alams say that we will follow our Imam even there is a hadith which is against the Imam (e.g. Abdul Hayee Lakhnawi Hanafi said in certain instances). You will never find an Ahlehadith who says that follow my Akabars, bazurg, predecessor he will always push on Quran and Sahih Hadith. Is it wrong doing, Rest God is watching he is the best Judge and he know what is in our hearts. My intentions are not to heart anyone but to put my opinion whole heartedly. Wasalam

  91. Mohammed Ghouse. says:

    abhor trinity

    Dont try to lie infact we always give priority to sahaba, beacuse in one ahadees mafoom Rasoolrullah sallalahualaihuwasallam narates that, jo merey shaba ko glai dega qayamt ke din ouse merey haat ka aabe kausar nasseb nahi hoga.

    First of all i understand that, I think so you are jelous by abu haneefa for the status and izzat Allah subhanawatallah given him in this world, when Allah decides to give him that status not only you entire world cannot stop Allah subhanawatlaah, and if you prefer that staus do teh same do what abu haneefa rahmatullaalai did, he sacrificed his time, wealth and life inserting quraan and ahadees in him and keeping nabi concren ummahs conecrn in his heart, our beloved nabi sallalahualaihuwasaallams pain was his pan, Nabi’s concern was his concern, he made his life objective to live life causing benefit for nabis ummah so Allah love him so much and he became close, thats how he became close to Allah,

    so in fact why you hide the truth in reality its ahleahadeees who rejects sahaba, dont pay respect for NAbi and sahaba and his followers,in their approach britishes and zakir naik and shias are every thing, this mazhab is established by british people to cut of nabi and sahaba practice and their respect in the hearts and their actions in this ummah,

    so request you to undersatns this fact ASAP before maut comes on you, orelse you will be in complete khasara under Allah subhanawatallas anger in the day of judgement, look my brother even you are the ummah of my nabi, i dont like allah anger on any of my brother and sister, stop supporting gumarah mazhab and start respeting ULama, IMaam and THe path of Allh to learn all this is ( JAMAAT).


  92. Mohammed Ghouse. says:

    Mian Mutti Ur Rehman

    Mashaallah, now let me ask you? a person who is deendaar but dosent know any thing about deen due to not having that atmospeher around him, dont know alif and baa, if you push that person to quran and shahih ahadees what will he understand.

    That is why Allh subhanawataalah told Ahadeesey khudsi (Aye imman wallon imaan ki sikho)that is why sahaba use to do muzakira of teh imaan so that imaan get freshened in them. Allah didnt told taht for kaafir, now here our home dosent have deeni atmosphere and neither can open qurann and undersatnd every thing which is required to know. so the beter way is seeking Ulama, Aalim e deeni,

    (and here not a person who studied in colleges and universities later open quran read some verses of quran in english translation and understood what he knows and pretends as if he gained knowldege of entire quraan) taht person cannot guide right path to a person dosent know any thing,

    the best way again i tell is ULaam and Allem e deen to undersatnd masle masail and learn about deen, pushing directly a person to find it in quran and ahadees he will undersatnd nothing.

  93. Mian Mutti Ur Rehman says:

    Muhammad Gouse bhai, i never abused on Sahaba (RA) Nauzubillah in my writings above and can never even think of to do that and never Nauzubillah tried to led down Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa (RA), thinking about Nabi (PBUH) in that manner is even not an option.

    As far as importance of knowledge is concerned i never denied of that. I wonder that how can you not consider studying Quran o Hadees as knowledge, perhaps going into deep, studying different aspects of that, studying different point of views of different scholars & Imams of the times.

    My only point of concern as muslim is the Hierarchy of knowledge of Islam, we always put and should put Quran and Hadees on top and than comes other streams of knowledge (e.g. Qiyas, Ijjmah, figh etc) in the light of Quran and Hadeeth.

    As far as a simple person who want to follow Islam is concerned who does not even know alphabets of knowledge, this type person should consult Ulama where he finds difficulty but parameter must be Quran o Hadees. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala always says in Quran that i have made this relegion easy to understand and easy to practice, i dont know why we try make it somehing actuarial sciences and BTW every human has equal right on knowdege of Islam.

    Putting a person on the right (Hidayat) or wrong (Gumrahi) path is in the hands of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and I believe Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala will never put a person on wrong way who tries to learn his relegion & striving for it whole heardetly. rest Wallah-o-Alam, Wasalam.

  94. Mohammed Ghouse. says:

    Mian Mutti Ur Rehman

    There was a day i didnt know name of my nabi, i didnt knw the exact meaning of kalima, and you can say i was completely zero in teh knowledge of deen, few peopl were around me now and then they use to spent all their time to make me undersatnd the sacrifice of Nabi of Allah (salallahualaihuwasallam)and life of shaba and their sacrifice, as days goes because their presure became more and more on me, I accepted to go in the path of Allah for 3 days even my family were not interseted sending me,
    still i didnt wanted to dissappoint them so left for 3 days, thats , then … their …. I got to undersatnd …… The life of my NABI (salallahualaihuwasallam), the life of sahaba, the impotence of sallah, the objective of moomin comming in this duniya …… and my quranic suras were not proper in that jamaat few sessions was to proper and learn qurans ayat and undersatning teh value the importence and teh requirement of quraan in humans life… in that jamaat in 3 days i learnt 10 suras to read in sallah and ….. ulmaa corrected my tajweed in that … but in 3 dyas i couldnt correct but feeling left in my heart i should this and learing is necessary for my soul and hereafter …… and then in eveing we went out for gust to go outside and meet muslim brothers just to build our yakeen strong in form of giving dawat fo kalima to others, i noticed in that village people being a muslim they didnt know name of my nabi…. they dont read salaah and dont know any thing about deen…….

    tehn i relaised if this is the case after next generation what would happen about their kids ( I know hidayath is in teh hands of Allah) but still now no nabi gonna come on this earth, to call towrds Allah subhanwatallah, so being a ummah of our NABI its our duty right atleadt to show theem right path, tehn later Allah give taufiq to them its up to him,

    Ummath today forgetting deen and sacrifice of huzure paak salalahuialaihuwasallam, as utilising teh nyamath of Allah subhanawatallah and being a NAbi of Mohammed sallalhualaihuwasallam, isnt it our rights to call ummah towards ALLAH, masjid and making them undersatnd the importence of DEEN, IMAAN , YAKKEN that is (LAA ILAHA ILALALAH MOHAMMADUR RASSOORULLAH) SALALAHUALAIHUWASALLAM, as much as possible from our end so that they should nt break any commandment of ALLAH subhanawataalah and in teh day of judgement shouldnt get punishment
    tehn after meeting them night in tahjud all of them wake up and cry in making duwa asking for hidayath teh of entire ummath, to follow all teh commandments of Allah till fajar nammaaz.

    tell me this any wrong doing thing, is this not a firk of NABI of ALLAH, THEN how one could separte this actions is not belongs to QURAAN AND AHADEES, where as this efforts are jamaia sunnat of all teh nabis

    all this fikr concern was their in my nabi at last time also he had same concern, so dawat e tableeg in fact working on this mehnat, their is no fake in this. In fact Allah Subhanawataalah himself declares ( TUM BEHTARIEN UMMATH HO, TUMEY NAFA RASANI KE LIYE PAIDA KIYA GAYA HAI, TUM KHUD NAKE KAAM KARTEY HO, AUR DOOSROON KO NAKE KAAM KI TARAF BULATEY HO, TUM KHUD BURAIYON SE BACHTEY HO AND LOGON KO BURAIYON SE BACHATEY HO) so allah subhanawatallah took this mehnat from SAHABA, TABAIEn, TABETABAIEN, WALIALLAH AND BUZURGANEY DEEN….

    our elders taking us exactly on right directions for the beneficail of this ummah in teh light of quraan and ahadeess then, teh why i see all this negative comments relating to dawat o tableeg in fact this work is haq, thsi work is happy accepted by ALLAH subhanawatal, that is why this tableeg work going on in entire world their no country left in this universe.

  95. Mian Mutti Ur Rehman says:

    Muhammad Gouse bhai, I respect your efforts and feelings about the Dawah work and no one denies the importance of it. We should bleed for the Dawad to spread the teachings of Islam in the world and this is the responsibility of every Muslim.

    I never said that there is no importance of Dawah and who can compare the worship of Prophet (PBUH) adn Sahaba (RA) with current worship of Muslims it is simply impossible.

    I just said that the parameter should be Quran o Hadith even for Dawah one cannot succeed if he put whole of ihis life for giving dawah and at the end it was either mixture of Shirk or bidah. One can never go to Jannat if he did Shirk.

    Just as an example one part of Tauheed is that we should not create parallel of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala in his existence (Zaat) and if one says that existence of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is everywhere and he is part of everything (Aqeedah Wahdat ul wajood) whereas Allah says in Quran in Surah Taha, “Allah is above His Ársh”.

    We can give Dawah and call the humanity only towards Quran o Hadith, just read the following beautiful hadith which forbids us going forward than our Prophet (PBUH)

    Anas said, “Three people came to the houses of the wives of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, to ask about how the Prophet worshipped. When they were told, it was as if they thought it was little and said, ‘Where are we in relation to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, who has been forgiven his past and future wrong actions?'” He said, “One of them said, ‘I will pray all of every night.’ Another said, ‘I will fast all the time and not break the fast.’ The other said, “I will withdraw from women and never marry.’ The Messenger of Allah came to them and said, ‘Are you the ones who said such-and-such? By Allah, I am the one among you with the most fear and awareness of Allah, but I fast and break the fast, I pray and I sleep, and I marry women. Whoever disdains my sunna is not with me.'” [Agreed upon]

    Again point is very simple either its Tableghi Jamat or Shia jamat or others one cannot succeed if he tries go above than Quran o Hadith. And even whole world comes into one Jamat which doing shirk/Bidah God does not care he will create people who will protect his true religion InshaAllah. Wasalam

  96. Zaheer Khan says:

    Mutti Ur Rehman,

    ALLAH has already created Tableghi Jamat to
    protect his true religion. They are working all over the world.

    Don’t worry !!! All ghair muqallid, Shia, marziann, barelvi rezakhani has same wrong opinion. Its not your fault.

  97. Mohammed Ghouse. says:

    Mian Mutti Ur Rehman bhai, thoda jhago. shayad aank khul jaye,

    jammat work is following the exact foot steps of mohammed slalahualaihuwassallam and sahaba raziallatanhu, in form on sacrifing their life (going in patth of ALLAH, for 3 days, fourty days and 4 months) then sacrifing their wealth and time.

    If it is not possible for you, it doesn’t mean it is not possible for any one. In fact Allah subhanawatala should accept you also only then you can do the work of dawat, or else you try hard you wont get hidayat to do this work.

    And when it comes to effort of the deen and sacrifice, it becomes impossible for you, though it’s clearly advised in glory quran also about the sacrifice and our contribution for the deen.

    Look out your above point it clearly shows, how much correct you are, I have pasted below.

    Anas said,

    (It is Anas raziallataanhu Said) not Anas said, in fact learn to give respect for beloved Nabi sallahualihuasallams sahaba

    And here is another point, I have copied down which is written by you, it shows clearly the way you people respect my Nabi.

    “Where are we in relation to the Messenger of Allah, May Allah bless him and grant him peace, who has been forgiven his past and future wrong actions?’”

    Let me clear the point here, Prophet Mohammed sallahualaihuwasslam never ever did any wrong actions in his entire life. So you don’t have any rights to say (he is been forgiven his past and feature wrong actions)……

    Now I come back to your point only

    As above you have written, three people came to prophet Mohammed salalahualaihuwassalam and told, I will not sleep entire night I will spend the night in praying, and other sahaba told I keep fasting and I wont break, and third person told I will withdraw from women night get married.
    So prophet Mohammed salalahualaihuwassalam came to them and said, ‘Are you the ones who said such-and-such? By Allah, I am the one among you with the most fear and awareness of Allah, but I fast and break the fast, I pray and I sleep, and I marry women. Whoever disdains my sunna is not with me.’”

    Look at least now open your eyes and brain and try to understand, all the actions of my nabi we have to follow it is mandatory, no reasons we cannot say the work which nabi and sahaba did is impossible for us okay, it is not immplies only on, Praying , Fasting and Marrying, it also implies on sacrifice also,

    Nabi salalahualaihuwassalam concern should be our concern, his pain should be our pain and his objective should be our objective.

    Yes let me tell you one thing, to follow quran and ahadees, we need to give sacrifice of time and try to practice to bring the quraan and ahadees in our personal life. All this chance you will get to do in the path of Allah in the companion of Ulama ikraam and buzurgane deen.

    Lets you do tauba and make niyat to go in the path of Allah and trying to think negative about others and become sinner in approach of Allah, May Allah do maghfirat of me, you and entire ummath and show you right path , and send as to jannath…… Ameen…..

  98. Mohammed Ghouse. says:

    Sorry, Mian Mutti Ur Rehman bhai, I have some correction in my last paragraph,

    Lets you do tauba and make strong niyat to go in the path of Allah, instead of trying to think negative about others and become sinner in approach of Allah, because being at home you cannot understand quraan and ahadees because shaitaan will be with us, he will never let us to do tauba, he creates takabbur in us stating you are in a right path.

    So please my brother I want even you also to come in jannath, and save from jahannam,

    The jamaat work objective is The same work did by sahaba razaialltalaanhu, to put efforts to take entire ummath for jannat, for that we need to correct our self and follow the shariath of mohammed salalahualaihuwassallam, and bring quran and ahadees in our life as well as entire ummaths life.

    May Allah accept you, your skills and talent for the work of dawat and May Allah do maghfirat for you, me and entire ummath and show you right path , and send all of us to jannath……jazakallah Ameen…..

  99. qualandar says:

    Reblogged this on Islamic Articles.

  100. qualandar says:

    Incidently I am reading now a moth eaten book of Zakriya R.A.: tazkiya, ihsaan, husn, sulook. May Allah’s mercy encompass him.

  101. Abu Muawiyah says:

    All those who are fighting need to understand that we are all Muslims. We love Allah, His Last Messenger (PBUH), the Sahaba (R.A), the Tabieen and at taba Tabieen. We should strive to stay away from Shirk and Bidah, and respect all the ulema. We should also pray to Allah to absolve them of their mistakes, whether they be Salafi or from Deoband. After all we’re all branches of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah, inshallah the victorious party!

  102. Billal Maqbool says:

    Asalamualikum to all brothers in Islam..
    Qur’an says
    And hold together the rope of Allah firmly and not to b divided into sects…..
    The fairwell pilgrimage of prophet Mohammad S.A.W in which prophet S.A.W said U will not go astray or not mislead untill U follow the 2 sources The Qur’an & The Sunnah..
    All the four immams were great scholars we must respect them and it is necessary the error occurs where there is human effort we have not authority of making futwa of KUFR against one another. These so called futwas can not clear the confusions we must be cool in this regard..We must approach AMAR BIL MAROOF WA NAHI ANIL MANKAR and not to involve our self in futile exercise which benefits more the enemies rather than ummah..we have forget our mission and R abusing ones other which is totally un Islamic.
    Allah says in Quran ..
    deen ko kayam karo aur tafaruk Mai ne Pado…
    we need to concern upon the issues which the whole ummah comprises.We need to stress upon the KHiLAFAH which is matter of time and have the duty to free the Muslim lands which have been occupied by the enemies of Islam.. Our sisters in Palistine & Kashmir R waiting for the brothrs all around the globe..

    Plz forget this all and b the one and only one ummah to represent the Islam..

  103. KAM says:

    When Allah has promised to take care of “ZIKAR” and I must say ‘ZIKAR’ does not just means HOLY BOOK of QURAN but as well the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (sallahu wa alihi wasalaam) and always there are groups of Ummah and no matter how harden the time may have become, they will practice and safeguard ISLAM to its original form and I truly believe all our respected Scholars in the past, present and future are chain in keeping the ISLAM alive and all Thank to ALLAH the Exalted.

    We are to adhere true way of ISLAM and not an individual just as these pious Imams had advise us. Authenticating the Hadith is a knowledge which these ALLAH fearing scholars (may Allah have mercy on them) have mastered and taught but evil does exist among their classes as well as satan works his best in dividing Ummah. As a solution, I say we are to read QURAN, read to understand and be cautions. We shall know when contradiction happens between our only two sources (E.g KITAB-UL-ALLAH & SUNNAT RASOOL sallahu wa alihi wasalaam). ALLAH is to protect HIS desired Religion ISLAM and HE knows best how to do it.

    So my brothens in ISLAM! Please do not say who came first or last and be classified but keep working for the sake and pleasure of ALLAH. Make Dawwah from the BOOK of ALLAH and authenticated teachings of Prophet Muhammad (sallahu wa alihiw wasalam) and ALLAH heeds who walks His path. Imam Ahmad (may ALLAH have mercy on him) said “Do not seek who is saying but see the source of his”.

    May ALLAH have mercy on us all.

  104. KAM says:

    No doubt Tablighi Jammat is Sincere and they are working hard in spreading the word of ALLAH. I would like to advice you for the cause and love of ALLAH that to re-create your syllabus with more high valued materials and include QURAN in your teaching secessions. If my Arab Muslim brothers can read RIYAD-US-SALAHEEN and not the standard Fazail-Books, so can you.

    Secondly, the given ideology of Dawwah to prophets (may ALLAH send peace on them) were not to preach only Fazails but also punishments if not followed, we are to adhere to the teaching of ISLAM because ALLAH the Exalted created this principal and no way is better than ALLAH’s way.

    ALLAH said “And We send not the Messengers except as giver of glad tidings and warners.” (Quran 18:56)

    And finally remember we are to make dawwah (obligatory) and advice is with ALLAH subhana’wa tala only (Inshaa’Allah).

  105. sanaulla sharief says:

    Deobandees follow Imam Abu Haneefa only in matters of ‘fiqh’, but in matters of ‘aqeeda’ they are followers of Mansoor matrudi and Abul Hasan Asha’ari, who lived around 300 hijri.

    Do the Deobandees have to blindly submit to these ‘aqaeid’ without knowing what are they?

  106. sanaulla sharief says:

    How do you identify yourself?

    Elders of the Deobandi school of thought, have testified to the fact that their Manhaj (way) is that of the Sufis and take pride in it. Mufti Abdur-Rahim Lajpuri quoted in his book of Fatawa, the words of Qaree Mohammed Tayyib (the rector of the Darul-Uloom, Deoband) as, “Religiously, the Ulema of Deoband are Muslims, as a sect they belong to the Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaah, by Madhhab they are Hanafee, in conduct they are Sufis, scholastically they are Maturidi and in Sulook they are Chisti[1]- rather they combine all Sufi orders… And in nisbat they are Deobandi.”[2] “In essentials and beliefs, they (the Deobandis) follow Imam Abul Hasan Ash’aree and Imam Abu Mansoor Maturidi; and in sub-principles Imam Abu Haneefah. They are initiates of the Chistiyyah, Naqshbandiya, Qadriyah and Soharwardiyah Sufi orders.”

    Does a Muslim needs all these identities?

  107. Syed Abdur Rahim says:


    There will always be people seeing in different angles. Ulemae Deoband and Tablighi Tammat, Maulana Zakaria Rahmatu Allah alaihe have served Islam unparallel in history of the unviverse.

    Today their works are like seas with without shore and their efforts are going on every moment round the clock.

    If Allah Jalashanuh has accepted them to can harm?

  108. sanaulla sharief says:

    As acknowledged by Mufti Abdur Rahim Lajpuri of Deoband,the school is based on sufie principles and Tableeghi Jamat is in fact a Sufie Revivalist movement, but under the veil of Islam.

    In keeping with the Sufie traditions, the Tableegheis, do not condemn or criticize the heretic ‘aqeedas’ or innovative practices, that is why it is so popular.

    It goes to far away places to enroll Muslims in to their cult, but avoids condemning the shirk and biddah practices, right across the road in Nizamuddin

  109. sanaulla sharief says:

    If the main goal is to spread the message of Islam and please Allah, then why not follow a corrected version ‘fazael amal’ titled sahih fazael e amal, compiled by WasiAllah bin Mohammad Abbas of Ummul Qara University

  110. zaheer khan says:

    Can any one explain how Sufism is harm !!

  111. sanaulla sharief says:

    Sufism is not just an emphasis on the purification of the soul but a
    complete ideology in itself and it is marred by un-Islamic
    concepts and philosophies like:-
    1. The belief of Wahdat al-Wajood, which implies that the Creator
    (Allah) and the creation are one, and the creation is just the
    manifestation of the Creator.
    2. The belief that the Prophets and the Sufi saints are alive in their
    graves, just as they were alive in this world. They are fully aware
    of the outside world; they can communicate with the living and
    help those who call upon them.
    3. The spirits (Ruh) of the righteous comes back from the Barzakh.
    4. Gross exaggeration in praising the Messenger of Allah  whilst
    neglecting his  teachings in understanding the religion.
    5. Total and complete obedience to a Sufi Shaikh.
    6. Penance and living the lives of hermits are ways to get closer to
    7. Some Majzoobs, who have reached the goal of Sufism, run the
    affairs of the creation.

    Some of the main beliefs of the Deobandees:
    1.Unity of existence
    2.Contemplation of the Sufi Sheikh
    3.Seeking Istigaathah from the souls of the living Saints
    4.Seeking Istigaathah from the righteous ones after death
    5.Benefiting from the dead people (in their) graves
    6.Contemplating and communicating with the dead people at their graves.
    7.The Messenger of Allah (salalla alahi wasalam) being created from the noor (light) of Allah
    8. Making Tawassul of the dead,which includes Prophets and righteous people
    9.The permissibility of travelling to graves with intention of attaining reward
    10.The Messenger of Allah (salalla alahi wasalam) being alive in his grave as he was alive in the dunya
    There are hundred of Sufie silsilas,each one marketing his silsila in the most affordable way to get most adherents. One of the most famous with branches worldwide is the Naqshbandiya silisla headed by Shaikh Nazim , who claims to be Sultan ul Awliya.
     Sheikh Nazim will answer for his followers in the grave
     Sheikh Nazim will answer for his followers on the day of judgement
     Sheikh Nazim – Sultan-ul-Auliya (King of Saints)
     The status of Sultan-ul-Auliya (King of Saints) according to them
     Sheikh Nazim is in control of mankind
     Asking help from other than Allah
     Sheikh Nazim will even protect his followers from an atom bomb
     Sheikh Nazim’s Special Powers
     Sheikh Nazim’s Special Power of bringing people into the fold of Islam and delivering them to highest status of a believer
     Sheikh Nazim’s followers are guaranteed sainthood; with preference for westerners
     Sheikh Nazim will Not allow any of his followers to enter hell
     Sheikh Nazim takes the souls of his followers
     Sheikh Nazim wipes away the sins of his followers through his lectures
     124,000 Adams have passed before Hazrat Adam (A.S.)

  112. sanaulla sharief says:

    What is your ‘aqeeda’?

    The immediate answer will be , we are ahle-sunnat wal jamat and Hanafees.

    It may not be known to many that the Hanafees do not follow the Imam Abu Haneefa in matters of ‘aqeeda’, but they follow the ‘aqeeda’ preached by Matrudi(died 333 hijri).

    Why they do not follow the ‘aqeeda’ of abu Haneefa?

    They also claim that they follow Imam Abul Ashari. How many of us know, who was he and what were his teachings, and how our the years his views differed from that of Mansur Matrudi

  113. zaheer khan says:

    assalamu alaikum

    Please explain deobandi aqeeda.

  114. sanaulla sharief says: Durood, p.109, Incident no (Hikayat) – 46:
    “Haafidh Abu Na’eem reports from Sufyaan ath-Thawree that: One day I (Sufyaan) was going out when I saw a young man who recited the durood on every step. I asked him, “Does this deed of yours have any basis (or is it just your own action)?” He asked, “Who are you?” I replied, “I am Sufyaan.” He then asked, “The Sufyaan of Iraq?” I replied, “Yes.” He then asked, “What type of knowledge of Allaah do you have?” I replied, “He takes the night out of the day and day out of the night and creates the face of the infant in the womb.” He replied, “Then you don’t know anything.” I then asked, “How do you know Allaah?, what is this durood of yours?” He replied, “I went along with my mother for Hajj and my mother died there, her face became black and her stomach swelled to which I realised that she had committed some very serious sin. I raised my hands to make du’aa to Allaah when I saw that from the direction of Hijaz a cloud appeared from which emerged a man. He placed his hand on my mother’s face and it became enlightened and rubbed his hand over her stomach and the swelling disappeared. I asked him who he was who relieved my mother and I from our difficulties. He replied, “I am your Prophet Muhammad. I then requested him to advise me. He instructed me to send durood (salutations) on him on every step.”
    What kind of a horrendous lie and insult is this to our beloved Prophet! Zakaria Kandalvi wants us to believe that the Messenger of Allaah is alive and goes around helping people. And what shameless lie he fabricated! The Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam), whose wife ‘Aa.ishah described as being more shy than a veiled virgin, massages the face and stomach of women?! Astaghfirullah.
    I ask the scholars of Deobandh and the entire Tableeghi Jamaat: Has the rescue missions of the Prophet stopped or do they continue to this day. Why does he not come to the rescue of the Muslims of Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya? I ask the Tableeghis that where was the Prophet when ‘Umar was martyred, when ‘Uthmaan was martyred and when ‘Alee was martyred?
    Alas! My Muslim brother, do you see the lies and insults that are being thrown at the Messenger of Allaah in the name of love, in the name of service to Islaam. To such liars we only say that the one who intentionally forges a lie against the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) let him take his seat in the fire. And an evil abode indeed! But this is not the end of lies. Zakaria Kandalvi goes on to say that:
    1) The Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) kisses an insane Soofi ( Durood, Incident no – 42, p.102)
    2) Muhammad (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) descends from the sky on a cloud with a piece of bread in his hand in order to feed his “pious followers.” ( Durood, Incident no – 48, p.110)
    3) The Messenger of Allaah, the seal of the Prophets (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) plucks hair from his beard and gives it to a dying man in order to cure him. ( Durood, p.110, incident no – 48)
    May Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala) save us from fabricating such lies, insults and nonsense against the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) and make us amongst the drinkers from the Haud (pool of) al-Kawthar.
    ‘Alee (radhi-yallaahu ‘anhu) narrates that the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) said:
    ((Do not lie upon me, for whoever lies upon me, let him enter the Fire)), [Bukhaaree V.1/106].

  115. sanaulla sharief says:

    Why make such lofty claims? just to sell your stuff and propagate your ideology.

    IMAM GHAZZALI claims a long meeting with the Prophet in a dream wherein his work ‘Ihya’ is approved and his opponent severely punished. page 21 vol 1, Urdu Edition
    MIRZA AHMED claims to have met the Prophet, and his work was directly approved by Allah
    ASHRAF ALI THANVI presented his ‘beheshti zewar’ to the Prophet, who reviewed, approved and suggested he propagate it. (page 348 of Tazkratul Habeeb, Urdu edition) I have this book, If someone wants , I can mail it.

  116. zaheer khan says:

    If any one of the above cant (claim) or proof that they approved there work from prophet (SW), how can you prove that this is lie.

    IMAM GHAZZALI is big scholar.
    MIRZA AHMED kadyani claim to be nabi.
    ASHRAF ALI THANVI is one of the big scholar of Deoband.

    Please clarify their lie..

  117. sanaulla sharief says:

    Ashraf Ali’s book, ‘Arwah e Salasa’ in Urdu.
    Page 234, Qasim Nanatovi who had died many years ago, comes back alive to settle a dispute.
    Page 382 the Prophet and his companions came to Deoband.

    Between Hazrat Ayesha and hazrat Ali, Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Mawiya, Hazrat Hussain and Hazrat Yazeed?

    When our Prophet died , there were more than hundred thousand companions .. Among them, only one claimed of having the vision of the Prophet in the dream, but Mohajjir makki claims to have vision of the Prophet more than hundred times.

  118. sanaulla sharief says:


    In the book, Abu Haneefa by Mohammad Dirmashqi, translated by Abdul Wahab Bastawi,approved by Deoband, there is a long list of dreams. The first dream starts that Abu Haneefa had VISION OF ALLAH in dream more than 99 times.

    The book I had was published by Allah baksh Burkhurdari Trust, po box 5882, Karachi

  119. sanaulla sharief says:


    They were the people who wrote on ‘imkan e nabi’, ‘nabi with sharrea and without shareea and the sufi concept of ‘hulool, zill and burooz’
    Mirza Ahmad of Qadian never claimed absolute ‘nabouwat’, but ‘buroozi’ type.

    But, what about those people, who claimed to be Allah, like Mansoor hallaj, Abu Baakr Shubli and sufi Sarmad.?

  120. Salahuddin Afridi says:

    i need the book plz e mail me on

  121. sanaulla sharief says:

    Brother Afridi

    I sent you two books.

    Allah wanted us to be Muslims, not Sufies, Qadianies or Sheas.
    Why should we not identify ourselves as Muslims, and work for the propagation of Islam.
    Why should we identify ourselves with the school of Deobad, which clearly stands for the propagation of Sufism, with Matrudi Aqeeda?
    One may argue as to what is wrong with Sufism? For argument sake, take the book ;Arwahe Salasa’. On page 234, there is a story, where is the dead Qasim Nanatovi comes back to life to settle a dispute and on 275 there is another story, wherein the Prophet and his companions visited Deoband.
    Or take ‘kulyat Imdadiya’, from 5-30, it is full of ‘zarbbs’
    Can anyone tell me, where does these stories and practices fit in to Islam.

  122. zaheer khan says:

    I am not asking stories from Ashraf Ali’s books !!

    We need proof from quran and hadith, that they are liars.
    We need some standard protocol, rule (usual) to claim that this is not possible in life.

  123. sanaulla sharief says:

    . Zakaria Kandalvi goes on to say that:
    1) The Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) kisses an insane Soofi ( Durood, Incident no – 42, p.102)
    2) Muhammad (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) descends from the sky on a cloud with a piece of bread in his hand in order to feed his “pious followers.” ( Durood, Incident no – 48, p.110)
    3) The Messenger of Allaah, the seal of the Prophets (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) plucks hair from his beard and gives it to a dying man in order to cure him. ( Durood, p.110, incident no – 48)
    May Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala) save us from fabricating such lies, insults and nonsense against the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) and make us amongst the drinkers from the Haud (pool of) al-Kawthar.
    ‘Alee (radhi-yallaahu ‘anhu) narrates that the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) said:
    ((Do not lie upon me, for whoever lies upon me, let him enter the Fire)), [Bukhaaree V.1/106].
    Zubayr Abu Abdullaah narrates that the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) said:
    ((Whoever intentionally lies upon me, let him find his seat in the Hellfire)), [Bukhaaree V.1/107].
    Salamah narrates that the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) said:
    ((Whoever says upon me that which I did not say, let him find his seat in the Hellfire)), [Bukhaaree V.1/109].

    It should now be clear to every Muslim that the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) no longer lives in the life of this world. That takes us to the second point that needs to be addressed: Does the Prophet of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) possess independent knowledge of the unseen?
    The Word of Allaah states (meaning of which):
    {And with Him (Allaah) are the keys of the Ghayb (all that is hidden), none knows them but He}, [Soorah al-An’am, Aayah 59]
    {Say: None in the heavens and the earth knows the Ghayb (Unseen) except Allaah, nor can they perceive when they shall be resurrected}, [Soorah an-Naml, Aayah 65]
    {Say (O Muhammad): I have no power over benefit or hurt myself except Allaah wills. If I had the knowledge of the Ghayb (Unseen), I should have secured myself an abundance of wealth and no evil should have touched me. I am but a warner, and a bringer of glad tidings unto people who believe}, [Soorah al-A’raaf, Aayah 188]
    {Say (O Muhammad): “I don’t tell you that with me are the treasures of Allaah, nor (that) I know the unseen; nor I tell you that I am an angel. I but follow what is revealed to me by inspiration.” Say: “Are the blind and the one who sees equal? will you not then take thought?}, [Soorah al-An’aam Aayah 50]

    {This is a part of the news of the Ghayb (unseen, i.e. the news of the past nations of which you have no knowledge) which We inspire you with (O Muhammad). You were not with them, when they cast lots with their pens as to which of them should be charged with the care of Maryam (Mary); nor were you with them when they disputed}, [Soorah Aal ‘Imraan Aayah 44]
    {And I (Muhammad) do not say to you that with me are the Treasures of Allaah, “Nor that I know the Ghayb (unseen); “nor do I say I am an angel, and I do not say of those whom your eyes look down upon that Allaah will not bestow any good on them. Allaah knows what is in their inner-selves (as regards belief, etc.). In that case, I should, indeed be one of the Zaalimoon (wrong-doers, oppressors, etc.)}, [Soorah Hood, Aayah 31]
    {This is of the news of the unseen which We reveal unto you (O Muhammad), neither you nor your people knew them before this. So be patient. Surely, the (good) end is for the Muttaqoon}, [Soorah Hood, Aayah 49]
    {This is of the news of the Ghayb (unseen) which We reveal by Inspiration to you (O Muhammad). You were not (present) with them when they arranged their plan together, and (also, while) they were plotting}, [Soorah Yoosuf, Aayah 102]
    {And they say: “How is it that not a sign is sent down on him from his Lord?” Say: “The unseen belongs to Allaah Alone, so wait you, verily I am with you among those who wait (for Allaah’s Judgement)}, [Soorah Yoonus, Aayah 20]
    {Say: “None in the heavens and the earth knows the Ghayb (unseen) except Allaah, nor can they perceive when they shall be resurrected}, [Soorah an-Naml, Aayah 65]
    Anyone holding any belief contrary to the above points then he is on total misguidance and to hold on to such beliefs actually constitutes Kufr and Shirk as it negates one of the foundations of Tawheed!
    Yes, the Messenger (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) was given knowledge of the Unseen, in certain incidents, but it did not originate with him, it came from Allaah, who gave him this knowledge in certain situations and incidents as a miracle and as a sign of his truthfulness as a Messenger from Allaah.

    {(He Alone) the All-Knower of the Ghayb (unseen), and He reveals to none His Ghayb (unseen).” Except to a Messenger (from mankind) whom He has chosen (He informs him of unseen as much as He likes), and then He makes a band of watching guards (angels) to march before him and behind him}, [Soorah Jinn, Aayah 26-27]
    But whoever claims that the Prophets and Messengers have independent knowledge of the Unseen, then he is upon Kufr, and refuge is sought in Allaah. But the Innovators, like the figureheads of Jamaa’at-ut-Tableegh who allow this falsehood to be taught and to remain, do not understand, or merely pretend not to understand the likes of these affairs, which are as clear as daylight in the Noble Book of Allaah.
    Yet the author of A’maal Zakaria Kandalvi fabricates the biggest lie, insult against the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) that even the Kuffaar might not have done

  124. zaheer khan says:

    Brother sanaulla sharief,

    Again, I am not asking what Zakaria Kandalvi goes on to say…..

    The reference which you have given from quran and hadith doesn’t proof that Zakaria Kandalvi is lying.

    We need proof from quran and hadith that the above mentioned stories are false and not allowed in islam.

  125. iabhortriniy says:

    Dear Sharief,
    Brother Zaheer wants to know that how these fabricated stories are against Quran and Hadees. First you teach him how much is 1+1 then teach him how the answer 3 is wrong.
    You will have to start from the basics.

