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“And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers.” (51:55)

The Evil of Television


“Television can titillate, it cannot teach. It can bring images into our heart, not ideas into our mind. It appeals to the emotions, not the intellect.”, writes Khalid Baig.

I wanted to post on the evil of Television for a long time now, but I never felt comfortable with what to actually write. Now I decided to just link you to different sources exposing this wide spread evil. It’s a sad fact that almost everyone (whether Muslim or not) knows and even admits the harm and evil of Television, but can’t abstain from switching it on. Has our time become so worthless in our eyes, that we have to intentionally kill it?


Understanding Television by Khalid Baig
In this excellent article brother Khalid Baig explains that the evils and harm of television clearly outweigh the benefits.

Utilize Leisure Time by Khaled Al-Jaraisy
The importance of ‘Time Management’ should be known especially to us Muslims, but unfortunately we don’t care about our time either.

‘Islamic’ Television by Majlisul Ulama of South Africa
Television used for Islamic reasons? The Ulama of South Africa don’t know if they should laugh or cry about that idea.

Hard Facts About Television by Majlisul Ulama and Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller (damat baraktuhum)
16 hard facts why watching television violates the Shari’ah – followed by a statement of Shaykh Nu Ha Mim Keller.

I’ve disowned a long time family friend and have no intention of ever rconciling… by Libid (from Chronicles of a murid…)
Guess who’s the disowned family friend? … Right! Read Libid’s amazing experience just a month after his decision.

Posion in a Box by Al-Haadi
This article is unveiling the evil of Television and giving a solution.

Qu’ran and the TV Guide by Unknown
This is a poem on the preferance of TV over the Holy Qur’an.

Television – A Belssing or a Curse? by Muntazir
An overall research and analysis of the TV.

Television Free Life by Balaghzine, Karachi
Things can be done at individual, as well as collective levels.

TV & You by Shakeel Syed
Powerful Television & Our Innocent Children: The Uneven Contest

Television and Islam by The Milli Gazette
Several aspects of watching TV, which cause the wrath of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

The Evils of Television by a Student of Darul Uloom Bury, UK
A scholarly analyse of the violations of Allah Ta’ala’s laws through watching TV.

The Effects of Television by brother Hammaduddin
Do you think Television is only Haram because it projects images? Then read this!

The Effects of Television by Hadhrat Maulana Mufti Abdur Rauf Sakharwi (damat barkatuhum)
Terrifiyng true stories about television and it’s devestation!


Radio Aur TV Ka Gunah by Hadhrat Maulana Hakeem Akhtar (damat baraktuhum)
A great Malfoozat where Hadhratwala exposes the evil of television.

TV Tasveer Aur Bay Pardagee Ka Wabal by Hadhrat Maulana Hakeem Akhtar (damat baraktuhum)
And here he goes into the second round. Hakeem Akhtar Sahab: 2 – Television: 0

TV and Islam by Hadhrat Shaykh Abdur Raheem (damat baraktuhum)
Destroy the TV before it destroys you. This talk is in English.

Islam Aur TV by Hadhrat Shaykh Abdur Raheem (damat baraktuhum)
The Ustadh of Darul Uloom Bury, UK goes into the second round – this time in Urdu.

May Allah open my eyes and yours to look at the reality, which may not always be pleasant, and at the reward in the hereafter, which will be more pleasant than we can imagine. Ameen.


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16 Responses

  1. True Life says:

    Even the ghair-Muslims know exactly about the harm of Television. There’s even was a TV turn off week:

  2. Sumera says:

    Tv, as with any other medium, is open to abuse. The same goes with the internet. You can’t simply remove these things and hey presto, everything is fine and temptation is gone. Its complex.

  3. True Life says:

    @Sumera: Noone says that all evil and temptations just exist because of TV. But why not start by getting rid of this big evil, which has led many people astray, to change our poor situation.

  4. Sumera says:

    What makes TV a bigger evil than the Net? Or newspapers/magazines?

