at-Tazkirah: التذكرة

“And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers.” (51:55)

Description Of Jannah

The idea and estimate of Heaven, and at that the Paradise which will be given to the Chief of the Prophets, the Pride of the Two Worlds peace and blessings be upon him can be had from this that the lowest man amongst the occupants of Paradise will get a garden ten times bigger than that of this world. Entering Paradise he will glance right and left and seeing the gardens will ask: “For whom are these”? He will be told that they are for him. When he will proceed further, a red ruby or a green emerald will be brought before him in which there will be seventy houses, each having seventy rooms and each room having seventy doors. He will be told: “Go on reciting and climbing,” until he reaches his masnad (throne) on which he will sit and recline. Then his houris will come to him. Their condition will be such that one of them will come and sit down before him on the throne. She will be wearing seventy suits of clothes, each of a different colour, and she will be so beautiful that in spite of those clothes her flesh and blood and bones, even bone-marrow, will be visible. This lowly occupant of Paradise will ask her: “Who are you”? She will say: “I am the houri who had been preserved for you till now. Then he will continue making amorous glances at her for forty years and will not withdraw his eves from her.

Hazrat Abu Huraira reports: “We said: O Apostle of Allah! Describe to us how will be the construction of Paradise?” He peace and blessings be upon him said: “There will be bricks of gold and silver and the mortar will be of musk and its gravel will be of garnet and pearls and its dust of saffron.”

Hazrat Abu Huraira reports that there is a tree in Paradise, the trunk of which is of gold and its branches are of emerald and pearl. When the wind blows such a melodious sound is produced that the hearers have not heard a more melodious sound. Similarly, the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him described the trees, canals, fruits, walls, doors, in brief, everything of the Paradise – things which neither any eye has seen nor any ear has heard about nor the thought thereof has passed any mind.

When such wonderful bounties are there for an ordinary occupant of Paradise, what must be there for the near ones, the favourites and the Chief of the Prophets peace and blessings be upon him Wrongdoers like us, through slave-hood [in sense of ‘obedience’] to the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him may receive the greatest bounty of his companionship and at that, with such bounties what can be a greater reward than this? May Allah Most High bestow upon us the ability to appreciate these bounties and create room in our hearts for his holiness’s auspicious methods! Amen!

A hundred pities that action on these methods, in spite of such great promises, even the greatness of these methods has today departed from the Muslims’ hearts! A hundred pities that action on these methods, in spite of such great promises, even the greatness of these methods has today departed from the Muslims’ hearts!

[Ita’at-Ur-Rasul by Shaikh Yusuf Motala (db)]


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11 Responses

  1. Ali says:

    My dear, I know you meant obedience when you used the word “slave-hood” in your sentence, “Wrongdoers like us, through slave-hood to the Holy Prophet may receive the greatest bounty of his companionship “.

    I fear that if someone interprets “slave-hood” as “worship” & worships the Prophet (SAW) he would be committing shirk & wouldn’t enter Paradise.

    Could you kindly use a better word? May Allah bless you my dear.

  2. True Life says:

    Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah

    Jazak’Allah khair, I hope it’s clarified now by the edit I made.

    I have not made the translation myself, so I don’t want to change the original. And the word ‘slave-hood’ has a certain taste which was probably intended by the Hadhrat or the translator.

    Was Salam

  3. Curious says:

    How come most descriptions of paradise are visual? Others may also appeal to the senses, but we are never told what people will be doing in heaven except that they will have chaste virgin spouses and they will be with their families and they can see the prophets and Allah. What about for the rest of eternity? Is that all we will ever do? Won’t there be any books or anything intellectually stimulating?

  4. Khan says:

    To curious

    May Allah bless us all. Can i just say that in Jannah Allah taala has prepared for us gifts and surprises we cannot imagine which has been mentioned in the Quran. So that tells us that the life in Jannah will be very fulfilling, exciting yet stimulating and far from to do with boring. Nobody knows what those surprises and gifts are…so all of us muslims (inshallah) will be dwelling in the bounty of the heavens im sure you wont hav the time to be finding any books there!!!

  5. Faysal says:

    “…and they can see the prophets and Allah. What about for the rest of eternity? Is that all we will ever do?”

    What can be more stimulating and pleasurable than the beatific vision of Allah ta’ala and the company of the Prophets alayhi mus-salatu was-salam?

    Seriously, if you suspect this won’t suffice for you in the Hereafter, then you have some serious soul-searching to do…

  6. ammo says:

    kunts simplez
    fake shit bumb lickerr publisher may u goto jahannam

  7. ammo says:

    fuck ur mamaz wer u get dis crap frum u dikz

  8. ammo says:

    where is the prooof that their will be a dam… woman in jannah, astagfirullah

  9. shujad ahmed says:

    from the current message senders, you do not have the right in saying such words from a holy topic, perish u,.

  10. ammo, read the quran then talk you have obviously not heard of hur ul ayin

  11. Ralib says:

    It is worth mentioning that everything which a Jannati will receive will be to please the Jannati and not because he will be in need of it. Food of heaven will be for enjoyment, hunger won’t exist there etc. Things will appear to the Jannati simply by thinking about it alone. If a believer submits himself to Allah in this world, Our Rabb will submit the creatures of Jannat to that person’s desires. For example a gigantic fruit bearing tree whose shade will extend to a very great distance will bend in front of a jannati to allow him to effortlessly pick its fruits. May Allah forgive us our sins and reward us with Jannat insha Allah. Ameen

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