at-Tazkirah: التذكرة

“And keep reminding, because reminding benefits the believers.” (51:55)

Maulana Ilyas’ Emphasise On Ilm & Zikr

One day after Fajr when a big congregation of in this effort [of Dawah & Tabligh] actively part-taking gathered in Nizamuddin’s Masjid and Hadhrat Maulana [Muhammad Ilyas Kandhalvi]‘s health was so weak, that laying on bed he could not even utter three four words in an audible voice, he demanded a special servant through who he conducted the whole congregation:

“All your Tabligh activities will be of no avail if, along with them, you do not pay proper attention to Ilm (knowledge) and Dhikr (remembrance of Allah). Ilm and Dhikr are the two wings without which one cannot fly in these surroundings. What is more, if Ilm and Dhikr are neglected, this endeavour may become a new source of mischief. Without Ilm, Islam and Iman are a mere formality, and without Dhikr, Ilm is darkness. Effluence is produced in Ilm by Dhikr and the real fruits of Dhikr are gained only when Ilm, too, is there. The Devil often makes the ignorant sufis his tools. The importance of Ilm and Dhikr should therefore, not be overlooked in this regard otherwise the Tablighi endeavour will end up in waywardness, and, Allah forbid, you will be in great loss.”

Hadhrat Maulana’s meaning of this guidance was that the ones working on this path should not understand the effort and struggles, the journey and migrations and the offering and sacrifices in line of Tabligh-o-Dawat as the essential work like nowadays it has become common. Instead learning and teaching of Deen and bringing the habit of Allah’s remembrance and understanding the building of a connection with these as one’s important obligation. In other words they should not become only “Sipahi” [Soldier] or Muballigh [Propagator] instead seekers of Deen’s knowledge and Allah-remembering servants, too.

[Malfoozat Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas (Rahimullah) by Maulana Muhammad Mansoor Nu’mani, pg. 38, Malfoozat #35]


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4 Responses

  1. waheed says:

    SubhanAllah keep up the good work

  2. salik says:

    It’s a pity so many of our tablighi brothers refuse to practise the zikr which should be learnt from the shaikhs.

    Maulana Zakariya ra said “You must get ijazat from your shaikh before you can go on jamat.” But, many dont even have a shaikh and do formal islah – oh what a pity!

  3. atif shaikh says:

    mere bhai kaam me taqaabul na karo tableeg ka kaam hamara he hai aur khanqah ka kaam bhi hamara he hai aur waise bhi koi kisi se raabta kaayam kare ya na kare hame apne aap par nazar daal kar chalna hai…waise aap kinse bait ho.
    this is my id u can reply on

  4. fardeen says:

    can we make dua (supplication) in the position ,if our clothes and body has got dirt and stains of sperm water (nijasat). is it allowed to make dua(supplication) in that position .

    i m a sunni muslim and please give me the answer according to sunni law only . if u follow any other method apart from sunni ,then please dont answer. i need a answer which belongs to sunni method.

    waiting for your reply.

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