  126. zaheer khan says:

    yes iabhortriniy,

    I want the 1+1 basic answer from sanaulla sharief and the formula for same.

    If you know the basic, then please explain.

  127. zaheer khan says:

    Bukhaaree V.1/106, Bukhaaree V.1/107, Bukhaaree V.1/109 All this hadit is about lying upon Messenger of Allaah and

    Doesn’t prove that Zakaria Kandalvi is lying.

    Soorah al-An’am, Aayah 59, Soorah an-Naml, Aayah 65, Soorah al-A’raaf, Aayah 188, Soorah Hood, Aayah 31, Soorah Hood, Aayah 49, Soorah Yoosuf, Aayah 102, Soorah Yoonus, Aayah 20, Soorah an-Naml, Aayah 65,

    He never claims that the Prophets and Messengers have independent knowledge of the Unseen.
    So the question remains the same.

  128. sanaulla sharief says:

    Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi (rahmatullahi alaih)
    Compiled by: Mufti Farooq Meeruti Sahib (daamat barakaatuhum)
    Published by: Madrasah Taleemuddeen4 Third Avenue, Isipingo Beach ,Durban,4115South Africa

    An Incident of Hadhrat Madani in relation to Hayaat-un-Nabi
    Once while conducting a hadeeth lesson in Musjid-un-Nabawi, the
    issue of hayaat-un-nabi came up and Hadhrat Moulana Husain
    Madani w w presented proof for it. The students present there
    continued raising objections and Moulana continued to answer each
    of them. Suddenly Moulana looked to the right. The place that was
    the Rawda-e-Aqdas was no longer visible and instead Nabi himself
    appeared in his physical form. Moulana then said: “If you do not
    believe it through proof, then believe it through seeing.” When they
    looked back after turning around, the Rawda-e-Aqdas again appeared
    as normal. (so, this mufti believes in the resurrection of our Prophet, just like the Resurrection of Jesus among the Christians)

    The lineage of a child whose parents are worlds apart Imaam Muhammad w w was asked: “The nikaah of a man who lives in the east and a woman who lives in the west is contracted through a letter. The distance between the two places is such that it cannot be traversed in under six months. If the wife gives birth six months after the nikaah (the shortest period of pregnancy) will the child be legitimate?”
    He replied that the child would be legitimate. When asked as to how this could be possible, he replied, “Yes! We do believe in the miracles of the auliyaa (pious.)”(so, this mufti wants us to believe that the ‘awliya’ can get a lady pregnant, without her husband touching her just like the Virgin Mary)

  129. sanaulla sharief says:

    The author of A’maal, Muhammad Zakaria Kandalvi believed and wanted to propagate that the Messenger of Allaah is:
    a) alive in his grave and listens to us;
    b) has the knowledge of the unseen.
    To a Muslim of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah and on the ‘aqeedah of our pious predecessors believing in such heresies is nothing short of Kufr and Shirk. They are in direct opposition to the Noble Qur.aan and the authentic Sunnah of Abul-Qaasim (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam).
    Regarding him being alive and listening to us, the Word of Allaah, the most truthful of speech has cleared out the facts for us. Allaah says in the Holy Qur.aan (meaning of which):
    {And we granted not to any human being immortality before you (O Muhammad), then if you die would they live forever? Everyone is going to taste death, and We shall make a trial of you with evil and with good. And to Us you will be returned}, [Soorah al-Anbiya, Aayahs 34-35]
    And also:
    {Verily, you (O Muhammad) will die, and verily, they (too) will die}, [Soorah Az-Zumar, Aayah 30]
    And who can forget the historic speech of Abu Bakar as-Siddeeq (radhi-yallaahu ‘anhu) except the innovators! He truly said:
    ((And now, he who worships Muhammad (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam), Muhammad is dead now. But he who worships Allaah, He is Ever Living and He never dies))
    Allaah says:
    {Muhammad is no more than a Messenger, and indeed (many) Messengers have passed away before him. If he dies or is killed, will you turn back on your heels (as disbelievers)? And he who turns back on his heels, not the least harm will he do to Allaah, and Allaah will give reward to those who are grateful}, [Soorah Aal-‘Imraan, Aayah 144]
    Ibn al-Musayyib said that ‘Umar had said:
    ((By Allaah, as soon as I heard Abu Bakar say it, I fell down to the ground. I felt as if my legs had been unable to carry me so I collapsed when I heard him say it. Only then did I realize that Muhammad (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) had really died)), [Bukhaaree, 2/640, 641]
    It should now be clear to every Muslim that the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) no longer lives in the life of this world.

  130. sanaulla sharief says:


    1.Prophet knows the intentions of people visiting his grave
    2.Prophet gives, bread, darham and glad tidings from the grave.
    3.Prophet descends from the clouds and revives a dead lady
    4.Prophet passed his hand over the face and tummy of a lady (naouzbillah)
    5.Hazrat Ali attended the marriage of moulana Ilyas
    6.Bi Safiya, the grandmother of Ilyas used to recite more than 16,500 azkar every day.
    7. Some people have the knowledge of ‘kashaf e quboor and kashaf e sudoor’
    8.One person can transfer his ‘durood’ in to the account of other.
    9. Ashraf Ali’s grandfather came back to his home three days after his death
    10. Qasim Nanatovi came back to life 50 years after his death
    11.A goat gives milk and honey from her udder
    12. A man comes out of the grave, slaughters his camel and goes back to the grave.


  131. KAM says:

    @ Zaheer Khan; Please find following Quran Surah AL-NAHL verse 21 as proof of dead cannot be raised back in to the world expect on the Day of Judgment;

    ALLAH the Exalted said: “(They are) dead, lifeless, and they know not when they will be raised up.”

    Please stop elaborating, I sincerely believe that if it was NOT for the belief of “Dead can hear“ & “Allah is part of the creation”; All the Dargas (temples of deab) or the worshiping of others than Allah will be exposed as sham.

    So please do not be part of it or support the idea of Satan.

  132. zaheer khan says:

    You guys believe in karma and mojazia ?
    what quran and hadith say about this term ?

  133. zaheer khan says:

    Sorry typo mistake

    It is karamat and mojazia.

  134. sanaulla sharief says:

    Karamat and Moojezat.

    1.I believe that my beloved Prophet went on ‘meeraj’-that is moojeza, Allah wanted it that way but on the other hand He went to Taif on foot
    2.In the battle of Uhad, He got injured and blood was oozing from his wounds, but in the battle of Khyber, water was pouring from his fingers.

    But if a Sufie claims that I pray Fajr in Madina, Zuhar in Macca and Esha in Aqsa, HE IS DEFINITELY A LIAR.
    I believe in the miraculous conception of Jesus, but if Mahmood Hasan Gangohi, declares that such things are possible, a lady can GET pregnant without her husband touching her, i will say he had senile dementia

    If some one wants to read the books i quote, let me know.

  135. sanaulla sharief says:

    Mansoor Hallaj was an heretic, and was killed in 309 hijri. The ‘ulmas’ of those times declared him ‘kafir’

    But, read the comments of moulana Zakaria,

    Deobandi Scholars unanimously support the theory of Wahdat al-Wajood
    Following are some quotes from the books of Deobandis…

    Unfortunately this is the aquidah of the apostate ibn arabi.

    1. Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi says about his Pir (spiritual guide), “Haji Sahib (Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki) was greatly over-powered by Tawheed[1]… As for Wahdat al-Wajood, it seemed as if he was an eyewitness to it. Once, he was listening to Soorah Ta-Ha, a condition overcame him when he heard the verse: “Allah! There is no God but He, to Him belong the Best Names (al-Asma al-Husna).” He said in the explanation (Tafseer) of this verse: “A question may be raised from the first part of this verse that since there is none other than Allah, (then) what are these Hawatith?[2] The answer is thus, (as in the next part of the verse), ‘Lahul Asma al-Husna’ meaning that all are the Madhahar[3] (manifestations) of Him (Allah). Someone has said (in a poem): “In the garden, I saw every flower. Neither does it have Your color nor Your fragrance.” Haji Sahib (Imdadullah Muhajir Makki) said: “This poet is a Dhahiri (only aware of the outward matters). If he were an Aarif[4], he would have said: “In the garden I saw every flower. They all have Your color, they all have Your fragrance.” However, expressing such sayings or relating them is not for everyone.”[5] (click to view the scanned image of this quote)
    Imdadullah Muhajir Makki has also written a book on Wahdat al-Wajood.[6]

    2. Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi said, “He (Imdadullah Muhajir Makki) used to say that the human being is outwardly a slave and inwardly (Batini) the Haqq (Allah).” Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi further elaborates, “The batin is the reality which is manifest in the human, and the batin should not be considered a part of the human…”[7] (click to view the scanned image of this quote)

    3. Once, Moulvi Muhammad Ahsan, a resident of Mecca, expressed his skepticism on the issue of Wahdat al-Wajood to Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi. He (Moulvi Ahsan) remarked that this issue seems to oppose Eemaan. Ashraf Ali Thanvi replied: “Someday listen to my lecture on this issue, then you will yourself say that Eemaan cannot be complete without the belief in this (i.e. Wahdat al-Wajood).” Then, Ashraf Ali Thanvi gave a speech of two hours on a Friday morning. After the lecture, Moulvi Ahsan could not help saying: “Belief in this (Wahdat al-Wajood) is so crucial that without it Eemaan cannot be understood.” The biographer of Ashraf Ali Thanvi comments, “Ashraf Ali Thanvi declared the belief of Wahdat al-Wajood as the completion of Eemaan. But Muhammad Ahsan went much further by saying that Eemaan rests on the belief in Wahdat al-Wajood.”[8]

    4. Ashraf Ali Thanvi says: “You are amazed at people who claim Prophet-hood… People have claimed Lordship. However, nobody must think that Hussain bin Mansoor (al-Hallaj) in his saying, ‘Aanal-Haqq’ [I am the Haqq (Truth meaning Allah)] claimed Lordship (i.e. claimed to be God). Because upon him was a condition, otherwise he also believed in Abdiyaah (the state of being a worshiper) and therefore he offered Salaah. Someone asked him (al-Hallaj): “Since you are Allah, to whom do you prostrate?” He (al-Hallaj) answered: “I have two states, one outward and the other inward. My outward self prostrates to my inward self.”[9] (click to view scanned image of this quote)

    5. Moulana Zakariyah says: “Hazrat Shaikhul Islam, Moulana Madani said that the same kaifiyat (spiritual state) which constrained Mansoor al-Hallaj to proclaim: “Anal Haqq (I am the Truth i.e. Allah) prevailed for six months on Hazrat Mainji (Nur Muhammad) [who was the Pir (Shaikh) of Imdadullah Muhajir Makki].”[10]

    Comment: The Religion of Islam, as taught by the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) rejects the pagan claim of Allah having a son or a daughter, let alone the claim of

    someone to be Allah. “That is because Allah, He is the Truth, and it is He Who gives life to the dead, and it is He Who is Able to do all things.”[13]

  136. zaheer khan says:

    One of the karamat I heard, that one great buzurg can talk to new born child to solve the problems in deobandi book.

    What is your opinion in this.

  137. sanaulla sharief says:

    zaheer khan

    Read, understand and follow Quran and Hadees, rather than defending a cult which started in 1868, by the followers (mureeds) of Imdadullah Mohajjir Makki.

    Imdadullah Mohajjir Makki had the same ‘afkar’ (mind-set)as that of Mansoor Hallaj, who was killed in 309 hijri for his heretic beliefs. The ‘ulmas’ of those period were unanimous in declaring his’kufr’ and none of them objected to his execution..

    Mohajjir Makk (1817-1899) was very fond of ‘masnavi e Rumi’ and used to do ‘ tilawath’ of this book even in Makka..He is the one who degraded and disrespected Quran by equating it with Masnavi Rumi. It is he who said ‘Masnavi is Quran in Farsi’

    Read his book to know his beliefs. If he had lived in the period in which Mansoor Hallaj lived, he would have met the same fate

  138. zaheer khan says:

    Brother sanaulla sharief ,

    It was clear that you have only hatred against ulma-e-deoband.

    Please learn quran and hadith from ulma-e-deen and don’t just pass your comment on the basis of your knowledge.

    Please learn basic rules of islam before passing fatwa against some one.

    Stop commenting on ulma-e-deoband and concentrate on quran and hadith.

    Ask ulma the meaning of verses of quran you have quoted.

    From the beginning I am asking the rule NOT what return in deoband books and for your information the story i have quoted above is true.

    Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “There was an Israeli man called Juraij, while he was praying, his mother came and called him, but he did not respond to her call. He said (to himself) whether he should continue the prayer or reply to his mother. She came to him the second time and called him and said, “O Allah! Do not let him die until he sees the faces of prostitutes.” Juraij used to live in a hermitage. A woman said that she would entice Juraij, so she went to him and presented herself (for an evil act) but he refused. She then went to a shepherd and allowed him to commit an illegal sexual intercourse with her and later she gave birth to a boy. She alleged that the baby was from Juraij. The people went to Juraij and broke down his hermitage, pulled him out of it and abused him. He performed ablution and offered the prayer, then he went to the male (baby) and asked him; “O boy! Who is your father?” The baby replied that his father was the shepherd. The people said that they would build for him a hermitage of gold but Juraij asked them to make it of mud only.” (Book #43, Hadith #662) (Sahi Bukhari)

    Don’t just guess islamic creed on the basis of your knowledge.

  139. sanaulla sharief says:

    It is wrong to single out Raza Khanees and Brelveis as the only ‘grave-worshippers’. These people go to ‘urs’ only once a year.

    But, what about those, who have spent 7 years in ‘maraqaba’ in the ‘dargah ‘ of Noor Mohammad and Abdul Quddoos Gangohi.

    One of the big luminaries of tableeghi Jamat, Tariq Jameel did a ‘ziyarah’ of grave of Hazrat Amina, breaking the local laws and he also visited Mohri sharief dargah amidst the chants of ‘narey takbeer. narey risalat,, narey ghousia, and narey hydri

  140. sanaulla sharief says:

    Brother Zaheer Khan

    Thanks for your suggestion, that was what I was insisting upon right from the begining, that we should take only Quran and Hadees as source of guidance, InshaAllah

    My understanding of Arabic is not perfect, so which ‘tafseer’ of Quran do you think meets the standard laid down by moulana Zakaria, that a person should be perfect in all the 15 ‘ ilms’ before attempting to do ‘tafseer’.?

    I have the following ‘tafaseer’ in Urdu and English by Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Mohammad Qutb, Moulana Mohammad Shafee,, Nazeer Mohammad Salahuddin Yousuf, Pickthall, Hillali and Abdullah Yousuf Ali.

    Do you have one by Ashraf Ali Thanvi. Towards the end of his tafseer and in the last 4-5 pages, there are various’ taweez’ for various ailments. By the way he is the same person who wrote’amaal e qurani’

    Regarding ‘karamat and moojezat’, I have a small booklet, If you want, I can mail it to you

  141. Zaheer Khan says:

    Post that booklet in this blog and please reply on (Book #43, Hadith #662) (Sahi Bukhari).

  142. sanaulla sharief says:

    It is one of the stories mentioned in the books of ahadees about the people of previous generations.
    ,like the story of ,
    The story of blind, bald and leper persons
    The story of three persons who were trapped in the cave

    We are the followers of ‘shariat e Mohammadi’, not the sharia of Bani Israel.

    It was a tradition among the bani Israel to build a monument or masjid, in remembrance of pious persons. For example in the story of ‘ashab e kahaf’, the people of the city wanted to build a masjid as a ‘yadgar’, near the cave where the pious people lived..

    Shariat e Mohammadi does not allow such customs.

    Regarding the books, I have a large collection. Let me know the topic. If I have that, I will mail it to your email address.

  143. iabhortrinity says:

    It will be sheer stupidity on the part of doctor if he treats the patient to suppress the fever where as the patient is suffering from cancer. Here you guys are discussing whether deobandees are liars (fever) or not however you should discuss whether they are suffering from cancer or not. Then the chemotherapy should be started. Please keep in mind that the chemo is painful. Now let us discuss whether Deobandees have cancer or not. The cancer is this, the damaging the AQEEDA of Muslim ummah:
    1. Aur Zahir mein Banda aur batin mein khuda ho jata hai. (Kuliat E Imdadia Pg 36)
    2. In which saheeh hades it is written that banda zair mein banda aur batin mein khuda ho jata hai.
    3. In which quranic aya it is written that banda zahir mein banda aur batin mein khuda ho jata hai
    4. Ye kahna ke banda zahir mein banda aur batin mein khuda ho jata hai Imam Abu Hanifa se basenad sabit hai.
    5. Haji Imdadullah ne likha hai ke phir use HU HU mein is qadar munhamik ho jana chahye ke khud allah ho jae (Kuliat E Imdadia Pg 17)
    6. Ye kis hades se sabit hai ke ek musalman HU HU mein is tarah ghark ho jae ke who khd Allah ho jae
    7. Yes kis quran ki ayat mein hai
    8. Kya ya Imam Abu Hanifa ka aqeeda hai sahi senad ke saath bat karein
    9. Kya ye koi bani Israeli muajza hai jo Bukhari mein darj hai.

    Ye hai cancer jiska ilaj karna hai nake bahas bukhar pe karna hai ke kaise theek kya jae. Ye hai asal aqeeda deobandiyon ka.

  144. sanaulla sharief says:

    Many of us may have seen the magic shows, where in the magician cuts a person in to pieces, but the person does not die.
    It may surprise many of us that Imdadullah Mohajjir Makki was also able to perform such magic, jugglery or ‘karamat’. Narrates moulana Zakaria ,

    Once an Aalim from Karnaal said to Hadhrat Mianji:
    “We hear stories of people having seen the dismemberment of the bodies of the Auliya. Their heads, hands, feet, etc. all separated from their bodies.”
    Hadhrat replied:

    My maternal uncle narrated that once he went to visit Hadhrat Mian Sahib at midday . The door of his room was closed although not bolted. He says: ‘When I opened the door I was shocked to see the entire body of Hadhrat Mian Sahib dismembered. As he saw me, the various limbs reunited. Hadhrat Mian Sahib sat up and told me not to divulge what I had seen.’ ” Page 225 MASHA’IKH-E-CHISHT

    The first book authored by moulana Zakaria is Mashaikh e Chist. There are many funny stories. A saint by name Khaja Usman Harooni, witnesses his ‘mureed’ being tortured in his grave.He admonishes the ‘azabe kay farishtay’ and they run away.

  145. zaheer khan says:

    why imam bhukhari quoted that story in his sahi, (Book), Is there any reason for that ?

  146. sanaulla sharief says:

    And this ya Ikhwan is but the drizzle of the storm.
    So if he wants more we will bring him more
    One statement of proof is enough for those wanting the truth
    And a thousand proofs are not enough for those not want it

  147. zaheer khan says:

    So, you are not agree with karamat in modern days.
    its happen only in previous days ?

  148. sanaulla sharief says:

    Zaheer Khan

    If a girl who had a’ nikkah’ conducted over the phone to a guy in Dubai and did not had chance to have sex with him, but delivers a child ,are you going to accept it as a ‘karamat’?

    In seeratul Nabi vol 4 page 12, Moulana Shibli writes, miracle is an act or deed, which Allah shows to the world to prove the truth of the mission of a prophet.

    On page 19 he elaborates, such acts are not accepted so easily but the existence of the eye-witness, their integrity and truthfulness and of those from whom that evidence came is required.

  149. zaheer khan says:

    My question is what is your opinion of karamat in modern days.
    Its happen only in previous days or it can be happen at any time from any one ?

  150. sanaulla sharief says:


    From the book ‘mashaik e chist’-The first book authored by moulana Zakaria

    Muhammad Gauth Gawaliyari, the author of Jawaahir-e-Khamsah, was an aamil. He was apparently a contemporary of Shaikh Abdul Quddْs Gangohi. Once he sent some jinns to bring Hadhrat to him. Hadhrat Shaikh on this occasion was engrossed (in thikr) in the Musjid. The jinns arrived, but could not muster up the courage to go to Hadhrat. When the Shaikh noticed someone, he asked: ‘Who is it?” The jinns replied: “Muhammad Gauth wishes to see you, hence he has sent us. If you consent, we shall take you without causing any inconvenience.” Hadhrat said:
    “I order you to bring Muhammad Gauth here.”
    The jinns obeyed. Taking hold of Muhammad Gauth they set off to Hadhrat. Muhammad Gauth said to the jinns:
    “What is wrong? You were in subjection to me. Why this disobedience?”
    The jinns responded:
    “With regard to others, we are obedient to you, but not in regard to the Shaikh. As far as he is concern-ed, we cannot obey you.”
    They delivered him to Hadhrat Shaikh who said:
    “Have you no shame?”
    Hadhrat severely reprimanded him. Finally he became bay’t to Hadhrat and attained a lofty spiritual status of divine proximity (i.e. he became a Saahib-e-Nisbat).

    Stories should serve a purpose. Allah says

    Indeed in their stories, there is a lesson for men of understanding Yusuf -111
    So relate the stories, perhaps they may reflect (176) Evil is the parable of the people who reject Our Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses and signs, etc.), and used to wrong their ownselves (177) Whomsoever Allâh guides, he is the guided one, and whomsoever He sends astray, then those! they are the losers (178-Al-Araf)

    Which stories, the stories from Quran or the stories from the book of Soofies?

  151. zaheer khan says:

    Please don’t compare Quran and malfoozat of buzurgan din.
    If some one send jinns to bring some one or order them it’s doesn’t mean they are kafir.

    I request you to explain ahle-hadees aqaid about karamat.

  152. sanaulla sharief says:

    What do you mean by ‘BUZURGAN E DEEN’?
    Those who struggled to spread the message of Islam and defended it against the invasion of heretic ideologies or those who imbibed Greek,, Vedic, Christian and other ideologies and did not do any attempt to stop them creeping into Muslim ummah,keeping themselves isolated in their ‘khankhas’..Compare the life history of IbnTaymiyah with that of Ghazzali.

    JINNS .If some ‘buzurgan e deen’ have control over Jinns, why they did not used their power when Lahore was plundered by the Sikhs or Baghdad was bombarded?

    AHLE-HADEES. Being a Muslim it is obligatory on us to follow what our Prophet said( hadees) and what he did (sunnah)

  153. zaheer khan says:

    Don’t compare Quran with any book.

    Again, comparing incidence of Lahore and Baghdad doesn’t mean they are kafir.

    Everyone one knows obligation of islam.
    I request you to explain ahle-hadees aqaid about karamat.

  154. sanaulla sharief says:


    Our Prophet prohibited us from visiting the graves with the expectation of ‘fawayed and barkat’, but this sheikh ul hadees, not only permits, prescribes and promotes grave-worship.

  155. sanaulla sharief says:


    The Deobandis claim to be staunch Hanafees and oblige a Hanafee to
    follow the Madhhab of the Imam in every aspect of the religion,
    lest it is feared that he may loose his religion. 354 Yet, they
    completely ignore the teachings of Imam Abu Haneefah on
    Allah. Likewise, Abu Haneefah and Mohammed Ibn Hasan ash-
    Shaybanee352 hated that a person who made supplication should
    say: ‘O Allah I ask you by the glory of Your Throne.’”
    Al-Qudooree also said: “Asking Him by His creation is not
    allowed since the creation had no right over the Creator, therefore
    it cannot be allowed.”353
    {And Allaah has Beautiful Names, so call upon Him by them, and leave the company of those who deviate concerning His Names. They will be recompensed for what they used to do})), [Soorah al-A’raaf, Aayah 180],
    Abu Haneefah said:
    ((It is detested for the supplicator to say: “I ask You by the right of so and so”, or, “By the right of Your Prophets and Messengers, and by the right of the Sacred House and the Sacred Sanctuary”)), [Sharhul-‘Aqeedatut-Tahaawiyyah (p. 234) and Ithaafus-Saadaatul-Mustaqeem (2/285) and Sharhul-Fiqhil-Akbar (p. 198) of al-Qaaree]
    And Abu Haneefah said:
    ((It is not befitting for anyone to call upon Allaah, except by Him, and it is even more detestable for him to say: “By the junctures of Honour from your Throne”, or “By the Right of Your Creation”)), [al-Fiqhul-Absat (p. 56)]

  156. sanaulla sharief says:


    SHATHIAAT151(Is plural of shuth. Shuth is an utterance or action incompatible with the Quran and Sunnah that is said byy by one overcome by a haal.) Some of the ahle haal (people absorbed in a spiritual state) are overcome by their state and thus utter things which are incompatible with the Quran and Sunnah. In this uncontrolled
    state, anything this person utters which is against the Deen is called a shath.

    SUKR AND GHASHI157(Sakr: Literally means intoxication. Among the sufiah it refers to a state of losing one’s senses which may lead to unintentionally uttering something that contradicts the Quran and Sunnah.
    Gashi: Means to fall unconscious.

    KASHF SUDUR144 AND KASHF QUBOOR(knowledge of other person’s heart and other person’s grave) Kashf (clairvoyance) is a common occurrence among the masha’ikh of suluk that is sometimes induced by mujahadaat (striving) while at other times is purely a gift from Allah
    I. The kashf that is born from mujahadaat is not restricted to tasawwuf because any person who practices mujahadaat can have kashf.

    TASAWWUR-I-SHAIKH (ENVISIONING THESHAIKH) If you have time after Fajr or Maghrib, spend a little time in muraqaba (meditation).
    Envision yourself sitting in front of your shaikh and that something is emanating from his heart into yours.

    Faraasat- Signifies a faculty which Allah I puts in the hearts of the pious and muttaqi in consequence whereof they sometimes know conditions or circumstances of certain men

    Paas anfaas- A method of the sufiah in attaining permanent remembrance of Allah (swt) in which the salik inhales breathing in the majestic name ‘Allah (swt)’ and exhales breathing out the letter ‘hu’.


    ASHGAAL132 AND AHWAAL133(Plural of shugl: In the terminology of the sufiah it refers to the different meditative exercises by which one achieves nisbat of
    Allah I. They are not objectives, but rather means by which one achieves the objective of ihsan.
    133 Plural of haal: Different temporary states achieved as one progresses towards the nisbat of Allah I.)
    Shari’ah and Tariqat1:
    Inseparable and Indivisible
    By Shaikh-ul-Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakariya
    Translated by Asim Ahmad

  157. zaheer khan says:

    My question was to explain ahle-hadees aqaid about karamat not, Deobandis are Hanafees or not and to what Asim Ahmad translated.

    Please present your rules not Deoband.

  158. zaheer khan says:

    * Ahlus Sunnah believe,

    Everything happens according to Allah’s will, knowledge, predestination and decree. His will overpowers all other wills and His decree overpowers all stratagems. He does whatever He wills and He is never unjust. He is exalted in His purity above any evil or perdition and He is perfect far beyond any fault or flaw. “He will not be asked about what He does, but they will be asked.”

    * Ahlus Sunnah believe in Karamat of Auliya,

    The testimony of the Karamat occurred by the Auliya (those righteous people who are close to Allah) also forms part of the principles of Ahlus-Sunnah, as also the testimony of all those extraordinary occurrences and habits which Allah manifests through them in terms of various knowledges, spiritual experiences, powers, and influences and those that are mentioned in the Qur’anic Surah Al Kahf etc. regarding former communities and about the initial period of the Sahaba and Taba’een of this Ummah till today and will continue to remain till the day of judgement.

    Please present your believe in Karamat.

  159. KAM says:

    Imam Shafi rahamullah said, if you see a man walking over water or flying in the air without support do not go believing him as high profiled but offer his action on Quran and Sunnah. Karamat is a possiblity without ones confirm knowledge. Karamat should not make you believe that a muslim is special, it may be a satan’s job to make others believe in him so that he can take them down with him.

  160. iabhortrinity says:

    If you start believing in Karamaat blindly then you will have to believe in SAAMRI also who transformed rope into snakes. This is also karamaat. So dear before believing in Karamaat please dip dive to analyze whether it is from Allah or Sataan.

    I am still waiting reply to my earlier post. That how a Muslim could be man from outside and Allah from inside.

  161. KAM says:

    Problem is not in karamat, it may be from ALLAH or from the satan. it is after that karamati baba dies and people start making tawasul over his grave or even some steps to ask him directly both ways involving themselves in SHIRK . Can you not understand the satan’s plan? Stop following but ISLAM.

  162. sanaulla sharief says:


    Ahmad Noor says: “Taahir Shaah at-Tableeghee comes to life after death”.
    “Some years ago Taahir Shaah became ill and was admitted to hospital. When his health deteriorated the souls of (both) his mother and father visited him and informed him that the time had arrived for him to move on to the next world (death), and that they are both waiting for him.
    Just at that time, two angels came to take him for the meeting with the Lord (Allaah). So the angels took the soul of Taahir Shaah to the heavens, where he met Mawlaana Yoosuf (the leader of the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh and the son of Muhammad Ilyaas – the founder of the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh) and Ahmad ‘Alee al-Laahoree.
    The two Shaykhs were surprised that Allaah had requested (the soul of) Taahir Shaah (be taken), since no-one now remained on earth who would continue the da’wah efforts.
    (Whilst still in heaven…)
    So the two Shaykhs complained to Shaykh Ilyaas (the founder of Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh) concerning this issue. So Shaykh Ilyaas went to see the Prophet (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) and complained to him regarding this issue. So Muhammad Ilyaas requested Taahir Shaah to return (back) to earth.
    And at that time, Taahir Shaah had just died in hospital, and his body was being carried to his house. Suddenly, Taahir Shaah stood up and walked to his house himself.
    This story was narrated to me by Taahir Shaah himself, and I am relating it to you just as he had informed me”.
    Note: Taahir Shaah is a doctor at the Faculty of Medicine (Kulliyah Nashtar at-Tibbiyyah) in Multan, Pakistan.
    Reference: Kabar kee Zindagee awr Mawt kee Jund Manaazir Waaqi’aat wa Mushaahadaat,
    published by Maktabah Khaleel Yoosuf (Market Urdu Bazaar – Lahore, Pakistan)

  163. sanaulla sharief says:


    Moulana Zakaria himself participated in it.

    Khatme Khajgaan

    (A ritual of 1. Durood-shariff, 2. Reciting of La howla wa la quwata illa billah La malja’a wa La manja’a minallahi illa ilaihe and 3. Surah Alam-Nashrah, All three are prayed 360 times each on 360 date seeds which are distributed amongst the gathering. After this, Dua is made. This ritual has been experienced and approved for protection and removal of calamities).
    Darul Uloom
    Holcombe, Bury, U.K.

  164. sanaulla sharief says:


    Baras is a small village of two thousand in Fatehgarh Saheb district. It is situated at a distance of seventeen kilometers from the famous town of Sirhind. On the edge of the village is a large hillock which appears to have been witness to several human settlements down the ages. At an elevation of about fifty feet at its centre are thirteen graves, each one at least nine to twelve feet in length, which reportedly belong to prophets. This claim would have been rejected but for its confirmation by many stalwarts of Islamic orthodoxy like Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi and Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi.
    According to the book “Gulshan-e-Auliya-e-Kiraam,” authored by Dr.Abdul Reman Ahsanpuri , Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi also confirmed the above assertions. He reportedly confided to his disciple Haji Muhammad Hussain Bassinawasi that after meditating at this place he was able to meet the souls of the prophets who are thirteen in number. There was reportedly a father and son pair among them whose names were Ibrahim and Hazar respectively. However, there are conflicting reports about the actual number of graves belonging to the prophets. Dr.Ahsanpuri asserts that the correct number is three.
    Leading Islamic luminaries who have visited the site include Maulana Iftekharul Hasan Kandhalvi, Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Hasan Kandhalvi and Maulana Shaikh Zakaria. A more recent famous visitor to the place was Maulana Isa Mansoori, chairman of UK based World Islamic Forum. Source The Muslim Observer August 14, 2010

  165. sanaulla sharief says:


    Once, Ashraf Ali Thanvi asked Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi, “Hazrat
    is it allowed to keep a Shajarah (a list which mentions the names
    of all the saints of a particular Sufi Tareeqah) in the grave’. He said,
    ‘Yes’. … Ashraf Ali Thanvi asked, ‘Is this of any benefit?’ He
    replied, ‘Yes’. He then mentioned that Shah Gulaam Alee (a Sufi)
    made a will that the shoes of his Pir (Shaikh) should be put with
    him in his grave.”597 Tazkirat ar-Rasheed (a biography of Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi by
    Aashiq Ilaahi Merathi) vol.2, p.290

  166. sanaulla sharief says:

    Once, Ashraf Ali Thanvi asked Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi, “Hazrat
    is it allowed to keep a Shajarah (a list which mentions the names
    of all the saints of a particular Sufi Tareeqah) in the grave’. He said,
    ‘Yes’. … Ashraf Ali Thanvi asked, ‘Is this of any benefit?’ He
    replied, ‘Yes’. He then mentioned that Shah Gulaam Alee (a Sufi)
    made a will that the shoes of his Pir (Shaikh) should be put with
    him in his grave.”597 Tazkirat ar-Rasheed (a biography of Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi by
    Aashiq Ilaahi Merathi) vol.2, p.290

  167. Zaheer Khan says:

    My question was to explain ahle-hadees aqaid about karamat.

    Please present your aquaid not Deoband.

  168. KAM says:

    We do not believe in Karamat like you do due to confusing act (Mutasha’bihat) and Allah’s Rasool (sallahu walihi wasalaam) said to leave the things with DOUBTS. Otherwise Dajjal too be considered highly karamati fellow and will have followers. Don’t walk you way zaheer khan, it is not the correct passage. ISLAM is first; try talking about Faith, Salat, Fasting, Zakat and Hajj maybe instead. It will enlighten you and many other Muslims (Insha’Allah). Peace.

  169. sanaulla sharief says:

    ‘Karamats’ do happen to strengthen the ‘aqeeda’ of the Muslim in Allah
    it is not in the authority of a person to do ‘karamat’

    The defination of ‘awuliya Allah’ differs between Muslims and Sufies

    For Muslims, a ‘wali ‘Allah is one who is perfect in Iman and Taqwa. The most high ranking ‘Auliya Allah is our Prophet and his companions.

    For Sufies a wali has to be a descendant of Hazrat Alee and should do some jugglery.

    The total number of ‘karamts’ that did happened at the hands of ‘sahabees’ is less than twenty.

    If a person claims that I have the knowledge of ‘kashf e quboor or kashaf sudoor’ or I can bring the prophet in your presence or a dead body to life, HE IS A LIAR.

    For a clear and detailed description , please read the pages 10-20 of volume 4 of Seerath Nabi by Shibli Noomani .

