at-Tazkirah: التذكرة

“And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers.” (51:55)

Hadhrat Qari Ihsanullah Farooqui Sahab

The Holy Qur'anI’ve spent (almost) the whole day with downloading, converting, editing and uploading just to bring you more than 4 hours full of Qirat by one of the world’s best Qurra: Hadhrat Qari Ihsan-Ullah Farooqui Sahab (damat barkatuhum) from Karachi, Pakistan. Alhamdulillah, everything through the grace and will of Allah Ta’ala.

Download and listen to Qari Ihsanullah reciting at various locations and on various occassions, among them the blessed annual “Mehfil Husn-e-Qirat” at Jamia Binoria Karachi – one of the world’s renowned Darul Ulooms. And the best: all of it is available in mp3 format for your enjoyment!


[Download All] (Mirror)
one single 58.76 MB big zip file

Note: The single audios will be uploaded on and linked here over the next days. So, keep checking this post…


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14 Responses

  1. Samad says:

    Jazak Allah khairan kathira

    May Allah SWT bless you multiple for every second you have spend to make this available for public.

  2. mh says:

    Salams brother.

    Here is Muhammad, from

    I just want to say that this is a very interesting compilation of qirats.

    May Allah bless you for this work. Amin

    You have uploaded the audios to rapidshare, but i it might be possible that some people don’t have access to rapidshare or don’t know how it works.

    So, I thought I could help, and I uploaded the audios to my host. And just if you don’t mind, here is the link:


  3. True Life says:

    Wa-Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah

    Jazak’Allah khairan brother. I just added your link as a mirror to the original entry.

    Was Salam

  4. hisham khan says:

    assalamualaykum i love Qari Ihsan-Ullah the best he is wceb better than qari mahmood shahat may allah give Qari Ihsan-Ullah a long life ameen please could you emali me back jazakkal;ah

    Qari Ihsan-Ullah

  5. Mohammed Asif says:

    Qari Ihsanullah is no doubt one of the best qaris but even still it would be nice if all the links above worked

  6. Abdul Dayan says:

    Just simply two words I can say of Qari Ihsanullaah…ALLAAHU AKBAR!! Just great all rounder. Allaah grant him more…AAmeen

  7. Amatullah says:

    JazakAllah Khair Brother. May ALLAH accept your noble efforts and may He allow others to benefit through them. Ameen

  8. ayyoub aziz says:

    wa-Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah,
    i want to say about Qari Ihsanullah is a Great Qari.
    may Allah give Q-Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahari Ihsanullha a long life (amin).
    may Allah bless u for ths work,
    qari Ihsanullah zindabad.
    ayyoub aziz

  9. ayyoub aziz says:

    wassalam brother
    alllh pak ap ko es naik kaam ka ajar/silaa atty kary.allha pak apko khush rakhay.
    qari Ihsanullah ka andaaz style.
    whts a suplendid.
    Allah pak qari sab ko lambi zindgi ataa kary.
    hamian ulaamaa-e deen ki Qadar Ezzt ehtraam karni chahye

  10. Farhan says:

    Mjhe apne Qari Sahab ki shuhrat dekh ke bhut khushi hui aj.m n unke pas 7yr tk Ta’aleem hasil ki r wo mere father ki haisiat rkhte hain..
    Qari sahab Insha Allah ek din pori dunya me jaane jaynge Aamen Summa Amen.
    m.farhan azmat

  11. aoa apki qerat sun kar bohat maza aya allah apko is ka ajar atta farmay or apko lambi zendagi dy takay apki telawat say baqi muslims bahi mustafeed hoon ma qari ihzar ahmad thanvi shab madrasa tajweed ul quran rang mahal lahore ka student hon or qurat per kafi dastaras hasil ki hovi hia lakin apka jawab nahi allah apko apni hifzo amman ma rakhay muhammad sami ullah islamabad naval complex

  12. Muhammad Arshad says:

    Assalam O Alaikum

    I hope you will be having nice life. I am very glad to know that you have video stuff of recitation by Qari Ihsan Ullah. I want these videos, could you send me latest link for these videos because rapidshare link and mirror links are not working.
    Let me know. I am waiting for your reply impatiently.

  13. Clyde says:

    would like to thanks for the efforts you get in writing this article. I really hope a similar best work by you sometime soon too. The truth is your creative writing skills has encouraged me to start my own web site now.

  14. awais says:

    koi bhai mujy qari ahsanullah sahib ka cel number de skta hai plz??

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