at-Tazkirah: التذكرة

“And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers.” (51:55)

14 Mischiefs of Lustful Glances

Badnazri ke 14 nuqsanatHadhrat Shah Hakeem Akhtar Sahab (db) sacrifices much time of his life and effort on warning people from one of the widest-spread spiritual diseases in today’s world. It’s not only a common habit of the non-Muslims to star at beauties of the other gender, but unfortunately became one of many Muslims, too.

Hadhratwala describes the 14 physical and spiritual mischiefs, that lustful glances come with, detailed in this Urdu book. I have listed them briefly in the rest of this entry.


May Allah Ta’ala keep on curing us and others from this serious disease through the admonitions, the efforts, the du’as and the dard-e-dil of Hadhratwala (damat barkatuhum). Ameen!

  1. Disobedience of Allah Ta’ala
  2. Peculation (means to violate a trust by ones own use)
  3. Deserving to be titled as Maloo’n (accurst)
  4. Being understood as foolish and unintelligent
  5. Deserving the wrath and curse of Allah Ta’ala
  6. The heart becomes weak
  7. A healthy harm: the vesica will pulvinate
  8. Becoming ill of rapidly emission
  9. Changing into unthankfulness
  10. Harms the eye-sight
  11. Destruction of the heart
  12. Unknowingly the heart becomes ill
  13. Modesty doesn’t stay protected
  14. Becoming ill of masturbation

Read the Mawaiz in Urdu language for more…


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