  170. sanaulla sharief says:


    “Hadhrat Ayesha said that when my father Hadhrat Abu Bakr was ill he willed that after his death his body should be taken to the grave of the Prophet (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) and should be said that here is Abu Bakr and he wishes to be buried next to you. If you receive permission from there then bury me there and if not then bury me in Baqee’. Therefore, after the death of Abu Bakr and according to his will his funeral procession was taken towards the grave of the Prophet (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) and permission was sought. Then we heard a voice from inside and there was no speaker in sight. The voice said, Send him in with honour and dignity.
    “Hadhrat Ali said that when the time of death approached Hadhrat Abu Bakr he called me to his side and said, ‘Wash me with the hands with which you washed the Prophet and apply on me perfume and take me to his room and ask for his permission. If upon asking his permission the doors of the room open then bury me there and if not then bury me in the common graveyard of the Muslims.'”
    “Hadhrat Ali said that after the preparations of the funeral I was the first one to step forward and ask the Prophet that Abu Bakr wants your permission to be buried here. I then saw that the doors of the room where the Prophet is buried flung open and a voice said, “Send the friend to the friend.””
    Let all Muslims know that the above is a lie and is not found in any authentic collections of ahadeeth. Rather, such enormous lies can only come from Tableeghi Jamaa’at who were rightfully called the Soofis of the era by the Muhaddith al-Albaanee (d.1420H). Kandalvi has not even spared the most noblest of the Sahaba and ascribed wholesale shirk to them. He wants the Muslims to believe that even the companions held the ‘aqeedah that the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) listens to us from his grave!? And far removed are the Noble Companions (may Allaah be pleased with all of them). Kandalvi only wants to sanction his filthy and perverse ‘aqeedah of grave licking and to do that he abused and lied on the companions. A great crime indeed!
    So Kandalvi fabricates on page 176-177, Fadha’il Hajj:

    What is being preached? SOOFISM OR ISLAM

  171. zaheer khan says:

    KAM, you are accepting karamat, but not from ulmas of deoband.

  172. zaheer khan says:

    As per your defination of ‘awuliya Allah’.
    Who will decide some person is awuliya or not ?

    Here the problem is every one is trying to proof aqida according to there ulma.

    It’s clear that this is fight between groups and not for ISLAM and TAUHID.

  173. sanaulla sharief says:


    Once, a person left ten thousand Dinaars as a trust with him and went away on a journey. When that person returned, the trustee had died, so the person made enquiries from the family of the deceased but no one knew anything about it. As a large sum of money was involved, the owner asked a gathering of Ulama in Makkah as to what he should do. They told him that the Khurasani was a very pious person who must be in Jannah. The owner should visit the Zamzam well after midnight and call the name of the Trustee, asking him about his money. The owner repeated the process for three nights running, but received no reply. He went back to the Ulama and told them about his efforts. They were surprised and recited: Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raajioon. They were afraid, lest he should not be in Jannah. So, they advised him to visit a certain place where he would find a valley by the name of Barhoot and, in it, a well. He should make a loud call into the well. He did so and received a reply after the very first call, that his money was safe; not trusting his children, he had buried it in such and such place inside the house and the person should ask his son to show him that place, where he should dig his money
    out. The man did so and got back his wealth. He, however, in astonishment, asked the deceased how he was in such a place in spite of being a pious person. The deceased told him that he had some relatives in Khurasan, with whom he had broken his relationship and had died without mending it, which had become the cause of his punishment. Fazael-e-Sadaqat’ part 1 page 217

  174. sanaulla sharief says:


    Only Allah knows the level of ‘iman’ and ‘taqwa’.,the requisite for being a ‘wali’.

    We can not designate a person as being a ‘wali’

  175. sanaulla sharief says:


    Story No. 11: (Episode)
    Hazrat Ibrahim Khawaas R.A. says: “Once in the company of a large group, I went for Haj. We were all on foot. Suddenly I found the urge to be alone and travel alone. Thereupon I left my companions and went along a route not generally used. For three days I traveled, not worried about food and drink, nor any other needs.
    After three days and nights, I happened to reach a most luxuriant area, green and fertile, with delicious fruits. In the center of all this was a fountain. I was so overcome by the beauty of this sight that I thought it must be paradise. As I stood admiring the surroundings, a group of people came along dressed in cloaks and beautifully colored dress. They came and stood around me as they greeted me; then I realized that they were not humans but Jinns. One of them said to me: “We have a certain difference of opinion among ourselves which we would like to have settled. We are of those Jinns who heard Rasulullah Sal’am recite the Holy Word on the eve of the Oath of Aqabah. His voice made us free from all worldly endeavors and Allah has adorned for us this beautiful place.”
    I asked: “How far is this place from the spot where I separated myself from my fellow travelers?”
    Smiling one of them replied: “O Abu Ishaaq! Allah has in wisdom not allowed anyone from your kind to enter this place except one young man who passed away here.
    Look! Here is his grave!”
    I saw the grave, which was situated, next to a pond. Around it was a beautiful little garden wherein I saw such beautiful flowers as I had never seen before. Then the same Jinn continued:
    “Between here and where you left your fellow travelers, is a distance which will take years to travel across.”
    I said: “Kindly tell me about the young man.”
    One jinn said: “while we were sitting here near this fountain one day, discussing love of Allah, a young man suddenly appeared. He greeted us and we replied. Then we inquire of him:
    “Young man where are you from?”
    He said: “From Nishapur.”
    We asked: “How long ago did you leave your home town?”
    He replied: “Seven days.”
    We asked: “For what reason did you leave there?”
    He replied: “I have heard the word of Allah which says:
    “And return to your Lord and surrender to Him before the punishment overtakes you. Then you shall not be helped.”
    We asked: “What is the meaning of Inaabat (return) and Azaab (punishment)!”
    “He started to explain when suddenly he uttered a loud cry and died. We buried him here.”
    Hazrat Ibrahim R.A. continues his story: “this story filled me with amazement. Then I approached the grave and on the head side of the grave I saw very large (narcissus) flowers; and on the grave I found these words written:
    “This is the beloved of Allah killed by his sense of honor.”
    On the large leaves of the flowers was written the meaning of Inaabat. I read it. The Jinns asked me the meaning thereof and I explained to them. On hearing my explanation they became extremely pleased, and joyfully they stood around. Then they said:
    “This is the point regarding which we had a difference of opinion.”
    Soon afterwards I fell asleep and when next I woke, I found myself near the Mosque of Aa’isha at Tan’eem outside Mecca. On my clothes I found a banquet of flowers. The flowers remained with me for on year without changing or withering in any way. Then suddenly they just disappeared.”

  176. sanaulla sharief says:

    Read Quran with translation and Hadees to get answers to many of your questions

  177. sanaulla sharief says:


    Mansoor Hallaj -hanged
    Abu Yazeed Bastami -exiled
    Zun-noon Misri- arrested and brought from Egypt to Baghdad
    Sumnoon-Al-Mohib- beheaded
    Junaid baghdadi declared heretic
    Abubakr Nablusi-He was skinned while alive
    Abul Hasan Shazli exiled from Maracoo to Egypt
    Shaikh Ahmad Rafai declared heretic
    Shahabuddin Shaharwadi – beheaded
    Ibn-Arabi (the god-father of Sufies)- declared kafir
    Al-Ghazzali-declared heretic-books burned


    Hasan bin Ziyad Lului , a student of Abu Haneefa was a gay, and Ashraf Ali Thaniv has defended his action in his book ‘imdadul -mushtaq’

  178. KAM says:

    Zaheer Khan; Karamat is something that was seen in companions of Rasoollah (sallahu wa alihi wasalam) and many believers so I believe it does exist but it is not free of fitnah from ALLAH as well for someone running behind these and desert teachings of ISLAM. Karamatii dead or alive is irrelevant and if cashing themselves or by the Mujaweers… Dargas are known to establish like this. Deoband ulamas’s said karamats are conflicting with the way of ALLAH, so I must recommand you to read TALBESS IBLESS by Ibn Juwzi (rahmatullah) to understand the fabrications or truth about karamats.

  179. zaheer khan says:

    What is your opinion about karamat-e-ahle-hadees ?
    In this book karamat of ahle-hadees ulma is written.

    It is true or lie,

  180. sanaulla sharief says:

    Zaheer Khanmay
    Allah may not ask you weather you believed in ‘karaamat’ or not,
    But, will definitely punish you for ‘shirk’ and ‘bidah’, and especially the corruption of ‘aqeeda’

  181. zaheer khan says:

    Please present your opinion about karamat-e-ahle-hadees.

    Sure Allah will not ask me about karamat but definitely we have to answer what we spread about others.

    Please pass your comment carefully.

    And do not follow a thing about which you have no knowledge. Surely, the ear, the eye and the heart – each one of them shall be interrogated about. [17:36]

    ‘It is sufficient lying for a man to speak of everything that he hears.’”

  182. zaheer khan says:


    There is not only one book TALBESS IBLESS by Ibn Juwzi (rahmatullah) to understand the fabrications or truth about karamats.

    There is ikhtilaf and it’s natural. please take a look at what is the opinion of other ulama.

  183. zaheer khan says:


    Without any doubt, Abu’l-Faraj ibn al-Jawzi (rahmatullah) is great scholar. Thanks for showing right path.

  184. sanaulla sharief says:

    Zaheer Khan

    If you need Talbees Iblees, I can mail it to you.

  185. sanaulla sharief says:

    “When some people mentioned to IMAAM AHMED IBN HANBAL {rahim’ullah}that they felt uneasy about critising people he replied,” If I were to remain silent, how would the ignorant masses know truth from falsehood?” Those who introduce heretical writings and deviant religious rites contrary to Qur’ân and Sunnah have to be exposed and the Muslim nation warned against them according to the unanimous agreement of Muslim scholars
    Infact, Yahyaa ibn Maeen companion of IMAAM AHMED IBN HANBAL {rahim’ullah} was asked if one who fasted, prayed and secluded himself in the masjid was dearer to him than one who spoke out against people involved in Deviations, he replied, “When he fasts, Prays and secludes himself, he does so for himself alone, but if he speaks out against the Deviations, he does so for Muslims in general which is more Noble, Hence it is clear that openly opposing innovation {Bid’ah} Deviations is of general benefit to Muslims in the practice of their religion and comes under the heading of “Jihaad fee sabeelil-laah” {struggle in Allah’s path}

  186. sanaulla sharief says:

    Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah reported that one of the Salaf (Pious Predecessors) said,
    “I do not mind which out of the two blessings was greater.
    That Allaah guided me to Islaam,
    that he kept me away from these innovated sects.”
    [Al-Wasiyyat ul-Kubraa]

  187. sanaulla sharief says:

    For if Allah did not raise up some people to oppose the corruption preached by heretics, the religion would surely become distorted and deviant, The corruption of the Divinely revealed religion is far more terrible than the corruption resulting from the military conquest of the Non-Muslims, For when Non-Muslims over powers Muslims they are not able to corrupt the hearts of Muslims, or their religion except after some time, whereas, heretics corrupt the hearts from the very outset”, That’s why we should expose the evil of because this movement and Leaders recognizes Sufism and other deviant pseudo- Islaamic thinking like muraaqaba on graves as being valid and there is big list of scholars who has the same view for these Deviant pseudo-Islaamic groups and there likes.

  188. Krishna says:

    I was going through each and every post out here in this forum and I deeply grieved and surprised that even among Muslims there are so many sects and sub sects who differ from one another like hell and heaven yet they claim to be one Ummah. I was under the impression that it is only we (read Hindu) who are having many sects and sub sects but Islam is no different and I am sorry to say that. Now if at all I contemplate to convert to Islam it will be reversion to the original faith and not to any sects or sub sects. Now the question is what the original faith is. The original faith is the one which was revealed to Adam and the prophets and to the last i.e. Mohammed. And what exactly is that actually…read Quran “ITTABE U MA UNZILA ALAIKUM…SURA AL AARAF VERSE 3. Follow what has been revealed to you from your LORD and do not follow guardians besides Him how little do you mind. And what has been revealed to the human kind from LORD… it is WAHI….QURAN and HADEETH.
    Now one may ask that what is great thing I have said every Muslim follow Quran and Hadeeth. But in reality not, that is what I found. The problem start as soon as you make a paradigm shift from PROPHET to NON PROPHET . What does it mean. If you follow PROPHET you are actually following QURAN and HADEETH. But as soon as you start following NON PROPHET you are in fact not following PROPHET. QURAN is very strict it says WHO EVER OBEYS PROPHET HE INDEED OBEYS HIS LORD AND WHO EVER TURNS BACK SO WE HAVE NOT SENT YOU AS KEEPER OVER THEM (SURA ANNISA : VERSE 80)

    Read out the complete Quran From Alhamd to Wannas no where you would find that Allah tells you to Follow NON PROPHET.

    Surprisingly; most of the Muslims I researched and I found that they follow in one way or other NON PROPHET and then the problem starts from this very point.

    It is as if shifting from WAHI to NON WAHI. From LORD your creator to the created. As a result MUSLIMS start fighting among each other that who is more powerful than other.

    Now in the few of last posts there is another problem cropped up. KARAMAAT vs NON KARAMAAT.

    If KARAMAAT is a very strong parameters to differentiate between righteous and non righteous then I feel our own Rishi Munees are more righteous that Muslims Auliya Allah because there KARAMAAT is much more powerful than MUSLIMS AULYA ALLAH.

    Once again Quran or Hadeeth never tells us that KARAMAAT is a differentiator between Righteous and Non Righteous in Fact PROPHET said it is TAQWA which differentiate Righteous and Non righteous in the site of your LORD.

  189. zaheer khan says:

    Brother Krishna,

    It’s really great, that an non-muslim is studying Islam deeply.

    Please understand, people with different opinion doesn’t mean that they are from different sects and if you see that we are trying to explain our opinion, this is for perfection not to prove ourself grate.

    We have many sects, but still we are one Ummah.

    As you think Islam is having many sects It’s true.

    Leaving your previous faith and converting to Islam it’s up to you, no one forcing.

    Don’t worry we are following what has been revealed to us from LORD.

    Your experience is muslim are not following Quran and Hadeeth it’s not true because you are judging with your limited knowledge.

    As your suggest read out the complete Quran from Alhamd to Wannas no where you would find that Allah tells you to follow NON PROPHET…….. This means that you don’t have knowledge to differentiate between following PROPHET and NON-PROPHET.

    No one among us is claiming that KARAMAAT is only one strong parameters to differentiate between righteous and non righteous.

    Comparing Rishi Munees with Muslims Auliya Allah is meaning less.

    We agree Quran or Hadeeth never tells us that KARAMAAT is a differentiator between Righteous and Non Righteous.

    Krishna I don’t know how you study other religion, but the fact is no religion in the world can prove TRUTH with the help of there books with general technical and logical terms.

    It is only Allah that will only guide those who actually struggle to be guided.

    Bytheway i don’t think you are hindu.

  190. zaheer khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    If IMAAM AHMED IBN HANBAL {rahim’ullah} says “If I were to remain silent, how would the ignorant masses know truth from falsehood?”
    It doesn’t prove that Maulana Zakariya is kafir (as you say)

    I have presented the hadith of rasulullah(SW). For muslims how passing there comments on the basis of their knowledge.

    Please let every one know your opinion about karamat-e-ahle-hadees, where ahle-hadit ulmeha have knowledge of kashf and talk with a man who had died before 200 years.

  191. Krishna says:

    Dear Zaheer,

    Please do not get furious. I am not here to argue with any one I am just in the process of exploring and experiencing and I do not want to hurt your feeling and for that matter any one in this forum and I vow that I will not hurt any human being whom so ever I meet in future. As KORAN says there is no compulsion in religion. For you is yours and for me is mine. Let’s be genuine and fair and fear your LORD.

    By the way the truth in your reply is that you do not think that I am Hindu. Yes I am not a Hindu now. As PROPHET said that each and every child is born on FITRA (Original Faith) by the parents make them Jews, Christian and Fire Worshipper. So any one who accepts Islam is in fact reverting to the original faith that is FITRA.

    The second truth is that yes I have very little knowledge. I accept it.

    Third truth is Guidance is from LORD.. If HE had not guided me I would have bowing down to CREATED

    You said ” We have different sects but still one ummah” is a big question mark. One sect killing other sect still one UMMAH. Deobandees do not visit to BARAILVEES Mosque and vice versa and still one UMMAH. This is paradoxical.

    YOU SAID…..

    Krishna I don’t know how you study other religion, but the fact is no religion in the world can prove TRUTH with the help of there books with general technical and logical terms.

    Even with KORAN?????

  192. Krishna says:

    Dear Zaheer,

    YOU SAID…..

    As your suggest read out the complete Quran from Alhamd to Wannas no where you would find that Allah tells you to follow NON PROPHET…….. This means that you don’t have knowledge to differentiate between following PROPHET and NON-PROPHET.

    I request you with utmost humbleness to please teach me more on this.

  193. zaheer khan says:

    Dear Krishna,

    I am not furious.

    Allah has already guided you, it’s up to you what you really want to choose.

    Yes ! We have different sects but still one ummah, Just like a family which has different opinion, thinking, suggestion and views. If some one fights with his family member for his point of view, it doesn’t mean that it is not a family. This is not paradox It’s human nature. I am not talking about right or wrong, there will be a dispute.

    Yes ! No religion in the world can prove TRUTH with the help of there books with general technical and logical terms even with Quran.

    Please try to understand what is general technical and logical terms. It doesn’t mean Quran is incomplete or not a holy book.

    And for explanation or teaching please let me know why learn ISALM.

  194. sanaulla sharief says:

    Zaheer Khan

    Did I ever say that such and such a person is kafir.?
    It is left to the readers to judge a person’s writings taking Quran and Hadees as standard

    The people of the first three pious generations were ‘ahle hadees’. They used to be guided by Quran and Hadees.
    There are very few karamats attributed to them.

    I did not find any among them claiming to be a ‘wali’ and possessing the authority or capacity to do a karamat at will

    Ahle-Hadees are ‘ghair muqalldees’.. They do not have any’ muhaddis’ among their ranks, who claims to be a wali and sahib e karamat. IF YOU KNOW SOME ONE , LET ME KNOW IT.

    By the way, if two persons can do the same act, like cutting a person in to four pieces and then joining them together, how can you say, this person is a wali and that one is juggler?

  195. zaheer khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    Please let me know your opinion about karamat-e-ahle-hadees. The book in which karamat of ahle-hadees ulma is written.

    If you don’t have, I can mail it to you.

  196. sanaulla sharief says:

    Zaheer Khan

    Mr. Krishna is a non-Muslim
    Can he touch Quran?
    If not, which translation can he read. Which is the one which meets the standard set by moulvi Zakari , that the interpreter should possess fifteen ‘ilms’?
    Can he understand Islam by reading fazael e Amall?
    Is it enough for him, if he just sticks to Fazael amall?
    Which ‘mazhab’ and sufie silsila he has to follow and join?

  197. sanaulla sharief says:


    Just give me the title of the book and the author. I will try to get it

  198. zaheer khan says:

    As you copied and pasted the stories from fazail e amal and other book from of ulma e deoband and also compared this men with Mansoor Hallaj.

    Please let me know your opinion that they are kafir of not.

  199. zaheer khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    If Krishna is a non-Muslim.

    I have not suggested any translation of Quran to him.

    There is only your opinion that the standard set by moulvi Zakariya, should posses fifteen ‘ilms’.

    Yes any one can understand Islam by reading fazael e Amall.

    It is not enough for any one to just sticks to Fazael amall.

    We are not suggesting to join any ‘mazhab’ and sufie silsila to follow.

    Please don’t present other’s and don’t hide your identity.

  200. Krishna says:

    Dear Zaheer,

    You mentioned that:

    Yes ! No religion in the world can prove TRUTH with the help of there books with general technical and logical terms even with Quran….

    I have really not understood what do you mean by GENERAL TECHNICAL and LOGICAL TERMS. Kindly elaborate on this.

    Secondly, with my little knowledge and correct me if I am wrong, If the family members are fighting with each other so much so that one member of the family is killing the other member of the same family yet they are one family. Is it really correct to say that they are still a family. A really an integrated family still. I do not think so with my really little knowledge. Even a common people will say that the family has disintegrated. In the same manner that Muslim UMMAH is totally disintegrated in present time. They are killing each other, they hate each other, they are divided into various sects and sub sects, they discourage inter sects marriage, member of one sects do not pray behind the IMAM of other sect and still Mr. Zaheer you are saying that we are one UMMAH. Think about it and correct me if I am wrong.

  201. Krishna says:

    Dear Sanaullah,

    Do not worry I have digital Koran so who ever says that Kafir should not touch the Koran at least I am not doing it because digital Koran does not fit into this criteria. I personally feel that the modern age Islam complies fully with the ORIGINAL ISLAM revealed to PROPHET MOHAMMED by LORD. In the medieval period, the original teaching of PROPHET MOHAMMED was some how corrupted, I was reading somewhere, in HUJJATULLAH BALIGHA, if I remember correctly that till 400 years after PROPHET MOHAMMED no one followed NON PROPHET after that Muslim Started following NON PROPHET by their own likings and choices and got disintegrated. They even started praying separately in MAKKAH right I front of KABAA. This is deterrent for ISLAMIC Message to spread in its fullest sense and capability.

    This happened to every people before PROPHET MOHAMMED. Judaism got corrupted, Christianity got corrupted and I feel SANATAN DHARMA also got corrupted. And the reason being simple, shifting from PROPHET to NON PROPHET. Christians started following St. Paul within 80 years after JESUS raised to heaven. St. Paul permitted to eat pork and they (read Christians) started eating pork though in their Books it was clearly prohibited.

    MUSLIMS today are not untouched from this disgusting phenomenon. Every sect has Been created in the name of NON PROPHET and see the result it is in front of us.

  202. sanaulla sharief says:

    Zaheer Khan

    It is not me, but Ashraf Ali Thanvi who compared Mohajjir Makki with Hallaj

    Moulana Zafar Ahmad Usmani wrote a book about Hallaj, proving him to be a Muslim

  203. sanaulla sharief says:

    Brother Krishna
    Thanks for your comments, except that you wrote

    ‘I personally feel that the modern age Islam complies fully with the ORIGINAL ISLAM revealed to PROPHET MOHAMMED by LORD.’
    It will be better, if said’ Islam is not corrupted, but Muslims are corrupted in aqeeda and practices.

    You wrote,

    after PROPHET MOHAMMED no one followed NON PROPHET after that Muslim Started following NON PROPHET by their own likings and choices and got disintegrated.’

    The present day Muslims, are not following the imams out of likening, but they are INHERITING it. Ask any Hanafee about Abu Hanafeefa, as to his name, date of birth, place of birth, his teachers, his students, his aqeeda,, his standing among the scholars of those time, his relations with other scholars, the books he wrote and when they were written and why those books were reviewed and rewritten many a times, they will avoid discussion or cut short it by saying , ‘you salafi, you ghair muqallid’.

  204. sanaulla sharief says:

    The writings of the revered scholars and Founder of Deoband one Realizes that the difference between the Barelwis and the Deobandis is Miniscule and they both Share the Same Sufistic Beliefs of PIRS, FAKIRS, MIRACULOUS POWERS OF SAINTS, APPROVAL OF GRAVE WORSHIP, ZIKR, MEDITATIONS, MOKSHA, TAWASSUL, LOOKING DOWN UPON JANNAH, DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS WITH ALLAAH and many other same beliefs. One is forced to conclude that this dangerous misinterpretation and twisting of Islaamic beliefs and practices has been deliberate, oft repeated and has been purposely concealed from the common man, This can in no way be attributed to ignorance on the part of the Deoband Leaders.

  205. sanaulla sharief says:

    (at-Tafheemaat al-Aalhiyyah (1/206), Hujjatullah al-Baalighaah (1/445)

    Shaikh Shaah Waleeullaah Muhaddith Dehlwee said,
    “The general people especially nowadays in every place will be seen to be adherent to a particular madhab of the earlier scholars. They think that if a person leaves his madhab of the Imaam he does taqleed in any one issue then it is as if he has left the religion. So they consider their Imaams to be Prophets that have been sent and they consider and hold it obligatory for him to do taqleed of the Imaam, whereas the people of this ummah before the fourth century were not adherent to a particular madhab.”

  206. zaheer khan says:


    Your this Apr 25, 2013 at 1:26 pm post is the answer GENERAL TECHNICAL and LOGICAL TERMS.

    Muslim are divided in sect, Its fact, then what is problem ! ! !

    If one man kills another, still it remains human, does not convert him to other creature.
    ( This doesn’t mean he right ).

  207. zaheer khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    Please don’t change the topic to different madhab.

    As you know the stories from fazail e amal and other book from of ulma e deoband, Please let me know your opinion that they are kafir of not.


    Opinion about karamat-e-ahle-hadees.

  208. zaheer khan says:


    Muslims has has different sects.
    Muslims has divided in different groups not a one UMMAH.
    They left ORIGINAL ISLAM.
    The left original teaching of PROPHET MOHAMMED.
    After 400 years they left teaching of PROPHET MOHAMMED and started following NON PROPHET by their own liking’s.
    They even started praying separately in MAKKAH right In front of KABAA.
    MUSLIMS today are not untouched from this disgusting phenomenon and suffering.

    Now tell me why you are so interesting in ISLAM ?

    What’s the matter, why you are so warred ?

  209. sanaulla sharief says:

    Follow Moulana or Follow Allah

    Moulana Zakaria writes in Fazael-e-quran
    Specialists have laid down that any one attempting
    a commentary of the Holy Qur’an should be well versed in
    fifteen subjects. These, as briefly given below, will show
    that it is not possible for everybody to understand the
    underlying significance and real meanings of the Holy
    And Allah says in Quran
    And We have indeed made the Qur’ân easy to understand and remember, then is there any one who will remember (or receive admonition)? (17) Al-Qamar
    And the Messenger (Muhammad SAW) will say: “O my Lord! Verily, my people deserted this Qur’ân (neither listened to it, nor acted on its laws and teachings). (30-Al-Furqan)
    O mankind! There has come to you a good advice from your Lord (i.e. the Qur’an, enjoining all that is good and forbidding all that is evil), and a healing for that (disease of ignorance, doubt, hypocrisy and differences,) Which is in your breasts, – a guidance and a mercy (explaining lawful and unlawful things) for the believers. (57)Yunus
    “Seeking Knowledge is
    obligatory on every Muslim.”8Collected by al-Bayhaqee in Shu’ab al-Eemaan.
    May Allah guide those who believe that the Qur’aan and the
    Sunnah are beyond the comprehension of the common Muslims.
    Those who put substantial efforts in preserving fables and stories
    of their saints and elders, whilst they discourage referring to, and
    reading books of authentic Hadeeth.

  210. sanaulla sharief says:

    “And whosoever does not judge by what Allaah has revealed, such are the Kaafiroon (i.e. disbelievers — of a lesser degree as they do not act on Allaah’s Laws [al-Maa’idah 5:44]
    “And whosoever does not judge by that which Allaah has revealed, such are the Zaalimoon (polytheists and wrongdoers — of a lesser degree). [al-Maa’idah 5:45]
    “And whosoever does not judge by what Allaah has revealed (then) such (people) are the Faasiqoon [the rebellious i.e. disobedient (of a lesser degree)] to Allaah [al-Maa’idah 5:47]

  211. zaheer khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    This is a request please don’t change the topic.

    As you know the stories from fazail e amal and other book from of ulma e deoband, Please let me know your opinion that they are kafir of not.


    Opinion about karamat-e-ahle-hadees.

  212. zaheer khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    Please correct me if i am wrong about karamat e ahle hadith book.

    I am not abusing or blaming anyone, any ulmaha from any sect.

  213. sanaulla sharief says:

    Zaheer Khan

    Did I ever say that such and such a person is kafir.?
    It is left to the readers to judge a person’s writings taking Quran and Hadees as standard

    The people of the first three pious generations were ‘ahle hadees’. They used to be guided by Quran and Hadees.
    There are very few karamats attributed to them.

    I did not find any among them claiming to be a ‘wali’ and possessing the authority or capacity to do a karamat at will

    Ahle-Hadees are ‘ghair muqalldees’.. They do not have any’ muhaddis’ among their ranks, who claims to be a wali and sahib e karamat. IF YOU KNOW SOME ONE , LET ME KNOW IT.If you know any book on that topic, give me the title of the book and the author. I will try to get it

  214. sanaulla sharief says:


    Meditation, Excessive Chanting and breath holding

    Excessive chanting and breath-holding exercises are essential rituals of mysticism. This is generally done in solitude and for hours together. It is believed that such rituals enlighten the heart with knowledge and gives them miraculous powers.

    The Sufis too have similar types of Dhikr…

    Moulana Zakariyah says: “Hazrat Nizamuddin al-Umri was instructed by his Shaikh to recite `Allahu’ 90 times in a single breathe gradually increasing the number in accordance with his ability. Ultimately, he developed his ability to the extent of up to 400 times with a single breath.” [Mashaikh-e-Chist (Eng. Trans.) p.192.]

    The practice of heavy breathing, as in the Sufi Dhikr of inhaling whilst saying “La-ilaha” and then exhaling to create a loud and sharp voice saying `ill-lal-lah’ is seen in various oriental and eastern religions. Islam neither specifies breathing techniques as part of Ibaadah, nor sets any guidelines in this regard.

  215. zaheer khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    Breath-holding exercises is not haram in ISLAM and doesn’t make such person kafir.

    We don’t care the judgement about other readers.
    Please let every one know your opinion that they are kafir of not,
    You have pass number of comments about this people, now need to present your judgement.


    Opinion about karamat-e-ahle-hadees.

  216. sanaulla sharief says:


    Shaykh al-Islam Syed Husain Ahmad Madani Ra advice was to to recite Durood e Tunjina 70 times daily, for the protection of calamities.

    Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi RA writes “Durood e Tunjina should be recited a thousand times at the time of any hardship or calamity.” (Zaadus Sa’eed, by Hakeem ul Ummah Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Page 14

  217. sanaulla sharief says:


    Uncovering the fault from every liar is from the religion
    And [likewise] from every innovator that brought calamities
    And had it not been for the Sunni men, then certainly, destroyed
    Would have been the strongholds of Allaah’s deen from every direction

  218. KAM says:

    @Zaheer Khan: What is a kafir to you? Should he deny ALLAH all together or deny commandments of ALLAH? Do you understand innovation in ISLAM and its stance? A sinner muslim is better than an innovator because he does a sin and may repent to ALLAH whereas innovator in the religion sins by inventing new matters and thinking he is earning deeds; ALLAH’s Prophet (sallhu wa alihi wasalaam) has rejected any new ways to worship ALLAH that is not authenticated by him (SAW). It is surely the satan’s way to destroy the belief of a practicing muslim by creating ways, those not found in Sunnah (SAW).

    Imam Shafi (rahamullah) said a person who invents new matter in ISLAM is like who believes in Prophet’s (salalhu walihi wasalam) forgetfulness or incompetent (Nauzubillah) in spreading out message of ALLAH to the ummah.

    You have fallen to fitnah of shytan, for you have been defending some sufi deoband scholars and not really accepting to go by the Quran and Sunnah’s (Sallahu wa alihi wasalaam) way.

    Therefore, remember the grand Imam of the universe is only Prophet Muhammad (sallahu waalihi wasalaam) and not anybody else, period. ALLAH won’t ask you for the karamat of someone else or you to take any advantage from his adventure.

    And finally answering you about someone being a kafir or not, if you cannot be Hisbullah you are hisbushytan according to ALLAH Almighy. You can assign any name you wish and waste more time in reading, defending karamat-a-deoband/etc. or read Quran and authenticated explanation of it, implementation and I must say centralization of command is the only way to have one ummah without differences of the opinion in the religion. May ALLAH advice and make us understand His chosen religion ISLAM. (ameen)

  219. KAM says:

    I have few questions for you, may make you rethink about the credibility you have for deoband deen.

    Why Fazal-a-Ammal have several Languages and no proper Arabic version has been introduced?

    Why Arabs (Jamaat-tablighis) resent Fazal-a-Ammal and instead read Riyad-us-Salaheen by Imam Navavi??

    Did Allah not send prophets to be a Warner and give glad tidings? Accordingly is the deoband’s way not against ALLAH’s way?

    Should you think reading only optimistic (e.g. Fazal Ammal, Fazal Zakat, Fazal Hajj, Fazal Darood etc.) material makes people come close to ISLAM and Prophet Muhammad (sallahu wa alihiwa salaam) began his preaching by telling the Qurash tribe about an army who were to attack them and if they believe him so?

  220. zaheer khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    Reciting Durood several time doesn’t make such person kafir.

    Please let every one know your opinion that they are kafir of not,

    Don’t present there advises, present your judgement.


    Opinion about karamat-e-ahle-hadees.

  221. sanaulla sharief says:

    Durood, which durood?

    Only the ‘durood’ which has been taught by our Prophet

    Say, no to Durood e Tunjina, durood e Taj, durood Makki, duay e ganj baksh

  222. zaheer khan says:


    Please explain the properties of kafir and BIDDA.

    As per any new ways to worship ALLAH, this are “mutashabihat” not farz.
    Farz is intact, no deobandi is says to change it.

    Imam Shafi (rahamullah) is explaining innovation, not blaming any one like you.

    If I am trying to defend sufi it doesn’t mean that i am not following Quran and Sunnah’s (Sallahu wa alihi wasalaam).

    Not only me but every muslim should remember grand Imam of the universe that is only Prophet Muhammad sallahu waalihi wasalaam and sahaba razi allah anhu.

    I never claim that Allah will ask me or any one about karamat and I got benefits from that it is your words, trying to blame me.

    Answer to my question about someone being a kafir is not, that nay one can assign any name he wish to any muslim.

  223. zaheer khan says:


    The proper Arabic version of Fazal-a-Ammal is available.

    There is no problem reading Riyad-us-Salaheen by Imam Navavi except Fazal-a-Ammal.

    Allah has send prophets to be a Warner and give glad tidings.

    Deoband’s way is not against ALLAH’s way.

    We never says only reading Fazal Ammal, Fazal Zakat, Fazal Hajj, Fazal Darood makes people come close to ISLAM.

    It is your habit to tell lie upon someone.

  224. zaheer khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    I am not interested which Durood and how many times they told to read.

    Please let every one know your opinion that they are kafir of not,

    Don’t present there advises, present your judgement.

    AND once again…..

    Opinion about karamat-e-ahle-hadees.

  225. KAM says:

    Zaheer khan you probably are a lawyer or by nature therefore you act like how you do; and I have known people like you in debates by the deoband scholar Safdar Okarwii (passed away) with Ahl’Haidth Scholars and his way as an example to you; he said “Bring me a haidth with 4 rakat and every rakat get Rafayadeen twice (raising hands in Salat) counting to total 8 +1 after the Tashud and then only I shall accept this obligatory act in the Salat”.

    Do you know who he was? He was a headmaster of some primary school and the grade of knowledge in ISLAM he had was so little, distorted and he always thought he won. He use to answer in questions and as I have heard his death came right after he had Muba’laha challenge with ahl’Hadith.

    So you are not the first or last may be.

  226. KAM says:

    I have told you Arabs resent fazail syllabus and read Riyad-us-Saleen instead; you seems did not want to answer or understand my point. Muslim Arabs sense naturally and is Allah’s major blessings to distinguish shriik from the matter.

    They have disapproved of Fazail versions and tablighis found somewhat different for them Riyaad-us-Salaheen to compel them to be in their group. Faulty syllabus of Fazial is now serving Urdu, Pashto, Sindi, English, French, Germany etc speaking muslims but definitely not Arabic.

  227. KAM says:

    Fazail syllabus come with only glad tiddings based on correct, weak and wrong narrations, stories of some wise men without names. Fazail Darood was pin pointed flaws in the Arab lands as they learned the shriikkiya poems such as “Tarahuum ya rasoollah tarahuum” was very not Islamic.

