at-Tazkirah: التذكرة

“And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers.” (51:55)

Amir-ul-Mumineen Without Mumineen?!

Before I explain my views on this heated subject, let me make it crystal clear that I don’t know a single Muslim who wouldn’t welcome a Khilafah (including me). But the way some Muslims strive to achieve this goal seems just wrong to me and to many Ulamas, too. This is a thing I wanted to speak out about for a week now, because not only in the Internet, but as well in real life lately I’ve been confronted by the opinion that a Khilafah is needed by all means, even by force if necessary. Although Almighty Allah says in his own words:

“Allah has promised those who bring faith and do righteous deeds that he will make them Khalifas on earth and He will strengthen them their religion which Allah chose for them.”

To show you that I don’t stand alone with this opinion, let’s see what Mufti Ebrahim Desai said in regard of this quote above.

“The prescription for Khilafah is abundantly clear in this verse. Strength in Imaan and good deeds. Muslims throughout the world should strengthen their faith in Allah and perform righteous deeds that will be a means of attracting people to Islam. Muslims have lost great empires due to weakness in faith and laxity in righteous deeds.

Any effort to establish running an Islamic country without the above two referred fundamentals is baseless and an exercise in futility. That is also evident from the position of the many so-called ‘Islamic’ countries who have hopelessly failed in their responsibilities of promoting Islam from their positions of strength.”

And I agree 100%. I never heard of or read about Muhammad (s.a.w.) planning a Khilafah or striving for it. It was a gift by Allah for the hard work in Mecca that he received an Islamic State in Medina. At that time the companions (r.a.a.) of our beloved Prophet possessed the clearly required standard of Imaan and good deeds. But what’s the state of the Ummah today? How many brother and sisters do you know that don’t even have a firm believe in Allah? Leave alone the Muslims that are not praying. And I’ve seen with my own eyes groups of Muslim teenagers who don’t know how to make Wudu, how to pray or how a mosque looks from the inside. Forcing the whole Shariah (Islamic law) upon anyone except yourself will not result in the expected success, but will be much more of a bite in the dust. I know we shouldn’t talk about the illnesses of the Ummah, but that’s the reality.

So, instead of worrying about the establishment or re-establishment of a Khilafah, we should engage ourselves with re-establishing strong yakeen and good deeds in the Ummah. When there are enough momineen Allah will insha’Allah gives us the Khilafah, we have been seeking for so long.

From what I’ve seen most Muslims on the Internet carry around this misconception of a Khilafah, but still I want to know everyone’s opinion on this topic.


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