at-Tazkirah: التذكرة

“And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers.” (51:55)

Maqsad of Salaah

Allah Ta’ala made it Fardh (obligatory) upon every single person to offer the five daily prayers. But what’s the purpose of those Salahs? Allah doesn’t need them, doesn’t matter how you turn things, Allah does depend on none and nothing. Still there are many purposes of offering Salah. But let me explain two big points:

  1. Salah should make us recognize, that it is a tool through which Allah Ta’ala fulfills our wishes. Just like the Sahaba (r.a.a.) did solve their problems and worries, we still today can earn Allah’s help through Salah. Because Salah is a direct connection to our Creator.
  2. We should adjust our 24/7 to the characteristics of Salah. Everyone of us should spend his lifetime with the consciousness that Allah is watching and hearing us everywhere and every time. So, we should protect our eyes, our tounge, our body and even our thoughts and heart just like Allah expects us to do, when we pray to him. At the same time we should follow the Sunnah of Muhammad (saw) just as we do in our Salah, because Sunnan are very important parts of Salah and Salah is not accepted by Allah Ta’ala when it’s not performed in accordance with Sunnah. So, the purpose of Salah is to obey to Allah and follow the Sunnah outside of Salah just like we try to do in Salah.

So, what can we do to profit from these good qualities of Salah? We should perform our Salah right on time, try to perfom it with Jamaat (means in congregation) and train our concentration and submission in Nafl prayers. As well do the elders advice us to give Da’wah of Salah, so this quality of performing Salah that we can benefit from and that satisfies Allah, comes in our own life. May Allah give me and all of you the tawfiq to put these things in Amaal. Ameen.


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