    In all case why not read Quran, translate and make others listen, did ALLAH’s Prophet (SAW) not said the best of you who learn Quran and teach?

    Going places leaving families behind for learning few surahs and reading stories from faizal fantasy text book and you could have just sat down with the Imam Masjid or scholar near to you. After learning ISLAM from originals you can start preaching from your home, neighbors, friends, relatives, around your town etc.

  228. KAM says:

    And mind it reading Fazails only should push you away from learning ISLAM ways. How to pray, what breaks fasting what not, Zakat and Hajj all should be conditional to Sunnah (SAW) authentication and not what my imam said which may contradict with the Sunnah (SAW) but I must follow (A_Muqaleed).

    Your stubbornness in matters like karamat-a-deoband, you are trying hard to make deobandies look beautiful enough to be accepted is actually causing back fire because the nature you are assigning on them is the way of satan and not the way of ALLAH, making a believer to go in to innovations (BIDAH), assuming the dead to hear so to support the idea of calling upon the dead. And I must say your opinions are corrupt and as democracy gave everyone freedom of speech that is all about you nothing for ISLAM, QURAN or SUNNAH (sallahu waalihi wasalaam).

  229. sanaulla sharief says:

    Amr ibn Hishām=Abu Jahl

    Why he was labelled Abu Jahl ?

    His famous saying
    Mohammad, I do not say, you are a liar
    But, I cannot accept, your sayings as truth

  230. sanaulla sharief says:


    More than 16,000 azkar in a day.

    Bi Safia, Maulana Ilyas’s mother.
    The mother of Maulana Mohammad Ilyas, Bi Safia, had learnt the Quran by heart and attained great distinction in it. It was a regular practice with her to recite the whole of the Quran and additional ten Juze (part) every day during Ramadan. She, thus, completed forty recitals of the Quran in that month and was so fluent in it that her household duties did not suffer on account of it. See, generally, kept herself engaged in some work while doing the recitation. Apart from the month of Ramadan, her daily routine of worship included: DURUD Sharif, 5,000 times; Ism-i-Zaat Allah, 5,000 times; Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim, 1,000 times, Yaa Mughnee-u 1,100 times, La illaaha illallaah, 1,200 times Yaa-Haiyyu, Ya Qaiyum 200 times, Hasbiallaah wa ni’mul Vakil, 500 times; Subhan Allah, 200 times; Alhamdu lillaah, 200 times; La ilaaha illallaah, 200 times; Allah O-Akbar, 200 times; Istighfar, 500 times; Ofwwizu amree illallaah, 100 times; Hasbunallaah wa ni’mul Vakil, 1000 times; Rabb-i in-ni maghloobun fantasir, 1,000 times: Rabb-i-inni masanni-az-zurru wa anla ar-hamur rahimeen, 100 times; Laa ilaaha enta subhanaka in-ni kunzu minaz-zalimeen, 100 times. In addition, she recited a Manzil (1/7) of the Quran everyday.

    May Allah curse the liars.

  231. sanaulla sharief says:

    Auliya Allah

    Allah describes them as,

    The believers, men and women, are Auliyâ’ (helpers, supporters, friends, protectors) of one another; they enjoin (on the people) Al-Ma‘rûf (i.e. Islâmic Monotheism and all that Islâm orders one to do), and forbid (people) from Al-Munkar (i.e. polytheism and disbelief of all kinds, and all that Islâm has forbidden); they perform As-Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salât), and give the Zakât, and obey Allâh and His Messenger. Allâh will have His Mercy on them. Surely Allâh is All-Mighty, All-Wise. Al-Tawba
    We said: “Get down all of you from this place (the Paradise), then whenever there comes to you Guidance from Me, and whoever follows My Guidance, there shall be no fear on them, nor shall they grieve (38) Al-Baqra

    Yes, but whoever submits his face (himself) to Allâh (i.e. follows Allâh’s Religion of Islâmic Monotheism) and he is a Muhsin then his reward is with his Lord (Allâh), on such shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. Al-baqra 262

    Those who spend their wealth in the Cause of Allâh, and do not follow up their gifts with reminders of their generosity or with injury, their reward is with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve (262)

    Truly those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and perform As-Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salât), and give Zakât, they will have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. Al-Baqra-(277)

  232. Iabhortrinity says:

    No Zaheer Khan is not a lawyer, He is a liar and an idiot. He only wants to know that whether Akabareens of Deoband are Kafir or not. What ever they do no matter but thy are not Kafir. This is height of idiocy on his part that even BIDDAH is not a problem to him. He wants that whether all these Biddah what he has already accepted do not make them (Akabereen of Deoband) kafir so no problem.

    Zaheer, your understanding of Islam is zero. First you need to understand Islam as a concept. What it wants from a Muslim, What is required to be a Muslim. What are Awamar we Nawahi as per ordained by Quran and Hadeeth of Prophet Mohammed SAW.

    What is BIDDAH in Islam why Prophet Mohammed SAW used to be so harsh against Biddati that he prayed that Biddati will go to Hell.

    You really need to work hard on these issues.
    May Allah help you to understand and practice Islam on the basis of Quran and Hadeeth.

  233. sanaulla sharief says:

    The ‘auliyas’ of moulna Zakaria seems to possess more ‘qudrat’ than our beloved Prophet.

    Our Prophet walked on foot from Makkah to Taif.
    Our Prophet was unable to fly Madina to Makkah for Umrah
    Our Prophet was unable to fly from Hudaibiya to Makkah to do Umrah
    Our Prophet was buried in the grave. His dead body did not move towards the heaven on its own

    Now read moulana Zakaria writes in Mashaikh Chist

    KHWAAJAH MAUDOOD CHISHTI(rahmatullah alayh)
    He had acquired the miracle of
    Tay’ul Ardh (i.e. to traverse great distances in moments). When he wished to perform tawaaf, he would in moments be miraculously in Makkah Mukarramah.

    He had also acquired the capabilities known as Kashf-e-Quloob (Revelation of the hearts) and Kashf-e-Quboor (Revelation of the graves).

    Shaikh Maudood passed away in the beginning of Rajab 427 Hijri at the age of 97 years. His first Janaazah Salaat was performed by invisible (ghaib) men. Thereafter the general public performed the Janaazah Salaat. After the Janaazah Salaat, the Janaazah of its own accord, moved in mid-air. Seeing this miraculous event of Khwajah Maudood, numerous people accepted Islam.

  234. sanaulla sharief says:


    The Prophet (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) once saw a book in the hand of ‘Umar, that he had transcribed from the Torah and that he was amazed at how much it conformed with the Qur.aan. So the anger reflected on the face of the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) until ‘Umar went over to a fire and threw it in.
    So how would it be if the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) were to see what was written after him, from the books that oppose and contradict what is in the Qur.aan and Sunnah?! And Allaah is the One in whom we seek assistance! The Prophet (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) commanded everyone that recorded his (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) statements to erase what they had recorded from him (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam), except for the Qur.aan. Afterwards, he permitted his Sunnah to be recorded, but did not give permission for anything other than that.
    Therefore, all these books that consist of opposition to the Sunnah have no permission to be written. Rather, they only have permission to be erased and destroyed, for there is not anything more harmful to the ummah than these books. The Sahaabah (radhi-yallaahu ‘anhum) burned all the copies of the mus-haf that opposed the mus-haf of ‘Uthmaan (Radhi-yallaahu ‘anhu) out of fear that differing would spread amongst the ummah (if they didn’t do so). So how would it be if they were to see the books of today that cause disunity and division amongst the ummah!?” [At-Turuq-ul-Hukmiyyah (pg. 282)]

  235. zaheer khan says:


    Don’t be furious ! !

    I am not a lawyer or professional debater.
    Maulana safdar sarfaraz Okarwii rahmatullah is not only headmaster of some primary school, he was scholar, writer, lecturer in Hadith and tafsir, and Tasawwuf.
    He dies at 95, and in his life time he had number of debates with Ahle-Haidth, so what make seance that his death came right after he had Muba’laha challenge with ahl’Hadit.

    Yes I am not the first or last to speak truth.

  236. zaheer khan says:


    As-per the information you have provided that Arabs resent fazail syllabus and read Riyad-us-Saleen instead of Fazail-e-Amal.

    Can you please provide a reference in this matter and if possible please provide some official document from arab world to prove that they got shriikkiya poems in the books of Deoband.

  237. zaheer khan says:


    Please explain that how it is bad, Going places leaving families behind for learning few surahs and reading stories from faizal book and sating down with the Imam Masjid or scholar near to you.

    Please explain how reading Fazails should push a muslim away from learning Islamic ways.

  238. zaheer khan says:


    Please try to understand my stubbornness is in the matters like karamat not only karamat-a-deoband, and I am not trying hard to make deobandies look beautiful, In-fact they are beautiful and strong in knowledge.
    This fact is accepted by big scholars from all over the world, except most of the ahle-haidth and baralvies.

    You are right ‘KAM’ democracy give everyone freedom of speech as we can see in this blog.

  239. zaheer khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    Now one interested how many azkar they recite every day.

    Please let every one know your opinion that they are kafir of not,

    Don’t present there advises, present your judgement.


    Opinion about karamat-e-ahle-hadees.

  240. zaheer khan says:


    This is the problem with narrow minded people, they don’t even know how to judge others.

    Except getting frustrated and asking questions, you can explain Islamic creed.

    I really appreciate your effort to show my caliber and thanks for dua.

    May Allah help us to understand and practice Islam on the basis of Quran and Hadeeth.


  241. KAM says:

    Zaheer Khan I started believing that you are a BOT, who takes words from the blog and return what is said.

    Tariq Jameel is not a scholar just a speaker and neither was safdar Okarwii saheb, he was impossible just like yourself.

    And you are telling truth about deoband scholars for which may ALLAH reward brother Shareef who has done extreme exposing facts about the grand scholars of deoband. And it is not backbiting due to exposing evil to the Ummah for their correction.

    And I am not furious as I believe ALLAH has kept everyone in the position and timely advice should come to him only when ALLAH wills.

    And by the way you need to check great book Sabil-a-Rasool by Sadiq Sialkoti (Rahamullah) and Safdar Okarwii saheb dared writing answers and was re-answered back by Salman Salafi saheb. Full version is available in one book and you can see how he tried to reject authenticated hasan and saheh hadith. You may be surprised.

  242. sanaulla sharief says:

    Allaamah Abul-Hasanaat Abdul Hayy Lucknowee
    From the respected hanafee scholars of the sub-continent, Allaamah
    Abul-Hasanaat Abdul Hayy Lucknowee writes in Imaam al-Kalaam
    ““Whoever looks with the looks of justice and delves in the oceans of
    jurisprudence and principles (Fiqh and Usool) then he will know with
    certain knowledge that most of the subsidiary and issues of principle the
    scholars differ upon then from them the school (of thought) of the
    scholars of hadeeth is more stronger than other schools of thought and
    when I traverse parts (issues) that are differed upon then I find the
    statement of the scholars of hadeeth to be the closest to the truth and
    for Allaah is their amazement and to his gratitude and why should there
    not be as they are the inheritors of the prophets and the true inheritors
    of his sharee’ah and may Allaah counts us from amongst them and may
    we die upon love for them and their ways.”1
    Allaamah Zakariyyah Khandhelwee.
    Allaamah Zakariyyah Khandhelwee in his Awjazul-Masaalik Ilaa
    Muwatta Imaam Maalik (pg.7), in explanation of the hadeeth, “The
    people the most closest to the Messenger of Allaah (Sallallahu Alayhee
    Wasalam) on the day of judgement will be those who abundantly send
    salutations upon him.” Mentions the statement of Imaam Ibn Hibbaan,
    “It is clear from this hadeeth the most closest to the Messenger of
    Allaah (Sallallahu Alayhee Wasalam) are the Ahlul Hadeeth because
    there is no other group who sends salutation upon the Messenger of
    Allaah (Sallallahu Alayhee Wasalam) more abundantly than them.”
    Meaning whilst reading, listening and narrating ahadeeth they are always
    sending salutations. He also transmits from Imaam Ibn A’asaakir,
    “This glad tiding is for the Ahlul Hadeeth may Allaah give them more
    success and he has granted them his great favour.”

    Allaamah Ashraf Alee Thanwee
    Allaamah Ashraf Alee Thanwee in his Fataawa Ashrafiyyah (4/89) in
    mentioning the credentials of Ahlul Hadeeth says,
    “The Ahlul Hadeeth separated and categorised the authentic, weak,
    hadeeth missing the companions and disconnected ahadeeth and
    compiled sciences such names of men, trustworthiness, praise and
    criticism and during this period the 6 most authentic books of hadeeth
    were collated.”
    Meaning the Ahlul hadeeth have the expertise and knowledge ahadeeth
    upon which the religion is based upon, the rest are just depended upon

  243. sanaulla sharief says:

    Rasheed Ahmad Gangohee
    Finally we present the statement of the famous guide from Deoband and
    respected elder Allaamah Rasheed Ahmad Gangohee he said,
    “Most of the general muqallids (blind followers) and even the learned
    ones are so staunch and bigoted that if they were to hear a verse or
    hadeeth in opposition to the statement (of their) mujtahid their hearts
    do not openly accept rather theirs hearts firstly disapprove and then
    they begin to worry about figuratively explaining it no matter how far
    fetched (the evidence is from the issue) and even if the stronger
    evidence is contradictory rather the evidence of the mujtahid is
    probably nothing except analogical reasoning, but even if they did not
    have the intention of figuratively explaining it they will consider it
    necessary do so in order to uphold victory for their madhab. Their heart
    does not accept that they leave the statement of mujtahid and act upon
    the authentic clear hadeeth. On some issues of Sunnah where there are
    differences for example saying Ameen loudly they come to stage of
    fighting and hitting and this was no the case in the first three
    generations but they were agreed to ask whoever they wished. Hence
    consensus has been mentioned on this issue that to leave the four
    madhabs and to chose another particular madhab is impermissible ie it
    is not permissible to act on any issue that opposes the four madhabs
    because the truth is within the circle of the four madhabs however there
    is no evidence for this because the literalists (Ahludh-Dhaahir) have
    been around in every era and it is also not necessary that all of them were people of desire and hence stayed away from this agreement.
    Secondly even if the consensus is established then there has never been
    consensus on the taqleed of one person.”

  244. KAM says:

    Do you need an official document from them? Try sending some tablighis to KSA and stand to announce like routine and know the consequences.

    In other countries like UAE, Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi’s cousin Sheikh Saleh is in Arab Tablighis group and they let these mostly bachelors to go out on field trips to occupy them.

    Fazail Darood has been discarded from arab countries, where they are still allowed to practice.

    I have stayed near a masjid where tablighis use to visit and I have even met one Arab brother on one occasion and I have asked him about it and he said someone should help them to guide them rightfully. Sheikh Ibn Baz (rahamullah) when asked he stated these people are having good intentions but without proper guidelines and some rightful should be with them to correct them.

    Alhumdulilah we ahl’Hadiths are doing very much the same for the sake and pleasure of ALLAH but advice is with ALLAH. No hard feelings. ok.

  245. Iabhortrinity says:

    Dear Zaheer,

    In none of your post you have defended on the basis of Quran and Hadees. You are just asking whether this belief pattern makes some body Kafir or Not if it does not then you have no problem. And this is what the height of stupidity is, if you are not able to comprehend the severity of proven BIDDAH on the part of AKABERENN DEOBAND, it is sheer stupidity on your part and this is not out of any kind of frustration.

    My earlier question remains unanswered by you. HOW A MUSLIM BECOME BANDA IN ZAHIR AND KHUDA IN BATIN”

    And if your Imdadullah Muhajir Makki believes in this then you will have to judge whether he is kafir or not. We do not pronounce KAFIR to any Muslim who atleast say LAILAHA ILLALAH MOHAMMEDUR RASOLLALLAH” because of three reasons. No. one he can ruju from his belief any time, he can do taweel of his belief and thirdly he might be under duress.

    Now if you want to defend your Imdadullah Muhajir Makki please defend him on the basis of Quran and Hadees which you can’t do it so you are under stress and frustration not us.

    Another point, the entire DEOBANDISM has been refuted completely by most of the Ajhe Hadees in this very forum. Check the post from FARAN IMAM. He has refuted your Masaile Mansoosa which are against Quran and Hadees and still you say you are on right path.

    In nutshell





  246. KAM says:

    See I tried to give you solution by not going around and learn from a scholar available near to you and you wrote:” Please explain that how it is bad, Going places leaving families behind for learning few surahs and reading stories from faizal book and sating down with the Imam Masjid or scholar near to you.”

    Should this be a understanding mistake or deliberate??

    Let me tell you about reading “Fazails” only without mentioning of ISLAMIC FIQH is like, You make the listener get multiplied rewards without knowing how actually attain it by perfecting the fundamentals. Both Fazail- syllabus and Riyad-us-Saleehen do not go along with the essence of Sunnah’s way of preaching.

    And Finally Allah the Exalted said: “And We send not the Messengers except as giver of glad tidings and warners”. Dawhi (Preachers) are suppose to be rightful decedent of Prophets and Allah has stated how they should do.

    Meanwhile, Riyad-us-Saleen is a better book any day comparing Fazail books due to its captured hadiths are minimally graded are Hasan or only Saheha. and let me be clear Imam Navavii (rahmatullah) did not right this book for the Tablighis, they happen to select it. But Moulana Zakariya actually wrote Fazail books intentionally.

  247. KAM says:

    They are beautiful and strong in defending what they have thought is truthful which has fallen short with QURAN, sorry cannot buy your idea.

    OK.. lets have it your way, may be you can give me Quran and Hadith when karamat-a-deoband is layed. I shall have all the time reading your response but lets not waste in going with declaring them kafirs because we do not know if these characters are culprits or the writers are liars.

    The fact of over doing in Karamat-a-Awliya is practiced in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Plastine, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and places where these Sufism believers are settled and NOT the world as you have exaggerated.

    And baralvies and deobandis are like twins, came in to the world by seconds. Do you know deobands are hated by baralvies due to mistaken in identity?

    It is the fact; I do not know why you should make the baralvies combined with ahle-haidths.

  248. sanaulla sharief says:

    Allaamah Muhammad bin Aabideen bin Shaamee
    The famous muftee of the hanafees Allaamah Muhammad bin Aabideen
    bin Shaamee whose book Radd al-Mukhtaar Sharh Durr al-Mukhtaar is
    well known, writes in his book A’qood al-Laalee Fil-Asaaneed al-
    A’waalee al-Masoor (pg.11),
    “It is reported in ad-Darr al-Manthoor from Sufyaan ibn Uyainah who
    in the explanation of as-Saaliheen from the saying of Allaah, “(Wash-
    Shuhada Was-Saaliheen (Nisaa (4):69) “The martyrs and the righteous..”said they are Ahlul-Hadeeth, this is also mentioned in Masaalik al-
    Abraar Ilaa Ahadeeth an-Nabee al-Mukhtaar of Kauraanee, may Allaah
    be please with them and may he bless us with their blessings and may he
    judge us with them on (on the day of judgement) and may we die upon
    love for them.”

  249. sanaulla sharief says:

    Qadhee Abu Yoosuf Ya’qoob bin Ibraaheem al-Koofee

    The foremost student of Imaam Abu Haneefah and the great pillar of
    the hanafee madhab, Qadhee Abu Yoosuf Ya’qoob bin Ibraaheem al-
    Koofee whilst addressing the Ahlul Hadeeth said,

    “There is no one on the earth better than you as when you come and go
    you are always listening to the hadeeth of the Messenger of Allaah
    (Sallallahu Alayhee Wasalam)” (Sharf Ashaabul-Hadeeth pg.49 of
    ie the Qaadhee is clarifying the best knowledge is of hadeeth as this is
    the explanation of the speech of the Lord (ie the Quraan). So tell us can
    there be a better group than the group who hold such a position and

  250. sanaulla sharief says:

    Dawah-The way of the prophet

    First to the wife-Hazrat Khatija
    Next to the frineds-Hazrat AbuBakr
    Next to the sub-ordinates-Zyd bin Harisa
    Next to immediate family memberss- Bani Hashim
    Next to distant family members-Qureish
    Next in the city- in the city of Makkah
    Next in the nearest city- Taif

    For thirteen years, the ‘aqeeda’ was the main topic.

  251. sanaulla sharief says:

    Dawah- for the propagation of Sufism or propagation of Islam?

    The TJ was established to propagate the teachings of Ashraf Ali Thanvi.
    To know him and his ‘aqeeda’-the best source is his writings.
    especially beheshti zewar, aamaal-qurani, arwhe salasa

  252. sanaulla sharief says:

    Fateha or Eesal e Sawab.

    Brelvies call it Fateha
    Deobandies label it as Eesal Sawab.


    Moulana Zakaria writes in Fazael-e-Amal,
    Muhammad Ibne Ahmad Marvazi Rahmatullah alaihe quoted Imaam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal as saying, “Whenever you go to the graveyard you should recite Surah Fateha,Ikhlas, al-Falaq and an-Nas and supplicate, Allah to transmit the reward of those to the dead in the graveyard. They will certainly receive it.” Fazael-e-Sadaqat’ part 1 page 101

  253. sanaulla sharief says:

    Karamats and Karamats

    How many of you have tableeghi friends or family memebrs?

    When they sit together, they talk of miraculous happenings, while they were away in the ‘jamath’. For instance

    Some unknown person brings grocery, someone takes the kids to the hospital, the wife delivers a baby without any pain, the income increases and many more .

    In one ‘ejtma’, brothers come and enroll, if your wife is pregnant, she will deliver a boy’inshaAllah


  254. sanaulla sharief says:


    Dalail al Khairat is a composition of different blessings on prophet [sal allahu alayhi wa sallam].

    It was composed by Imam Muhammad ibn Sulayman al-Jazuli al Hasani (Rh) (d. 869 AH /1465).

    O Mercy of Allah. I am afraid filled with fear

    O Grace of Allah. I am ruined, so help me.

    And I have no good acts with which to meet The All Knowing.

    But great love for you and my faith.

    Be my protection from the evil of life and from

    The evil of death and from the burning of my mortal frame.

    And fulfill my every need saving me from ruin.

    And be my release from the fetters of disobedience.

    Even today every Deobandee recites this book which is full of ‘shirkiya’ aqaied

  255. sanaulla sharief says:




    Now with regards to Deoband’s graveyard observe another divine inspiration.

    “Khateera-e-Qudsiya or Khitta-e-Saleheen meaning those graveyards where Hazrat Maulana Nanotvi (R.A.) Shaikh-ul-Hind Hazrat Maulana Mehmoodul Hasan Saheb (R.A), Fakhrul Hind Hazrat Maulana Habibur Rehman Saheb (R.A), Mufti-e-A’azam Hazrat Maulana Azizur Rehman Saheb (R.A.) and many other Ulema and students are buried. With regards to this portion it was the divine inspiration of Shah Ralfiuddeen Saheb that those who will be buried here. Insha Allah are forgiven.”
    (Mubashshiraat Page 31)

    Be it known that this term “Insha Allah” is used as a point of language, if not with the term of “Insha Allah”, those buried in every graveyards are worthy of being forgiven. Why is this special divine inspiration connected with Deoband’s graveyard?

    This claim through divine inspiration of equality with Madina”s Jannatul Baqee’ is the finest reflection of business intelligence. Now at the end observe a very peculiar divine inspiration with regards to the grave of Maulvi Qasim Saheb Nanotvi.

    “It is the revelation of the former principal of Darul-Uloom. Hazrat Maulana Rafiudeen Saheb Mujaddidi Naqshbandi that the grave of the founder of Darul-Uloom Deoband Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Qasim Saheb Nanotvi is in a grave of a Prophet (Nabi).”
    (Mubashshiraat, Page 36)

    It cannot be understood what is meant by this revelation of his. Was there a grave of a Prophet before in Deoband, which was made vacant and in its place Nanotvi Saheb was buried? Who revealed the trace of that Prophet’s grave? If it is not so then what is meant by this revelation of his?

  256. zaheer khan says:


    Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat believes that Everything happens according to Allah’s will, knowledge, predestination and decree. Allah has absolute control over everything and nothing has any control over Him. Nothing can be independent of Allah even for the blinking of an eye, and whoever considers himself independent of Allah for the blinking of an eye is guilty of unbelief and becomes one of the people of perdition.
    Ahlus Sunnah believe in Karamat of Auliya, person other than Prophet may get Kramat from Allah.

    1. Quran says that Hazrat Mariyam used to get fruits without season and Prophet Zakaria was not getting,But it does not mean that she became bigger than Prophet.
    2. Yaqub Alaihissalam could not trace from the well of Kunan But By will of Allah he could smell the cloths of Yusuf Alaihissalam from far away Egypt.

    So if you will see the Karamat e Aulia with Muslim vision you will find the greatness of Allah. Otherwise you may find something else if you consider that it has been done by the Aulia Allah, then it will become shirk, in Aulia Allah Stories and saying.

    “A MUSLIM BECOME BANDA IN ZAHIR AND KHUDA IN BATIN” phrase does not mean person become actually lord.
    Just like if a muslim do “rahmat” it doesn’t mean he is Rahman (Allah).

    It’s only your thinking that the entire DEOBANDISM has been refuted completely by most of the Ajhe Hadee.

  257. zaheer khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    Please let every one know your opinion that they are kafir of not,


    Opinion about karamat-e-ahle-hadees.

  258. Iabhortrinity says:

    @Zaheer Khan,

    This is sheer TAWEEL on your part and you have answered just one part of my question. In second part I have asked that in which Ayah of Koran it is mentioned that A PERSON BECOME KHUDA FROM INSIDE, In which HADEES it is mentioned and prove that IMAM ABU HANEEFA believed that a PERSON BECOMES KHUDA IN BATIN AND BANDA FROM ZAHIR.




    From the above your Taweel is absolutely not correct. The AQEEDA of your Sheikh was that The Creater and Creature are one and this is known as WAHDATUL AJOOD.

    How can you rebut that WAHDATUL WAJOOD is the teaching of our Prophet Mohammed SAW

  259. sanaulla sharief says:




    While portraying Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanwi’s life, Khwaja Azizul Hasan in his book mentioning Thanwi Saheb’s friends, has copied this incident. He writes:-
    “Hazrat Hafiz Ahmed Husain Saheb Shah Jahanpuri who besides being a respectable citizen of Shah Jahanpur was also a Saheb-e-Silsila Buzurg. Once he cursed someone and that person died immediately. Instead of being happy at the performance of his Karamat (Miracle), rather frightened, through the medium of writing asked Hazrat-e-Wala (Thanwi Saheb) this Mas’ala (Religious question), whether “that I have committed a sin of murder?”
    (Ashrafus Swaneh, Vol. I Page 125)
    This answer of Thanwi Saheb which shrinks Imaan, is worthy of reading with amazement. He wrote:-
    “If you possess the utilisation of power and at the time of cursing you have utilised this power meaning that utilising your power together with the intention of your thought that this person must die then it is the sin. Because this murder is in doubt of intention therefore compensation and atonement (Kaffarah) becomes incumbent (Wajib).”
    (Ashrafus Swaneh, Vol. I Page 125)

  260. sanaulla sharief says:


    With regards to a building in Darul Uloom Deoband this divine inspiration of Maulvi Rafiuddeen Saheb former principal of Darul Uloom Deoband, it is narrated narrated that:-
    “1 the principal of Darul-Uloom Deoband Maulana Shah Rafiuddeen Saheb conceived through his divine inspiration. And declared, that I have seen a chain of Noor from the centre of Maulana’s classroom till the divine throne (Arsh-e-Moalla).”
    (Mubashshiraat, Page 31)

  261. sanaulla sharief says:


    This very author of Arwah-e-Salasa Ameer Shah Khan is also the narrator of this incident regarding Gangohi Saheb. He narrates.
    “Once Gangohi Saheb was very emotional and the topic (Mas’alah) under discussion was imagination of a Shaikh. He said, “must I tell?” It was requested to say. again, he said must I tell? It was requested to say, again he said “must I tell?” It was requested to say then he said, the face of Hazrat Imdad was in my heart for a full period of three years and I have done nothing without seeking his permission. Then he became more emotional and said mast I tell? It was requested Hazrat must say. He said: The same number of years the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi wa sallam) was in my heart and I have done nothing without his permission. After saying this he became more emotional. He said “must I say?” It was requested to say but he remained silent. On the request of the people he then said. “Leave it out.”
    (Arwah-e-Salasa Page 291)
    Meaning now God’s face is also in the heart. God forbid.
    Be it know “that the expression here is not in the figurative and metaphoric language but is definitely applicable on its external. Let it be know” that here by the Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi wa sallam) is not meant his light (Noor) but is meant the Holy Prophet in person because Noor is a very delicate illumination. It is meaningless to discuss with it.

    The point here to ponder is this that when the question arose of their superiority then all the impossible are not only possible but have also become events. Now from every aspect this question (does it not arise) God forbid that those days when He (The Prophet Sallallaho Alaihi wa sallam) stayed in his heart, then for those number of days was he or was he not in his holy grave? If he wasn’t then was the holy grave empty for those days? If he was present then what will be answer to this question which Thanwi Sahib wrote on the presence of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi wa sallam) at the gatherings of Mehfil-e-Meelad that:-
    “If Mehfil-e-Meelad are established at different venues at the same time will He the Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi wa sallam) be present at all the venues or not? Then he has to decide on his preference as where to go and where not to go. If he goes everywhere, how can he be at a thousand places when his existence is one.”
    (Fatawa Imdadiya Vol. 4 Page 58)
    Under no circumstances this different angle of sight can be overlooked that they all are silent with the full mind of acknowledgment on the question of their spiritual superiority and the power of their Ghaibi perception and when the question arose with respect to our Beloved Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi wa sallam) then lovers of mischievous minds have skinned such hair that a persons belief and trust has been wounded. If the feeling of justice is associated with your sight then at various places in this book you shall observe the unique style of Deobandi thoughts.
    And another aspect of this incident of Gangohi Saheb is when he says that he has not executed any work without the permission of the Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi wa sallam), which is so provoking that when pondering over it blood oozes from the eyes. In other words, he has ascribed all the faulty qualities of his body, tongue and pen to the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi wa sallam). Because this claim can never be proven that he had not committed any action against the law of religion during that period and if it has happened then we will have to believe according to his narration, God forbid, that he has committed those actions with the presence of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihi wa sallam) against the law of religion.

  262. sanaulla sharief says:


    A person by the name of Mukhlisur Rehman, a Disciple (Mureed) of Gangohi Saheb, regarding him the author of Tazkiratur Rasheed narrates.

    “One day lying in the monastery engrossed in his work he became inebriated and saw Hazrat Shah Waliullah passing before him. While passing drew his attention and ordered him “see!” Whatever you desire, desire (ask) it from maulana Rasheed Ahmed Saheb.”
    (Tazkiratur Rasheed Vol. 2 Page 309).

    Shah Wilullah Saheb and members of his family were regarded in India as the greatest protector of the belief of Monotheism (Tawheed) but the biggest astonishment here is that he left God and advised to desire (ask) for everything from Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed.

    The Narrator of this story should be ashamed of himself of ascribing such a great Shirk toward Shah Saheb. On one side to prove “Their Maulana’s” possession, powers and influences this is being said through the tongue of Shah Waliullah Saheb.

  263. KAM says:


    We Ahle Sunnat Ahle Hadith do believe in Miracles of the Prophets which is confirmed by ALLAH or Prophet Muhammad (sallahu walihu wasalaam) in authenticated hadiths. We do believe in Karamat of elievers if ALLAH wills but my question is
    how will you know if it is from ALLAH?

    Your considerable reference of Maryam (May Allah send blessing on her) who gave birth out of norms, out of seasons fruits and Prophet Zakariya (Blessing be upon him) would get surprised.

    I like to furbish you an ayat from Quran; Allah the Exalted said: “Then when she delivered her [child Maryam (Mary)], she said: “O my Lord! I have delivered a female child,” – and Allâh knew better what she delivered, – “And the male is not like the female, and I have named her Maryam (Mary), and I seek refuge with You (Allâh) for her and for her off spring from Shaitan (Satan), the outcast.” (Aal-Imran:36)

    As you may have noticed Mother of Maryam (Blessing be upon her) has made a dua in her daughters sake and ALLAH accepted it and made it honorable by have it written in Quran to be read by all till the end of days.

    Prophet Yaqub (blessing be upon him) was a Prophet and Allah attained them with miracles as he said:” I know from Allah what you don’t”.

    In your deoband and any other sect who believe in karamat of a believer or Awliya is not safe from the rebuke of a satan as he flows along with the blood circulating the body of every human expect for who ALLAH have mercy.

    Conclusion: There is no confirmation from ALLAH or as such… So making some stories and probably is true but it is not for a Muslim to elevate someone unless until their life is presented on the QURAN and Sunnah (sallahi walihi wasalaam) and besides this karamat thing is for the individual and not for the people to celebrate.

    Prophet Muhammad (sallahu wa alihi wasalaam) never said to become outwards a man and inner to be a Khuda? (ALLAH??) (Nauzubilla) rather he said (sallahu waalhi wasalam) if believer’s Iman never depletes, Angels would shake hands with him (oh kama kal rasoollahi sallahu waalihi wasalam).

    So you see my brother too much karamat and elevating on this term should make people fell in to partnering with ALLAH eventually.
    am sure you are doing this out of respect for the akabareen of deoband because you belong to their house of thoughts.

    I request you to consider centralizing of command center to QURAN and Authenticated Hadith Nabavi (sallahu wa alihi wasalaam) and Inshaa’Allah our all differences should vanish.

  264. zaheer khan says:


    You are absolutely right we should centralize command on the basic of Quran and Hadith.

    The facts is No sufi or ahli tasawwuf can explain there point of view, experience and state of mind regarding there relation and love with Allah and his Rasool.

    On the other hand we respect our ulama not for there karamat but for their work for ummat.

    Please take your time to examine the views of following scholars from past and decide is it possible to explain this terms. We can’t just ignore this ulama.

    Imam Bukhari
    Ibn Hibbaan
    Hafidh Ibn Hajar
    Imam Ad Daar Qutni
    Hafidh Ibn Taymiyyah
    Imam Bayaqi
    Ibn Abi Ad Dunya
    Allamah Ibn Abdul Barr
    Allamah Nawawi
    Allamah Mullah Ali Al Qari
    Allamah Ibn Abi ad Dunya
    Allamah Abu az Zinaad
    Allamah Ayni
    Allamah Abdullah an Nabbaji
    Allamah Abu Muhammad Al Khallaal
    Allamah Ibn Asaakir
    Allamah Ibn Salah
    Allamah Zurqani
    Allamah Zarkashi
    Allamah Taqi ad deen Al Hisni
    Allamah Sakhawi
    Allamah Suyuti
    Allamah Al Qastallani
    Allamah Ali bin Muhammad Al Kinani
    Allamah Ibn Hajar Al Haytami
    Allamah Murtadha Az Zubaidi
    Allamah Ibn Abideen Al Hanafy
    Allamah Muhammad bin Jafar Al Kattani
    Allamah Nuh bin Mustafah Al Hanafy
    Khateeb Baghdadi
    Allamah Fakihi
    (may Allah Ta’ala be pleased with this scholars)

  265. sanaulla sharief says:


    After the death of our Rasool, none of his companions ,became a ‘jogi’ and spent years together wandering in the jungles.

