at-Tazkirah: التذكرة

“And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers.” (51:55)

From Evil to Good

A murid writes to Faqihul Ummat Hadhrat Mufti Mahmood Gangohi Sahab (Rahmatullah Alayhi) in a letter the following:

Please show me the way of refraining from all sins. I also wish to know how one should develop the enthusiasm for performing Ibaadat, rid oneself from all evils and be inclined to do good.”

Some excerpts of reply from Faqihul Ummat:

“Sit in solitude and perform muraqabah (meditate) over the following aayah: “Alam ya’lam bi an-nal laha yaraa” (Translation — Does he not know that verily Allah is watching). Sit and meditate over this as long as possible. Thereafter, while you are busy in your work, every little while recite this aayah and ponder over its meaning. Allah Ta’ala will grant you much benefit by it. Read about the lives of the pious and narrate them to others as well. Sit in the company of the pious. Time permitting go in Jamaat for 40 days. When one has a good environment, one’s actions and character also improve. … May Allah Ta’ala grant you progress in serving His Deen and bless you with sincerity and steadfastness. Aameen.”

(Maktubaat v.1, p.68)


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