at-Tazkirah: التذكرة

“And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers.” (51:55)


Finally, I’ve been able to move from Bloggers to WordPress and everything is ready to go again. All posts and comments have been imported without any problems. Only one problem left: this Blog needs a new name. I got bored of ‘True Life’s Blog’ and realized I need an more Islamic blog-name now.

I already thought about names like:


… but none of them sounds 100% fitting to me. Please help me by suggesting some good Islamic names which would fit my Blog or tell me if you like one of the above-mentioned options. Simply drop a line in the comments area of this post. Jazak’Allah


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  1. at-Talib says:

    How about “ilmgate”?

    Or “an-Nibraas” (the shining lantern)?

  2. True Life says:

    Nice ones, but I’ll wait for more suggestions before making a final decision.

    Jazak’Allah khairun for the fast help.

  3. Nabeel Khan says:

    Assalaamu alaikum,
    Masha Allah your blog is very nice, and Jazakallah for linking my blog also. The only reservation I have of linking your blog on mine is that my blog doesn’t represent me, it represents my shaikh. Keeping that in mind, I can vouch for the content on your blog, but not for the other blogs you have as links or on your blog roll. I hope you understand my reservations. If you have any other questions or concerns, or comments, please contact me.
    Nabeel Khan

  4. basair says:

    MashaAllah. Tazkira (Remembrance) sounds best to me.

  5. True Life says:

    @Nabeel Khan: No problem, I understand he reservations allthough I could vouch for almost all those Blogs in my Blogroll. Jazak’Allah khair for the comment.

    @Basair: Jazak’Allah, yeah I was liking Tazkirah the most, too.

    Insha’Allah there will come some more comments, otherwise I’ll make a decision.

  6. Bara Tasbih says:

    Masha Allah, Allah bless you all for keeping the minhaj of our akabir alive in cyber-blog-world. May Allah bless you and aid you in presenting the true unadultered minhaj of the akabir.

  7. True Life says:

    Jazak’Allah khair for this Du’a.

  8. Abu Yahya says:

    Here’s a suggestion for a name for the blog: What about Tareequl-Islaah?

  9. Abu Yahya says:

    Or maybe you could name it Minhaajul-Akaabir (as alluded to by Bara Tasbih)…

  10. True Life says:

    Jazak’Allah khairun for everyone’s contribution and help. I really love the suggestions by Abu Yahya but I would feel a little hypocritical since I myself just started learning about the Tareequl-Islaah and Minhaajul-Akaabir and compared to other good blog owners who write on these topics I really know too little.

    So, I decided for at-Tazkirah: تذكر!

  11. at-Talib says:

    at-Tazkirah is spelled:


    in Arabic. You forgot the ة at the end and the alif and laam at the beginning.

  12. True Life says:

    Yeah, the dictionary was probably just showing the verb.

    Jazak’Allah khair, I’ve changed it.

  13. AoA my Ummah!

    First of all congrats to move on WordPress. I am also in phase of blogshifting. As others said, I would vote for TAZKIRAH because it’s easier and everyone can understand it

    YOu may produce something like “TAZKIRA”
    and Subheading like “Learn Islam by discussing”

    something like that



  14. Abu Yahya says:

    at-tazkirah is nice mashallah…

  15. Incase if you are not aware. My newblog address is:

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