    After the death of his ‘ murshid’, Imdadullah Mahajjir Makki spent seven years wandering in the jungles.

  266. KAM says:

    @ Zaheer

    A story from Ahl sunnah wal Jamaat (bralawiya version) about Qadir jilani (rahmatullah), took the sunken boat out after 11 years with survivals. We do not believe it, they even have gharween sharif charity where they cook in his name and distribute among people, feeding them food given in other than ALLAH’s name. Another story of Fatima bibi (I do not know who is this waliya probably the daughter of Rasoollah sallahu walihi wasalaam not sure and a story of baba farid ghang shakar… for us it is merely stories which we even do not read to our kids for safeguarding our and their belief in ALLAH.

    List which you provided is long, I have read biography of some of these scholars, let me give you a story of Ahmed bin Hambal (rahmatullar) He once had guest from outer city who had come to learn ISLAM; He gave a waazh (speech) and while he was doing a deer came and sat nearby him and he stopped his speech and wept. Surprised to the guest they asked why should he be crying and he said while I was making speech and having thought to feed you later I was thinking if I can get wild animal since I cannot afford food for too many guests and this deer you see came right after I thought of it and I am afraid that if this was sent by ALLAH or the satan to make me feel arrogant. I read this in Talbees-a-Ibless.

    My point is believers are not to be weighted with the karamat and our righteous salafs were not keen in advertising their karamat. When I visited Pakistan, unknowingly I went to ahl sunnat wal jammat masjid and the Imam never spoke but awliya Allah in his Friday’s sermon for the consecutive two weeks. I am not just saying this but he actually explained many methods to become one and he was no where even close to Sunnah’s way (sallahu walihi wasalaam).

    So you said you cannot let go these akabareen; don’t!! Just honor their religious services for the Ummah and not them as individuals and to make du’a for them to fill their graves with noor. Because all that they did was for ALLAH’s sake. And if one is blessed with karamat it is for him not for the people to elevate him or celebrate and end up making him a saint who shall be worshipped in his life and after his death.

  267. KAM says:

    I want to tell you about a fazail ammal chapter that I came across called “Hassan aur Husain kay Ilmi Mashagil” (may Allah be pleased with them);

    In it Molana Zakariya sahib has mentioned their ages and hadiths they memorized from Rasoollah salahu wa alihi wasalaam stood at 7 or 8.

    Ironically he mentioned about his father memorized 1/3 of Quran’s chapter and he was breastfeed… he even went on mentioning about himself and reciting the whole Quran every day and his mother would not serve him breakfast only after he was done with daily practice and continued for 9 years… some practices which is not a possibility;

    Now my question: why should he be mentioning supernatural acts of himself and his father in the same chapter where he suppose to be writing about maternal grandsons of Rasoollah sallahu wa alihi wasalam.

    Can you not see the factor of arrogance and insult to Hassan and Hussain (may ALLAH be pleased with them)???

  268. sanaulla sharief says:



    In Arabic text-he categorizes it as ‘muzooe”
    In English or Urdu text , he does not translate it as fabricated.

    The “Holy Huzoor” said: “When Adam sinned and was expelled out of Jannah, he used to cry all the time and pray for forgiveness. One time he looked towards the heavens and said, “O Allaah! I ask for your forgiveness by the wasila of Muhammad.” Revelation came down upon him and it was asked, “Who is Muhammad (with whom you have used wasila and asked for forgiveness?)” Adam replied, “When you created me, I saw it was written on the Arsh “There is none worthy of worship except Allaah and Muhammad is His Messenger. So I understood that who could be greater than Muhammad whose name you have added to your name.” It was said to him, “He is the seal of the Prophets and is among your sons and had he been not created you would have also not been created.”

    The clever deceit that Kandalvi employs is that in the Arabic text of the hadeeth in Fadha’il ‘A’maal, the words “Mawdooh” (fabricated) are clearly written but Kandalvi chooses not to translate them!

    He quotes what he wishes, and what is in agreement with Sufism and elements of the Baatini aqeedah – while not caring for the authenticity of what he narrates.

    Allah taught Adam, the ‘dua’, rabbana zalamna….. and he was forgiven.

  269. sanaulla sharief says:


    It will be only further proof to report the few lines of Shirk laced poetry of the greats of Deobandh.

    The “Allaahmah” Ashraf Ali Thanvi writes in Manaajaat Maqbool:

    “By your honour and might
    For the sake of your Prophet and His family
    For the sake of your Prophet O God
    Whose name is Muhammad Mustafaa
    For the sake of Hadhrat Moosa O Generous One
    Who is your Prophet and your Kaleem.”

    And Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki writes on p.84 in Shamaaim Amdaadiya:

    “Today there is only the support of your essence in this world
    Nothing is requested from others besides you
    Rather the day comes about when Allaah destines
    Holding your bosom I would say
    O Shah Noor it is time for help”

    Kandalvi, not to be outdone by his Shaykhs in “virtue” composes some very poetry of Kufr himself and is available for free viewing at the end of Volume I of Fadha’il ‘A’maal.

    The following are addressed to the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam):

    “I am bad, I am evil, I am a sinner,
    but I am yours…
    Your dog even finds my name repulsive,
    but the attachment of your name to mine
    has bestowed my honour.
    You are the best of creation,
    I am worst of ignorants.
    You are the master of the two worlds,
    and I am the lowly servant.
    If you don’t ask us then who will?
    Who except you is our protector?
    With fear is my boat of hope alive,
    that my name be counted amongst the dogs of Madinah!”
    And this is no surprise that when Kandalvi ends volume I of Fadha’il ‘A’maal he supplicates to Allaah to forgive any mistakes that he might have made by the virtue of the Prophet!


  270. KAM says:

    Brother Sanaullah, If you have Talbess Ibless soft version and I shall appreciate you send it on to my email address;;

    Wa Jazak Allah Khairan

  271. sanaulla sharief says:

    I sent that book.

  272. zaheer khan says:


    We are not rating them according to there karamat.
    We respect all akabareen even from different groups.
    We are not worshiping any aulia allah and sure, it is our duty to make dua for them.

    As you mentioned a chapter from fazail-e-amaal.
    Our belief is sahaba-e-karam radi allahu anhu, are the most precious persons in the world. There is no point to compare maulana zakariya (r.a) with sahaba-e-karam radi allahu anhu.

    We are sure he is not presenting himself as big personality against grandsons of Rasool Allah sallallahu wa alihi wa sallam.

  273. zaheer khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    Please don’t waste time, presenting stories from deobandi books.

    We are waiting for your response about karamat-e-ahle-hadees.

  274. sanaulla sharief says:

    I did not find any among them claiming to be a ‘wali’ and possessing the authority or capacity to do a karamat at will

    Ahle-Hadees are ‘ghair muqalldees’.. They do not have any’ muhaddis’ among their ranks, who claims to be a wali and sahib e karamat. IF YOU KNOW SOME ONE , LET ME KNOW IT.If you know any book on that topic, give me the title of the book and the author. I will try to get it



  275. sanaulla sharief says:



    The claims of Tablighi leaders as inheritors of the legacy of Shah Waliullah,

    They are reviving and spreading traditional Sufism, and not Waliullahi reformism,

    Revival of SUFISM forms the core agenda of the TJ. Donning the mantle of Shah Waliullah, the TJ is, , actually promoting the very same degenerate Sufism,’consisting of renunciation of this world, personality worship, false miracles and customary, un-Islamic practices, that Shah Waliullah had devoted his life to fighting. The TJ’s complete silence on the munkar and its refusal to openly denounce bid’a and shirk, , show the hollowness of its claims to reformism.

  276. sanaulla sharief says:


    This ‘fabricated’ tradition(hadees),

    Moulana Zakaria attributes to the Prophet that, for each obligatory prayer that a Muslim were to miss, he would have to spend a period of one aqb, or, in earthly terms, 28,800,000 years, in hell even if he were to make up for it later on

    . But it is common knowledge that the Prophet himself missed his obligatory prayers on at least two occasions—during the Battle of Khandaq and on his return from the Battle of Khaybar—but compensated for them later.

  277. KAM says:

    @Zaheer Khan:

    If I to mention someone such as Saheb-a-Rasool (sallahu wa alihi wasalam) and mention similar act of myself under the same venue with better prospects… what would you say ??

    Zaheer saheb, how can you defend someone like this? I am not down grading anyone but I am showing you the fact that how someone can compare themselves with maternal grandsons of Rasoollah sallahu wa alihi wasalam and heighten themselves.

    Please read this carefully “Hassan aur Hussain ka alimi mashagil” (May ALLAH be pleased with them) and be sure about what you are standing out for.

    I just cannot accept this kind of lies and daring to insult someone like them.

  278. KAM says:

    @ Zaheer; You should thank ALLAH for being protected by HIM with the given understanding to not to partner with ALLAH but do not speak of everyone else. Otherwise you will not see darbars filled with people visiting graves out of their respect and asking for their worldly needs from them, this is a reality.

    It all starts with the karamat known in their life and and after they die, people make tawasul or even ask direct. And mind it they don’t go to anyone mazar expect for the pious and karamat in their life. (Satan’s way to make people disbelieve in ALLAH and send them astray).

    Please read about Lat, Manat and Uzah and you will know that they were not evil but very pious in their life and when they died people started calling upon them and started worshiping them.

    Vol 6, Book 60. Prophetic Commentary On The Qur’an (Ta…. Hadith 442.

    Narrated By Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him): All the idols which were worshipped by the people of Noah were worshipped by the Arabs later on. As for the idol Wadd, it was worshipped by the tribe of Kalb at Daumat-al-Jandal; Suwa’ was the idol of (the tribe of) Murad and then by Ban, Ghutaif at Al-Jurf near Saba; Yauq was the idol of Hamdan, and NASR was the idol of Himyr, the branch of Dhi-al-Kala.’ The names (of the idols) formerly belonged to some pious men of the people of Noah, and when they died Satan inspired their people to (prepare and place idols at the places where they used to sit, and to call those idols by their names. The people did so, but the idols were not worshipped till those people (who initiated them) had died and the origin of the idols had become obscure, whereupon people began worshipping them.

    Therefore, your idea of running behind karamat of a believer may be taken advantage by the satan in their life or after his death and your being persistence in kamamat evaluation should not be appreciated.

  279. sanaulla sharief says:


    AQEEDA. The kuffars said , how a man can be a Prophet?
    AQEEDAT. Hazraat Umar (raziallah) said how a prophet can die?
    HAQEEQAT.Hazrat AbuBakr (razillallah) said. Mohammad bi Abdullah was a Prophet and human being and he died.

    What did he quote. Quran

    The biggest test for the nascent ummah was the death of our beloved Prophet.

  280. sanaulla sharief says:

    Faith without reason is wishful thinking,

    Reason without faith is uncertainty.

  281. sanaulla sharief says:

    Brother in faith -Zaheer Khan

    Keep up- Right decision

    Keep busy reading Quran with tafseer and hadees to distinguish right from the wrong .Pray Allah to keep us on the right path-SIRAT E MUSTAQEEM. InshaAllah

  282. Zaheer Khan says:

    Thanks for the heads up sanaulla sharief.

    Ya Allah . . . ..

    Mehroom-e-Tamasha Ko Phir Dida-e-Beena De

    Dekha Hai Jo Kuch Mein Ne Auron Ko Bhi Dikhla De

  283. sanaulla sharief says:


    The current editions of Fazael e Amaal do not contain Virtues of Hajj and Durood.


    Was it an instruction by Moulana Zakaria in the dream of some Deobandi Ulma?

    Allah has its own strategy to protect its ‘deen’ from corruption.Many books which were very popular and famous at one time, no one knows them now. For example,

    At-Tabaqaat by Ash-Sha’raanee and Jawaahir-ul-Ma’aanee and Buloogh-ul-Amaanee fee Faid Abil-‘Abaas At-Teejaanee by ‘Alee Ibn Haraazim Al-Faasee!,Khazeenat-ul-Asraar (The treasure of the Hidden Realms) of Muhammad Haqqee An-Naazilee, Noor-ul-Absaar (The Light for All Eyes) of Ash-Sheelanjee, Shawaahid-ul-Haqq fee Jawaaz-il-Istighaathati Bi-Sayyid-il-Khalq (Witnesses of Truth concerning Jaami’ Kiraamaat-ul-Awliyaa (A Compilation of the Miracles of the Saints) of An-Nubhaanee

    Imaam Adh-Dhahabee (rahima-hullaah) said:
    ((Sa’eed Ibn ‘Amr Al-Barda’ee said: ‘I witnessed Abu Zur’ah when he was asked concerning Al-Haarith Al-Muhaasibee and his books. And he responded to the questioner by saying: ‘Beware of these books for these are books of innovation and misguidance! Stick to the narrations for indeed you will find in them that which is sufficient for you.’ Then it was said to him: ‘There is an admonition for us in these books.’ So he responded: ‘Whosoever does not receive admonition from the Qur.aan, then he will not receive any admonition from these books! Has it reached you that Sufyaan or Maalik or Al-Awzaa’ee wrote these types of books on false delusions and misgivings? How quick people are to rush to innovations!))
    Al-Haarith died in the year 243 after Hijrah. So where are the likes of Al-Haarith, now? And how would it be if Abu Zur’ah (rahima-hullaah) were to see the books that were written in later times, such as Quwat-ul-Quloob (Strength of the hearts) of Abu Taalib?! And where are the likes of Quwat-ul-Quloob, now?!? How would it be if he were to see Bahjat-ul-Asraar (The splendors of the hidden dimensions) of Ibn Juhdam or Haqaa’iq-ut-Tafseer (The real/hidden meanings of the Qur.aan) of As-Sulamee?! He would go completely out of his mind!! How would it be if he were to see the books of Abu Haamid At-Toosee (i.e. Al-Ghazaalee), for that matter, due to the large amount of fabricated narrations found in Ihyaa ‘Uloom-ud-Deen (Reviving the Sciences of the Religion)?! How would it be if he were to see Al-Ghunyah of Shaykh ‘Abd-ul-Qaadir (Al-Jilani)?! How would it be if he were to see Fusoos Al-Hikam (The Segments of Wisdom) and Al-Fatoohaat Al-Makkiyah?!

    Whosoever does not receive admonition from the Qur.aan, then he will not receive any admonition from these books!

  284. sanaulla sharief says:


    Kashf: The literal meaning of Kashf is unveiling but in Sufi terminology it means to expose the heart to metaphysical revelation or in other words have independent knowledge of Ghaib.

    Tajalli: The higher state of Kashf where a person has the vision of Allaah Himself! And far above is He from what they say.

    Wahdatul Wajood: The most evil aqeedah of all. This means that only Allaah exists and the rest is nothing. In other words, everything is Allaah and Allaah is everything – the man, the donkey, the tree. And refuge is sought with Allaah the Most Merciful.

    Fanaa': Self-annihilation. It means to render oneself insane in the love of Allaah and achieve a higher plane of communication with Allaah.

  285. sanaulla sharief says:

    What is meant by,


    This is from the book of Ibn-Arabi, who first gave the concept of ‘wahdatul-wajood’

    “One of the special matters that Ibn ‘Arabi wants to explain in his Futuhat-al-Makkiyah is this: “If a gnostic (arif) is really a gnostic he cannot stay tied to one form of belief.”

    That is to say, if a possessor of knowledge is cognisant of the being in his own ipseity, in all its meanings, he will not remain trapped in one belief. He will not decrease his circle of belief. He is like materia prima (hayula) and will accept whatever form he is presented with. These forms being external, there is no change to the kernel in his interior universe.

    The knower of God (arif bi’llah), whatever his origin is, remains like that. He accepts all kinds of beliefs, but does not remain tied to any figurative belief. Whatever his place is in the Divine Knowledge, which is essential knowledge, he remains in that place; knowing the kernel of all belief he sees the interior and not the exterior. He recognises the thing, whose kernel he knows, whatever apparel it puts on, and in this matter his circle is large. Without looking at whatever clothing they appear under in the exterior he reaches into the origin of those beliefs and witnesses them from every possible place.

    Both the worlds are by the revelation of God.
    Look upon the Beauty of Truth from whichever side you want.”

    what is your choice? SUFISM OR ISLAM

  286. Zaheer Khan says:

    Please verify is the following book is written by ahle hadees alim and is it authentic.

    You can download this book from …

  287. Zaheer Khan says:

    sanaulla sharief

    wahdatul-wajood’ is not such thing as you mentioned.

  288. sanaulla sharief says:

    I have books by Ibn-Arabi, the spiritual leader of all the Sufies.

    He is venerated as ‘Shaikh ul Arefein’ by moulana Zakaria and quotes from him in Fazael Ramzan that ‘lailatul -qadr’ can take place even in Shaban and on odd night too..

    Islamic scholars have described Ibn-Arabi as Kafir.

  289. sanaulla sharief says:



    ‘They are initiates of the Chistiyyah, Naqshbandiya, Qadriyah and Soharwardiyah Sufi orders.’

    Mufti Abdur-Rahim Lajpuri quoted in his book of Fatawa, the words of Qaree Mohammed Tayyib (the rector of the Darul-Uloom, Deoband) as, “Religiously, the Ulema of Deoband are Muslims, as a sect they belong to the Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaah, by Madhhab they are Hanafee, in conduct they are Sufis, scholastically they are Maturidi and in Sulook they are Chisti[1]- rather they combine all Sufi orders… And in nisbat they are Deobandi.”[2] “In essentials and beliefs, they (the Deobandis) follow Imam Abul Hasan Ash’aree and Imam Abu Mansoor Maturidi; and in sub-principles Imam Abu Haneefah. They are initiates of the Chistiyyah, Naqshbandiya, Qadriyah and Soharwardiyah Sufi orders.”


    A man can marry four women, but how can a person subscribe to four Sufi tariqas?

  290. sanaulla sharief says:


    Why people visit the graves?
    For heretics, it is to seek ‘waseela’

    Muslims do visit the graves to remind them of the reality of life and TO PRAY FOR THE MAGHFIRAH OF THE DEAD,


  291. Zaheer Khan says:

    Grate work sanaulla sharief, for exposing deobandi aqeedah.

    But my question is still unanswered that is the following book is written by ahle hadees alim and is it authentic.

    You can download this book from …

  292. sanaulla sharief says:


    “And it has been reported from certain buzurgs that some people live in Khurasaan but are close to the ones who perform the Tawaaf. And yet there are some to whom the Ka’bah itself goes to visit them…”

    Astaghfirullah! Why did not the Ka’bah visit the Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) and the Noble companions who lived in exile for 10 years in Madinah? Where was the Ka’bah when the Sahaba were turned back empty handed and prevented from performing Hajj? Why did not the Ka’bah come to visit the greatest of the people? And Kandalvi wants us to believe that the Ka’bah visits pathetic Pirs of Sufism? What justice is this?

    Indeed, when the Ummah of Muhammad (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) left the narrations and the way of the companions, humiliation and stupidity is placed upon them. So much so, anyone calling to Tawheed is labeled a Wahabi, anyone calling to detaching oneself from deviated organizations and parties a Madhkhali and the callers to shirk, bid`ah, grave worship are given the titles of Imaams of guidance and Shaikh al Hadith!

    What can be more stupidity than this?
    Page 111, Fadha’il Hajj, Fadha’il Amaal Vol lI:

  293. sanaulla sharief says:

    Ka’bah grows hands

    “Moosa bin Muhammad says that once an Ajmee (a non-Arab) person was performing the Tawaaf; was a good and religious man. During the Tawaaf, the sound of the anklets of a beautiful woman fell on his ears. He began to stare at the woman. From the Yemeni Corner a hand emerged and slapped the man as a result of which his eye came out and from the wall of the House of Allaah came a voice saying, “You make Tawaaf of our house and look at our women. This slap was in return for that look. If you repeat such behaviour again, we will slap avenge you harder.”

    Where was the hand of the Ka’bah when the Sahaba of the Messenger (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) were being tortured? Where was the Ka’bah when filth and camel intestines were put on the back of the Messenger (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam)? Why did not the Ka’bah grew a hundred hands and save Ibn Zubair? Why did not the Ka’bah mutate into an octopus and destroy every idol that the Mushriks of Makkah had kept therein? Or does the Ka’bah comes only to rescue the women of Fadha’il Amaal? Has the mutation of the Ka’bah stopped? Does it still continue today?
    Such are the lies that come out from the fabrication machines in Deobandh

    On page 105, Fadha’il Hajj, Fadha’il Amaal Vol I:

  294. sanaulla sharief says:


    Ibn Arabi the Sufi grand master and proponent of the concept of Wahdatul Wajood

    Among the scholars condemning Ibn `Arabi as an innovator or even an outright heretic (zindiq) and disbeliever because of Fusûs al-Hikam: Ibn `Abd al-Salam, al-Jazari, Sharaf al-Din ibn al-Muqri, Abu Hayyan al-Andalusi, Sa`d al-Din al-Taftazani, Jamal al-Din Muhammad ibn Nur al-Din, Siraj al-Din al-Bulqini who supposedly ordered his books burnt, Burhan al-Din al-Biqa`i, Ibn Taymiyya, and his student al-Dhahabi.

    The Hanafi shaykh `Ala’ al-Din al-Bukhari, like Ibn al-Muqri, went so far as to declare anyone who did not declare Ibn `Arabi a disbeliever to be himself a disbeliever.

    Moulana Zakaria describes him as ‘sheikh ul arefein’

  295. sanaulla sharief says:


    As explained by Ashraf Ali Thanvi in Imdadul Mushtaq

    He writes on p.110 in “Imdaadul Mushtaq”: There was a true monotheist. People told him if delicious food is part of the person of Allaah and feces too is a part of Him, eat both. Well, the Sheikh first became a pig and ate feces. Then he became a human being and ate food!

  296. Zaheer Khan says:

    Sanaaulla sharief,

    My question is still unanswered about karamat-e-ahl-e-hadees_book.

  297. KAM says:

    @Zaheer Khan:

    Reading this book “Karamat of Ahl’hadeez” actually did not have any authenticated base and merely stories, the positive thing in it was they were making Du’a for others and Allah accepted their calls of prayers, they memorized Quran in 30 days reciting for the people in Taraweeh, able to communicate with cattle and they accepted their pledge; And no where they have done anything that dead returned to feed the livings, to cure them or Bait-Allah left to make tawwaf or to behave super naturally which is against the way of ALLAH.

    And people who take demonstration of karamat as criteria of a believer have tried and published many books like this one to argue their point of view. It also to be noted this book is way too old and people lived in those times were great believers of these demonstration of superstitious and whether they belonged to Hinduism, Sufism or any other sect they kept going in elevating their elder to prove them rightful.

    And surely still there are many Muslims believe in this faith of mystification.

    We Ahl’Hadeez only accept what ALLAH has sent down in QURAN and the explanation by his beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallahu wa alihi wasalaam) and his ways. Other than them we respect our elders, Ashabas (may Allah be pleased with them) and scholars (may Allah bless them all) and take from them only that our Main two sources confirm Kitab-Ullah and Sunnah of Rasoollah (sallahu wa alihi wasalaam).

    (Wa Akiru Dawana Analhumdulliah rabil alameen.)

  298. sanaulla sharief says:

    Zaheer Khan

    Thanks for the book

    Did you read the book yourself?

    The first 30 pages are enough to meet your question.

    I am still reading this book.

    In the pages so far, there is no incidence of some one claiming,’ I can do it.’ It is mostly ‘duas’. which had an affect. None of them claimed to communicate with the Prophet in the dream or in the grave, or with the ‘Khizar’ or the ‘farishtay

    There is no story, which can damage your ‘aqeeda’ like some one having ‘kashaf ul quboor’ transfering his ‘duroods’ in to the account of some one burning in fire and seeing her being transfered to ‘jannah’.

    Such things do happen in our daily life too. Like missing a train or flight, which meets a deadly accident.

    You pray for something, and you find that your prayer has been accepted.

    Be a defender of Quran and Hadees
    Do not be a defender of Sufism

    Allah wants us to be a Muslim
    Not a Shia, Qadiani or Sufi

  299. sanaulla sharief says:


    ‘Such things do happen’ should be read as ‘ things do happen’

  300. sanaulla sharief says:

    Ibn Taymiyyah said,

    “Whoever obeyed all of the commands of anyone other than the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam) and deemed it obligatory to accept everything he said, holding him to be infallible or strictly maintained all of his commands and speech concerning such commands, then that person has likened him to the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam) and specifically his prophecy. This is the case even if those individuals (who were likened) were some companions, The Ahlul Bayt, or some Imaams or Scholars or the rulers of the time.” (Jaam’e ar-Rasaa’il (1/273)

  301. sanaulla sharief says:


    Hindus believe in twelve avtars of vishnu
    Alwee Shias believe in Alee being the avtar of Allah
    Imdadullah Mohajjar Makki believes in prphets being the avtars of Allah


    , “Man before his physical apparent existence was himself in essence inwardly God (ie Allaah) and now (after being created as a man) man is an apparent manifestation of god (ie Allaah)” (Shamaa’im Imdaadiyyah pg.38)

    Here Imdaadullah Muhajir Makki is saying that man is in reality a manifestation of Allaah in human form which is the belief of wahdatul wajood.

    In another place Imdaadullah Muhajir Makki he said concerning the verse,“Verily! I am your Lord! So take off your shoes.” (Ta-Ha 20:12), “The sound that came from (mount) Toor came from the innerself of Moosaa (Alayhis-Salaam) and this is present in all humans.” (Shamaa’im Imdaadiyyah pg.59)

    Meaning Allaah was in Moosaa and the voice that spoke from within Moosaa was really Allaahs voice meaning Allaah exists in everyone that is human. This again shows Imdaadullah Muhajirs belief that Allaah was incarnate in Moosaa and in all of man for that matter as this is the aqeedah of wahdatul wajood

    . We say incarnate as this is in essence the belief of other religions and sects who believe that Allaah incarnate himself into humans or other things. For example the belief of the Alawi sheeah who believe Allaah was incarnate in Alee (Radhiallaahu Anhu)

    He also said, “Because intercession with Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam) is true, you can call the slave of Allaah the slave of the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam)” Whereas Allaah says “Say oh my slaves who have oppressed themselves.” (Soorah Zumar:53) The one who is referred to here is the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam). Maulana Ashraf Alee Thanwee said the meaning is also indicated by this. (Allaah further said), “Do not despair from the mercy of Allaah.” If Allaah was the one who was being referred to here, then he would have said Mir-Rehmatee (from my mercy [and not said from the mercy of Allaah) so that it applied to my slaves.” (Shamaa’im Imdaadiyyah pg.71)
    Imdaadullah Muhajir also said which elucidated his belief of Wahdatul Wajood and everything that is created was in the manifestation of Allaah that, “A woman is the manifestation of man and man is the manifestation of the truth (ie Allaah). The woman is in the image of Allaah and hence beauty and attraction are visible in her.” (Shamaa’im Imdaadiyyah pg.70)

    Imdaadullahs beliefs again show he believed Allaah was on this earth in Human form disguising himself. Sometimes this anti Islamic belief is explained further that a part of Allaah is in everything, meaning Allaah took a part of himself and he created everything that exists.

    He says, “I (me the narrator) said your female servant narrates from the female Saint that once my nephew came to Hajj and the ship was almost destroyed. In such a helpless state he saw in his dream that Haajee (Imdaadullah) Saahib from one side and Hafiz Jeauw from the other side were shouldering the ship out of trouble. In the morning we found the ship had reached its destination safely after journeying for two days. He said “How did I know?” If the real helper was Allaah and how astonishing it would be if this were true. He relieves the problems of other himself by appearing in the cloak of others and it this gets attributed to me and you.” (Shamaa’im Imdaadiyyah pg.100
    Haajee Imdaadullah writes in ‘Dhiyaa al-Quloob’, “Meditate in his Wahdah and say, “He is the First and the Last…” (Soorah al-Hadeed:3) His existence is manifest everywhere, and he is in the beginning and in the end. Say with the tongue and meditate there is no one other than him and then become engrossed in this thought.” (Dhiyaa al-Quloob pg.33 also Shamaa’im Imdaadiyyah pg.100)

    This form of meditation is what a common day soofee does ie continuously reciting some words of the Quraan so much so that he loses his senses and reaches a state of oblivion known as Fana which means extinction or annihilation of the self with Allaah, but when he loses his senses he physically remains alive. Fana is a pure soofee term and its concept is taken and found in other religions. Fana can only be achieved by engrossing yourself and this is exactly what Imdaadullah Muhajir asks everyone to do.

    When these soofee enter this state they have no existence outside of the unity with Allah. These misguided soofees from the deobandees and barailwees have taken this from other misguided religions. Fanaa is equivalent to the concept of nirvana in Buddhism,or moksha in Hinduism which also aims for annihilation of the self.

  302. sanaulla sharief says:


    Shaikh Muhammad Ilyaas gave the Sufi bay’ah (oath of allegiance) to Shaikh Rasheed Al-Gangoohee, who later became Shaikh Rasheed As-Saharanpuree. Then he renewed it with Shaikh Ahmad As-Saharanpuree who certified him to take oaths of allegiance.

    Muhammad Ilyaas would sit in detached isolation (khalwah) by the grave of Shaikh Nur Muhammad Al-Badaayunee, in what is known as the Jishtee Muraaqabah (self meditation). And he would go out to the grave of ‘Abdul-Qudoos Al-Gangoohee, the one who forced the ideology of wahdat-ul-wujood [3] on him. He resided and taught in Delhi and passed away in 1363H.

  303. Zaheer Khan says:

    sanaulla sharief,

    You just expressing your thinking for this ulmas. The meaning your explaining is your words, not there.

  304. Zaheer Khan says:

    There is no need to defend Quran and Hadees, they are already defended and preserved.
    I am not defending Sufism.

    YES !! Allah wants us to be a Muslim.
    Not a Shia, Qadiani, Salfi or Sufi.


    If the mirror shows the ugly spots on the face of a person, whose fault it is?

    If the books reveal the heretic deviant ideology of the writer, whose fault it is?

  306. Zaheer Khan says:

    If you are taking wrong meaning and spreading it whose fault it is ?

  307. sanaulla sharief says:

    Zaheer Khan

    Did you read these books?

    Tazkira Mashaikh e Deoband by Azizur Rahman
    Tazkiratul Khaleel by Ashiq Elahi Meerathi

    Read pages 96 and 97. When the grand mother of moulana Ilyas died, and during ‘ghusl e janaza’, stools(fuzla, gandagi) , came out , which had a very sweet smell, better than that of ‘musk’.
    Many a people smelled and took it home as ‘barkat’

    Can you give me the correct interpretation of this incidence?

  308. sanaulla sharief says:


    Imdadullah Mohajjar Makki used to give ‘dars’ of Rumi, while sitting in Harmain e Sharefein

    “The forbidden Rumi” or last part of the “Divan Shams Tabrizi”
    “The Forbidden Rumi” written by Will Johnson and Nevit Ergin is a translation of the 23th and last part of the “Divan” of Jalal ud Din Rumi.

    One can read in the book many poems of heresy and unity of religions:
    P 157 in the poem “Everyone is welcome to This school”, Rumi writes about unity if religions:

    “Muslim, Christian, Jew, Zoroastrian:
    All are welcome here”

    P 159 in the poem “A stranger to myself” Rumi explains this even more.

    “Islam and other faiths
    have all come around so recently
    yet Love has no beginning or end.
    You can’t call the unbeliever an infidel
    if he’s been the latest victim of love”

    In the poem “I am the One” Rumi shows his belief in Wahdatul Wujud

    “I became the One
    whose name everybody takes an oath to.

    I became Jesus to the moon.
    I rose up and passed through the sky
    I am the drunk Moses.
    God himself lives inside this patched cloak.

    I am crazy, insane, drunk out of mind
    I don’t listen to advice and deserve to be locked up”

    he said at the end of this poem:

    “When Muhammad sees me drunk, my face pale,
    he kisses my eyes, then I prostrate before him.

    I am today’s Muhammad,
    but not the Muhammad of the past
    I am the phoenix of the time”
    P 154 in the last two sentences of the poem “You can’t get away” Rumi calls people to become heretics, saying :

    “If you don’t act like a heretic
    you can’t reach the truth in Islam”

    Comment: this is a pure lie on the pure religion of Islam, Never did any Prophet or their Companions acted like heretics, rather this is the satanic saying of these misguided Sufis and their religion of heresy.

    May Allah send Salah and Salam on the Prophet (saw), his household, Companions and those who follow them.

  309. sanaulla sharief says:

    Zaheer Khan

    What is the correct interpretation of the few stanzas of Rumi?

    Do you know?

    Imdadullah Mohajjar Makki used to give ‘dars’ of Rumi in Harmaein Sharief

  310. Zaheer Khan says:

    Sanaulla Sharif,

    Could you please explain me the meaning of following hadis.

    Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “Allah said, ‘I will declare war against him who shows hostility to a pious worshiper of Mine. And the most beloved things with which My slave comes nearer to Me, is what I have enjoined upon him; and My slave keeps on coming closer to Me through performing Nawafil (praying or doing extra deeds besides what is obligatory) till I love him, so I become his sense of hearing with which he hears, and his sense of sight with which he sees, and his hand with which he grips, and his leg with which he walks; and if he asks Me, I will give him, and if he asks My protection (Refuge), I will protect him; (i.e. give him My Refuge) and I do not hesitate to do anything as I hesitate to take the soul of the believer, for he hates death, and I hate to disappoint him.” (Book #76, Hadith #509) [Bukhari]

  311. sanaulla sharief says:

    ALHAMDU-LILLAH-DAIR AYAD,DORUST AYAD.( it came late, but it was best)

    Thank Allah that at last your turned to the right source for guidance.

    Today you started with hadees and inshaallah by the begining of Ramzan, it will be tafseer e Quran..

    But be careful of he deviant Sufies, who misinterpret the ahadees, to rationalize their crooked ideology and practices



    Shabbe e -Barat/Murdoon ki eid

    Some of the TJ’s may deny that they do not believe in the aqeeda of the dead visiting the houses of their relatives on the night of shabbe-e-barat.

    But there is an interesting story in the book ‘arvaheh-salasa’ written by Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi.

    Three days after his death, the grandfather of moulana Thanvi carrying a bag of sweets, visited his wife.

    I have a few questions?

    1.Was he not happy with the ‘hoors’ of the ‘jannah’, that he came to his old love?
    2.Who gave him permission to come out of the ‘jannah’?
    3.Once dead , his wife became ‘na-maharrim’ to him, but even them , he came to her to indulge in something ‘haram’
    4.From where he got the money to buy the sweets?

  313. Zaheer Khan says:

    We need to ask this to maulana ashraf ali thanvi rahmatullah alaih,

    But what about hadis e qudsi (Book #76, Hadith #509) [Bukhari].

  314. sanaulla sharief says:

    For Sufies, it is a proof for Anthromorphism

    For Muslims, striving for improving the level of ‘iman’ and ‘taqwa’ ( a prerequisite for ‘wilayat) to achieve , what Allah wants us to posses.

