at-Tazkirah: التذكرة

“And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers.” (51:55)

2. Nisbat Il-Qau-Iyyah

Taken from Hadhrat Maulana Zakariya Kandhlawi (Rahmatullah Alay)’s autobiography, p. 632-633:

2. The second Nisbat is Nisbat Il-qau-iyyah.
This Nisbat is stronger than the previous one. It may be likened to a person who takes a lamp (or latern) with oil and wick and goes to the Sheikh, where it gets lighted with the flame of the Sheikh’s love for Allah.

Shah Abdul Aziz says: “The Nisbat is stronger than the first one and in this case, it is not necessary to remain in the Sheikh’s company. Even when he is absent from the Sheikh the Nisbat remains and for as long as the oil and the wick, (the wirds which he recites), the Nisbat will remain. This Nisbat requires the oil and a wick; in other words the Zikr, wirds and spiritual efforts, it also requires voluntary abstention from evil deeds. Evil deeds will extinguish the flame.”

In connection with this Nisbat there is one very delicate point. The degree of strength in the oil of the lamp will determine the strength to combat temptations. If the lamp is a small weak one, it will be extinguished by a very minor breeze, whereas if the lamp is strong than a very minor breeze will not effect it’s flame. It is my opinion that because of this, it is of the utmost importance that every person should protect himself against evil with great care, because it is so easy for his spiritual light to be blown out by sins. When it happens that news is received about another person who became involved in sin, in reality or not, you should never pay attention to it and neither should any objections and criticism be levelled against him or his Sheikh.

I believe that the majority of the Nisbat of my Elders were ‘Il-qau-iyyah’. Hence on many occasions I have heard from my Elders and their Majaaz that when ‘Ijaazat’ was given, lightening-like light immediately started shinning in the chosen one and the effects thereof became evident in many ways. I am of the opinion that this ‘lightening’ which struck them, is in fact the casting of noor onto the heart of the mureed by the Sheikh. Many examples of this have been seen.

No doubt this Nisbat is stronger than the In’ikasi Nisbat. But there are two things in this regard which are very important: The continous flow of oil and the wick, and the diligent application there-of. In other words the diligent and regular recitation of Zikr, wirds and the avoidance of sinful acts. Although a minor wind cannot easily destroy him, yet is is always possible that the slight breeze can suddenly become intensely strong and similarly a minor sin can suddenly be replaced by major sins.


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