  5. True Life says:

    I’m very sure that it’s easier to stay away from looking at Haram while surfing through the net or reading newspapers/magazines than while watching TV. Of course only if you want to stay away from Haram, if you don’t then the Net can be just as evil or even worse.

    And I think in brother Khalid Baig’s article it was pointed out that there’s big a difference between reading something written or watching something on TV… and I totally agree.

  6. Sumera says:

    Most TVs are in public rooms, whereas PC’s are in bedrooms and so the person can isolate him/herself to do whatever he/she pleases.

    I basically follow the opinion of responsibility. These mediums are available to us and we should use them for the greater good. They both can be used for evil purposes – and simply removing them may reduce the potential of engaging in bad behaviours, but it does not address the root – simply the effect (or potential effect)

  7. True Life says:

    “Of course only if you want to stay away from Haram, if you don’t then the Net can be just as evil or even worse.”

    You seem to have ignored this sentence…

  8. Sumera says:

    Nope, I read it all. But seem to come across all these articles forbidding the use of TV yet ignoring the rampant pace at which filth prevails over the Net.

    Overall – TV/Net is just a medium by which people engage in haram activity that they are inclined towards. So its about sorting yourself out first and foremostly, then addressing these other mediums.

  9. True Life says:

    I’m not saying that Net is free from any harm, I’m just saying that if you want to you can stay away from Haram 95% of the time you’re surfing, on the other hand while watching TV it gets much harder.

    And think not only about haram but as well about the harming psychological effects that TV has.

    Our opinions seem just to differ here, so Allah knows better.

  10. listen2hear says:

    Asalamu Alaikum,
    First of all, thanks to the brother for visiting my page. It’s nice to know someone finds some use in it:-)

    Also, I feel there is a distinct difference between what is on tv and what is on the net. I’ll give an example: I come home late from the masjid sometime as Isha is pretty late these days. My wife and I used to sit and watch a 30 minute sitcom or something to wind down. Nothing adult, nothing vulgar, just something most people would not mind their children even watching.

    Since it was after 11pm though, the stations would play these commercials for 1-900 numbers with these girls showing almost everything and talking in very sexually suggestive tones of voice. We found ourselves turning our heads or turning the station only to see another add on another station for Girls Gone Wild.

    We had no control over what commercials popped up or anything. However, on the net, if you’re not visiting where you should not, then there is no problem with such things popping up. You ultimately see what you want and go where you want.

    If you’re visiting sites with buffoonery, adult humor or anything of the like, then you’ll more than likely run into ads you should not because you’re in a place you should not be. Very rarely does anyone go to a site worth going to and find themselves looking at smut.

    Shaykh Nuh, may Allah preserve him, even said that the internet should be used as communication or for buying or selling and that if you find yourself wasting huge amounts of time with games, and silliness that is of no benefit, then it’s time to unplug for a while.

    That’s my two cents for what it’s worth.

  11. Zanjabil says:

    Salaam alaykum,

    I was pleased to come across this post, as I gave up TV a long time ago and don’t miss it one bit. Whenever I see it by chance, I am profoundly shocked by its images, aggression and inanity.

    Television numbs the mind and harms the heart.

    Thanks, looking forward to visiting all the links.

  12. Umm Layth says:

    Excuses. You guys need to read the books and really want to change your lives to be able to do it. Otherwise, there will be no change, just shaytan fooling us.

  13. Simple Muslimah says:

    MashaAllah! wa Jazakallah khayran akhi for all links. It’d be very helpful InshaAllah. May Allah swt reward you the Best and Guide us all. protect us from such evils and keep us safe. Aameen.

    Request for Dua’s.

    P.S Sis Umm Layth will you please elaborate your statement? Jazakillahu khayr

  14. Mahmoud says:

    Salaamu Alaykum,

    This link to TV & You seems to be broken. Could you tell us an alternate location for this article.


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