    As Abu Huraira narrates in a hadith:

    “Allah’s Apostle said, “Allah said, ‘I will declare war against him who shows hostility to a pious worshipper of Mine. And the most beloved things with which My slave comes nearer to Me, is what I have enjoined upon him; and My slave keeps on coming closer to Me through performing Nawafil (praying or doing extra deeds besides what is obligatory) till I love him, so I become his sense of hearing with which he hears, and his sense of sight with which he sees, and his hand with which he grips, and his leg with which he walks; and if he asks Me, I will give him, and if he asks My protection (Refuge), I will protect him; (i.e. give him My Refuge) and I do not hesitate to do anything as I hesitate to take the soul of the believer, for he hates death, and I hate to disappoint him.” (Sahih Bukhari, Book #76, Hadith #509)

    This is indeed an aspiration worth pursuing, a dream worth fulfilling and a love worth nurturing.

    Therefore, to complete one’s faith and gain this love, we should seek only Allah alone in love, hate, giving and withholding and Allah alone must be our Lord and the only One whom we worship.

    Let me break it down – It is total submission and the essence of submission is to love what the Beloved loves and to abstain from what He does not love.

    This was how our pious predecessors achieved the criteria of true worshippers and reached the highest level in their efforts. Allah loves His servant to beautify his tongue through speaking the truth, his heart through sincerity, piety, repentance, trust and patience, his body through obeying and purifying it from all dirt.

    Seven Qualities that Allah Loves

    1. Tawbah (Repentance)

    “…For Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly (in repentance)…” (Surah Al Baqarah 2:222)

    Repentance is a form of detoxification – Sincere repentance cleanses and beautifies the Iman (faith).

    We all commit sins but Allah loves those who after committing sins, seek forgiveness with deep sorrow and regret.

    This is the only way by which the past can be set right. Allah has a concern for those He loves, therefore each time we slip and relapse into the abyss of desires and sincerely repent, He (exalted be Him) leads us out of it to the summit of forgiveness and further relieves us of hardship and provides for us.

    2. Taharah (Purification)

    “…Allah loves those who keep themselves pure and clean.” (Surah Al Baqarah 2:222)

    This is the external purification. The secret to this is performing the acts with the intention of following the example of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).

    The removal of filth from the body by performing wudhu (ablution) and ghusl (ritual bath) and removal of filth from the garment, body and place of prayer. They are acts that purify the body and radiate the Iman. It is a means by which Almighty Allah will wipe out our sins and raise our ranks.

    3. Taqwa (Piety)

    “…for Allah loveth the righteous (the pious).” (Surah Al Tawbah 9:4)

    The fear of Allah is the source of a pure soul – it is borne out of love and obedience. Thus, a pious person is constantly driven to do good only.

    He/She is humble and does not flaunt piety in front of others. The fear of Allah beautifies the Iman and is the origin of all good as one continues to strive to do only what pleases Allah and stay away from the things that would displease him.

    Piety is an internal quality as the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said,

    “The piety is here, (and while saying so) he pointed towards his chest thrice.” (Sahih Muslim, Book #032, Hadith #6219) and it is a quality that puts us above others in the sight of Allah.

    4. Ihsan (Goodness & Perfection)

    “…for Allah loves those who do good;-” (Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:134)

    Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) says,

    “Ihsan is to worship Allah as if you see Him, and if you cannot achieve this state of devotion then you must consider that He is looking at you.” (Sahih Bukhari, Book #2, Hadith #47)

    Ihsan goes beyond a noble trait; it is an integral part of Islam. It is the secret to an attentive heart – knowing that Allah is watching everything. This fills the heart with respect and veneration and one becomes too embarrassed to go against Allah’s commands. It promotes performance of good deeds for the sake of Allah and not for show-off or to gain praise or fame.

    5. Tawakkul (Trust in Allah)

    “…For Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him).” (Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:159)

    The secret and reality of trust in Allah is the reliance of the heart on Allah alone. Therefore trusting in Allah by word of mouth is different from trusting in Him by the heart.

    Reliance is doing and hoping; doing everything necessary within one’s capability to achieve one’s aim and hoping with tranquility of heart and soul and putting one’s trust in Allah with firm belief that whatever the outcome might be, it is as a result of the Will of Allah and His Decree.

    One should never feel that too much time has passed by without supplications being answered; rather we should always place our hope on the One who is able to do all things. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him ) says, “If you all depend on Allah, with due reliance, He would certainly give you provision as He gives to birds who go forth hungry in the morning and return with full bellies at dusk” (At-Tirmidhi)

    6. Qist (Justice)

    “…for Allah loveth those who judge in equity.” (Surah Al Ma’idah 5:42)

    “…for Allah loves those who are fair (and just).” (Surah Al Hujurat 49:9)

    Justice is a prerequisite to peace which is missing in our contemporary society. It involves giving other people the right we give ourselves, treating people the way we would like to be treated.

    Justice sounds like a word meant for the leaders alone but rather it affects us all.

    It means:

    – To be equitable in speech and in actions.
    – With no degree of discrimination or false testimony.
    – It involves being fair with regards to one’s family and those who are in our custody; justice between children by not giving one preference over the other.
    – By not committing wrong against oneself such as engaging in sinful practices and immoral acts.
    – Justice with Allah in not associating any being with Him in worship and obedience.

    7. Sabr (Patience)

    “…And Allah Loves those who are firm and steadfast (As-Sabirin (the patient)).” (Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:146)

    Patience is one of the most noble of virtues and traits. It is to endure what one dislikes with a sense of acceptance and submission and anticipating Allah’s reward.

    Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “patience to Iman is like the head to a body: if the head is cut off, the body perishes as well.” (Gems and jewels – wise sayings, interesting events & moral lessons from the Islamic history, compiled by Abdul-Malik Mujahid (Darussalam))

    Muslims should adhere to patience when afflicted with calamity and should not yield either to desperation nor despondence because if we are patient, everything that was destined and preordained for us will occur and we will be rewarded. If we complain and are hopeless, then all that was destined for us will still occur, but we will be blamed for our impatience at Allah’s Will.

    Seven Qualities that Allah does not Love

    1. Israaf (extravagance)

    “…But waste not by excess: for Allah loveth not the wasters (Al-Musrifun (those who waste by extravagance)).” (Surah Al An’am 6:141)

    Excessive spending and lavishness in everything is the core of evil and leads to greater evil. It makes one forget the hereafter and preparing for it. Such acts would be a cause of humiliation and disgrace on the Day of Judgment.

    That is why Almighty Allah has prescribed zakah (obligatory alms) and sadaqah (voluntary charity) in order to bless the wealth and to curb extravagance in eating, drinking, clothing and in everything we do.

    2. Istikbaar (Pride)

    “…verily He loveth not the arrogant (proud).” (Surah Al Nahl 16:23)

    And the Prophet says,

    “Pride is to completely disregard the truth and scorn (looking down upon) the people” (Muslim)

    Sometimes a person might be deceived by his/ her knowledge, wealth and property, lineage and ancestry, or worship and be arrogant and boastful.

    Al-Hasan Al-Basri advised that: “Do not become proud merely because you worship often, for consider what happened to Iblis after he spent a great deal of time worshipping” (Gems and jewels – wise sayings, interesting events & moral lessons from the Islamic history, compiled by Abdul-Malik Mujahid (Darussalam))

    Pride is among the greatest means of damage to a person’s wealth and circumstances. It distances one away from Allah’s love and “He who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of pride shall not enter paradise.” (Sahih Muslim, Book #001, Hadith #0166)

    3. Mukhtal fakhoor (Arrogant boaster)

    “…for Allah loveth not any arrogant boaster.” (Surah Luqman 31:18)

    Being arrogant and boastful are a deadly combination – beauty, knowledge, wealth and noble lineage should be taken as gifts from Almighty Allah and one should be humble and grateful for them rather than make them a means of pride and oppression.

    Servants of Allah cannot be true to themselves as long as they are flattering themselves, walking in an arrogant manner and looking down on people who are inferior to them and not mix with them. The one who is arrogant in this world will be disgraced on the Day of Judgment.

    Prophet Muhammad says, “The arrogant will be gathered on the Day of Judgment in the form of small ants. Humiliation will surround them from everywhere.” (At-Tirmidhi)

    4. Udwaan (Transgression)

    “…for Allah loveth not those given to excess (Transgression).” (Surah Al Ma’idah 5:87)

    Human characteristics have limitations, which if surpassed would be transgression and if one falls short of it, it would be a defect – for example, generosity has a limitation, when surpassed, it becomes extravagance, when courage is surpassed, it becomes rashness; when ibadah (worship) is surpassed, one falls into the risk of adopting bid’ah – some of the Companions almost fell into this trap.

    Narrated by Anas bin Malik: “A group of three men came to the houses of the wives of the Prophet asking how the Prophet worshipped (Allah), and when they were informed about that, they considered their worship insufficient and said, “Where are we from the Prophet as his past and future sins have been forgiven.” Then one of them said, “I will offer the prayer throughout the night forever.” The other said, “I will fast throughout the year and will not break my fast.” The third said, “I will keep away from the women and will not marry forever.” Allah’s Apostle came to them and said, “Are you the same people who said so-and-so? By Allah, I am more submissive to Allah and more afraid of Him than you; yet I fast and break my fast, I do sleep and I also marry women. So he who does not follow my tradition in religion, is not from me (not one of my followers).”” (Sahih Bukhari, Book #62, Hadith #1)

    Therefore, moderation is the best way to deal with all matters – it is not to exaggerate and make it hard for ourselves by prohibiting the permissible things. And not to transgress the limits by excessively indulging in the permissible matters but rather we should only use what satisfies our need and not fall into extravagance.

    5. Zulm (Evil, wrongdoing)

    “…but God loveth not those who do wrong (Zalimun (oppressors, polytheists and wrong doers)).” (Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:57)

    This is a reprehensible trait whose existence spoils the Iman and darkens the heart. The wrongdoers are those who have chosen the tempting transient life instead of the hereafter. All acts of wrongdoing such as stealing, breach of trust, embezzlement, usurping the rights of others, and bribery, have serious consequences in the hereafter.

    In a Hadith, Abu Dharr reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying that Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, said: “My servants, I have made oppression unlawful for Me and unlawful for you, so do not commit oppression against one another.” (Sahih Muslim, Book #032, Hadith #6246)

    6. Khiyaanah (Treachery)

    “…for Allah loveth not the treacherous.” (Surah Al Anfal 8:58)

    The treacherous one is two-faced and inconsistent in words and deeds. Acts of treachery lead to betrayal, disloyalty, perfidy, deception and hypocrisy which in turn soil the Iman.

    7. Ifsaad (Mischief-making)

    “…And Allah loveth not those who do mischief.” (Surah Al Ma’idah 5:64)

    This is a comprehensive term which includes great crimes, sins, oppression, carrying false tales, hypocrisy, tyranny and all kinds of mischief. All these acts are despicable and stain the Iman.

    Hasten today to adopt the qualities that Almighty Allah loves and don’t rest until they become second nature to you; hasten today to abandon all the qualities Allah does not love and don’t relent until you hate them with all your heart. The Prophet said: “Faith wears out in the heart of any one of you just as clothes wear out, so ask Allah to renew the faith in your hearts.” (Al-Haakim in Al-Mustadrak and Al-Haythami in Majma Az-Zawaa’id)

    Therefore the key is supplication, resorting to Allah and sincere desire to please Him followed by action, so we say,

    “O Allah make Iman beloved to us and beautify it in our hearts.”

  315. sanaulla sharief says:


    Muslim (976) narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “I asked my Lord for permission to pray for forgiveness for my mother, but He did not give me permission. And I asked Him for permission to visit her grave, and He gave me permission.


    Moulana Tariq Jameel visited the grave of Hazrat Amina and did ‘dua’

    He did an act, which none of the people of first three pious generations did.


    Allah wants us to be MUSLIMS
    Allah does not want us to be Shias, sufies, Qadianies etc.

    TJ is a Sufi revival movement.

  317. Zaheer Khan says:

    Great copy-paste, but my question is how ALLAH becomes eyes and hands, as mentioned in hadees qudsi.

  318. Zaheer Khan says:

    This Quranic verse indicates the fact that prayers and supplication made for the sake of the dead people’s souls will be beneficial for them:

    “Our Lord! Forgive us, and our brethren who came before us into the Faith, and leave not, in our hearts, rancor (or sense of injury) against those who have believed.” (al-Hashr, 59:10).

    Yahya related to me from Malik that Abdullah ibn Dinar said, “I saw Abdullah ibn Umar stop by the grave of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and ask for blessings on the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and on Abu Bakr and Umar.”  (Book #9, Hadith #9.22.71)

    That’s what he did.


    ‘Yahya related to me from Malik that Abdullah ibn Dinar said, “I saw Abdullah ibn Umar stop by the grave of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and ask for blessings on the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and on Abu Bakr and Umar.” (Book #9, Hadith #9.22.71)’

    Which book of hadees it is? and how this ‘hadees’ is classed?

    1.Hazrat Ayesha died in 58 hijri and her room in which the Prophet was buried was her abode. Hazrat Abdullah bin Omar never entered her room.
    2.Abdulla bin Umar just used to say the prescribed salam and dua from outside the chamber, in the same manner in which it is done nowadays.


    ‘This Quranic verse indicates the fact that prayers and supplication made for the sake of the dead people’s souls will be beneficial for them:

    “Our Lord! Forgive us, and our brethren who came before us into the Faith, and leave not, in our hearts, rancor (or sense of injury) against those who have believed.” (al-Hashr, 59:10)



  321. iabhortrinity says:

    Dear Zaheer,

    Kindly read Fatahul Bari the Sharah of Sahih Bukhari you will understand what does this hadees mean. This hadees is the last resort to safeguard sufees aqeeda of hulool and wahdatul wajood but this hadees will not benefit Sufia aqeeda of Hulool and Wahdatul wajood.

    Zaheer…try to understand hades the way sahaba understood then it will be a guide for you to understand.




    The Sufi moulana Zakaria writes in Fazael hajj that ‘ hajar aswad’ is the right hand of Allah and will have eyes and tongue on the day of ‘qayamat’

    Is it not Hinduism.


    RAMZAN-Traveeh Salat

    Leaving aside the discussion about the number of ‘rakats’ in salat e traveeh, what is the purpose of these prayers?

    Surah Al-Muzzammil
    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
    O thou wrapped up in thy raiment! (1) Keep vigil the night long, save a little – (2) A half thereof, or abate a little thereof (3) Or add (a little) thereto – and chant the Qur’an in measure, (4) For we shall charge thee with a word of weight. (5)

    What was the mission of all the Prophets, including ours?

  324. Zaheer Khan says:

    iabhortrinity / SANAULLA SHARIEF

    Please don’t change the topic, you people think only you have the right INTERPRETATION of quran and hadees my question is simple how ALLAH becomes eyes and hands, as mentioned in hadees qudsi.

    And SANAULLA SHARIEF we never say that Hazrat Abdullah bin Omar(r) entered Hazrat Ayesha’s (r) room.
    This is way that you people use when you don’t have any answers.


    Zaheer Khan wrote’
    Yahya related to me from Malik that Abdullah ibn Dinar said, “I saw Abdullah ibn Umar stop by the grave of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and ask for blessings on the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and on Abu Bakr and Umar.” (Book #9, Hadith #9.22.71)’

    The question arises,

    Did Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar passed his salutation from outside the room of Hazrat Ayesha or did he really visited the grave by entering the room?


    Fact or fiction?

    Narrating a dream he had seen in his childhood, the founder of Darul ‘Uloom Deoband, Hujjat al-islam Maulana Qasim Nanautwi (ra) once said:
    I am standing on the roof of the ka’bah, rivers are flowing from all the fingers and toes of my hands and feet and they are spreading towards diffferent parts of the world.
    Subhanallah! This dream manifested itself in the form of Darul ‘Uloom Deoband, which spread knowledge and light to all corners of the globe.
    Dream quoted from ‘Ikhlaas Kaa Taj Mahal Darul Uloom Deoband’, Page 47. (‘Sawaanih Ulama-Deoband’, Volume 1, Page 59)



    Prior to the establishment of Darul ‘Uloom Deoband, Hadhrat Haji Rafee’ al-Deen رحمه اللهonce saw in a dream that Sayyiduna ‘Ali كرم الله وجهه had established a Madrasah. Shah Rafee’ al-Deen رحمه الله met a student from this Madrasah [in the dream].
    After some time, when Darul ‘Uloom Deoband had been established and Shah Rafee’ al-Deen رحمه الله had been appointed Principal, he once remarked after seeing a particular student:
    ”this is the same student that I had seen in Hadhrat Ali’s كرم الله وجهه Madrasah!”
    Ikhlas Ka Taj Mahal Darul ‘Uloom Deoband, Kutub Khana Na’eemiyyah Deoband, Pages 45-46 (Ref: ‘Ulama Haq Awwal, Page 72)


    The belief of the saved group , the victorious ones to the Day of Judgment, the people of the Sunnah and the Jama’ah (i.e., The belief in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers, the resurrection after death, the belief in Divine Decree ( qadar ), be it good or bad) .

    Part of the belief in Allah is the belief in how He has described Himself in His Book (the Qur’an) and in how His Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) has described Him. Believe without distorting or denying and without questioning or shaping; Rather, believe in Allah, The Exalted:

    “There is none like Him; He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer.” (ash-Shura 42/11)

    Do not deny Him the way He has described Himself; Do not change words from their context; Do not disbelieve the names of Allah and His Signs; Do not exemplify His Attributes with the attributes of His creatures because Allah, The Exalted, has no likeness: There is none comparable to Him;
    What we mentioned of belief in Allah included belief in what Allah has revealed in His Book ( the Qur’an ), and what has been continuously reported from His Messenger (peace be upon him), and what the early generation of the Ummah unanimously agreed upon: That Allah, The Glorified, is above His heavens on His Throne, exalted above His creatures, and that He, The Glorified, is with them wherever they be and knows whatever they do. He summed it up in His saying:

    “He is the One Who created the heavens and the earth in six days; Then He Settled on the Throne. He knows what goes into the earth and what comes out of it and what descends from heavens and what ascends into it; He is with you wherever you are; Allah sees all what you do.” (al-Hadid 57/4)

    His saying “He is with you” does not mean that He is commingled with the creatures

    : The language does not indicate this and it is against what the early generation of the Ummah agreed upon, and contrary to Allah’s creation of all things; For example, the moon is one of Allah’s Signs to be found amongst the smallest of his creatures; It is placed in the skies where it is at the same time with both the traveler and the non-traveller, wherever they are; and He,

    The Glorified, is on the Throne, watching over His creatures, ruling over them; This is, as well as other Signs of His Lordship. All that Allah The Glorified mentioned-that He is on the Throne ( al-‘Arsh ) and that He is with ustrue in itself does not warrant distortion but should be protected from false conjectures, such as thinking that the apparent meaning of His saying “In Heavens” means that heavens contain Him. This is invalid according to the consensus of all the people of knowledge and faith.

  329. Zaheer Khan says:

    iabhortrinity / SANAULLA SHARIEF

    Please let every one know from you scholars that how ALLAH becomes eyes and hands, as mentioned in hadees qudsi.

    we are not interested in marketing of deoband and there dreams.

  330. iabhortrinity says:

    Dear Zaheer,
    Do not behave like a small child. Show some intellect and wisdom before putting any questions/objections on Quran and Hadees. I had advised you to read Fatahul Bari by Ibn Hajar Asqalani RA the sharah of saheeh Bukhari but you did not read it and came back to repeat your question like a stupid kid

  331. Zaheer Khan says:

    OK !! iabhortrinity

    You are talking like that you have memorized Fatahul Bari by Ibn Hajar Asqalani.

    Don’t you worry you can copy/past from Fatahul Bari the meaning of hadith qudsi from bukhari sharif.


    Abu Haneefa,

    ‘His Attributes, without inquiry into their modality (bilaa kayf), and this is the statement of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah. He becomes Angry, and He becomes pleased, and it is not to be said: His Anger is His Punishment and His Pleasure is His Reward. And we describe Him as He described Himself, One, Eternal, He does not beget, nor is He begotten, and there is none equal to Him, the Ever-Living, All-Capable, All-Hearing, Ever-Watchful, All-Knowing. The Hand of Allaah is above their hands. It is not like the hands of His creation, and His Face is not like the faces of His creation.”
    [al-Fiqhul-Absat (p.56)]

    “And His Attributes are not like the attributes of the creation, and His Knowledge is not like our knowledge, and His Capability is not like our capability, and His Sight is not like our sight, and His Hearing is not like our hearing, and His Speech is not like our speech.”
    [al-Fiqhul-Akbar (p.302)]


    Al-Khateeb al-Baghdaadee (d.463H)
    He said in his treatise al-Kalaam fis-Sifaat,
    “As for speech concerning the Attributes, then whatever is related about them from the authentic Sunan in the madhhab of the SALAF – may Allaah be pleased with them all – is to be affirmed and conveyed upon its apparent (dhaahir) meaning, and the kayfiyyah (modality) and tashbeeh (resemblance) must be negated from it.”


    Adh-Dhahabee (d.748H)

    “It is authentically related from ad-Daaraqutnee that he said: There is nothing more despised by me than ‘ilmul-kalaam
    (innovated speech and theological rhetoric). I say: No person should ever enter into ‘ilmul-kalaam, nor argumentation. Rather, he should be SALAFEE (a follower of the Salaf).”
    Siyar 16/457.


    Ibn Kathir (d.774H)

    His tafsir of:and then He rose over (Istawa) the Throne
    [Surah Al-A’raf (7):54]

    “the people had several conflicting opinions over its meaning. However, we follow the way that our SALAF(righteous predecessors) took in this regard, such as Malik, Al-Awza’i, Ath-Thawri, Al-Layth bin Sa’d, Ash-Shafi’i, Ahmad, Ishaq bin Rahwayh and the rest of the scholars of Islam, in past and present times. Surely, we accept the apparent meaning of, Al-Istawa, without discussing its true essence, equating it (with the attributes of the creation), or altering or denying it (in any way or form).”

    And his tafsir of:
    The Most Gracious Istawa the Throne [Surah Ta-Ha (20):5]
    “discussion concerning this has already preceded in Surat Al-A’raf, so there is no need to repeat it here. The safest path to take in understanding this, is the way of the SALAF (predecessors). Their way was to accept that which has been reported concerning this from the Book and the Sunnah without describing it, reinterpreting it, resembling it to creation,
    rejecting it, or comparing it to attributes of the creatures.”
    Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Section:The Qur’an is a Reminder and a Revelation from Allah.


    Al-Hafidh Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani (d. 852H)

    “..the saying of who said: the way of the SALAF is safer and the way of the Khalaf is wiser is not correct, because he thought that the way of the SALAF is only the belief in the Lafz (words/letters) of the Quran and Hadith without having understanding of it , (and) the way of the Khalaf is to derive the meanings of the texts that are turned away from their haqiqa with different types of majaz (figurative meaning); so the one who said this combined between the ignorance of the way of the SALAF and the claiming of the way of the Khalaf, and it is not like he thought/assumed. The SALAF had utmost knowledge of what befits Allah, and had the utmost glorification, obedience to His commands and submission to what He intended/willed, and the one who took the path of the Khalaf is not sure that his ta’wil is what is intended, and he can’t be positive of the correctness of his tawil.”
    Fath al Bari sharh Sahih al Bukhari, Book of Tawhid, 1st chapter, 2nd hadith – in its explanation.

    Stated al-Haafidh Ibn Hajr about Abu Amr Ibn as-Salaah, “He was extremely strong and given to devotion, SALAFIin the generality (of his affairs)…”



    Q.Why Abu Jahl, Abu Lahab , Ute’ba and people were declared kafirs?
    A. The new the truth, but it was against their pride and ego to declare it.


    Sorry, typo mistake.

    Q.Why Abu Jahl, Abu Lahab , Ute’ba and people like them were declared kafirs?
    A. The knew the truth, but it was against their pride and ego to declare it.

  339. iabhortrinity says:

    I wanted you to read yourself. Go open the book and read if you do not have and I am sure you will not have this book in your personal library even digital because there is no place for such books on your shelf then you can still download from…….I refer I do not memorize….referring is important understanding is important intellect wisdom are important rather than memorizing it which you guys are good at. Show some wisdom and intellect do not post any comment void of wisdom.

  340. Zaheer Khan says:


    As per your predictions, as you people always do, what you’ve always done. If you want Fatahul Bari in arabic, farsi and in other language I can mail you.

  341. Zaheer Khan says:


    This is our aqeedah that “Attributes of ALLAH are not like the attributes of the creation”

  342. iabhortrinity says:

    Good my boy…but have you read that.



    Brother,tell it to others too, who still believe in anthromorphism

  344. KAM says:

    Critique of the book Fadaa’il al-A‘maal by Muhammad Zakariyya al-Kandahlawi ;


    I have a good collection of books
    If you need, I will be pleased to mail.

  346. KAM says:

    Jazak Allah Brother Sanaulla, I would look forward in receiving those collection.

  347. Zaheer Khan says:

    Tired ?

    Please find some of the book’s written by maulana ashraf ali thanvi rahmatullah alaih and find mistakes.

    They are about fourteen hundred but I am listening some of them.

    Ashraf ul Jawab
    Bawadir un Nawadar
    Atoor ul Majmua
    A Gift of Husband and Wife
    Sukoon e Qalb
    Jamal ul Quran
    Islami Zindagi k 4 Aham Usool
    Shariat wa Tareeqat
    Tasheel Tarbiat us Salik Jilad 1
    Tasheel Tarbiat us Salik Jilad 2
    Tasheel Tarbiat us Salik Jilad 3
    Tasheel Tarbiat us Salik Jilad 4
    Amliyat o Taweezat aor un k sharai ahkam
    Apne Eman ki Hifazat keejiye
    At-Tasharuf Bimarifatul Hadees
    Hakeem ul Ummat
    Hayat ul Muslimeen
    Islah e Inqalat e Ummat
    Islahi Nisab
    Khutbat ul Ahkam li jumatil aam
    Malfuzat Kamalat e Ashrafiya
    Maqalat e Soofiya
    Saal Bhar k Masnoon Aamal
    Safai muamlat
    Taleem ud Deen
    Ahkam e Islam Aqal ki Nazar me
    Bahishti Gohar
    Islah ur Rusoom
    Manajat e Maqbool
    Deen me Tangi Nahi
    muslim way of life
    aJmal Ul Quran
    Al Intebahaat Ul Mufedah
    Khutbaat e Ashrafiya – 32 Volumes
    -Fawaid us Suhbah–
    Qasd us Sabeel
    Jaza ul Aamaal
    Taleem ud Deen
    Tohfa e Ramadan
    Aghlaat ul Awaam
    Islah ur Rusoom
    Mian Se Nibah Ka Tareeqa
    Tohfa e Ramadan
    Aghlaat ul Awaam
    Islah ur Rusoom SAW
    Tasheel Nashr ut Teeb Fi Zikrin Nabiyyul Habib SAW
    Hayat ul Muslimeen
    Apnay Eemaan Ki Hifazat Kijiye
    Malfuzat Kamalat e Ashrafiya
    Mawaiz e Ashrafiya – 10 Volumes
    Mawaiz e Salasa (3 Mawaiz)



    How many of these books can any one read?
    In fact , no one can read all those books.
    To understand or evaluate a writer, it is enough to review a few of them.
    I have a few of them
    To begin with, let us take Tasheel Nashr ut Teeb Fi Zikrin Nabiyyul Habib SAW in Urdu.(the number sixth from the bottom in the above list)..The aqeeda and view points are the same as that of Raza Khan, revolving around ‘noor e Muhammadi’ and full of all baseless fabricated ahadees.

    Tasheel Nashr ut Teeb Fi Zikrin Nabiyyul Habib SAW was written during the same time when moulana Shibli Noumani was working on his masterpiece ‘seerat un Nabi. Ashraf Ali Thanvi used to talk bad of moulana Shibli Noumani

    The above list does not include ‘amaal e Qurani’. A very small booklet.Read it to know,how ‘great’ was this mullah.


    From Beheshti Zewr of mulla Ashraf Ali Thanvi

    If ‘tayammum’ was made specifically to touch the Quran, it will not be permissible to read salaat with that tayammum. If tayammum was made for a particular salaat, the next salaat could be read with that same tayammum. Even the Quran may be touched with that same tayammum.

    16. A person had sexual intercourse with a woman after mistaking her for his wife. He will have to give her mahrul mithl as well, and this intercourse with her will not be regarded as adultery (zinâ) nor will there be any sin. In fact, if the woman falls pregnant, the lineage of the child will be in order.

    19. In the middle of the night, a man decided to awaken his wife. However, he mistakenly touched his daughter or his mother-in-law. Thinking them to be his wife, he touched them with the passions of youth. Now, this man will become harâm on his wife forever. There is no way in which she can become permissible for him. It will be necessary for him to divorce his wife.

    It is not good to bite the finger nails as this is a cause of leprosy.

    If a najâsat-e-ghalîzah is thick and solid, for example stool or the excreta of fowls, etc. and its weight is equal to or less than about 4 grams, then performing salât without washing it off will be valid. But if it is more than this weight, salât will not be valid.

    When a woman is observing the ‘iddah after the death of her husband, she is not entitled to receive any food, clothing, etc. She must spend her own money for this purpose.

    9. If both the man and woman are mature, they can perform their own nikâh. All that they have to do is say the following in the presence of two witnesses: One of them must say: “I am making my nikâh with you” and the other must say: “I accept.” In so doing, the nikâh will be valid.

    3. A mature girl has the choice to marry or not to marry. She can marry whomsoever she wishes – no one can force her to marry a particular person. If she marries a person on her own, the nikâh will be valid irrespective of whether the wali is informed or not, and irrespective of whether the wali gives his consent or not. In all cases the nikâh will be valid. However, if she does not marry a person who is of the same social standing as her, and instead, marries a person who is of a lower standing than her family, and her wali is not happy about this marriage, then the fatwâ in this case is that the nikâh will not be valid.

    If a woman kisses her husband while he is in salaat then his salaat will not become invalid. However, if at the time of being kissed, the man is overtaken by passion, then his salaat will become invalid. If a woman is in her salaat and a man kisses her, then her salaat will become invalid irrespective of whether he kissed her with desire or not, and irrespective of whether she was overcome by passion or not.

    14. While a woman was offering salaat, a child came and drank milk from her. Her salaat will break. However, if the milk did not come out, her salaat will not break.

    16. A person had missed several salaats and did not get the opportunity to make ‘qada’ of them as yet. At the time of death, it will be wajib for him to make a wasiyyat to pay fidyah for all the missed salaats.


    Ashraf Ali Thanvi

    It is mentioned in Aamaal-e-Qur’aani, p. 134 by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi [published by Jasim Book Depot, Urdu Bazaar, Jama Masjid, Delhi] that if a woman has excessive menstrual bleeding, the verse (Surah Al-‘Imran: 3:144) should be written on three different pieces of paper, one tied on her right and the other on her left and the third piece of paper with the Qur’ânic verse to be hung below the naval. This verse of the Qur’aan, “Muhammad (sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam) is no more than a Messenger, and indeed (many) Messengers have passed away before him. If he dies or is killed, will you then turn back on your heels (as disbelievers)? And he who turns back on his heels, not the least harm will he do to Allah, and Allah will give reward to those who are grateful.” [Surah Al-‘Imran: 3:144]

  351. zaheer khan says:

    SO ! what is the problem in this massiel.

  352. KAM says:

    @Zaheer: I started irritated by your ignorant mind, the way it thinks then again you are kept this way by Allah for a reason.
    You must be deeply in love with your forefather way of following religion. I had let it gone, but could not resist when I read about your recent comment.

    I say to you Allah alone can give advice; we are only to convey the message of Allah and His Prophet (sallahu wa alihi wasalaam). Don’t be hard on yourself, there are more authenticate group of scholars in the history and we do not need ashraf ali thanvi and zakaria saheb telling us their own version of tainted Islam.

    Sorry man, no hard feelings.


    .It reminds of the story of the dress of the king.Every one was appreciating the dress of the king. .No one had the courage to say, that the king is naked.
    It was a young toddler, who exclaimed and shouted, WHY THE KING IS NAKED?

    The same guy, told that there is nothing wrong, if SURA FATIHA IS WRITTEN WITH URINE on the forehead as a remedy for headache.

    In the translation of Quran, by this mulla Ashraf Ali Thanvi, there are many ‘taweez’ with numericals towards the end of the book. The same can be found in Raza Khan’s writings.


  354. zaheer khan says:


    You have any solution if some one ask this types of questions (Massiel).

  355. zaheer khan says:


    Please paste full topic from the book where quran can be written with any thing as you mention.


    Read Aamal e Qurani by mulla Ashraf Ali Thanvi

  357. KAM says:

    @Zaheer: Imam malik was asked for a fatwa by a man, which he answered him with best of his knowledge. The man left then returned and asked by twisting his question again; Imam Malik asked if this has happened and the person replied “no”, upon hearing him Imam Malik got angry and said are you from Kuffa? Return to me when it happens… so there are things you do not want to know until it happens.

    Secondly, Hanging Taweez are haram in Islam and how someone can allow making it halal? And look at the ways ashraf ali thanvi had gone about, using impurities and the way he used Quranic verse. I do not know why even we are discussing his disgusting ways.


    Do we have to accept every thing written by the so-called, ‘buzurgan e deen’?

    Moulana Zakaria copied word to word from the books of ahle tasawuuf, without using his brain.

    For example,when he narrates,the story of ‘kaba going on visit’, the same story is present in Ihya of Ghazzali. And we do not know, from where Ghazzali got that story.

    Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi issued a fatwa, that anyone who doubts the ‘buzurgan deen’, after death his face will turn away from Qibla

    To be on ‘sirat e mustaqeem’, it is only Quran and Hadees.

  359. zaheer khan says:


    Could you please copy/paste full topic from the book where quran can be written with any thing as you mention.

  360. zaheer khan says:


    Why you left quran and hadith and started giving reference of imam (rh).


    Zaheer Khan

    Please read,
    “And this [position of permissibility] is likewise chosen by the author of Al-Hidaya who says in [his work] Al-Tajnis: “If one has a nosebleed and he writes Surat al-Fatiha on his forehead and nose with his blood, then this would be allowed as a form of treatment. Even if he were to write with urine, there would not be a problem with it, if he knew that there was cure in it. However, this has NOT been reported….. (Al-Bahr al-Ra’iq, 1/116)

    Finally, Shaykh Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) mentions the various Hadiths of the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) on the issue – those that indicate impermissibility, and those that indicate permissibility. He ends the article by reconciling between these apparently contradicting Hadiths.

    From the above clarification it is clear that any individual who possesses the smallest amount of intellect can never conclude that Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) allows or encourages the writing of Surat al-Fatiha with one’s urine!

    Firstly, these are not his own words, but rather he is merely quoting the renowned classical Hanafi jurist Imam Ibn Nujaym, from his work Al-Bahr al-Ra’iq, who in turn is quoting another well-known classical Hanafi jurist, the author of Al-Hidaya. As such, the text regarding writing Surat al-Fatiha with urine, if proven to be authentically established, is in actual fact the text of the author of Al-Hidaya.


  362. KAM says:

    @Zaheer: We value our scholars and their opinions as long as they do not go contradicting with Quran and/or Sunnah (sallahu wa alihi wasalam).

    Our problem with you is the same. You get to cross lines in following imams. As imams are humans who make mistakes only ALLAH is perfect, Quran and the sent Messenger (sallahu wa alihi wasalaam) is to be followed under ISLAM.



    Do you want me to quote something more from Hidaya and Fatawa e Alamgiri

    It is quite nauseating.

