at-Tazkirah: التذكرة

“And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers.” (51:55)

Best Islamic Site Bronze Award

Before I left 2 Jumu’ahs (Fridays) ago I received this e-Mail, but hadn’t the chance to post this. Basically this Blog has been given the bronze award by

This Blog is not the result of my work nor my strength. All credit for this recognition goes to Allah Ta’ala. Because not a single leaf falls from a tree without the command of Allah Ta’ala. So, how can I claim any credit for this?

Here’s a snippet from the e-Mail:

The sites are judged on content, functionality, graphics and usefulness to the general public. We spend a lot of time reviewing sites and not all make the grade. […] We Ask Allah to reward you for your work presenting Islam online.



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