    Any how, if you want ,send me your email. I will send you Urdu books


    Ebrahim Desai is a Deobandi mufti based in south Africa.

    He permits
    Taweez and amulets
    Drinking alcohol, if it is not made from grape or dates.


    Zaheer Khan

    It is more than two weeks that we did not indulged in discussion.
    The ball is in your court.

  366. zaheer khan says:


    You will quote something more from Hidaya and Fatawa e Alamgiri and then I will quote somthing from NUZUL ABRAR, this old fashion. Everyone knows what is there in this books. Try something new.

  367. zaheer khan says:

    Please welcome Mr KAM.

    He will respect and value our scholars and their opinions as long as they do not go contradicting with Quran and/or Sunnah (sallahu wa alihi wasalam).

    He will certify the opinions of ulma according Quran and/or Sunnah.


    Did i ever quote anything without reference?

  369. zaheer khan says:

    Don’t change the meaning of my quote, as you usually do.


    How about

    Condition of the Indian Muslims in pre-modern India
    Various Sufi silsilas
    Qalandar sufies
    Chishti Naqshbandi polemics in Mughal court
    Karamat e Awliya
    nath jogies and Abdul quddoos Gangohi



    Let us start with

    Junaiyd e Baghhdadi and his role role among the Sunnies, ,Shites and Sufies


    namāz-e maʿkūs “inverted prayer

    Abdul Quddoos Gangohi offering prayer in head down legs up position just like a bat.

    The remainder of ʿAbd-al-Qoddūs’s life may be divided into 3 phases: 1. For approximately seventeen years after his initiation into the Ṣāberīya Češtīya discipline, he remained near Rudawli, spending his time in private devotional pursuits (some of which, e.g., namāz-e maʿkūs “inverted prayer” and solṭān-e ḏekr“supreme meditation,” From encyclopaedia iranica


    Once an Aalim from Karnaal said to Hadhrat Mianji:
    “We hear stories of people having seen the dismemberment of the bodies of the Auliya. Their heads, hands, feet, etc. all separated from their bodies.”
    Hadhrat replied:
    “My maternal uncle narrated that once he went to visit Hadhrat Mian Sahib at midday. The door of his room was closed although not bolted. He says: ‘When I opened the door I was shocked to see the entire body of Hadhrat Mian Sahib dismembered. As he saw me, the various limbs reunited. Hadhrat Mian Sahib sat up and told me not to divulge what I had seen.’ ” Page 225 MASHA’IKH-E-CHISHT


  374. zaheer khan says:

    What about,
    Aurangzeb alamgir (ra), Shah waliullah dehlvi (ra), Shah abdul aziz muhaddith dehlvi (ra)

    This are all in India and they are not JOgi…


    Let us start with Hazrat Mohiuddin Aurangzeeb Alamgeer rahim Allah

  376. zaheer khan says:

    Hazrat mohiuddin aurangzeb alamgir (ra) was hanfi.


    Many of us confess or subscribe to a faith or title, passed on by our elders without knowing or trying to know what does it means to be .
    Ask any well educated Deobandee about his ‘aqeeda’. Very few know that the official ‘aqeeda’ of Deobandee school is Matrudi and Asharee. Even if it is Asharee, which Asharee it is, because Imam Asharee was Matrudi in the begining of his life and later on he has a change of mind.
    Like Aurangzeeb rahimallah, Shah Waliallah , Abdul hai Lakhnavi were Hanfees, but it did not prevented them from telling the truth that ‘taqleed’ is a late addition to islam.

    Now my question?
    What compelled Alamgerr to set a panel of 500 ulmas to review and compile a new ‘fiqh’?


    The Hanafi Books:

    When were they written?
    I. Qudoory 5th Century AH
    II. Hidayah 6th Century AH
    III. Qaadiy Khan 6th Century AH
    IV. Fatawa Saraajiyah 7th Century AH
    V. Kanz 8th Century AH
    VI. Nahayah, Sharh Waqayah, Anayah 8th Century AH
    VII. Tahtawi 8th Century AH
    VIII. Jami ur Ramooz 8th Century AH
    IX. Fath ul Qadeer 9th Century AH
    X. Bazaziyyah, Khalaash, Kaydooriy, Hilyah 9th Century AH
    XI. Bahr ur Raqaiq, 10th Century AH
    XII. Tanwir ul Absaar, Zahiratul Uqbaa 11th Century AH
    XIII. Fatawa Khariyyah, Shaamiy, Durr ul Mukhtaar 12th Century AH
    XIV. Fatawa Alamgheeriy completed with the agreement of five hundred Hanafi ‘mujtahids’, 12th Century AH
    XV. Maraaqiy ul Fallah, Malaa Budd, Umda Radiyah 13th Century AH


    Who are the true Hanafees?

    • The Hanafiyyah Jahmiyyah
    • The Hanafiyyah Mu’tazilah
    • The Hanafiyyah Murji’ah
    • The Hanafiyyah Shi’ah
    • The Hanafiyyah Zaydiyyah
    The Hanafiyyah Karraamiyyah Mushabbihah
    • The Hanafiyyah Mareesiyyah
    • The Hanafiyyah Soofiyyah, or Mutasawwifah and beneath which are the four tariqahs:
    o The Qaadiriyyah
    o The Chistiyyah
    o The Suhrawardiyyah
    o The Naqshabandiyyah
    o Also amongst them are the Hulooliyyah and Ittihaadiyyah, who are the extremist heretical deviants
    • The Hanafiyyah Qubooriyyah (Grave-Worshippers), amongst which are the Barelwiyyah, Kawthariyyah and some of the Deobandiyyah
    • The Hanafiyyah Maturidiyyah

    Refer to “ar-Raf’ wat-Takmeel” of al-Allaamah Abdul-Hayy al-Luknowi (pp. 178-180,

  380. zaheer khan says:

    What does it mean that Alamgerr set a panel of 500 ulmas to review and compile a new ‘fiqh’


    Zaheer Khan

    if you want the details, please read the ‘ tareekh dawat wo azeemath by abul hasan nadwi second volume.

    In brief, during the time of Akbar and after him, there was so much of disagreements and in-fighting among the Sunni ulmas, that Islam as a religion had become a ‘khiloona’.

    I have this book, in Urdu, if you want , let me know.


    Religious activity of Indian religious persons during Moghal period.

    Quran was translated in to Farsi by Shah Waliullah died -1762
    Quran translated in to Urdu by his grandsons in eighteen century


    Amrut-Konda, a treatise of Nath-Yogies was translated in to Arabic, Farsi and Turkish long before 14th century and through this book, the Sufies of the ‘al-maghrib'( Tunis, Morocco, Algeria and other countries of the region) and Malay-Indonesia learned and practiced some of the Indian Sufi practices.

    A Chishti Sufi Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (d. 1425), is credited by his biographer with a victory over a yogi, and he was also familiar with mantras of the Naths used for purposes of curing snakebite and similar purposes, which he regarded as magical charms (afsun).55 The later Chishti master Abd al-Quddus Gangohi (d. 1537) was probably more familiar with the yoga of the Naths than anyone else in that order.

    He wrote Hindi verses on the subject under the pen-name ‘Alakh-das’ or ‘Servant of the Absolute’. It is in connection with Abd al-Quddus that we find the earliest external reference to the Arabic version of The Pool of Nectar, which he is said to have taught to a disciple, Sulayman Mandawi, in the late fifteenth century, in exchange for instruction in Qur’anic recitation.

    RECITATION OF QURAN is rewarded with knowledge of YOGI LITERATURE by Abdul Quddoos Gangohi

    This is the same Gangohi in whose ‘dargah’, Moulana Ilyas used to do ‘maraqaba e Chishti’

  383. Zaheer Khan says:


    Can you please present the book in which ‘maraqaba’ of Moulana Ilyas rahimahullah is.

  384. Zaheer Khan says:

    Aurangzeb rahimahullah compiled Hanafi law by introducing the Fatawa-e-Alamgiri after making changes in ISLAM by akbar and his shia friends.

    The first man who appose this falsehood is Imām Rabbānī Shaykh Ahmad al-Farūqī al-Sirhindī follower of naqshbandi silsila. famous as Mujaddid Alf Thānī, is Hanafi.


    Shaikh Muhammad Ilyaas gave the Sufi bay’ah (oath of allegiance) to Shaikh Rasheed Al-Gangoohee, who later became Shaikh Rasheed As-Saharanpuree. Then he renewed it with Shaikh Ahmad As-Saharanpuree who certified him to take oaths of allegiance. Muhammad Ilyaas would sit in detached isolation (khalwah) by the grave of Shaikh Nur Muhammad Al-Badaayunee, in what is known as the Chishtee Muraaqabah (self meditation). And he would go out to the grave of ‘Abdul-Qudoos Al-Gangoohee,
    Chishtee Muraaqabah (self meditation)

    The Chishtee Muraaqabah is to sit by a grave for half an hour of every week, covering the face and reciting this dhikr: “Allaahu Haadiree, Allaahu Naadhiree.”


    Reference. moulana ilyas and unke deeni dawat by moulana nadwi. I have this book in urdu published by maktaba mahmoodia, raye wand.

    Some thing from this book.
    1. page 50. His grand-motherr used to do more than 16,000 azkar a day, besides Quran 51. He used to smell just like ‘sahaba’
    3. page 69 his ‘maraqaba’ 103, his son Yousuf gets approval for his fathers’s work by a ghost.

    There are many other innovations, in which they indulge,like
    1.Twelve tasbeeh
    2.Khatam e khajgan
    4.Many innovated ‘durroods’ about 40.

    ‘Muraqaba’ is not for the new entrants. it starts with azkar, ashgal, then muraqaba.

    In the above mail, there is a typo mistake. it is Rasheed Ahmad followed by Khaleel Ahamad

  387. Zaheer Khan says:

    What’s wrong in “Allaahu Haadiree, Allaahu Naadhiree.” muraqaba.


    I am not an ‘alim’ or ‘mufti’ to answer that question, but what i know is that among the 99 ‘asma ul husna’, there is none to mean that Allah is EVERY WHERE or WATCHING us.

    Some one will be ‘hazir and nazir’ if he has MATERIAL existance

    Allah is SAMEE and BASEER.

    i have some books by Deobandee scholars to explain it.


    I used the word’watching’,. I do not know, what is the proper translation of the word’nazir’



    Drawing from Qur’anic verses, virtually all Sufis distinguish Lataif-e-Sitta (“the six subtleties”): Nafs, Qalb, Sirr, Ruh, Khafi, and Akhfa. These lataif (singular: latifa) designate various psychospiritual “organs” or, sometimes, faculties of sensory and suprasensory perception. They are thought to be parts of the self in a similar manner to the way glands and organs are part of the body. Similar concepts in other belief systems include Chinese traditional or vedic chakras.

    In general, sufic development involves the awakening in a certain order these spiritual centers of perception that lie dormant in every person. Each center is associated with a particular color and general area of the body, as well as oft times with a particular prophet, and varies from Order to Order. The help of a guide is considered necessary to help activate these centers. The activation of all these “centers” is part of the inner methodology of the sufi way or “Work”. After undergoing this process, the dervish is said to reach a certain type of “completion” or becomes a Complete Man.

  391. Zaheer Khan says:


    If you dont know, what is the proper translation (meaning) of the word’nazir’. how can you say that it is wrong.

    If THE PURPOSE OF MEDITATION (MURAQABA) of muslim sufi is similar to Chinese traditional or vedic chakras, it doesn’t mean that it is wrong and against islam.

    AND PLEASE … Note that it is your word that THE PURPOSE OF MEDITATION (MURAQABA) is similar to other belief systems include Chinese traditional or vedic chakras.


    Indeed, the most truthful of speech is the Speech of Allah, and the best guidance is the
    guidance of Muhammad (peace be upon him). The worst of affairs are those that are newly
    introduced, and every newly introduced affair is an innovation, and every innovation is a
    misguidance, and every misguidance leads to the Fire. sura ahzab 70-71

    Shairat e Muhammadi abrogated all the previous methods and manners of ‘ibada’, including ‘shariat e moosavi’

    Our Prophet got angry when He saw a few pages of torah in the hands of Hazrat Umar


    The above is not part of sura ahzab, but the last part of ‘khutba hujja’


    {“O you who believe! Have taqwa of Allah, and say that which is truthful. He will
    rectify your actions for you and Forgive you your sins, and whoever obeys Allah and
    His Messenger has indeed achieved a great success.”ahzab 70-71

  395. Zaheer Khan says:

    But what about THE PURPOSE OF MEDITATION (MURAQABA) of muslim sufi.


    Can a Muslim be a Sufi???


    Non-Islamic Roots of Sufism

    A number of derivations of the word Sufi have been put forward, including Ain Soph, the Kabbalistic term for the unknowable, and Sophos, meaning Wisdom. This is in line with the view held by many students of Sufism who claim that it corresponds with the hidden esoteric wisdom-dimension that underlies all religions. Thus the British Sufi fellow-traveller and author Ernest Scott believes the Sufi tradition has impregnated Western culture to a degree we rarely realise, leading him indeed to call it the Invisible Tradition. Its covert influence, he says, has been strong in Manichaeism and the Cathar faith, in the Troubadour and Jester traditions of medieval Europe, in the evolution of Jewish Kabbalah, in alchemy and in Christianity itself.
    Scott further quotes Hakim Jami, a twelfth-century Sufi master, as implicitly denying Sufism’s Islamic origin by declaring that Plato, Hippocrates, Pythagoras and Hermes lay on an unbroken line of Sufi transmission, thus making a causal connection between Sufism and the Greek Mystery schools of antiquity.The British esotericist J.G. Bennett goes further, claiming that the Sufis are the descendants and spiritual heirs of the old master magicians of Altai, and that Central Asia has been their heartland for forty thousand years or more. He says that it was from the Altaic shamans that the Sufis inherited the religious tolerance, supremely practical expertise and democratic ideals that are their hallmark today.
    Bennett gained much of this knowledge of Sufism’s hidden history from his mentor George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (1877 – 1949), the Armenian-Greek mystic and spiritual teacher who travelled extensively in the Caucasus and Central Asia and who received Sufi training in the dervish schools he encountered there. In The Masters of Wisdom, Bennett recounts:
    The Yezidis, a secretive Kurdish religious sect from which the Sufi Bektashi order has sprung, live to this day in the foothills north of Mosul in Iraqi Kurdistan pursuing a cult of angels. According to the British baroness E.S. Drower, who in 1940 published a detailed paper on the sect, the chief Yezidi angel is Malek Taus, the Peacock Angel who has some likeness to Lucifer, the fallen angel of Christian fame. A black serpent is also held in special reverence in the Yezidi religion as a symbol of magical potency – no doubt ultimately a symbol of kundalini and the spinal system of energies elaborated in spiritual physiology. While paying lip service to the Muslim faith, the Yezidi have their own unique cosmogony, mythology and ritual practices, which have more commonality with the Magian or Gnostic belief-systems than with either Islam or Christianity

  398. Zaheer Khan says:

    Not All Sufis Are Authentic

    It is true that there have been, and currently are, people who have deviated from the teachings of tasawwuf, thus misrepresenting this science. This is not unique to tasawwuf. Our history is full of examples of people who called themselves scholars of tafsir, or hadith while misrepresenting the essence of these sciences. Each of the Islamic sciences is interlinked and bounded by its sister sciences. For example, a scholar of tafsir cannot interpret the Quran by contradicting the hadith. Similarly a true shaykh of tasawwuf (sufism) never breaks even the smallest tenets of the shariah or the sunnah. Rather, he sees them as the means of his progress towards his Lord. In fact, he prefers death over falling into even a minute sin.

  399. Zaheer Khan says:

    What Do Our Scholars Say About Tasawwuf is Tasawwuf is a branch of Islamic knowledge which focuses on the spiritual development of the Muslim.

    Studying the life of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam the scholars who propagated the science of tasawwuf understood that a requisite for approaching Allah was abandonment of the common pursuits of the world. Derivation of the word comes from the root word safa, which means “to clean.” Because the scholars of tasawwuf focused on cleansing the heart, they later became known as the Sufis.


    You wrote,
    ‘Studying the life of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam the scholars who propagated the science of tasawwuf understood that a requisite for approaching Allah was abandonment of the common pursuits of the world’

    Please do not attribute something about our Prophet, without reading his life.

    He preached ‘zuhud’ and ‘taqwa’, not ‘rohbaniyat’. Some of his companions like Abdur Rahman bin Aouf and Hazrat Osman Ghani pursued business and were the wealthiest persons of their time, but they were zahid and muttaqi too.

    By the way,who is the god-father of Sufism, Ibn-Arabi, Abdul Karim jilli, Mansoor Hallaj, Abu talib Makki?

    Zakaria Kandhalvi quotes them very often in his writings with reverence. He praises Ibn Arabi as ‘sheikh ul arfein’. Did you read any book by this person, who was declared as .kafir’ during his life time.?

    If you want , I can give you some quotes from this heretic.

    Please note. I purposely do not use the word ‘MOULANA’ , because for me there is one and only one perfect MOULANA, that is Muhammad bin Abdallah(pbuh)


    Zaheer Khan

    In his Risalah “Zia ul Qulub” published within “Kulliyat Imdadiyah”, Imdadullah explained how to do Kashf (spiritual contact) with graves, Prophets and angels.

    For Kashf Qubur, Imdadullah tells two formulas:

    “First he should say 21 times Ya Rabb, then he should repeat Ya Ruh (soul) looking firs at the sky, then Ya Ruh on the grave, then Ya Ruh in his heart. Insha Allah awake or in the state of dream, he will know the state of the dead.

    Second way: First he should sit next to the grave and recite Al-Fatihah, then he should repeat “Li Ya Noor” looking at the sky, “Li Ya Noor” in his heart, and “‘an Halihi” next to the grave. And he should concentrate on the heart.”

    Then Imdadullah explained the way to enter in contact with the Prophet (saw):

    “He should imagine the Mithali form of the Prophet (saw), and recite Durud Sharif (send Salah and Salam on the Prophet (saw)), and recite one thousand time “Ya Ahmad” towards the right side, “Ya Muhammad” towards the left side, “Ya Rasulallah”, insha Allah awake or in the state of dream he will have the visit (of the Prophet (saw))”

    Imdadullah Al-Makki explained also how to Kashf with souls and angels”

    “The Salik (Sufi) should repeat one thousand time “Subuh” towards the right side, “Quddus” towards the left side, and “Rabb ul Malaikah” looking at the sky and “Wa Ruh” in his heart, and he should concentrate on the desired, then whichever soul he desires to meet, then he will meet it awake or in a state of dream, and if he repeats this two thousands time, then his aim will be reached quickly.”

    i have this book in Urdu

  402. Zaheer Khan says:


    If you know this formulas are wrong then don’t use them.


    If you think, there is any good ‘hasanat’ in it, tell it to others.

    If you think, it is ‘munkar’ warn others, so that they refrain from it

  404. Zaheer Khan says:

    So you are takung care of ‘munkar’.

    Can you please list the ulmaha which declare ibn arabi (ra) KAFIR.


    There are hundreds like Ibn-arabi who have been declared as heretic deviants by the Muslims scholars, but the Sufis respect them as ‘awliya-allah’ and ‘arif-billah.


    What the scholars said about him?
    Ibn Hajar said:
    Some confusing words of Ibn ‘Arabi were mentioned to our master Shaykh al-Islam Siraaj al-Deen al-Balqeeni, and he was asked about Ibn ‘Arabi. Our Shaykh al-Balqeeni said: he is a kaafir. (Ibid., p. 39).
    Ibn Khaldoon said:
    Among these Sufis are: Ibn ‘Arabi, Ibn Saba’een, Ibn Barrajaan and their followers who follow their path and their religion. They have many books in circulation that are filled with blatant kufr and repugnant bid’ahs, trying to interpret clear texts in very far-fetched and repugnant ways, such that the reader is astounded that anyone could attribute such things to Islam. (Ibid., p. 41).
    l-Subki A said:
    These later Sufis, such as Ibn ‘Arabi and his followers, are misguided and ignorant and beyond the pale of Islam; those among them who have knowledge are even worse. (Ibid., p. 55).
    Abu Zar’ah ibn al-Haafiz al-‘Iraaqi said:
    Undoubtedly the famous book Al-Fusoos contains blatant kufr, as does al-Futoohaat al-Makkiyyah. If it is true that he wrote this and continued to believe in it until he died, then he is a kaafir who is doomed to eternity in Hell, no doubt about it. (Ibid., p. 60).
    So how can any sane person say that these brilliant scholars did not understand Ibn ‘Arabi? If they did not understand him, who can?

    Takfeer of ibn Arabi
    Abu Hayan Al-Andalusi, Ibn Hajar, Sirajudin Al-Balqini, Izz ibn abdisSalam, Ibn Daqiq Al-‘Eed, As-Sakhawi, Al-Ayni, Az-Zahabi are famous for doing the Takfir of ibn ‘Arabi.

    Sa’d At-Taftazani has written a book against ibn Arabi entitled “Ar-Rad ‘ala Abateel Kitab Fusus Al-Hikam li ibn Arabi” He wrote in it: “Rather this Mulhid (ibn Arabi) denied the Lord of the universe, as he claimed that the religion was not completed by Sayid Al- Bashar, sent to all Ajam and arab, rather there was a place of completion left”

    Then At-Taftazani declared ibn Arabi to be worse than Musaylamah Al- Kazzab by claiming that Khatam Al-Awliya is superior to Khatam al-Anbiya At-Taftazani said that ‘Adudin Al-Hanafi (AbdurRahman ibn Ahmad Al-Eeji), author of “Al-Mawaqif” also described Fusus and Futuhat As Kufr. At-Taftazani called ibn Arabi as “Mumit At-Deen” and “La’in” (cursed)

    He said about ibn arabi’s stance on Fir’awn: “This is abominable Kufr (Kufr Shani’) He said: “He denied the Quran, he allows contradictions in the speech of the King, cancels the fundamentals of Islam, and became like Pharaoh and his people disbeliever, denier, misguided, may there be upon him and Firawn the curse of Allah, the Angels and the whole of humans”
    H e declared refuting ibn Arabi as greater than the Jihad against the worshipers of Al-Jibt and Taghut.

    As-Sakhawi mentioned in his “Qawl Al-Munnabi” that ibn Salah also condemned ibn Arabi.
    As-Sakhawi said that ibn Marzuq said: “Al-Izz ibn AbdisSalam and ibn Al- Hajib (Al-Maliki) gave Fatwa f his Takfir”
    As-Sakhawi quoted from Al-Ayzari that Ameer Al-Itqani was also among those who did Takfir.
    Abul Hasan Taqiyudeen Ali ibn Abdil Kafi As-Subki (d 756) said about Ibn ‘Arabi in his Sharh of “Manhaj” of An-Nawawi, in the chapter of Wasiyyah: “As for these late Sufis such as Ibn ‘Arabi, ibn Sab’in, Al-Qutb Al-Quwayni, Al-Afeef At-Tilmisani, these are ignorant and misguided people, exiting from the way of Islam (Kharijuna ‘an Tariqatil Islam) so what to say about the way of scholars?”
    Sources: “Al-Aqd Ath-Thameen” v 2 p 187, “Tanbih Al-Ghabee” p 143, “Al-
    Qawl Al-Munabi” of As-Sakhawi (Manuscript), “Mughni Al-Muhtaj” of Ash- Shirbini and others
    It is also said on the same page that As-Sakhawi said in his “Al-Qawl Al-
    Munabbi” that As-Subki has an epistle warning against ibn ‘Arabi
    And that As-Subki said in his Juzz entitled “Sabab Al-Inkifaf ‘an Qairaatil
    Kashahf: “As for the speech of ibn ‘Arabi, it should not be read at all, rather it
    should be kept in obscurity, and the little good that there is in “Al-Futuhat”,
    other (books) make it sufficient from it, with all the ugly things in it, so there
    is no need to consider it, and since many days I am writing pages regarding
    this book and his book “al-Fusus” in order to show his condition to the
    questions of those who ask (about him).”
    It is also said in the same book p 380-381 that As-Sakhawi wrote in his “Al-
    Qawl Al-Munabi” that he read from “At-Tahzir An-Nabeeh” of Taqi Al-Fasi
    that the books of ibn ‘Arabi would be burned more that one one occasion and
    that Taqiudin as-Subki’s son Abu Hamid Bahaudin Ahmad ibn ‘Ali ibn
    AbdilKafi would also burn the books of ibn ‘Arabi in his Madrasah in Egypt
    on many occasions.
    Al-Baqa’i in his “Tanbih Al-Ghabi” p 143 also mentioned that Ahmad ibn ‘Ali
    ibn Abdil Kafi would burn the books of ibn ‘Arabi.
    Taken from the book: “Ibn ‘Arabi, Aqidatuhu wa Maqif Al-Ulama minhu” p
    367 of Daghash ibn Shabeeb ibn Daghash Al-Ajmi, published by Maktabah
    Ahlul Athar, Kuwait

    THESE HERETICS ARE DEFENDED AND PRAISED BY PEOPLE LIKE Al-Ghazzali, Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Zakaria and Yousuf Motala.

    Read them to know them



    Once a person abuses drugs, it is very difficult to take out of it. Even if he undergoes de-addication programs and rehabilitation, he may go back to his old habits, if he gets a chance.

    Similar is the case of SUFISM. Some of the best scholars of Islam, when they are under the influence of drugs (SUFISM) write nothing but garbage. For example

    Shah Waliullah and his ‘anfasul -arefeen’ and ‘fuyuz ul harmain’

    Moulana Ali Miyan and his book, ‘moulana Ilyas and unke deeni dawat’ wherein he wrote that after the death of this Sufi, some one saw all the gates of ‘jannah’ were open and our Prophet was waiting .

    The only effective and proven treatment for this deadly affliction is QURAN and HADEES.

  407. Zaheer Khan says:

    As per my knowledge, some 50 ulamas said ibn arabi kafir
    and most amongst them has changed their opinion, even some ulamas declare ibn taymiyyah (ra) as kafir.

    You can find change in ibn taymiyya (ra) statement also.

    here one question arises whether it is better to follow the first statement or secondone and what about other ulama who don’t see any kufr in ibn arabi (ra).

    What is your opinion ?


    Will Allah ask me about them?

    A Muslim is expected to follow Quran and Hadees, not Ibn-Arabi or Ibn Taymiya.

    By the way did you read any book of Ibn Arabi?

  409. Zaheer Khan says:

    Sure, Allah (S) won’t ask about them, then who told you to read there books and who are you to take decision if there are different opinions of certified ulamas.

    Are you muqallid of those ulamas who said ibn arabi kafir ?

    Islam is based on quran and sunnah.


    What is meant by certified imam?

    For me there is only one imam, who was certified by Allah and I am ordained to follow, that is my beloved Prophet.


    It seems you have not read Ibn-Arabi, the heretic.

    Now read it, and see what he is preaching’wahadat e adyan’
    Ibn ‘Arabi. The Sufi Shaykh said:
    “The believer praises the Divinity which
    conforms to his own belief and connects
    himself to it in this way; but, all acts
    return to their author, so that the believer
    praises himself, as the work praises its
    artist, all perfection and all lack that it
    manifests falling back on its author. In the
    same way, the Divinity (as such, which)
    conforms to the belief is created by he who
    concentrates on It, and It is his own work.
    In praising that which he believes, the
    believer praises his own soul, it is because
    of that he condemns other beliefs than his
    own; if he was just, he would not do it … If
    he understood the sense of the word of Djunayd:
    ‘The color of water is the color of its
    receptacle’, he would admit the validity of all
    the beliefs, and he would recognize God in
    every form and every object of faith.”28
    Ibn ‘Arabi. Wisdom of the Prophets, p. 132.

    I have an English translation of his work printed in turkey.
    Which one do you have?

  412. Zaheer Khan says:


    I am not talking about IMAM.
    As you always change the meaning and even words.

  413. Zaheer Khan says:

    If you don’t understand their terminology, who told you to keep this books.

    If you don’t have trust on certified ULAMAS from past, it is your problem.

    It is your terminology to spread hatred for past Ulamas.


    Will you name some ‘ulmas’ of the past and the ‘jamias or madrasa’ which gave them certificates (ijaza)?

    The students in Deoband, Brailey, Nizamia, Al-Azhar, Qom, Mash’had and Zytunna university of Berkley are educated and imparted the ideology of the school in which they sturdy.

    Do you think all of them are on the ‘sirate mustaqeem.?

    If a Muslims wants to search and practice the Islam of our Prophet and the first three pious generations (khair ul quroon), what should he do?


    Was Jalaluddin Rumi a certified ‘alim’, who wrote,

    P 157 in the poem “Everyone is welcome to This school”, Rumi writes about unity of religions:

    “Muslim, Christian, Jew, Zoroastrian:
    All are welcome here”

    P 159 in the poem “A stranger to myself” Rumi explains this even more.

    “Islam and other faiths
    have all come around so recently
    yet Love has no beginning or end.
    You can’t call the unbeliever an infidel
    if he’s been the latest victim of love”

    In the poem “I am the One” Rumi shows his belief in Wahdatul Wujud

    “I became the One
    whose name everybody takes an oath to.

    I became Jesus to the moon.
    I rose up and passed through the sky
    I am the drunk Moses.
    God himself lives inside this patched cloak.

    I am crazy, insane, drunk out of mind
    I don’t listen to advice and deserve to be locked up”

    he said at the end of this poem:

    “When Muhammad sees me drunk, my face pale,
    he kisses my eyes, then I prostrate before him.

    I am today’s Muhammad,
    but not the Muhammad of the past
    I am the phoenix of the time”

    P 154 in the last two sentences of the poem “You can’t get away” Rumi calls people to become heretics, saying :

    “If you don’t act like a heretic
    you can’t reach the truth in Islam”


    Do you know this guy and what he said?
    Khawja Ubaidullah Ahrar, a famous and powerful Naqshbandi Sufi.

    What are they preaching?


    P 310, sayings of Khwaja Ubaidullah:

    When the Sufi masters said: “All existence is a single entity, than which there is no other,” they invited questions like: “Since this implies that everything is without antithesis, what is all this conflict and collision between the believers and the unbelievers?” They answered by quoting a few lines from the Mathnawi:

    When the colourless fall captive to colour,
    Moses does battle with Moses.
    If colourlessness comes and antithesis departs,
    Moses and Pharaoh become one.”

    Book source;
    “Rashahat ‘Ain Al-Hayat” of Ali ibn Husain Safi is a reference book of the Naqshabandi Tariqah and it gathers many sayings of the people of this Tariqah. This book has been translated into English under name “Beads of Dew from the Source of life” by Muhtar Holland and it has been published by Al-Baz Publishing in Florida USA


    Ibn ‘Arabi wrote in “Fusus ul Hikam” (seals of wisdom) ” (as translated by Aishah Bewley):

    Ibn ‘Arabi further wrote:

    When man witnesses Allah in women, his witnessing is in the passive; when he witnesses Him in himself, regarding the appearance of woman from Him, he witnesses Him in the active. When he witnesses Him from himself without the presence of any form from him, his witnessing is in the passive directly from Allah without any intermediary. So his witnessing of Allah in the woman is the most complete and perfect because he witnesses Allah inasmuch as He is both active and passive. Regarding himself, He is passive in particular. For this reason, the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, loved women because of the perfection of the witnessing of Allah in them since one does not ever witness Allah free of matter. Allah by His essence is independent of the worlds. So from this aspect, the business is impossible, yet witnessing only occurs in matter. The witnessing of Allah in women is the greatest and most perfect witnessing. The greatest union is marriage.”

    Comment: Ibn Arabi here clearly states that having intercourse with a woman is union with Allah (Na’uzu billah) and what Kufr is greater than this?

    He said that Allah is JEALOUS of His slave if he believes that he found pleasure (had intercourse) with other than Him (Allah).

    And the Ghusl for Ibn ‘Arabi is to return to Allah in whom he was annihilated, and there is only Allah in the universe.

    And this is the reason why many scholars declared ibn ‘Arabi to be an apostate and condemned his Kufr like Az-Zahabi, ibn Hajar Al-‘Asqalani, As-Sakhawi, Al-‘Iraqi, Abu Hayan Al-Andalusi, Mulla Ali Qari, Sa’d Taftazani, Shaykh ul Islam ibn Taymiyah, Hafiz ibn ul Qayim and many others.

  418. Zaheer Khan says:

    Ibn Taymiyyah (r) said, “In the very beginning, I was very much impressed by Ibn Arabi and held him in great esteem as I had found many of his discussions in the
    Al Kunh
    Al Muhkam al Marbut
    Ad Durrat al Fakhirah
    Matali an Nujum and others such works very illuminating and useful.

    II was not aware at the time of his esoteric ideas as I hard not read the Fusus and other like works.” (Majmu at At Rasa’il Wal al Masail 1:171-183)

  419. Zaheer Khan says:

    `Ala’ al-Din al-Bukhari Al-Hanafi, declared that: The one who does not consider Ibn Arabi a kaafir, then he himself is a kaafir!

    Same `Ala’ al-Din al-Bukhari who said that Ahmad Ibn Taymiyya is a kaafir and anyone that gives Ibn Taymiyya the title Shaykh al-Islam is also a kaafir.

  420. Zaheer Khan says:

    What is you opinion about Among the famous authorities who held a good opinion of Ibn ‘Arabi are the following:

    1) The Qur’anic commentator and jurist Imam al-Baydawi who called him “the Imam of Verification in reality and outwardly”;

    2) The Qur’anic commentator Abu al-Su’ud;

    3) Imam al-Safadi the author of al-Wafi bi al-Wafayat;12

    4) Zayn al-Din al-Khafi al-Akbar Abadi;13

    5) Ibn ‘Imad al-Hanbali who called him “the Great Knower of Allah” (al-‘arif al-kabir);14

    6) Kamal al-Din ‘Abd al-Wahid ibn ‘Abd al-Karim Ibn al-Zamalkani (d. 651) who called him “the Ocean replete with all kinds of divine knowledges”;

    7) Safi al-Din al-Azdi al-Ansari in his epistle on the scholars of his time;

    8) Shaykh Jalal al-Din al-Dawani (d. 907);15

    9) Majd al-Din al-Shirazi al-Siddiqi in his fatwa entitled al-Ightibat bi Mu’alaja Ibn al-Khayyat;16

    10) Al-Sayyid al-Jurjani whose Ta’rifat include Ibn ‘Arabi’s terminologies;

    11) The lexicographer, hadith scholar and jurist al-Fayruzabadi who in his commentary on al-Bukhari’s Sahih often quotes Ibn ‘Arabi’s explanations;

    12) The lexicographer and hadith master Murtada al-Zabidi who often quotes Ibn ‘Arabi in his Ithaf al-Sada al-Muttaqin.

    13) Imam al-Yafi’i who called him in his Tarikh “the Paragon of Allah’s Friends in knowledge and fiqh outwardly and inwardly”;

    14) Qadi al-Qudat Shams al-Din al-Bisati al-Maliki who opposed before the Sultan – in Ibn Hajar’s presence – ‘Ala’ al-Din al-Bukhari’s verdict of takfir of Ibn ‘Arabi and whoever accepted him;17

    15) Shaykh al-Islam Siraj al-Din al-Makhzumi who said:
    “Our shaykh, Shaykh al-Islam Siraj al-Din al-Bulqini and likewise Shaykh Taqi al-Din al-Subki used to criticize the Shaykh in the beginning, then they changed their position after they realized what he was saying and the explanation of his intent.”18

    16) Al-Bulqini who was reported by his student al-Makhzumi as saying: “We seek refuge in Allah from saying that he [Ibn ‘Arabi] affirms indwelling (hulul) and communion-with-the-divine (ittihad)! He is far above that. Rather, he is one of the greatest imams and among those who have probed the oceans of the sciences of the Book and the Sunna.”19

    17) Shaykh al-Islam Zakariyya al-Ansari in the chapter of apostasy in his book Sharh Kitab al-Rawd fi al-Fiqh wa al-Fatwa;

    18) Shaykh al-Islam al-Haytami in his Fatawa Hadithiyya;

    19) Imam Shams al-Din Muhammad al-Bakri;

    20) The hadith master and Qur’anic commentator Shaykh Isma’il Haqqi in his book al-Khitab;

    21) The Ottoman writer Katib Celebi who devoted a chapter on him in his book Mizan al-Haqq fi Ikhtyar al-Ahaqq;

    22) Shaykh Mulla al-Jami in Nafahat al-Uns;

    23) The hadith master of Damascus and Renewer of the Thirteenth Islamic century, Shaykh Badr al-Din al-Hasani;20

    24) Sayyid Jamal al-Din al-Qasimi in his Qawa’id al-Tahdith;21

    25) Shaykh al-Islam al-Munawi who cited him over two hundred times in Fayd al-Qadir and elsewhere declared

  421. Zaheer Khan says:

    The question remains the same are you muqallid of those ulamas who said ibn arabi kafir ?


    Did you read Ibn-Arabi and which translation you have?

    Following is from Aisha Bewley’s translation.

    In the last chapter on the Prophet Muhammad (saw) ibn Arabi wrote (as translated by bewley):

    ”His Lord made him love women as Allah loves the one who is in His form. Love only occurred by the One by whom he is formed. His love was for the One he was formed by, and He is Allah. This is why the Prophet said, “He made me love…,” and he did not say, “I loved” as coming from himself because his love is connected to his Lord in Whose form he is. In his love for his wife, he loves her by Allah’s love for him as a divine nature. (Since his nature (khuluq) was immense or mighty (‘adhim) as Allah said, “You are truly immense in character,” (68:4) .

    When a man loves a woman, he desires union, that is, the goal of union which exists in love. In the elemental form, there is no greater union than marriage. By this appetite encompasses all parts. For that reason, complete ritual washing is prescribed after intercourse. Purification envelops him as annihilation in the woman was complete in the obtainment of appetite. Allah is very jealous of His slave IF HE BELIEVES THAT HE FINDS PLEASURE IN OTHER THAN HIM. So man purifies himself by ritual washing IN ORDER TO RETURN TO HIM IN WHOM HE WAS ANNIHILATED, SINCE THAT IS ALL THERE IS.”
    Ibn ‘Arabi further wrote:

    When man witnesses Allah in women, his witnessing is in the passive; when he witnesses Him in himself, regarding the appearance of woman from Him, he witnesses Him in the active. When he witnesses Him from himself without the presence of any form from him, his witnessing is in the passive directly from Allah without any intermediary. So his witnessing of Allah in the woman is the most complete and perfect because he witnesses Allah inasmuch as He is both active and passive. Regarding himself, He is passive in particular. For this reason, the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, loved women because of the perfection of the witnessing of Allah in them since one does not ever witness Allah free of matter. Allah by His essence is independent of the worlds. So from this aspect, the business is impossible, yet witnessing only occurs in matter. The witnessing of Allah in women is the greatest and most perfect witnessing. The greatest union is marriage.”

    Comment: Ibn Arabi here clearly states that having intercourse with a woman is union with Allah (Na’uzu billah) and what Kufr is greater than this?

    He said that Allah is JEALOUS of His slave if he believes that he found pleasure (had intercourse) with other than Him (Allah).

    And the Ghusl for Ibn ‘Arabi is to return to Allah in whom he was annihilated, and there is only Allah in the universe.

    And this is the reason why many scholars declared ibn ‘Arabi to be an apostate and condemned his Kufr like Az-Zahabi, ibn Hajar Al-‘Asqalani, As-Sakhawi, Al-‘Iraqi, Abu Hayan Al-Andalusi, Mulla Ali Qari, Sa’d Taftazani, Shaykh ul Islam ibn Taymiyah, Hafiz ibn ul Qayim and many others.



    Shaikh Muhyuddeeen ibne `Arabi wrote Futoohaat-e-Makkiyyah upon the request of one of his mureeds. This kitaab spans over eight thick volumes. After writing this kitaab he placed it on the roof of the Ka`bah and made this du`aa: Oh Allah! Remove those contents of this kitaab that are against Your desire. May it be erased, washed away by rain or fly away by the winds.
    It is reported that there was torrential rain and heavy gusts of wind during that year yet no portion of the kitaab was erased.Thereafter, Shaikh Muhyuddeen allowed the people to read it.
    This kitaab is extremely difficult. Ulama are even unable to understand it. Later, Shaikh Abdul Wahhab Sha`raani simplified the kitaab which he named Al-Yawaaqeet wal-Jawaahir. page 480

    So said Mahmud Hasan Gangohi in Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi (rahmatullahi alaih).


  424. Zaheer Khan says:

    This is not the answer, You have copied and pasted above translation several times.

    And no need to read such books(translations).

    Invest your time in studing quran and hadith.

    Let Allah(s) deal with ibn-arabi and other Ulamas, you don’t need to worry.


    Insha Allah

    Allah will definitely punish the persons who invented and preached heretic beliefs and practices.

    Pray Allah to keep us on the ‘ sirate e mustaqmeem’ and make us follow Quran and Hadees. Aameen

  426. Zaheer Khan says:

    Yes may Allah to keep us on the ‘ sirate e mustaqmeem’ and make us follow quran and sunnah.




    Surah Al-Kahf
    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    Praise be to Allah Who hath revealed the Scripture unto His slave, and hath not placed therein any crookedness, (1)

  428. zaheer khan says:

    Aameen !!

  429. Saad Afzal says:

    what if some mani (Najasat) drops are fell on carpet? how to restify that najasat? since carpet is heavy and difficult to wash…
    please guide in the light of Quran & Sunah

  430. zaheer khan says:

    This questions should be asked to someone from scholars.

  431. omar says:

    Salafis are on right path. May Allah guide us all.

  432. omar says:

    We salafis follow the quran and hadith.Alhamdulillah, we are on straight path. After reading all the posts, I concluded that is the safest way out from all differences.

  433. omar says:

    Yesterday, I forgot to thank Faran Imam, Zaheer khan and other salafi brothers for their enlightenment. Thank you very much. It has opened my heart and I AGREE with you 200% that ONLY SALAFIS ARE HAQ AND ON RIGHT PATH.

  434. Faran Imam says:

    Dear brother Omar are you the same who had discussion with me some two years back.

  435. omar says:

    Yes, thats me. Thanks a lot for whatever. I see the true light of Quran and sunnah in salafism. Sorry for all that confusion. Now, the path is clear. The salafi methodology is the correct one and ideal. Wassalam

  436. zaheer khan says:


    This means you haven’t read the blogs carefully

  437. zaheer khan says:

    Misleading is nature of some people.

  438. Noor Aalam says:

    Mai aala huzrat ke khandaan se join hona chata hu or mai ise number par aala huzrat k msg mangna chata hu ye mari aap sbhi se gujaris hai or mari requast ko accept karai

  439. Noor Aalam says:

    mai aala huzrat se join hona chata hu or raza k msg apni email id par mangvana chata hu aap se mairi gujarish hai aap mai requast accept karain

  440. talafism says:

    Reblogged this on Ismail Ibrahim Patel Harris Hammam and commented:
    Scholars on Ahl al Hadeeth

  441. sanaulla sharief says:

    The Deobandees are ascribing the title of ‘qutbul-aqtab’ and ‘ghazaki uz zaman’ to Zakaria Kandhalvi.

    Does any one knows the meaning of these titles and their significance?

  442. Kareemullah says:

    Good moulana Zakariya Kandhalvi RA was great Scholor Though He was Hanafi But He never Criticise Ahlehadees Because He was Great Mohaddis He Know What people of Ahlehadees doing is Proved by Ahadees.Now the So called hanafi Deobandi Scholors should stop criticising Ahlehadeeths and fallow zakariya Sab.

  443. Brother Kareemullah

    it is really a good news, that the Deobandis are giving up their hatred for people who take their guidance from Quran and Hadis . Does it mean they are not going to read and preach books which preach,

    1.Unity of existence(creator and the created are one and same’wahdat-al-wajood)
    2.Contemplation of the Sufi Sheikh
    3.Seeking Istigaathah from the souls of the living Saints
    4.Seeking Istigaathah from the righteous ones after death
    5.Benefiting from the dead people (in their) graves
    6.Contemplating and communicating with the dead people at their graves.
    7.The Messenger of Allah (salalla alahi wasalam) being created from the noor (light) of Allah
    8. Making Tawassul of the dead,which includes Prophets and righteous people
    9.The permissibility of travelling to graves with intention of attaining reward
    10.The Messenger of Allah (salalla alahi wasalam) being alive in his grave as he was alive in the dunya

    InsahAllah. May Allah make it easy on every Muslim to understand QURAN and follow his Prophet, Aameen

  444. israr says:

    Any bodys says Hadrat Zacaria is aliar he is todays Abu lahab,

  445. When a person writes

    1.One can get ‘fuyouz’ from visiting the graves
    2.Seventy five thousands ‘durrods’ transferred to the account of a sinner to set him free from hell fire and send him to ‘jannah’
    3. A goat giving milk and honey
    4. Prophet descending from the clouds and rubbing the face and tummy of a dead lady
    5.Dead man coming out of the grave to kill his camel to feast the guest

    Even his followers like Tariq Jameel is a master liar, who narrates that

    1.A person fell down from the bus and a python rescued him.
    2.Story of a ‘a’aeina’ the legandry girl in ‘jannah’
    3. The hands of the unborn child of Shah Abdu Rahim coming out from prayers. I do not know from where they came out, from abdomen or birth canal.

    Now say ‘ameen’. May Allah curse every LIAR, who are trying to make our religion more of a mythology based on superstitions.

  446. zaheer khan says:

    what is “fuyouz”

  447. sanaulla sharief says:

    What is ‘fuyoz’
    It is plural of Urdu word ‘faiz’.

  448. sanaulla sharief says:

    Brother Zaheer Khan

    There is a ‘fatwa’ ID 1-1/20135-U from Darul ifta of Darul uloom Deoband in response to question number 48992 in Urdu.

    Briefly it says, one can get blessings from the souls of DEAD ‘buzurgan e deen’

    For Muslims, the dead can not see, cannot help and cannot shower any blessings. They are dependent on us, for our ‘dua; for their ‘maghfirath’

    For heretics, it is the other way round, they seek the blessings from the dead.

    If you read ‘sawaneh qasmi’ or moulana ilyas aur unke deeni dawat’, you will read that both of these Deobandi elders used to spend hours together in the ‘darghas’ doing ‘muraqaba’


    Surah Al-Kahf
    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    Praise be to Allah Who hath revealed the Scripture unto His slave, and hath not placed therein any crookedness, (1)


  449. sanaulla sharief says:

    Surah A’raf. The Quran says about our Prophet

    Say: For myself I have no power to benefit, nor power to hurt, save that which Allah willeth. Had I knowledge of the Unseen, I should have abundance of wealth, and adversity would not touch me. I am but a warner, and a bearer of good tidings unto folk who believe. (188)

  450. zaheer khan says:

    Brother sanaulla,

    Can you copy and past the ‘fatwa’ ID 1-1/20135-U from Darul ifta of Darul uloom Deoband in response to question number 48992 in Urdu.

    Sorry for that, I am not able to fild the same.

  451. sanaulla sharief says:

    Pakistan Question: 48992
    حضرت کیا بزرگوں کا فیض عالم ا برزخ سے بھی جاری رہتا ہے ؟ اس کی دلیل کیا ہے ؟ حضرت اس زمانے کے سلفی حضرات کیوں تصوف کو برا کہتے ہیں جب کے امت مسلمہ کے اکابرین تصوف سے مناسبت رکھتے تھے۔
    Nov 24,2013 Answer: 48992
    Fatwa ID: 1-1/20135-U

    بزرگان دین اور اولیائے کرام کی ارواح سے فیض تو ہوتا ہے، ہم اس کا انکار نہیں کرتے، ”دلائل السلوک“ میں بہت ساری احادیث اور واقعات لکھے ہوئے ہیں، مگر حضرت مولانا رشید احمد صاحب گنگوہی رحمہ اللہ فرماتے تھے کہ یہ کاملین کے لیے ہے، عوام کے لیے یہ ممنوع ہے، کیونکہ اس کی وجہ سے ان میں بہت سی بدعقیدگیاں اورخرافات پیدا ہوتی ہیں۔ غیرمقلدین تو تصوف کو، بزرگان دین کو مانتے ہی نہیں، وہ تو حضرات صحابہٴ کرام کی باتوں کو بھی حجت نہیں مانتے ہیں ان لوگوں نے تو سعودیہ میں اپنے آپ کو اہل حق میں دِکھانے کے لیے اپنا نام ”سلفی“ رکھ لیا ہے۔ شروع میں ان لوگوں نے اپنا نام ”وہابی“ رکھا، پھر اس کے بعد بدل کر اپنا نام ”محمدی“ رکھا، اس کے بعد اپنی جماعت کا نام ”اہل حدیث“ رکھا اور اب بدل کر

  452. sanaulla sharief says:

    Question: 2043 Pakistan
    Do we get any benefits by doing spiritual communion (Muraqiba) at the graves of saints?
    Answer: 2043 Nov 11,2007
    (Fatwa: 519/519=L)

    Those who are perfect and well versed, they get benefit. Every layman is not allowed to do so; rather he is feared to be misled.
    Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

    Darul Ifta,
    Darul Uloom Deoband

  453. sanaulla sharief says:

    Brother Zaheer Khan
    In ‘Swaneh qasmi’ by Munazir Hasan Gilani , on page 29,30 and 31, shows the reverence of graves and the belief of getting ‘fuyouz’ from the souls of the dead elders held by Qasim Nanatovi.

    He used to spend the entire night doing ‘Muraqaba’ at the grave of Sabir Kalyari.

    In the book, ‘moulana Ilyas and unke deeni dawat’ it is written that Moulana Ilyas used to do ‘muraqaba’ at the graves of Abdul Quddoos Gangohi.


    “Whenever we take an exam we have to study the books prescribed by the examination authority else we fail. Same is the case with religion if we do not study the book prescribed by Allah the Almighty and the directions given by our teacher Muhammad (PBUH) we will definitely fail. ”

    It is a fact that when we buy any item from the market we do all the verifications, market studies and searches. We also study literature about those items and never buy on referral by any Molvi or friend etc. But when we talk about religion we leave it on Molvi’s hands and never try to verify what he says. We never ever do any accountability on that person. It is very shameful for us to contradict the verses of Quran and Saying’s of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and never pay any respect to these pearls. We have the sayings of totally unknown strangers against Quran and Hadith to follow’

  454. sanaulla sharief says:

    A Muslim can approach and connect to Allah directly and at any time.
    Do we need the souls of the dead to approach Allah?

  455. sanaulla says:

    I was reading the bookS,’tazkiratul habeeb’ by Ashraf Ali Thanvi written about 100 ears ago and another ‘,’utoor ul majmooa’ written by Moulana Zakaria and Sufi Iqbal and printed in 2011 CE.
    In both the books ,especIally the last one more than 4 pages are written on the magical power of keeping a photo copy of the foot wear of the Prophet in your cap.


  456. zaheer khan says:


    DEOBANDIE says one can get benefit from ‘Muraqaba’,

    What kind of benefit the get ?
    Is ‘Muraqaba’, asking something from grave ?
    Are they forcing all for ‘Muraqaba’ or it is part of aquadia

    Please explain ‘durrods’ transferred to the account of a sinner.

  457. sanaullaa says:

    Brother Zaheer
    Life is too short and no one knows when the angel of death will come without knocking the door.
    Those who are indulging in ‘muraqaba’ and who want to practice it , let them ask their ‘ameers’

    Let us invest our time for the forth coming exam.

    I do write, these few lines, just to expose the deviants.

    Nowadays any one who adorns a ‘shamla or pagdi’ and who can entertain and create a story about an incidence had become a ‘high profile speaker’

    I had a chance to attend the fund raising by Junaid Jamsheed in Raleigh NC about 6-7 months ago. He was treated as a big Islamic scholar and now you have seen how he has mocked and made fun of Hazrat Ayesha.

    He is not alone, even tariq Jameel is a master story teller and entertainer.

  458. zaheer khan says:

    SO,, you dont know what ‘Muraqaba’ is, and still you talking about it’s deviants.

    Grate !!!! Thats like a ghair muqallid.

    You are ghair muqallid or so-called ‘ahle hadith’ sects, who can’t do anything besides , searching faults in others.

    I know it’s very difficulte for you people, but try to understand you schollers knowledge and experiance.

    Whith very little and incomplete knowledge you mak decision.

    Have you read “resala ishaatul sunnath” by maulana muhammad hussain batalvi (rh). One of the greate scholler of ahle hadith. he saya, (it’s not a literal translation) The people with incomplete knowledge and information spreading false are just like ‘kafir’

    Pleas learn how to to respect ulamaha, don’t treat this respect as a ibadat aur shirk.

  459. Thanks.
    About Imdadullah Makki from By
    Published: 11/16/2005 – 22:46

    On one occasion he saw in a dream Hadhrat Jibraeel and Hadhrat Mika-eel which symbolised the divine gifts of knowledge, guidance and sustenance (Ilm, Hidaayat and Rizq). In this regard Hadhrat Nanotwi said that Hadhrat Haji Sahib was a producer of Ulama.

    After Ziyaarat of Rasulullah’s sacred Grave, he derived the fuyÙ’dh of that holy place.During his time in Madinah, while in muraaqabah in the area known as â€oeA garden of the gardens of Jannat― (i.e. the area between the Sacred Grave and blessed Mimbar), he had the honour of making ziyaarat of Rasulullah (Øμلى الله عايه وسالم) who placed an amaamah (turban) on his head.


    In fact, their every act is a karaamat. I shall therefore omit them. Anyone desirous of knowing of these karaamat should refer to the treatises Karaamaat-e-Imdadiyyah and Kamaalat-e-Imdadiyyah which are the writings of Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi. Although in these books, he has ensconced an ocean in a cup, it nevertheless, is a drop. However, being the work of Hadhrat Thanwi, it is certainly reliable. Also in
    Shama-im-e- Imdadiyyah are to be found some of Hadhrat’s karaamaat and anecdotes.Once a man saw in his dream that Hadhrat Haji Sahib was wearing the mubaarak cloak of Rasulullah (Øμلى اللهعايه وسالم). Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Qasim said that the dream was clear and needed no interpretation.


    Now come to Moulana Zakaria
    It is a known fact that the tablighies practice ‘bara tasbih and khatm e khajgawn’ and they do not treat it as ‘bid’da’. They hold such sessions even in UK and USA.

    Coming to his books,
    1.suhbat e ba awliya’ page 214-215, printed by H M Sayeed company.concept of Allah’s parliment consisting of qutub, abdals and so and so aand selection of ‘ghouse’ and what he can do.
    On page214 there is a concept of doing ‘bay’eat’ to foliow the dead person
    2. Book ‘faiez e sheikh’ by mohammad iqbal printed by majlis e nashriyat e islam, karachi
    pages 63-67, how to do different types of ‘muraqaba’
    page 54-56 how to do zikr khafi,jalli and asbat
    page 57, how to do ‘pass e anfas’ holding the breath

    DO YOU WANT ANY MORE REFERENCES? If so , let me know, I have much more

    I tried to find a reference in Quran and Hadees books, and did not find one

    Pray Allah to keep us on the right path, THE PATH OF SALF E SALEHEEN.

  460. Zaheer Khan
    Do you want to discuss these topics on face book or via email, to benefit the others?

  461. sanaulla sharief says:

    IRSHD-E-MURSHID (The Directive of the Murshid) This
    book deals with wazaa-if, muraaqabaat, auraad and the shajaraat of the four Silsilah. It was written in 1293
    Hijri.7. ZIYUL QULOOB (Glitter of the Hearts) This book is in Farsi. Hadhrat wrote this book in Makkah
    Mukarramah in 1282 Hijri on the request of Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf, the son of Hadhrat Hafiz Muhammad
    Zamin. Hadhrat Thanwi writes in his MalfÙ’zaat that Haji Imdadullah said:â€oeI have deleted two thirds of
    Ziyaul Quloob because I was informed by ilhaam (divine inspiration) that it is inappropriate to reveal it.

  462. zaheer khan says:

    So what’s wrong in this.

  463. zaheer khan says:

    And, I am damn sure that this blog is not going to benefit any one because of incomplete knowledge of subject and hatred expressed against ulama deoband.

    Still we can discuses this on social media, so that we can show other people how smart educated and intelligent we are……

  464. Good idea and nice suggestion.

  465. zaheer khan says:

    Again, what’s wrong in this.
    Means, what exactly you want to prove with this REFERENCES ?

  466. Read it and enjoy.

    Pure Yoga

    how to sit, how to keep the legs and how to keep the back straight, how to hold the toes with which hand, how to hold the breath, how to strike your head and what to recite and what you get.

    The affairs of the grave are revealed and you can meet the souls of the Prophets and saints.

    And there is another zikr, where you recite the ‘kalima’ through nose.

    These are readily available books.

    There is nothing strange in it. In the book ‘Bengal Frontiers’ it is written that Abdul Quddoos Gangohi (died 1539 CE) was very much fascinated with Hindu Yogis and translated their book ‘amrut kunda’ in to Arabic and contaminated the pristine teachings of Islam.

    If you want to read about Gangohi, there is an English translation by Simon Digby. This Gangohi even claimed ‘wahi’ and received a book from Jibrael. THIS WAS LONG BEFORE MIRZA AHMAD OF QADIAN.

    If you can get the book in Urdu,’lata’ef quddoosi’ and ‘maktoobat e quddosia’ printed by Al-Faisal printers Urdu Bazar Lahore, you will understand the contribution of these ‘buzurgan e deen ‘ to the cause of Islam

  467. zaheer khan says:

    Is yoga haram in islam or it is a part of aquadia of them.
    which book was received from Jibrael.

  468. Mohammed Shahed says:

    Brother Sanaullah Sharief, Please restrain yourself. There will be a day when we all will be questioned about each and every word we uttered or expressed (verbal or written). You have taken a daunting task of ‘exposing’ people who spent their entire lives in the service of Deen and left this world. Their affairs are with Allah. They have already encountered two stations of Akhirah, i.e. faced Malakut Maut, and question answer session in the grave. I believe, we should prepare for those stations where none will come to our aid. This is Nasihah for me, you and for all brothers/sisters of Ummah. Let us spend our capability in good cause and betterment of humanity and our own lives.

    Forgive me if I offended anyone.

  469. sanaulla sharief says:


    let us prepare for the final test. if you fail , you cannot repeat it. No copying , no cheating and no out side help.

    Only two books prescribed and all the questions will be from these two books.

    “Whenever we take an exam we have to study the books prescribed by the examination authority else we fail. Same is the case with religion if we do not study the book prescribed by Allah the Almighty and the directions given by our teacher Muhammad (PBUH) we will definitely fail.

  470. zaheer khan says:

    You are absolutely right sanaulla, but it is your belief that we are not following quran and sunnah.

    Our teacher prophet muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam and the companions (r) has dedicated their lives to convert kafir to muslim.

    But we are doing exactly opposite.

  471. sanaulla sharief says:

    Brother Zaheer
    Did I ever hurt you?. If so, then I am sorry.Please forgive

    We Muslims are already more than 1.2 billion in the world, but it is a divided house.
    At the time of our Prophet, the Arabs were also divided, but he united them, by correccting their creed and practices.


    The Roots of Downfall of Muslim Ummah

    Leaving Quraan and giving preference to others may be the real cause

    Quraan is a light and to see a light, you don’t need any other light

    But to understand Hadeeth you really need Quraan

    Quraan is the Book of Guidance
    Quraan is full of Wisdom (Al_Quraan_036.002)
    Quraan is Free from any Error or Contradictions and is Fully Protected by Allah

    But Hadeeth is not Free from any Error or Contradictions and is Not Protected by Allah
    Neither BLINDLY Reject all Hadeeths Nor BLINDLY Accept all Hadeeths
    We MUST believe on Those Authentic Hadeeths, which don’t contradict Quraan


  472. zaheer khan says:

    Again you are absolutely right sanaulla,

    We must speed up our efforts to unite the ummah but I can guarantee you, abusing ulama from past is not the way this is one of the sign of Qayamat.

    This ulama-e-deoband are not anbiya or angels, but they have spent their lives for this Ummah.

    I agree with you regarding protection of Quraan and Hadeeth.

    But please answer me is there any thumb rule to make decisions on Authentic and other types of Hadeeths.

    May Allah unite this Ummah upon QURAN and SUNNAH.

  473. What about present day ‘ulmas’ who narrate week ‘ahadees’ and create a story to entertain the audience?

    And thee are some who have made their life mission to CREATE DOUBTS AGAINST MUSLIM AND BUKHARI and sowing the seed for the ‘mukareen e hadees’.

  474. zaheer khan says:

    Grate !!

    ‘ulmas’ who narrate week ‘ahadees’ are creating a story to entertain the audience.

    This is not the answer of my question, could you please let all know is there any rule to make decisions between Authentic and other types of Hadeeths.


    Is there only MUSLIM AND BUKHARI (as per your) Authentic.

  475. Read any book of your choice on hadees and compilation of ‘ahadees”

    if not, then
    Allama Sarfaraz Khan Safdar wrote in ‘ahsan ul kalam’ on page 1/187 and 1/234
    Faizul Bari page 1/204
    Qari Tayyab’s book ‘khutbat e hakeemul islam’ page 5/232

    The Deobandie elders who acknowledged that the criteria set by Bukhari and Muslim was of very high standard and they contain authentic ‘ahadees’

  476. zaheer khan says:

    Its true.

    And this comment on Deobandis is not against them.
    What exactly you want to prove.

    And again !!!

    This is not the answer to question, could you please let all know is there any rule to make decisions between Authentic and other types of Hadeeths.


    Is there only MUSLIM AND BUKHARI (as per your) Authentic.

  477. Bukhari and Muslim contain enough material for our guidance.

    The other books of ahadees may contain some authentic narrations, but it is truth mixed with falsehood.

    I do not know, how many books of ‘ahadees; exist or existed, but in the preface to the Hanafi sharia book,’kanzaul aamal’, it is claimed that it is compiled of 70 books of ahadees. These books may contain some authentic ‘ahadees’, but when we have Bukhari and Muslim which have been worked upon over ages and by so many scholars of ‘hadees’, do we need to go for these 70 obscure books? Is there an issue which is not covered in Bukhari and Muslim?.

    Who are fond of these obscure books?

    People who want to prove their mind set and work on a ‘non issue’, as if Allah is going to ask those questions as a criteria for entry to ;jannah’

    Take an example
    In the book’ aap kay masa’el’ volume 8 written by Yousuf Ludhyanwi and printed by Maktabe Ludhyanwi , this eminent scholar has written 8 pages (216 to 222 ) to prove that the stools and urine of our prophet were ‘pak’, using all the fabricated ahadees. Actually, the people should have awarded him a PHD for such a discovery.

    In the book ‘nashraut tayyab’ by Ashraf Ali Thanvi, you will get all the stories, which the Brelweis also narrate.


  478. A fatwa by Jamia Binoria states states that there is no difference between Deobandi and Brelvei , as both are Hanafis, Matrudis and Ash’ari, and follow Sufism

  479. zaheer khan says:

    As per your understanding only Bukhari and Muslim contain enough material for our guidance and authentic hadis
    Others are useless.

    Can you please provide one reference from imam bukhari and imam muslim rahmatullah,

    Did they ever claim, only there books are authentic and other narrations is truth mixed with falsehood.

  480. zaheer khan says:

    What do you mean by !!

    (sanaulla sharief says:) IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BRELWEIS AND DEOBANDIES???????????????????????

    Please explain this clearly..

  481. maaz2014 says:

    Even the ‘sahih’ authentic ‘ahadees’ can be twisted and mis-interpreted by the ‘mullas’. It is said, a ‘mulla ‘ can make crow halal and shrimps haram or as in Fazael e Aamal under the chapter of ‘ziyarat e madina’ Zakaria Kandhlavi, allowed the ‘ ‘ziyarah’ of ”quboor’ to derive ‘fuyouz’, but prohibited from visiting other mosques, besides the three.

    Now read , how the ‘mullas’ misguide the Muslims in their fanaticism to hold on to their fiqh.

    As regards to the hadīth, “That which intoxicates in a large quantity is harām in a small quantity” and the hadīth, “Every intoxicant is harām”, its understanding according to the Hanafī ‘ulamā’ is that it refers to such beverages which are consumed for the purpose of intoxication. In other words, any intoxicant taken with the express intention of intoxication is harām in both large and small quantities (as reported from Imām Abū Yūsuf in the explanation of this hadīth). If, however, it is not taken for that purpose, it does not fall under the purview of these hadīths.[13]
    From amongst the early scholars of tarjīh (critical assessment) in the Hanafī madhhab, al-Faqīh Abu l-Layth al-Samarqandī (d. 373 H) supported Imām Muhammad’s view[14], while the majority supported the view of Imām Abū Hanīfah and Imām Abū Yūsuf. Imām al-Tahāwī (d. 321 H) said it is the opinion he favours.[15] Al-Faqīh Abū Ja‘far al-Hinduwānī (d. 362 H) also gives preference to it.[16]
    A number of jurists have considered it to be the sahīh (correct) view[17], including:
    – Imām al-Qudūrī (d. 428 H)[18]
    – Burhān al-Dīn al-Marghīnānī (d. 593 H), the author of al-Hidāyah [19]
    – His teacher, al-Sadr al-Shahīd (d. 536 H)[20]
    – Mahmūd ibn Ramadān al-Rūmī (d. c. 650), the author of al-Yanābī‘ [21]
    – QādīKhān (d. 592 H)[22]
    It is also supported by Shams al-A’immah al-Sarakhsī at length in his al-Mabsūt[23], al-Mawsilī (d. 683 H) in al-Ikhtiyār[24] and others.[25] These Hanafī jurists were major authorities of tarjīh and fatwā.
    On the other hand, beginning from about the late seventh century, there was a shift in the fatwā position of the madhhab to the view of Imām Muhammad. The first scholars we have found who state that fatwā is on the view of Imām Muhammad are: Husayn ibn ‘Alī al-Sighnāqī (d. 714 H) in al-Nihāyah and ‘Uthmān ibn ‘Alī al-Zayla‘ī (d. 743 H) in Tabyīn al-Haqā’iq[26]. They were followed by al-Sighnāqī’s students, Qiwām al-Dīn al-Kākī (d. 749 H) in Mi‘rāj al-Dirāyah and Jalāl al-Dīn al-Karlānī in al-Kifāyah, al-Tumurtāshī (d. 1007 H) in al-Tanwīr, Ibrāhīm al-Halabī (d. 956 H) in al-Multaqā, Mullā ‘Alī al-Qārī (d. 1014 H) in Fath Bāb al-‘Ināyah[27] and others.[28] Although this shift occurs from the late seventh century onwards, this cautious attitude has some precedence from earlier scholars

  482. sanaulla sharief says:

    Brother Zaheer

    I am very thankful to you for making me read more . Today i was browsing a Deobandi site, and came across this fatwa #28795 at

    It is quite lengthy. You can read all of it or just page number 5. It gives a complete and unbiased picture of different ahadees books.

    Again, I thank Allah and pray Him to reward you .

  483. zaheer khan says:

    Please welcome Mr. maaz2014, one more copy paster an great ghairmukallid scholar.

    Now he will try to prove all mulla and maulvis as corrupt scholars.

  484. zaheer khan says:

    @sanaulla sharief,

    Please don’t waist time in browsing Deobandi site.

    And provide reference from ulama from past, that they claim, only MUSLIM AND BUKHARI are authentic and other narrations is truth mixed with falsehood.

    Seriously speaking no one is interested in your research and thoughts.

  485. zaheer khan says:

    @waste time NOT waist time.

  486. sanaulla sharief says:

    It was not waste of time. It was worth.

    It shook the blind faith of many INCLUDING YOU.

    Parting gift.

    read fatwa #28602 on to know, the garbage called fabricated ahadees.

  487. zaheer khan says:

    @sanaulla sharief

    I am continuously asking you to provide reference from ulama from past (salaf saliheen) that they claim, only MUSLIM AND BUKHARI are authentic and other narrations is truth mixed with falsehood.

    And you are giving reference from darul ifta.

    Is that you agree with deobandi fatwa or you not able to GOOGLE.

    Please take your time and be honest with yourself and try to provide evidence.

    One more thing I want recall please refer to the topic of this blog and don’t hide your “mazhab”. Make this simple as possible, if don’t understand the question you can ask me to repeat.

  488. sanaulla sharief says:

    ( جلد کا نمبر 4، صفحہ 368)
    (6) ضعیف احادیث سے استدلال
    سوال نمبر6: فتوی نمبر:6398
    س 6: حدیث کی کتابوں میں بہت سی احادیث صحیح معانی اور آیات کی مقبول تفاسیر پر مشتمل ہیں لیکن وہ ضعیف ہیں، میرا سوال یہ ہے کہ کیا درس اور وعظ ونصحیت میں ان کو ذکر کرنا جائز ہے؟
    ج 6: جائز یہ ہے کہ مسلم اپنے وعظ وارشاد اور درس میں وہی حدیث ذکر کرے جو نبی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم سے صحیح طور پر ثابت ہے۔
    آیات اور احادیث صحیحہ مقصود پورا کرنے کے لئے کافی ہیں اور وہ ضعیف احادیث کے ذکر سے مستغنی کر دیتے ہیں، اور اس پر اللہ کا شکر ہے لیکن اکثر ائمہ حدیث کے نزدیک ضعیف حدیث کو ذکر کرنا جائز ہے جب شرعی مصلحت کا تقاضا ہو لیکن اسے صیغہ تمریض کے ساتھـ ذکر کرنا چاہئے جیساکہ وہ نبی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم سے روایت كيا گيا یا ذکركيا گيا ہے۔
    بہرحال وہ احادیث جن کے موضوع ہونے پر اہل علم كے کلام کر چکے ہیں ان کو بیان کرنا نہ استاد کے لئے نہ واعظ کے لئے اور نہ کسی اور کے لئے جائز ہے مگر جب انکو یہ بتانے کے لئے بیان کیا جائے کہ یہ جھوٹی احادیث ہیں۔
    وبالله التوفيق۔ وصلى الله على نبينا محمد، وآله وصحبه وسلَّم۔
    علمی تحقیقات اور فتاوی جات کی دائمی کمیٹی
    ممبر نائب صدر برائے کمیٹی صدر
    عبد اللہ بن قعود عبدالرزاق عفیفی عبدالعزیز بن عبداللہ بن باز

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